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    Beginner Mode FAQ by Crazyreyn

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                       S U P E R  M O N K E Y  B A L L  D E L U X E
                                B E G I N N E R  M O D E  F A Q
                                     Microsoft XBox
                             Beginner Mode FAQ, Version 1.0
                                Last Updated - 06/04/2006
                       By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Welcome to the Beginner Mode FAQ for Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the XBox.
    This guide provides you with basic walkthroughs and strategies for the
    Beginner Mode in Challenge, showing you how to do them with ease and to
    progress without losing many lives - handy for reaching the EX levels after.
    I hope this guide provides some use to you.
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Tips
    3. Beginner Mode Walkthrough
    4. Beginner Extra Walkthrough
    5. Conclusion and Special Thanks
                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    Version 1.0 - 06/04/2006
    The first complete version of this FAQ. Everything is complete.
                                     2. TIPS
    Here are a few tips to help you on these beginner set of levels.
     - Use the Practice mode to practice individual stages that you are having
       trouble with.
     - To get to the Beginner Extra stages, complete Beginner Mode with out losing
       a continue. This can be done easier if you collect a few 1-Ups along the
       way; when you do Extra mode feel free to use all the continues in order to
       complete the extra set of 20 levels!
     - Collect 100 bananas to get a 1-Up; a bunch counts as 10 bananas!
     - When going over thin ledges, line yourself up and roll at a constant speed
       across them. This way you aren't manually fiddling with the analog stick
       and moving yourself off balance.
     - Before starting each stage, investigate it by pausing and selecting the
       option from the pause menu.
     - Keep an eye on the time, and be sure to do everything before its up.
     - You don't have to finish the bonus stages in time, and if you don't go
       through the exit you won't get a time score for that stage, and when does
       that really matter eh?
                             3. BEGINNER MODE WALKTHROUGH
    1 - Plain
    Extremely easy. The exit is right in front of you, with a few bananas
    dotted in front.
    2 - Diamond
    The exit is in front of you beyond a diamond shaped hole, fairly easy. However
    there is another exit below this area; if you turn around and make a bit of
    a run up, you can roll off the ramp but slow down at the top and just drop
    down below - this is pretty tricky as you'll either miss completely or bounce
    off the stage, but if you make it then you'll go straight to stage 4.
    3 - Hairpin
    Either go straight on or behind, it doesn't matter, and go round the curved
    corner to the exit on the other side. Slow down a little as you go round
    though, otherwise you'll run the risk of flying off the edge.
    4 - Wide Bridge
    Wait until the bridge rotates back to you then board onto it and move to the
    far end. Ignore getting the bananas, and just come of the other side when
    the bridge and end area connect and finish.
    5 - Simple
    The name says it all. Just drop down to the area ahead and go to the exit.
    There are bananas on the edge of this bowl area if you really want to get them.
    6 - Hollow
    There are two ways of doing this stage - the easiest is just to go round the
    suggested route, ie. the outside path and go in to the middle, or you can
    do it the faster but tougher way. From the start just hammer the analog stick
    up so you drop down, go up the ramp and collect the banana bunch and hopefully
    land in the centre area. You run the risk of missing this centre, so you
    might want to practice it a bit before you perform this in your normal runs.
    7 - Bumpy
    Hold forward to drop down to the lower area, where there are ridges gridded
    everywhere. Head onward and you'll bounce across here; slow down a little
    toward the end so you don't bounce straight past the exit.
    8 - Switches
    Roll over the switch ahead to activate the bridge just onward. Roll forward
    to meet another switch, however ignore this as it will lower the path ahead.
    Collect the bananas over this path, round and into the exit.
    9 - Floaters
    A bit pointless, just roll around the gaps and platforms and straight to the
    exit on the far end.
    10 - Bonus Basic
    You cannot fail the stage, it's just a bonus level where you can collect
    a fair load of bananas to help you on your way. Below is a diagram of the
    suggested order you get the bananas in - start at 1, then to 2, to 3 etc
    and finish at 9. Basically you go from the round the outside set, then to
    the inside set, then get the remaining centre and far corner bananas to finish
    in a super quick time.
                                    3 B B B B B B 4
                                    B 7 B B B B 8 B
                                    B B         B B
                                    B B    B    B B
                                    B B         9 B
                                    B 6 B B B B B 5
                                    2 B B B B B B 1
    11 - Edge
    Like Bumpy, hold up to go over all the ridges to the far end. Slow down so
    you don't over shoot the exit toward the end, and finish. If you fall down
    between the platforms you have to go back to the starting area and begin
    going across the higher platforms again.
    12 - Escalators
    Go around the other side of this structure and go up the escalator steps.
    On the left is a switch that doubles the speed of the escalators; activate it,
    go up the second escalator and finish.
    13 - Serpentine
    Here you have to go over a curved path to the far exit; stick the centre
    as much as you can to avoid failing, and like keep a reasonable pace without
    either overshooting off the edge or just falling off. If you do fall then you
    can always just go to the far end, up the ramp and to the finish anyway.
    14 - Swirl
    Enter the right path and begin going round the swirl. Aim to be at around
    40mph; this allows you to go at a fast enough pace to make it to the exit
    in time, while not running the risk of bouncing off one of the sides and
    messing up. Once you reach the centre take the opposite route to the exit
    that awaits you at the end.
    15 - Dormant Pits
    The switch ahead rotates the entire area, allowing you to get the bananas over
    the pits. Activate if you plan to do this, otherwise just go for the exit in
    the centre.
    16 - Composition
    Fairly easy, just follow the blue line to the below area, then to the exit
    at the fair end. You can cut a few seconds by dropping straight down the edge
    instead of going down the ramps when going to the lower area, and if you
    fall off the platform in the lower area you have to go back to the beginning
    end and start over.
    17 - Dynamo
    In your little bowl, start rolling around the edges so you build up speed,
    then shoot out of the side to escape. Do the same with this larger bowl, so
    that you slowly get further up the sides so you can reach the higher ledge
    to where the exit is located.
    18 - Lunchbox
    The by far fastest and most easiest route is as follows - go straight on,
    left down the slight ramp, and right and up the red ramp - however halfway
    up you can go onto the left ledge - do so, then round onto the next red ramp
    to the exit.
    19 - Gutter
    Travel down a single lane each time when you descend down a level - this is
    so that when you reach the bottom you bump up and slow down a lot. Still,
    slow down loads when you reach the bottom of each one anyway. There is one less
    each time, where at the end it's just a single lane slow RIGHT down, as the
    exit is at a right angle and you have to roll in there.
    20 - Rising Inclines
    A bonus stage in a giant tub, drop down in to the tub and get some speed, then]
    ride around the edges as linear as you can to get the lines of bananas. You
    don't have to use the central exit if you don't want to.
    21 - Slopes
    The slopes get thinner and thinner as you descend down, so take it reasonably
    easy and slow down towards the end otherwise you'll shoot off the end. You
    can also cut down some of the sections by rolling right and dropping down
    onto the platforms below.
    22 - Steps
    Simple - just head up the green ramps to the top and exit. There are bananas
    dotted around at the edges if you need to get them.
    23 - Blocks
    Wait until the blocks extend back to your corner then dart to the opposite
    block, where you it'll extend to the exit corner and finish. If you want to
    get the bananas feel free, but the blocks move too slowly to get them all in
    24 - Jump Single
    Roll down the walkway to where the red arrow is, and roll down the slope
    holding up just a little - you'll collect the banana bunch, off the ramp and
    to the platform opposite. If you did it correctly you should be able to
    stablise yourself so you don't fall off the platform, and finish.
    25 - Exam-A
    This stage is a range of different walkways. Press straight up to get over
    the first one, round right and across this barrier less walkway. Get the
    banana over the ramp and straighten up and go quickly down the steps - going
    too slow will mean you'll jutter left and right. Go across either path now
    and make it quickly up the green path up, then to finish is a winding
    walkway - take it easy and travel at a constant speed, and remember you can
    ditch out on the final corner to the below platform if you are gonna fall.
    Remember to keep at a constant speed throughout this stage to get to the exit
    in time.
    26 - Tub
    I don't know about you, but I don't quite get this level. Just drop down,
    go around the pink obstacles then up the end ramps to the finish. Nothing
    really to it.
    27 - Windy Slide
    Quite a fun level, just accelerate down the straight sections of half pipe
    and really slow down for the corners and bits when you drop down (otherwise
    you'll fly off) and be sure to go through the exit at the end - it's easy to
    hit the edges and bounce off!
    28 - Spinning Top
    Drop down and head up the ramp and around the back of the spinning top - I
    would avoid getting the bananas here as touching the spinning top itself will
    knock you flying away. The exit is just around the other side of where you
    come up the ramp.
    29 - Curve Bridge
    Drop down and go at a constant speed on this walkway. The corners are a fair
    bit sharper than they look so slow down considerably when approaching them.
    The last section involves a platform that raises up and down; go on when
    its down and hold back to stay on, then it'll ascend allowing you to go onto
    the area above and then to the exit.
    30 - Scabrous
    Sorta like the Basic Bonus stage, except there are ridges all between the
    bananas. Still, treat it the same; work around the outside, then the inside
    square to finish. If you don't feel like doing that though, just get the
    two banana bunches and use the central exit to finish.
    31 - Jolt Channel
    The fastest way to the exit is to hug the right wall, and eventually you'll
    reach the far end where the exit is. If you want to get the banana bunches
    that you see on the upper areas, then at the end of the level the outside is
    stepped up so you can access there, although you won't have much time to get
    them regardless.
    32 - Inertial
    Wait until the exit stops rotating really close and fast by the centre, then
    collect the bunch ahead and as the exit goes by, go through to finish.
    33 - Octagonal
    Pretty tricky this, but I found that the following is the best way to go -
    go straight ahead and drop to the below area, then head up the ramp on the
    right to the area above. Head over the ramp to the disc behind the ramp,
    then the one next to it, where there will be one separating you from here
    to the exit. The next one has a hole in, so go over and stop just before
    dropping, then roll around it and over to the exit.
    34 - Sewer
    Fastest route is to drop down at the corner ahead, right, left, follow around
    the left and right corners, then the second right, where the exit will be
    at the end.
    35 - Arc Bridges
    Basically you'll have to follow the orange areas to reach the exit on the
    far side. Go down the bridge below, then right and over. Another below bridge
    will follow, but the edges will be missing so watch out. After another steep
    bridge you'll have three to choose from; the far left is your best bet as its
    thickest - the others you'll only get some bananas. After that the exit
    is yours for the using.
    36 - Veer Field
    The best way to go is to roll right and drop down twice to the far bottom
    area, otherwise you'll spend an age getting there. Try and watch your landing
    in both cases, especially on the final one where you run the risk of falling
    off the edge. Try and stick on the upper blue area too, as in the grey lower
    areas it'll take longer to continue. After the floor will level out, turn
    the corner and go quick over the wavey floor, attempting to get as many
    bananas as possible. The exit is down a straight afterward.
    37 - Teeter
    Each of the areas here are on a balance, and as you go round them you
    move them to one side, so basically try do each section as quickly as you can.
    The first one is easy - go up the ramp and round. Next is a ridged / bumpy 
    area, which can be taken either quickly where you just bomb it over bouncing
    all over the shop, or you can zig zag across the lines balancing the weight.
    The final area is tricky, with circular holes in the ground with raised
    bumps in between them - go around the edges of both. Start on one side, then
    make your way to the other so the weight is leveled out, and hopefully you
    can then just go to the exit. If you drop down, you have to go all the way
    back to the beginning! Try and be careful yet speedy here. At the end if you
    have time there are four bunches of bananas in the corners for the taking.
    38 - Stream
    Here the floor will be moving in a particular direction according to what
    grid area you are in. Head to the far corner as you can see on the map
    to where the exit is located, where it's surrounded by a current going around
    it, like a moat. To get to the centre, go against the flow and then try and
    roll into the centre, where the exit will be.
    39 - Catwalk
    This actually isn't as hard as it looks - the computer will automatically
    nudge you toward the centre if you are on the edge. First off avoid going
    right, as that's impossibly tough to manage. The first route left is
    fairly easy, while you'll have to line up a little for the next one. The
    final walkway is tough; line up as best as you can and start rolling at a
    CONSISTANT SPEED - if you slow down you will wobble manually and fall. The
    computer should correct you and keep you centralised if you are just holding
    up halfway. The exit is at the corner.
    40 - Catapult
    Quite easy - go to one of the sides (not the middle) and drop down and wait
    to be blasted up the slope. Now find the trail of bananas in the centre and
    follow them down. When you land, go down the slope and through the exit to
    That's it; Beginner mode is complete!
                          4. BEGINNER EXTRA WALKTHROUGH
    1 - Blur Bridge
    The platforms ahead will move to the left and right in front and you have to
    make it across. When the first one comes, roll onto it and keep rolling
    forward in a diagonal movement so you move across them all. Hopefully you
    should end up in the centre to quickly board onto the end walkway to the
    exit, otherwise wait on the platform until it reaches the end and stay on
    the solid gray part (the corrugated section folds up) and get on the
    walkway the next time it goes across.
    2 - Hitter
    Wait until the exit slows down it's rotation and enter. Collect bananas around
    the other side if you wish.
    3 - AV Logo
    Board the area when it's facing down toward you, and take it slowly view the
    A and V, right and into the exit. The area will constantly move, so go slow
    and steady.
    4 - Rhombus
    Just hold up until you reach the exit on the far side; I would ignore getting
    all the bananas here. You can use the edge walkways if you want to get the
    5 - Buoy
    The sphere in the centre will dip into the ground every so often, allowing you
    to scale it and use the exit on top. You can only get the bananas when it's
    dipped too, so if you want to get them remember to have time to wait for
    another dip to exit in time.
    6 - Conveyers
    Just HOLD UP until you finish. If you slow down you cannot make it through
    the last belt and you cannot finish. If this happens, collect the bananas
    around the edges until the time out and try again.
    7 - Bumpy Check
    Go to the main area and go around the outside set of squares and round to the
    exit at the far side. No point risking going through the centre for a few
    8 - Alternative
    Go onward and DO NOT activate the switch, as it'll speed up the platforms.
    Head left and down, wait for the platform to reach you and board it. Speed on
    to the left platform, wait, next platform etc until you reach the corner
    9 - Junction
    Just roll ahead on to the sloped section of paths and slowly roll down
    toward the exit. If you want to warp to stage 12, when you start go straight
    to the end of this starting platform, turn around and go full speed in to the
    bump on the other side, and hopefully you should make it across. It's quite
    tricky to pull off (try it in practice mode first) and if you do make it,
    slow right down then slowly roll toward the finish.
    10 - Bead Screen
    Drop down to the switches, and go to the far right switch. When the platforms
    ahead are lined up straight, roll on to the switch to pause then roll down
    to the exit.
    11 - Coil Ramp
    Roll behind you to drop down a level then go down the coil to the exit. Easy!
    12 - Millefeuille
    Annoying this, take the ledges going clockwise around the exit. Look for the
    smallest ledges when going up and you'll have to have a slight run up for the
    final ledges to get to where the exit is.
    13 - Waver
    Do each wave individually, when going down speed up and when you reach the
    peak slow down. Each section gets smaller and smaller, so try and go as linear
    as you can toward the end. You can go on after the exit to warp to stage 15.
    14 - Fat Seesaw
    As the name suggests the area ahead is a giant seesaw, so just hold up and
    go straight across to the exit.
    15 - Treads
    You can either go the normal route, which means you'll be stretched for time,
    and you'll bounce like crazy risking going over the edges. Or from the start,
    drop down left and control the bounce and you'll have just one set of steps
    to go down toward the exit. I know which route it would take!
    16 - Fluctuation
    Drop down to the area ahead and go around the boxes and holes to the far end,
    and wait for a box either side of the exit to start moving; when it lowers,
    roll on to it and into the exit quickly to finish.
    17 - Folders
    Really hard to do normally, so use the side paths to the end and wait just
    before the final panel. When it pops up quickly roll in to the exit.
    18 - Quick Turn
    As the name suggests, when you start turn around and use the play button to
    slow down the triangles at the end. Use one of the extreme sides and go past
    the first few when they are on the far side to you, and the last two go
    when they are more or less in front of you, in the case of the last one,
    as you can just see it coming to you side.
    19 - Linear Seesaws
    Tricky - the seesaws are really easy to tilt, so go quickly onward over the
    first two then SLOW DOWN and move to the side to go over the side walkways
    quickly and through the exit. You have to be quick here to make it across
    20 - Birth
    Drop down and head down the right path and activate the pause switch at the
    side of the slope. Head back and go down the left path, up and across the slope
    to the exit.
    That's it; Beginner Extra mode is complete!
                          5. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    If you could, please either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or 
    contributions at crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I
    could get some feedback. Thank you for reading.
    Thanks to CJayC, IGN, Neoseeker, the guys at the FCB and 313.
    Thanks to Defcon999, SayainPrince, djg40, namod65 and strawhat for their help
    and opinions about this new shorter format. Thanks guys!
    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
    - I've had several emails asking if they could pay their thanks via cash
      through PayPal, so if you would like to do this then send it to
      crazyreyn@gmail.com. Otherwise a nice thank you email will do! :)
      C R A Z Y R E Y N - http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27600.html
    By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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