Review by TheeMikester

Reviewed: 10/02/06

This is not a real racing game.

As I was browsing my local Blockbuster I found this game. Me, being a car fanatic, decided to pick it up because all the cars were shiny on the example box. Wow, was I wrong.


Wow, I don't know where to begin. The only part about this game that is realistic is the appearance of the cars and their logos themselves. Since I am such a car fanatic I gave this section a 3 just for that and another issue discussed later in this section. Three points away from zero is more than generous. At the beginning of the game I took out the new Volkswagon Golf GTI I believe it was. Looking at it's incredibly fast speeds, I was thinking. I did a 0-100 acceleration time using an accurate stopwatch. 13.75 seconds for a cheap hatchback to reach 100mph. Half of the sports cars in the world have trouble reaching 100mph in that time. Also, said Golf could corner a sharp 90 degree turn on a thin road at 80mph. I could barely expect that out of a group C racer, let alone a Volkswagon hatchback. What's even more unrealistic is the crash and how that entire business is set up. Let's just say you are going 175mph in the Golf mentioned above (yes in this game a hatchback can reach 175mph with ease). You suddenly hit a tour bus going the other way. You get hit with a 2% damage penalty. Translated, this means that 50 of those same collisions will total your car. A crash like that will just scuff the paint job. Now I know that a videogame cannot be entirely realistic, but come ON. Even if you managed SOMEHOW to hit 175mph in a Golf in real life, you would be dead if you hit a tree branch, let alone a tour bus. Also, if you hit a tour bus or hit a wall, you either turn your car the other way or just stop completely. If anyone has ever played TOCA 3, you pull a stunt like that it's race over for you. However, I do like that you can roam wherever you want and that you do not have to stay on the track, but meh.


I gotta give them credit here. They did make the graphics nice. The scenery looks almost real and the cars are almost so real you can touch them. However, as mentioned before, the entire thing with you crashing at 175mph and only scuffing your paint job and maybe denting the hood is a little unrealistic.

SOUND: 0/10

The cars all offer a kind of mumble. The exotics offer a more exciting mumble, but it's still a mumble. And I hate the music here. If they could use something more exciting songs (such as Van Halen - Panama, Bug Khan and the Plastic Jam - Made in Two Minutes) you would be more anxious to drive in this game. Oh, and the crashes. Wow. Drop a garbage can lid from one foot in the air, same sound.


A little too all or nothing for me. The steering is set up so it is quite difficult to turn at anything other but turning the wheel all the way. The acceleration is not all or nothing (at least on Xbox, I don't know about PS2), so that's a plus. I just really dislike how the steering is set up. One may be able to remedy this problem with a steering wheel, but not everyone can afford it.


I wouldn't be very excited to replay this. The courses and the okay controls bother me. And those crash scenes... ugh.

Overall, this is a good game to rent first, not to buy. There is a reason why you see few commercials for this game in the USA. If they could just fix it up a little bit then maybe it could rival Forza or maybe even GT4 but they would have to seriously work on this game.


18 divided by 5=3.4 rounded to...


Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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