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"The latest sports installment to hit the streetz"

Well, this is my first review, so I'm bound to make some mistakes, but stick with me. I chose to review this game because alot of people want to know whether it is good or, is it garbage, I intend to answer this question, because no one else will. Well enough chit chat, let's get right into this thing.

Crisp and clean, 3d sprites that are very well done. If you know your soccer players, it's very easy to tell who is who. Everything from the cleats, to the body tones are perfect. Ronaldhino has his trademark high cheekbones, Adriano has his earrings, these added touches are very nice, and add realism.

I think this music is definitely an acquired taste. While some of the Latin influenced songs are alright, other songs make your ears bleed. Also to add insult to injury, the announcer is a Rastafarian esque sounding man. His voice alone is enough to make you put your volume on mute. The reason I gave this section a very, very kind 4, is the fact that you can change the sound settings however you want, if you want no announcer, you can just turn him off. Nice touch there.

The most important aspect of any game, the gameplay. Fifa Street has a very nice button layout, everything feels right. In this game, like all the other "Street" games, there are gamebreakers. In Fifa street a gamebreaker is a near unblockable shot, I'd say as long as you aim the shot properly(which is done by just HOLDING the analog stick in the direction you want to shoot) you have a 90% chance of scoring. There are a few glitches with this game, it's like when you press a button, there is a lag, and it takes a second before the player your controlling does anything.

A solid addition to the street series, if your a serious soccer fan, get this game. If your a small fan of soccer, rent first. If you don't like soccer at all, don't touch this with a 39 and a half foot pole.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/21/05

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