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"Good old fashion Lego action, Star War'd"

I first played this game as a demo in a gaming store. It caught my attention, but not in a good way. I thought this game was lame at first, most likely made for a younger audience, then my eight-year old cousin bought it (go figure). I started playing this game with him because I hadn't anything else to play, and actually got to liking it.

GRAPHICS -- 8/10

Legos look very well like... Legos. The graphics are not the most impressive, we've seen older games with the look and feel as this game, but they are a sight for sore eyes. Most of the objects on there are smooth, except the pegs on top of the Legos of course, and a well done job on the reflection. But water... that's a different story. When you walk hip-deep in water on this game, it looks like someone ripped your legs off your little Lego body. The Lego characters are so darn pudgy and you just want to squeeze them until their heads pop.

STORY -- 8/10

It takes place from the the first three episodes. The levels are from the key points of the movies. The game reveals what happens in Episode III, but most of us know what already happens. Not like anybody didn't know that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader, right? But, Legos have no mouths, so they can't talk at all.

GAME PLAY -- 5/10

Hack N' Slash. 4/5 of the game is Hack N' Slash, give or take a pod race or flying around in a ship. Also, there are puzzles to complete to compensate for the repetitive game play. You'll use the force, your brain, and a few tries to get past these puzzles easily. That brings me to my next disapointment. Difficulty. If there were a truck that stood for easy, this game would be a semi. It took me around three hours to beat it, but I didn't get too many studs or minikit pieces. (Studs are used to purchase characters/hints/extras, and minikit pieces are found when you beat a level with a true jedi status or when you get a certain amount of studs per level by a meter that slowly fills up when you get studs in a level.) This game is even shorter when you include codes. Basically saves you the trouble of EVERYTHING. Takes the fun right out of it.

SOUND -- 7/10

The sound was done nicely in Lego Star Wars, yet, there isn't even one word spoken in the game. That gives the game a swift kick to the pills. I do enjoy the sounds of the lightsaber, and the Oomphs! and the screams that R2D2 gives when he *suddenly* falls off a side of a cliff. But, I usually make Jar Jar Binks fall off a cliff, but its too bad he doesn't do a blood curling cry when he takes a plunge :(.


The real question about this game: Rent or Buy? If you are a young child, looking for a entertaining game for a cheap price, buy it. If you are a teen and avid fan of Star Wars, buy it, so you can have Jar Jar thrown off a cliff. If anybody else, rent it, you'll master it in a few days without cheats.

+ Fun for awhile
+ Graphics are great
+ You just can't get enough Legos

- Gets boring after awhile and you just don't want to play it anymore
- Too easy, way too easy
- More for the younger audience

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/13/05

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