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"A teaspoon of Legos mixed in with 3.15 pounds of Star Wars!"

Of course we've all seen the kits of legos that are of Star Wars. Those are a-pretty-pretty cool things. But this is even better. Star Wars, and legos are the dare I say it, "building blocks for success". < (it's a pun) But enough about me, on to the review.

Story (9/10)

Surprisingly enough, this game follows the story of the movies and books and everything else that was based on the original script very well. The only reason I took off a point is because it could of been longer and more descriptive, I'll get into the longer detail later. However, nobody in Lego Star Wars talks, instead they use pointy gestures and such in usually pretty short cut-scenes. If you haven't seen the movies, you'd have an idea of what's going on because of the YELLOW LETTER SCROLL at the beginning of each level, but the story itself is good, but sometimes vague, which isn't a problem if you haven't seen the movies. Well, actually it isn't a problem either way because if you have seen the movies it's like "Oh wow, I remember that part on the movie, that's awesome." I also forgot to mention that it is Episodes 1, 2, and 3. There is also plenty of humor to spice up the story, if you notice the humor.

Overall Story - Follows the movies exquisately, yet not quite as descriptive, but has some of that lego gaming humor to lighten up some moments.

Gameplay (10/10)

Lego Star Wars, although sounds like a kid game, and sort of is, is very fun for all ages. It's easy enough for little kids, yet so fun that it doesn't get boring for those of older ages. I say it is easy because whenever you die, you just reincarnate (after 'sploding into Legos of course) back to your original self with only the cost of a few studs (Your basic lego coins), which is bad in the long run, and I'll tell you why when we get to that part. You get hack n' slash action when your a jedi, and that fun 3rd person shooting action (as seen in Ratchet & Clank) when your a gun-man like a clone. Although the game is basically easy, there are awesome jedi boss battles which require some smarts (and mainly smarts) to beat them. And do not worry my friends, for the force is with you when you are a jedi/sith. You can use the force to move certain objects, push away and kill weak enemies, hit switches, and put Legos together. There are also 3 different from the regular levels. I supposed you could call them mini games, but they don't have different skill levels or anything, but I supposed you still could. Just so this big paragraph doesn't start to hurt your eyes I'm going to make a new one for each mini-game, and all these mini-games can be played in co-op.

Mini-game 1 - Mos Espa Pod Race - Sweet, your probably thinking for it is pod racing. You can think of it as your easy racing game that gets harder as you get farther into it. Or I supposed you could think of it as that od N64 game that was solely pod racing. Either one works really. It's racing...what else is there to say.

Mini-game 2 - Republic Gunship Attack - It's kind of hard to describe this one, but it's sort of an isometric view where you control a Republic Gunship, and basically avoid lasers and shoot enemies a barriers. Sounds easy, but is actually harder than it sounds. On the second part of this on, you are in a 3rd person view behind the ship and have to destroy all the shields of the large circular ball of death ship thingy. The second part however, is as easy as it sounds.

Mini-game 3 - Battle Over Coruscant - Think if this as a Star Fox air mission. Where it picks your direction, but you can move back and forth and up and down, but have no real control of where you're going. You basically shoot anything in your way (but the X-Wing fighters) and destroy barriers and such that if you wouldn't, you would crash.

I also forgot to mention earlier that every level in this game can be played in co-op. Even the "hub" area or in this game it's Dexter's Diner is co-op. And in Dexter's Diner you can pick fight with random Lego characters that you have unlocked, and just battle to the death, of course though, you come back.

Overall Gameplay - Lot's of stuff to do in this game. You get hack n' slash and 3rd person shooting action packed into one, with awesome boss light-saber fights. There are also a few very enjoyable mini-games.

Graphics / Visuals (10/10)

Very solid graphics. Nice visual effects and matching environments to the movies. All of the 56 or so different characters look very well matched to the movies, well you can tell who they are at least (they're Legos, they really can't have much of a face and body structure), and match the actual Lego figures. The light-sabers have that awesome glow, and the guns look pretty cool with the Lego stud tip. As I said earlier, the environment look exactly as they do in the movies. Not much else to say here, but smooth movement and nice fitting visuals. I almost gave it a 9 becuase not everything in the environment is made of Legos, (like on Tatooine you land on sand instead of sandy colored Lego bricks) but then I realized that this would probably get very annoying and wouldn't look as nice or as fitting to the movies.

Overall Graphics / Visuals - Each Lego character looks like their actual character, and with over 50, who can get bored with the looks of them? The environments look just like the movie, and the visual effects and movements are always very smooth.

Sound / Audio (9/10)

An awesome game needs awesome sound right...right. Well this game has that. What this game also has is all the Star Wars music from Episode 1, 2, and 3. From the opening song on the YELLOW LETTER SCROLL, to the Darth Maul theme song. And they sound so excellent too. You also get the little "vwoom" and "kshh" noises of the lightsaber. Along with the "pewm" of the blasters. Sounds just like the movie, except for the lack of talking. the only problem with the sound is that it is sometimes off. I've noticed this at two spots in the game, but only those two spots, but always those two spots. Unless it is supposed to be like this, and if so...I don't get it. But don't let this stop you from getting this game, for it's only two very brief moments. Like light-speed brief.

Overall Sound / Audio - Sounds exactly like the movie with all the Star Wars themes, and sound effects. On slight problem, the sound is off at two VERY BRIEF spots, it's noticeable, but not really bothering.

Lasting Value / Replayability (10/10)

It lasts, it lasts long time. The story itself is short, but unlocking and collecting everything is very long. To unlock everything you need to pass each level at least twice. Once on Story mode, which then after passing, unlocks Free Play mode for that level. What makes Free Play different is the fact that in Free Play you can switch between needed characters to get to places only that certain character can reach. By this I mean like, a high-jumper for example being Jar Jar, a sith to move black legos for example being Darth Maul, an astromech for opening certain doors and hovering over places for example R2-D2, and a protocol droid for opening certain doors for example C-3P0.

And what are the things you collect, you are probably asking. Well they are mini-kit canisters. If you get all 10 on a level they build a ship, in which you can view outside Dexter's Diner. There are 10 on each level as I half-mentioned earlier. Also collecting all these gives you 50,000 studs per level, which is quite a hefty amount of cash.

There is also True Jedi Status. What this is, is a meter that fills up as you collect studs. Once you get enough it will flash and such, and when you pass that level (if you got enough) it wil give you a special lego piece which is part of the secret lego kit. If you get the True Jedi Status on each level you unlock a special ship and a special level. Also, with all that money, what's better than buying things. Things such as some of the 56 or so characters...THAT'S FRIGGEN' 56. And a good amount of extras. Those extras cost alot. These extras include Invincibility, Brooms instead of Lightsabers, Classic Blasters, and so on.

And if you do all of that too quickly, the story itself is just fun to play over and over. I think I've played through the story 3 times, and I probably will play through it again today.

Overall Lasting Value / Replayability - Tons of stuff to collect and buy for lots of gaming time. Also, just fun "pop in and play" ability.

Overall ---

{= Pros =}

- Follows the movies very well
- Nice hack n' slash action
- Accompanied by nice 3rd person shooter action
- CO-OP!
- Star Wars music and sound effects? sure sounds like them
- Tons of stuff to buy and collect
- A few cool mini-game type levels
- Just sheer fun for all ages

}= Cons ={

- Story sometimes a little lacking of description because of no dialogue
- A couple moments in which the sound is off from the movement.

Buy this game and enjoy it! It's Star Wars, it's Legos, it's simply awesome. If your short a couple pennies and dimes, rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/06/05

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