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"Me'z a Jai-Jai, you'z a buy this game!"


Lego has how should I say, err, has not been building its blocks for a while. We thought they had just run out of ideas and had just given up but when I found Lego Star Wars had been released to accompany the movie, I had to be one of many who got it. It somehow has a unique way of small kids to older adults enjoying it, very nicely done, its not like you need to hide it under your pillow so your mates don't find your playing something a your little brother would play is it.

Game Play

So once you get started you will be placed into a small room where you have the opportunity to play the first 3 episodes of Star Wars (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and The Revenge of The Sith). Here you can choose any episode and any action scene like dark space battles to one on one Jedi duels all produced as close to the real movie as possible, obliviously you can the difference but it will make you go ‘Oh yes that from …'. So once you have completed all the episodes there are plenty to still do, either buy everything like, characters and cheats from the shop. Then why not go back to the episodes on free play mode with lots of different characters and find lots of secret stuff like secret levels, secret vehicle parts and money bricks then you can just play old levels and mess around, why not start a big Lego riot, or maybe not. So when you're done, go on two-player co-op mode and team up on those pesky characters did really stress you out before, double the players, and double the fun.


The Buttons, simple for even a seven year old can learn, a jump button, attack button and special button, that's about it, extremely easy to catch, if you can't catch these buttons then you need serious help.


Okay, everything is Lego, spaceships, people even the environments so obviously things are going to be a blocky but the developers have made everything extremely pleasant to look at, even amusing the movements of the characters are brilliant and very realistic, even when you rip them to pieces and splatters to studs all over the floor, very cool.


Okay then, the game does not feature chracter voicing accept the occasional quite ‘ohh' or ‘roger roger', but the in game play music is lovely with every classic song in the background to the note, it is very special, can't go much wrong with the sound.

Replayabilty/ Buy or Rent

Okay, once you have completed the game it all depends on what sort of star wars fan you are. If you a hardcore star wars fan then you will most likely keep it for the occasional reminder of the star wars movies and a quick play. If you just enjoyed the movies then maybe you will keep it but and rent it out to others for better games in return and a bit of money in your pocket but if you just got bored of it after a week then end up selling it or returning it before its due renting date.


Okay, I aren't really a big Star Wars fan (well the old ones are excellent but these like flare), anyway, I quite enjoyed it and am most likely keep it until for as long as I can. But you may think differently, it does appeal to me very much with little improvement to be made but hey it's your money.

Percy Boi's Rating: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/01/05

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