Review by LordShibas

"A Decent Shooter, but nothing more"

I put the finishing touches on this game earlier today, and since this game is rarely talked about on the Xbox boards, I'll shed some light on this game.

It's pretty standard fare fps action most of the way through. I'd call it a first person Manhunt, without any stealth elements. The biggest thing that makes this game different is the Riot Shield which you have 99% of the time in the game, which can be pulled in front of you to stop oncoming bullets, cleavers, etc...... While it's a cool concept, I had one major problem with it. It kind of makes the game pretty easy. There are more difficulty settings which you can unlock, but I cruised through the regular difficulty with ease. I might have died 2-3 times throughout the entire game.

There are lots of un-lockable items and bonus missions in the game. These can be obtained by completing certain objectives, like getting a certain number of head shots or non-lethal kills (see tazer). If found them to not be very necessary though, since like I said before, the game is on the easy side.

My biggest complaint with the game is the brain dead AI. Enemies will often stand out in the open to reload, taunt you, or just stand there for the hell of it, waiting for you to shoot them. There's also the fact that unless you get a headshot on an enemy, it takes like an entire clip to drop an enemy, which can be annoying.

The levels are pretty varied in backgrounds, but you end up doing the same thing over and over. Saving hostages, killing gang members, and getting to the next checkpoint. To say that you have seen all this game has to offer after the first 3 levels is quite an understatement.

There were some good things about it though. The graphics, while kind of choppy at times, pull off the mood quite well, and there is tons of blood when you headshot an enemy, which is a nice touch.

The controls are spot on, and I don't remember having an issue with them in the game at all. I kind of wish all console fps games controlled as well as this game.

You really do feel like you're in a gang war in the game. It sets the atmosphere in a great way, and the action can really pull you in.

The story is crap. They have a boring news reporter telling you the events that are going on between missions, and I found myself not caring after the 2nd mission.

So, who should play this game? If you like fps games, like I do, it might be worth checking out. Just be ready for a very short ride (6 hours I beat it in), and be ready for some pretty poor AI. Oh yeah, there's also some hilarious ragdoll which is good for laughs.

I payed $30 for it new, and I think that I just barely got my moneys worth. So if you can get it for $20 I would recommend checking it out.

My rating: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/23/07, Updated 06/11/09

Game Release: Urban Chaos: Riot Response (US, 06/13/06)

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