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"Lego Star Wars is a great game for the kids and the star wars fans. But it does suffer from repetitive hacking and slashing also much more."

I know what your thinking ,Lego Star Wars can this be more childish. For those who are thinking this you are absolutely correct. The game is filled with ridiculous antics and childish humor, but I do confess some of which are entertaining.

Gameply: 7/10
The gameplay is decent, just as one might hope for in a star wars game, but it does have some negative points. For example the maneuvers that one can perform are 3 slashes, jump, and force push (which is not even backed up by a good physics engine). If you have a character with a blaster your moves decrease even more. Which leaves you to perform these same boring moves over and over. Even for the gameboy advance you were at least able to perform special attacks. You may use different characters perform task others can't but it begins to get tedious cycling through the characters fast. The game does leave you with over 20 playable characters to chose from including Darth Vader, Jango Fett and many more. The game also allows unlimited lives which makes the game easier to play through which is great for the kids. Along with all this the game offers a large selection of secret missions, hidden cheats and of course multiple mini games such as pod racing. The best thing about the game is its cooperative mode which allows you to play with a friend! {That last sentence had sarcasm written all over it}. Unfortunately this game does not offer a versus mode. The game is playable in two modes story and free play. In story you and your controller go through the adventure of the star wars prequels from the battle with Darth Maul to the appearance of Darth Vader. Free play is the same thing only now you can pick any character you've unlocked to go through the missions with.

Sound: 6/10
To those of you who are interested in the sound of a game you won't be too disappointed. I mean the game has all the known star wars songs not to mention the star wars theme song on the option screen. Unfortunately the slashing sound and blaster sound are kind've kiddish and tends to get a bit annoying. There is no voice overs in this game just mindless gestures. It is amusing the first time and I mean ONLY the first time.

Visual: 8/10
The games graphics are pretty good. I especially enjoy the fact that everything is set up as lego pieces. This inadvertently adds a fun environment towards the game. Also The camera angle is spectacular even in cooperative mode.

Replayability/Play time:
The game is replayable especially with all the various unlockables and hidden rooms. The game should not take more then 2 to 3 days, maybe 4 if you seek to unlock everything, to beat.

Overall: 7/10
This is a well brought together game but it does have a few flaws with the sound and gameplay. It isn't too easy even with the unlimited lives and option of coop. The A.I. isn't stupid and might leave the kiddies with a struggle not to mention the puzzles and boss fights, but those of us over 12 years old will see this game as a warm up for the next star wars game, that's right I'm talking about you Star Wars Battle Front II. So if you have some extra money laying around to spend pick this one up, but for the kids this is a must have because this is one of the rare few children games that are actually good if you don't own a gamecube. So way to go George Lucas you squeezed yet another drop of success from the Star Wars franchise.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/05

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