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    Advanced Mode FAQ by DiscoViking

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    #                             					    #
    #                ~~~Super Monkey Ball Deluxe~~~                     #
    #                       Microsoft Xbox                              #
    #                                                                   #
    #                      Advanced mode FAQ                            #
    #                   Written by Disco Viking                         #
    #          Copyright 2006 Ryan Norris.All rights reserved.          #
    #               Contact me at: darkryno@gmail.com                   #
    #                                                                   #
    #                        Version 1.00                               #
    #                   Last updated: 27/10/2006                        #
    #                                                                   #
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    If you find any errors or see anything you think should be changed just
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    All contributions will be given credit of course.
    I will be happy to listen to any suggestions.
    1) Information  -a) What is Super Monkey Ball?
                    -b) General Tips
                    -c) Tips to get high scores
    2) Level Guide  -a) Advanced
                    -b) Advanced Extra
    3) Copywrite and Legal Stuff
    1)                      ***Information***
    1a)     **What is Super Monkey Ball?**
    Simply put, super monkey ball is a simple, yet genious idea.
    One of those ideas for a game that doesn't come along very often.
    One of those games that never gets boring.
    Basically, you control a monkey, in a ball and you guide them across
    perilous levels by tilting the playing area with your analogue stick.
    1b)     **General Tips**
    - Use the view stage option from the pause menu to scout out each level
    before you try it.
    - In most situations, it's a good idea to push against the tilt in a 
    platform to stay on it.
    - To make it across thin platforms, go at a steady speed.Stopping and 
    starting will only make you wobble more.
    - If you find yourself running out of lives.Keep playing and you will 
    gain more.
    - Also remember that every 100 bananas gives you an extra life.
    This can be very helpful!
    1b)     **High Score Tips**
    - Bananas are worth 100 points each.And are not included in the time bonus
    or any multipliers.
    - Each second is worth 100 points but IS affected by the time bonus 
    and multipliers.
    So if you get:
    No bonuses a banana is worth getting if it adds less than a second onto 
    your time.
    Time Bonus or Green Warp(2x) - banana is worth half a second.
    Red Warp(3x) - banana is worth a third of a second.
    Time Bonus AND Green Warp(4x) - banana is worth a quarter of a second.
    Time Bonus AND Red Warp(6x) - banana is worth a sixth of a second.
    -Hit as many warps as possible.They don't just multiply your score, 
    they also add a points bonus which gets multiplied as well!
    -A green warp with a time bonus will end up at around 50-60k points.
    -A red warp with a time bonus will end up at aroun 160k points.
    You should be aiming for a target of 1,000,000 points from advanced mode.
    And even more if you go through extra too!
    2)               ***LEVEL GUIDE***
    2a)     **Advanced**
    Level 1: Bump - *
            Simple, just hold forwards.Grab the bananas if you like.
    Level 2: Walking - **
            Harder than bump.Roll over the bumps and grab the bunch of bananas.
            Head around the wiggly path and past the bumpers.
            This shouldn't cause you any problems.
    Level 3: Repulse - **
            Not very difficult, go to the left to get straight onto the platform.
            Roll onto the second one as it goes past and 
            casually roll into the goal.
    Level 4: Narrow Bridge - **
            Still pretty easy, roll across the bridge when you can, 
            stop near the end to wait for it to line up and roll off into the goal.
            ***Challenge*** Easy/Medium
            Complete it without stopping on the bridge!
    Level 5: Break - ***
            Wait for the platform to start going down and rush quickly 
            into the goal.
            ***Green Warp*** - Easy
            Turn around from where you start, roll over the ramp but not too fast! 
            Land on the platform below and roll into the warp.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy/Medium
            Hit the green warp by leaping through the hole in the middle 
            of the level!
    Level 6: Curves - **
            Nice and simple, roll around the curves, don't go too fast 
            or you risk falling.
    Level 7: Downhill - **
            Roll down the hill avoiding the walls, shouldn't be a problem.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy
            Complete it going at full speed.
    Level 8: Blocks Slim - ***
            Wait for the block to come back to your platform and roll onto it.
            Wait for them to join up, roll around to the opposite corner and
            wait again for it to reach the goal platform.Done!
            If you're not feeling confident enough, try waiting on a 
            block half way around as well.
    Level 9: Choices - ***
            Head to the leftmost bridge and roll along it at a constant speed.
            This should keep you from wobbling side to side too much.
            Then just head to the right, up the hill and through the goal.
            ***Green Warp*** - Very hard
            Roll along the extremely thin rightmost platform to hit the green goal.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy/Medium
            Complete the level in under 15 seconds.
    Level 10: Bonus Wave - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - 50
            Perfect difficulty: Easy
            Just roll around pushing against the waves, 
            you have easily enough time.
    Level 11: Jump Ramp - **
            Use the raised areas to bounce onto each level.
            The last one is quite hard to make, make sure to 
            keep going at full speed!
            If you're finding it difficult, you can just go around the 
            jumps using the ramps.
            This is easy, but slower and with less bananas.
    Level 12: Hounds Tooth - **
            Just hold forwards and nudge yourself towards the goal as 
            you start to bounce around.
            Shouldn't be too hard.
    Level 13: DNA - **
            Go at a moderate pace down the steps.Shouldn't cause many problems.
            ***Green Warp*** - Easy
            If you fall of the side of the platform and cut back in, 
            there's another side to it.
            Roll down the steps on this side to hit the green warp.
    Level 14: Building - ****
            Roll up the ramp, and go around the edge of the building.
            Repeat with each platform being thinner.
    Level 15: Scrolls - ***
            Roll at a constant pace along the level.After the 4th bend 
            there are holes in the floor, 
            move from side to side to avoid them.
    Level 16: Cliff - ****
            A tough level until you get the hang of it.
            Go at your own pace, you have a whole minute.
            Hold towards the wall at all times.
            If you continue past the goal, there is an even thinner 
            platform with 50 bananas on!
    Level 17: Concentric - **
            A nice easy level, get into the bottom groove, 
            go at speed to the end and bounce to the next.
            Rinse and repeat until you hit the top.
            Watch out not to fall off the back!
    Level 18: Stadium - **
            Turn around and roll up the hill.Roll back down at full speed
            and use the bumps to bounce onto the goal platoform.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Go behind the goal platform and roll along the 
            slanted platforms to reach it.
    Level 19: Follow these directions:
            -Left at the first banana
            -Left again
            -Right just past the banana
            -Right at the end
            -Right a little but carry on in the same direction
            -Manouver left around the wall and then turn right at the very end
            -Turn 100 degrees right at the first oppertunity and
            follow the platform past a banana
            -Turn left
            -Continue to the end and turn right
            -Make a 180 degree turn to the left
            -Take the second left
            -Follow it along and go up the ramps to freedom!
    Level 20: Bonus Grid - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - 40 <Check>
            Perfect Difficulty - Medium
            Follow each row in turn.Time is your enemy, there is 
            not alot of room for error.
            If you hit a bumper, regain control as fast as possible and continue.
    Level 21: Banks - **
            Simply follow the path.Not hard.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy/Medium
            Complete the level at full speed by running over the gaps 
            inbetween the curves of the platform.
    Level 22: Eaten Floor - ***
            Follow a path near to the right edge.Don't take any platforms 
            too thin.
            Once you find a route you can do this won't be hard.
    Level 23: Hoppers - ***
            Wait approximately 1.5 seconds and then rush at full speed.
            You should make it past.If not, adjust your wait time and try again.
    Level 24: Coaster - ***
            Go at full speed down the tunnel, holding left all the time to 
            avoid falling out.
            Keep going at full speed and fly into the goal.
            If you keep missing, slow down alot as you near the end of 
            the tunnel and roll home.
            ***Challenge*** - Extremely hard
            Fall off the starting platform and land in the goal!
    Level 25: Swell - ***
            Roll along the platform pushing against the tilt.
            Don't go too fast or you can miss the goal completely.
    Level 26: Gravity Slider - **
            Just hold forwards and sail to the finish.
            Complete the level and get all the bananas too!
    Level 27: Inchworms - ***
            Turn around and hit the play switch to make your life easier.
            Then go to the first worm, wait for it to recoil and follow it as 
            it straightens out.
            Fall gently in the goal at the end.
            ***Green Warp*** Easy/Medium
            Go along the second, faster worm.
            ***Red Warp*** Hard
            Go along the third, even faster worm.
            ***Challenge*** - Very Hard
            Hit the red warp without hitting the play switch first!
    Level 28: Totalitarianism - ***
            Turn around and hit the play switch.
            Run through the stage, stopping far away from any poles as they 
            are about to fall.
            If you stop where a banana is, you will not get hit.
            Shouldn't be too hard.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy
            Run at full speed through the level without hitting the play 
            switch first!
    Level 29: Organic Form - ***
            Turn around and hit the play switch.
            Run along the level trying to stay near the middle at all times.
            If you get flung about, focus on getting back in control.
    Level 30: Board Park - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - Unknown
            Perfect Difficulty - Hard
            I advise rolling along the first platform and falling to land on 
            the banana bunch.
            Use you minimap to help with this.
            Then collect a few more bananas and head into the goal 
            before 30 seconds is up.
    Level 31: Bowl - **
            Roll into the bowl, build up some speed around the edge and go 
            through the goal.
    Level 32: Jumpies - ***
            Use each jumper to hop to the next level.
            Then roll over the ramp at speed or get bounced to the goal platform.
    Level 33: Stoppers - ****
            Go around the edge for minimum frustration.
            Move back and forth a bit to get each stopper to retract 
            before passing.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Go through middle.
    Level 34: Floor Bent - ******
            Roll right onto the first area, always hold the opposite direction 
            to the slope.
            Go along each path and turn as soon as possible without falling down.
            Be careful, if you go too slowly you risk falling off.
            If you go too quickly you risk going too far and falling off.
    Level 35: Converyers - **
            Roll along the conveyors to you goal.
            Not difficult.
    Level 36: Exam B - ****
            Roll along the thin platform, this one is easy as it is grooved.
            The next platform is slightly harder, but still easy if you've 
            gotten this far.
            The next is sloped which makes it slightly harder, but not much.
            The next is stepped.This means you can't go too fast or you will 
            lose control.
            Finally the curvy platform shouldn't be too difficult after a 
            few tries.
            Keep at it, this is a test of everything you've learned so far!
            You can us the edge of the staritng platform to ramp to the 
            second platform.
            Also, you can fall off the higher platform onto the goal, 
            skipping the stepped
            and the curved platforms.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Complete the level in under 10 seconds.
    Level 37: Chaser - **
            Go at speed down the path and through the goal.It's not that fast.
            ***Green Warp*** - Medium
            Moves alot faster than the goal.Don't bother with it.
            Go for red instead.
            ***Red Goal*** - Easy
            Fall off the starting area to the right to land on the last part 
            of the track.
            From here wait for the red goal to come along and go through it.
            ***Challege*** - Very Hard
            Go through the red goal in under 5 seconds.
    Level 38: Jump Double - ***
            Go along and fall onto the jump platform as a moderate pace.
            Hold back as you bounce so you don't ricochet off the platform.
            The second has a bumper on it.GO at a slight angle onto the jump
            to avoid this.
    Level 39: Middle Jam - ******
            Go imbetween 2 of the bumpers and follow along the path.
            At the middle the gap will become smaller so follow the one infront
            of you even closer.After the second turn you are on the home straight.
            Just remember to keep your cool!
    Level 40: Leveler - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - Lots
            Perfect Difficulty - Don't Bother
            Just grab a few and head through the goal.
            The time bonus is worth more than the bananas unless you are 
            low on lives.
    Level 41: Reversible gear - *****
            Use the minimap to find out where the single banana stops.
            This is where the entrance is, wait for it to stop there
            and rush through to the goal.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Complete it in under 10 seconds.
    Level 42: Stepping Stones - *****
            Go to the left along the inside edge of each platform and 
            drop down to the next
            making sure you land on the edge each time.
            For the last jump you need to put on some speed to avoid the 
            gaps in the middle.
            After a few goes you'll get the feel for it.
            ***Chellenge*** - Hard
            Take the path to the right.
    Level 43: Dribbles - ****
            Turn around and hit the play switch.
            Wait for each dribble to bounce before going underneath it.
            Be careful as some have a wider collision radius than you think!
    Level 44: URL - ****
            Drop down when it is retracted.
            Run along the raised area while it is retracted and hide on one of the
            slightly stuck out areas when it comes out.
            If you fall into the lower area, wait for it to retract and 
            run up the ramp and carry on.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Run along the top of the URL to the finish.
    Level 45: Mad Rings - **
            Roll straight forwards into the goal.
            ***Green Warp*** - Medium
            Roll past the normal goal and into the green one, 
            shouldn't be too hard.
            ***Red Warp*** - Hard
            Go past the green warp to hit the red warp.Timing is very hard.
    Level 46: Curvy Options - ***
            Take the leftmost platform for an easy ride to the goal.
            You should be able to do this by now.
            ***Challenge*** - Hard
            Take the rightmost platform, it's thin!!
    Level 47: Twist and Spin - *****
            Go forwards whilst it's flat and try to stay on one of the platforms
            whilst it's spinning.Can cause a problem sometimes.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Complete the level at full speed.
    Level 48: Cascade - ****
            Roll down each platform and along each ring till you hit the goal.
            Each one is increasingly smaller, so watch your speed.
            ***Challenge*** - Hard
            Fall off the starting platform into the goal.
    Level 49: Pro Skaters - ****
            Hit the pause switch when the goal is near the bottom
            and just roll into it.
            ***Green Warp*** - Hard
            This goal doesn't stop so you'll need some good timing!
    Level 50: Rampage - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - Lots
            Perfect Difficulty - Don't bother
            Grab the two bunches and head into the goal.
    Level 51: Ant Lion - **
            Roll around and into the goal.Grab the bananas if you like.
    Level 52: Collaspse - ****
            Roll between the holes and slightly to the left to the second section.
            Turn right and down the slope.Roll imbetween the big holes and 
            back up.
            Go along either of the bridges and turn at the end to hit the goal!
            ***Challenge*** - Medium/Hard
            Bounce from near the start straight to the goal!
    Level 53: Swing bar - ***
            Roll along the bar quickly pushing against the tilt.
            Try and get as close to the highest edge as possible to avoid falling.
    Level 54: Labyrinth - **
            Go for the green warp.It's easier.
            ***Green Warp***
            From the start, hit the notch in the floor past the bumpers and 
            sail into the warp.
    Level 55: Spiral - ***
            You shouldn't ever see this level as the green warp on labyrinth is 
            so easy.
            Anyway, roll around the spiral keeping a constant speed to hit the 
            goal with ease.
            ***Challenge*** - Easy/Medium
            Fall off the starting straight right into the goal.
    Level 56: Wavy Jump - **
            Roll straight at full speed and ease to the side for the second ramp.
            Ease back to the middle to hit the goal.
            A nice easy level for so far into advanced.
    Level 57: Spiky - ****
            Go very slowly past each spike as they retract.
            Keeping a constant pace helps keep the camera facing forward.
    Level 58: Unrest - ****
            Go to the right until you reach the corner platform.
            Wait on it pushing against the tilt until it is safe to move again.
            Then rush into the goal.
    Level 59: Polar - *******
            A tough level.
            Turn right to star and roll onto the first platform.
            Make your way onto the bumper platform, go to the left side of 
            the bumper.
            Then as the next platform lines up, rush across into the goal
            the final platform will be in place as you get there.
    Level 60: Parabaloid - <<Bonus Stage>>
            Bananas - Lots
            Perfect Difficulty - Impossibly Hard
            I spend my time attempting to grab the bunches.
            Simply because its far too boring to bother getting the bananas 
            and there
            is no goal.
    Level 61: Giant Comb - ******
            Stop imbetween each red line.Go to the next one each time the 
            comb goes past.
            Quite a tough level and very unforgiving.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium
            Make it through at full speed without stopping!
    Level 62: Beehive - ****
            Go to either side being careful not to bounce off the edge.
            Cross the thin bridge and go up the other side.
            Cross the next thin bridge to the goal.
            ***Challenge*** - Very Hard
            Go at full speed through the middle of the level.
    Level 63: Dynamic Maze - *
            The most boring level ever.
            Wait for each wall to go up and go under it.
            Repeat until you hit the goal.
    Level 64: Triangle Holes - **
            You should be able to compelete this level by just holding forwards!
    Level 65: Launchers - ********
            A very tough level until you get the hang of it.
            Line yourself up with one of the launchers and let it fling you 
            up the tower.
            Use your minimap to land ontop of the tower and drop off into teh goal.
            ***Green Warp*** - Very Hard
            If you manage to get launched into the bottom of the goal platform, 
            the green
            warp is underneath.
    Level 66: Randomizer - ***
            Go at a sensible speed towards the end.No need to press anything 
            other than forwards.
            ***Green Warp*** - Medium
            If you can bounce to the higher level you can hit the green warp.
            ***Red Warp*** - Hard
            If you can bounce to the highest thin platform you can hit the 
            red warp.
    Level 67: Coin Slots - *****
            Head towards the end as the end goals move slower.
            Wait for it to be about to fall down the hole and rush through 
            the goal.
            Will take practice.
            ***Green Warp*** - very Hard
            The first and fastest goal is green.Will be very hard to get it.
    Level 68: Seesaw Bridges - *****
            Rush towards the first seesaw.
            First is easy, stay near the middle, alternating sides each time 
            you round a barrel.
            Second is still easy, go quickly along it staying near to the 
            middle at all times.
            Third is harder, after the 5 barrels in a line rush to the other 
            side to tip it back
            before you fall off.
    Level 69: Arthropod - *********
            Make your way to the last ring (HARD)
            Wait there for the goal without getting kicked off (HARD)
            Head through the goal.
            If you wait at the start and pause the game at around 41.20 
            seconds remaining.
            Then hold forwards and unpause.Then pause again at 36.30 
            seconds or close.
            Hold up left and unpause.You should fly straight into the goal.
            ***Challenge*** - Hard
            Go through the goal whilst it's near the bottom of the ring!
    Level 70: Spaciotemporal - *****
            Wait until around 52 seconds when the platform is about vertical.
            Head through the warp and try to follow the path of bananas 
            to fly through the goal.
    Congratulations, you have compelted advanced mode!
    If you did it without losing a continue you can now move on to advanced extra!
    2b)	**Advanced Extra**
    Level Ex1: Blur Bridge - ***
            Wait for the first platform to be in line and rush along all of 
            them at a moderate pace
            in a kind of diagonal path to the finish.
    Level Ex2: Hard Hitter - *****
            Wait until around 26 seconds when it will slow down allowing you 
            to rush through.
    Level Ex3: Puzzle - *****
            Roll forward fast and bounce onto the next line across.If you 
            don't you won't
            have enough time to finish.Then just turn right at every corner 
            until you hit the end.
    Level Ex4: AV Logo - ***
            Roll between the A and the V and turn around to hit the goal.
            Don't go too fast, and push against the tilt to make it safely
    Level Ex5: Polar Large - ********
            Get to the bumper platform just like you did on polar.
            Then wait for a platform to come past
            and rush across it and the next one to stop next to a gap.
            Then wait for the next platform (a little while) and rush across it
            and about 3 others which are all lined up for you onto the 
            second to last ring.
            Make your way around to the axle that the giant ring is on and 
            wait for it to be almost flat.
            Just before it is flat, drop onto the upcoming part and fall 
            down onto the outer ring.
            This part will be where you fail 90% of the time.I Guarentee.
            Finally just make your way along this ring to the goal.Don't go 
            too close to the inside
            edge as the spinning ring can hit you off.
    Level Ex6: Auto Doors - ***
            Turn around and hit the play switch.The first few doors are easy.
            For the last 3 or so, you can go right into the little 
            groove in the middle and hold forward, 
            when they open you'll go right through.
            ***Challenge*** - Hard
            Complete the level without hitting the play switch.
    Level Ex7: Heavy Sphere - ****
            Go forward and hit the play switch.
            Quickly turn around and go all the way back to the raised area.
            Turn back around just as you get to the raised part and rush 
            towards the sphere.
            If your timing is right you should go just under the sphere and 
            towards the goal.
            Slow yourself down so you don't go flying off unless you fancy 
            trying to hit the goal at full speed.
    Level Ex8: Stagger - *****
            Hold forwards to traverse the thin platform.
            Go round the shapes, moving to the next whenever you can.
            This level shouldn't cause you too many problems after the first 
            couple of goes.
    Level Ex9: U.F.O.- ****
            Drop into the U.F.O.and hit the play switch.
            The whole level will tip upside down, make your first priority 
            slowing down
            and getting your bearings again.
            Once you're steady, QUICKLY rush into the goal, it's near the middle.
            If you're not fast enough the level will revert to normal and
            you'll have to try again.
            ***Challenge*** - Very hard
            Hit the goal without touching the play switch.
    Level Ex10: Ring Bridges - ******
            Fall from each bridge to the next.WARNING! The thing that will 
            always get you will
            be falling onto the slanted edges, this WILL make you fall 
            right off.So be careful!
            ***Challenge*** - Very Hard
            Complete this level at full speed without slowing down at all.
    Level Ex11: Chaos - *****
            Time is your enemy on this level.I often complete it with just 
            2 or 3 seconds left.
            Follow these instructions:
            -Straight on
            -Straight on
            -Straight past the crossraods and Right into an almost invisible path.
            -Make a hairpin turn
            -Straight on
            -And Right into the goal.
    Level Ex12: Tilt maze - ***
            Not too difficult.The whole level is tilted slightly towards the goal
            but it's not really a problem.
            Use the View Stage option to make a route through and follow it.
            The easiest route is on the right hand side.
    Level Ex13: Fractal - *******
            Pretty hard level.Head at speed along the very left edge to reach 
            the corner.
            Then proceed slowly along the edge to get to the goal.
            This will take alot of goes to get right unless you are very good 
            at edge walking.
    Level Ex14: Hills - ****
            Go upl the lowest hill, and roll down it to gain momentum to get 
            up the second one.
            Repeat to reach the goal.
            ***Green Warp*** - Hard
            Repeat again to get up the highest hill which the green goal is on.
    Level Ex15: Dodge Maze - *****
            If you make a mistake here you can run out of time so be careful!
            The red walls move.Follow these directions:
            -Forward and through the red wall.
            -Forward/left diagonal and through the red wall.
            -Round the zig-zaggy path on the right.
            -At the end of this turn sharp right through a wall there.
            -Follow a south-easterly diagonal path to the next red wall.
            Go through it.
            -Follow this path around until you get to a path running north 
            with 2 red walls in it.
            -Go past them and turn left at the end.
            -Follow a diagonal north/west path, make a left hairpin turn and 
            follow a diagonal path in the opposite direction.
            -Cut out to the right at the first turning and there will be a 
            red wall on your right near a bunch of bananas.
            -Go through it and follow in a north direction to another red wall 
            and then another.
            -The goal should be past a red wall on your right.Well done.
    Level Ex16: Domes - *******
            An annoying level.Make a slow and careful path round the domes.
            You can very easily fall out with little error so just keep trying!
            ***Challenge*** - very hard
            Complete the level at full speed!
    Level Ex17: Amida Lot - *****
            Head to the right of the starting platform edge and watch the 
            thin platform here.
            When 2 bumpers have gone past, rush onto it and take the last 
            thin platform to the left.
            Stop on this platform and as the goal comes past (use your minimap)
            rush into it.
    Level Ex18: Long Slider - *****
            Head down the slider like you would any other ramp.
            Be holding left-back alot to slow yourself down and keep yourself 
            from falling.
            The closer you are to the inside edge, the less you will bounce 
            when you get to the bottom
            of each section.Shouldn't cause too many problems.
            ***Challenge*** - Medium/hard
            Fall from the starting platform right into the goal.
    Level Ex19: Grid Bridge - ******
            Wait for a platform to line up and roll onto it.
            Make your way along the grid
            staying as close to the middle as possible.Bear in mind 
            moving platforms don't carry you with them in Monkey Ball.
    Level Ex20: Teapot - ******
            You land on the play switch, wait for the teapot to open.
            Just as the box thing comes out, roll off and try to bounce into it.
            After a few goes you should get the timing.
            This level is a bit random to start with, so you better have 
            some lives spare!
    Congratulations, if you've gotten this far you have completed 
    advanced extra mode!
    Now only Expert stands in your way to unlocking Ultimate mode and master mode.
    However these are not currently covered in this guide.
    3)          Copywrite ang Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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