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"About as fun as throwing a brick at your own house window!"

Introduction/ Story

EA Sports Big, a joint company with EA that concentrates on more extreme sports (SSX 3 etc) has been given the opportunity by EA Sports to make a football game, a pretty risky decision if you ask me so after a year of development it brings out ‘FIFA Street', a sort of street wise game where you can play your own 4 a side Football games with your friends on the X Box basically like you do on summer days. Now I love football so any football game I play on will most likely get thumbs up from me but this idea is unique because of the sheer fact that it original and unique that gives off a different aspect of football. When I gave this piece of football on a disc a go I found out…

Game Play

A Main difference between FIFA 2005 and FIFA Street is that it concentrates on different aspects of the game, FIFA 2005 over views you winning tournaments and making a perfect squad which perfectly pays off, this just gives off over 25 tricks to perform and over 50 combinations of moves to show off but to who I am asking? You just push the right analog stick in different directions to perform different tricks, you feel that you don't know which trick you have done, how you did it and how it worked, its pretty pointless really. It even looks like the ball has no gravity at all, its quite disappointing so don't get hopes high.

You can try to first place yourself into the game by creating your own player with strip, facial, foot, accessories and skill choice but it doesn't surprise as its basic for every sports game to have this included and without this it would be absolutely thwarted so its no surprise this is included in such depth. Now once you have created your character you can first play a single player against other 4 a side international squads or multiplayer against your friends. The real disappointment is no Net play is in sight. This is really shoddy and rushed which will put of many buyers who are members of EA expecting net play availability. Very Disappointing. After you have get over the shock you can start on the Season labelled ‘Rule The Streets' where you travel around the globe either with a international team or your own personal team created with a flag and team name winning tournaments against the locals, a good idea of course and quite promising in every aspect but unfortunately you can complete it in about 3 days but you do unlock new footballs, characters, characteristics in making a character and stadiums. But the only good it does is showing them off to yourself in single player, which is pretty lonely actually? That's it for game play really.


Easy to catch really, just read the manual but I doubt you need to and you will catch the controls like that, it's good to see EA Sports Big keeping something original. The Trick Stick (right analog stick) is easy to catch even though it is pretty worthless to use.


Terrible, worst I have heard on a long while, the EA sports Trax played aren't terrible but they all sound the same, there are more than 30 songs and they sound so a like that you really can't tell what one songs style is to another so that classes it pretty awful actually. The Commentary made in the matches by some DJ what's is name guy is awful, you can tell what's he is saying because he says it in such a weird tone of voice and a such fast speed that by the time you know what the says he says something else, he also has terrible cheesy lines like ‘Da beat on da Street' I sometimes have to turn off the sound just to stop him from shutting up. Pretty Terrible.


Cool! Something that gives off a flare, the stadiums are brilliantly crafted that has little touches to give the feel of realism into the game (like graffiti and smashed windows around the stadiums). The Players are perfect and are quite well crafted; the graphics aren't as well done as FIFA PS2 Series but respectable enough to be given credit for.

Replayabilty/ Buy or Rent/ Conclusion

Buy: If you love any sample of music, enjoy short football, love DJ's
Rent: aren't sure about this type of football, enjoy only one piece of music and isn't much of a football fan.

I recommend renting this as it has let EA Sports down extremely badly so if you loved previous FIFA games this isn't for you. Replayabilty is very slim once you have completed season nothing else is to do, just play single player or multiplayer sometimes, no Net play is disappointing to not see if you no what a mean, this will probably last you week that's it.

Finish this off quickly and get a new game because this is pretty useless to play and between me this is quite boring to be precise…

Percy Boi's Rating 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/01/05

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