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"Soccer Hits the Streets, and Man Does it Feel Good"

Graphics- 7/10:
Now, I was a little disappointed at first with the games graphics. The players are a little blocky for my taste, and the overall graphic look of the player's definitely doesn't compare to the likes of the Winning Eleven or World Tour Soccer series. A big plus, is the definition of the players' face, where you can easily spot who has the ball and what not by just glancing at their face. Also, Fifa Street's environments are lovely in my opinion. The back-alley courts and trashy tar soccer fields are beautiful (ha, oxymoron). Anyway, the game still keeps a 7, where the slightly mediocre graphics don't distract from the gameplay very often.
Realism- 8/10:
Of course, I took into account the type of game being looked at. Almost every single move/trick in this game is physically and humanly possible. From nutmegs, wall banks, maradonas, rainbows, scissor kicks, bikes, to cruyffs, they all flow nicely and look very real, to put it simply. Most of the foot taps and little touches on the ball move it correctly and correspondingly. BUT, there are a few moves and moments in the game where you will see the ball kind of stick to the player's foot, or roll a little without a touch, which is why this area lost 2 points. The players, environments, and player's abilities seem very real though and add a good aspect to Fifa Street.
Gameplay- 9/10:
Props to the big guys at EA, because slap me if Street's gameplay and button mechanics aren't jaw dropping. First of all, let me introduce you into something called "The Trick Stick". To pull off moves in Fifa Street, you push the right analog/joystick in a certain direction. Each direction, of course, pulls a different crazy trick. But, there are a billion more moves you can pull by holding the L trigger, the R trigger, or both at the same time, and it completely changes the move set of the trick stick. After playing a few games, you'll memorize your favorite tricks and ones that can be helpful in certain situations. This gives a big plus to the game, because you aren't just standing there pulling off random stupid tricks that lose you the ball. The passing and chipping, shot aiming, and sprinting system are just awesome and almost perfect. The only reason I knocked off a point, was for the tackling system. It is pretty fun to sprint and try to completely take out a guy without penalty, but the way they set it up is a little crappy. You charge at a player and slam X over and over (a button masher's dream, by the way), you both fall down, and it's almost random who stands up first or who's teammate comes to help.
Music+Sound Effects- 3/10:
A lot of people have been dissing Street's music... and with good reason. The game's music selection and the feel of the music completely distracts from the game, and, well it just doesn't fit. You can listen to some of the tracks at the Official Fifa Street Website, and they are just squint-frown-look-at-Simon-Cowell-for-his-reaction kind of songs. The only reason Street kept a couple points for this are was that you are able to toggle which tracks you want on/off and so forth, which lets you take out the most annoying (if there is one). Also, the announcer is pretty obnoxious, but thank god not as obnoxious as the ones in Dance Dance Revolution. But anyway, the sound effects are utter poo. In the middle of your high-tension silent gamebreaker, you occasionally hear little pounds, clanks, and groans which kind of ruin the suspense. Also, some of the goals blocking sound effects are offbeat.
Gamebreakers- 4/10:
I made this category for any fans of EA's other Street games. Well, when I first purchased Fifa Street, got it out of it's box, put it into my Xbox, started a match, did a bunch of tricks to fill up my gamebreaker bar, just had to hold L trigger and press B to pull it off, and then saw a crappy little extra power shot, I think I almost cried. I wanted some big flashy, flavorful, crazy, trick-filled, embarrassing, super shot. But instead we got dished out little crappy power shots. As you play a few games, you'll find that you can add the power to heads, scissors, etc. But it still doesn't quench the thirst. Don't expect any big awesome junk like in NBA Street Vol. 3, cause you come out with disappointment and tears. I fully disagree with how people are saying that the gamebreakers always go in, cause they are big time wrong. The other team, and sometimes goalie can sometimes block it our move it off its path so it hits a post, which kind of adds some dimension. The frequency of the gamebreakers is well laid out, which is why this area got 4 points. In a game to 5 goals (the average game length, which= 4-8 minutes), you'll earn about 1-3 gamebreakers, depending on how much trick stuff instead of plain out shot taking you do. This frequency is nice, so that you don't have to rely on gamebreakers, but their helpful when you get one.
Multiplayer- 9/10:
It's four-player, optional team play, and it makes me want to drool. It's a blast just hanging out and playing a few games of Street, where you laugh, boo, and point when your friend's do crappy stuff or get embarrassed. I fully accepted that you can't have multiplayer in the Rule the Street Mode (Create a Player+ Story mode), and it's kind of fun to have your friends team+ created player (did I mention the create a player is awesome?) go up against yours. So, to sum it up, the multiplayer Fifa Street is awesome and is never going to get old (it's kind of like Super Smash Brothers >_< ).
Story/Single Player Mode- 8/10:
First of all, the create-a-player is awesome, with you completely designing your character in depth, unlocking new clothes, and upping his stats throughout the game. You start the game (Rule the Street) with a crappy team and your created player as captain. You go to the different venues, play matches to earn stat points, reputation points, new players to replace the crap ones on your team, trophies, new street fields to play on, and outfits/clothes for your players. It kind of gets a little repetitive just doing some matches, get new players, up stats, play tournament and then repeating, but believe me, messing around with your team's clothes/ styles will keep you busy and entertained for a while.

Ok... now, I know that the average score of all the above mentioned areas is about a 7/10, I had to score Fifa Street an 8, because of the amazing overall feel of the game. Even if you just pick up the game once and a while, play a few matches with your friends, or whatever, this game is kick-butt-with-a-soccer-cleat. If you play soccer at all, and I mean at all, you should pick up this game and at least try it. Soccer fans, this should be an automatic buy. If you're just a fan of EA's street series, and looking for some amazing graphics and realism, you'll definitely want to rent this one or play it at a friend's first, because you'll probably start complaining about the game and that it's lousy or whatever. So, to sum everything all up into a big plastic gift bag, Fifa Street's awesome gameplay, multiplayer, and okay graphics weigh out the crappy sound effects and gamebreakers. Once you pick up the story mode, you won't stop until your little save box says 100% Complete. So soccer fans, buy it now, cause this would be a great item for you collection!!! Skeptics, you may want to be going to blockbuster for this baby.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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