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"Fifa Street, sadly isn't much better than the NBA and NFL street games."

The latest installment to the Street series is none other than Fifa Street. I heard it was announced back in October or November. Now I've played NBA Street 1, 2 AND 3. 2 & 3 were kinda Decent...I've also played the NFL Street series. Which were just plain ugly...Now, I thought for a while and Hesitated before buying the game, I knew the Street series aren't the best batch of games ever, And I've read all the Reviews of ''Fifa Street'' on the net as well as Magazines. And I thought: Is it truly that bad..? that I've bought isn't half-bad it's quite fun in the Multiplayer Category! And it's Football, Soccer or whatever you want to call it, The best sport ever. Soccer games are always better than those Madden games IMO. Now lets start the review...

Graphics: 8/10.
This game has some really nice graphics including The environments! Even the players look like they do in Real Life, Just look at Kaka' in FIFA '05 and look at him here. See how more realistic he is here? Almost everyone look like their real-life counterparts, Though I have to disagree about the CAP ((Create-A-Player)) Models used in the game. They look much more Cartoony and Unrealistic than all the Major stars. The graphics should have been a 9, but with the CAP models I give it an 8.

Controls: 8/10.
Amazing, The X-box controller just gives you FULL control of your player!! Games with good controls as this game come rare! It's so easy to understand. I thought the Tricks would be complicated with you having to do the tricks by pushing the Right stick ((Referred to as ''Trick Stick'')) in different directions. You do that, but it's much Simpler. There's also a ''Random Trick'' button and that Button is the (Y) button. It ricks that enables you to do combos by pushing the Trick Stick after every move which fills your Gamebreaker bar meter which is just at The top. Executing a Gamebreaker is quite easy, Once you feel you're ready to score press the (L) + (B) Buttons to execute it. Very Rarely a keeper saves a Gamebreaker...Some times the ball hits other players or even the Goalie which is just XD.

Gameplay: 6/10.
Yes I am rating the Gameplay a 6...It seriously gets boring after playing it for more than 2 weeks. The only thing that saves it is the Multiplayer mode which is great fun trying to Fill the bar at the top and fooling your opponent XD. Also, there aren't any clubs like Real Madrid, Barca, AC Milan, Man U, Liverpool..etc. You only get National teams so I'm quite mad that Shevchenko isn't in this game ((He's the best!!)) And there's a ''Rule The Street'' mode too. RTS mode lets you create your own player and get a team with a Goalkeeper and 9 other players. All of whom are rookies just like you. You basically just try to win against other teams with names such as ''The Bulldogs'' or w/e. It's actually enjoyable, it's like managing your own team and getting SB Points to unlock players such as Nesta, Roberto Carlos & Crespo. Good stuff. My team at the moment are: Nesta, Roberto Carlos, My CAP & Goalie is Cassilas. So I've explained basically everything to do with the Gameplay, lets move on to the Sound.

Sound: 7/10.
THE MUSIC IS HURTING MY EARS!!! Seriously, it does. Who the hell listens to this crap?! I always put the Music on lowest. As for the Commentator, He does get annoying sometimes when he says ''REPLAY! REPLAY! REEEPLAYYY!'' all ova again...

Replay Value: 5/10.
Ehh....The only replay value You're gonna get is the RTS Mode! And if you finish RTS mode, There's still Multiplayer and Create your STAR TEAM. I give the Replay Value a 5, Deservingly so...

Difficulty: 2/10.
TOO EASY!! Good god, the AI is easy, putting it on hard is easy but whats not easy ((The reason I put a 2)) is filling the gamebreaker bar before Someone steals the ball away from you.

Lifespan: 6/10.
Rule The Street could take like 10 hours to beat. A good 10 hours. Not too short and not too long either.

Overall: 7/10.
I rated it a final score of 7. Which isn't bad. Get it if you're a die-hard footy fan and remember this isn't the best Street game ((NBA Street V3 is)) but it's loads better than NFL Street and if you wait a while until it's price drops it should be worth your money. :)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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