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"Get down with the beat, it's all about Fifa Street"

Fifa Street is an EA sports game with attitude! It is a 4 on 4 arcade style game which will have you attached to your Xbox for days and days because of the skills and tricks you can pull off. I love sports games especially EA sports big games because they are easy to pick up and are fun to play and not just for a day but for years. Fifa Street is no exception, it was a big task for EA sports but I think that they really pulled it off and will be played for years to come (well until Fifa Street 2 comes out!) It is a fun filled game and will want to make you laugh.

You can start this game by creating a player (it can be you if you want) and setting up a team for him so that means you will need to design a strip. You can use any colour and most styles from Nike and Adidas, you can choose a shirt, shorts and even his trainers when you are on customize mode on Rule The Street. Rule The Street is the main part of the game, where you can play through different teams and tournaments from around the globe. You start off with a simple 7 players and a goalkeeper, now play and unlock different player with different skills till you have the ultimate team where you can Rule the street!!!

The game play is one of the best football games I have ever played. To learn all the skills in the game is pretty easy there are about 25 different tricks and about 40 combinations but I would advise you to read the trick list and pick out a few different tricks and use them, when your skills are getting a bit boring then look at the list and pick out some more. It is a fantastic multi player because you can showboat all over your mates and then trash them all day long. The single player mode isn't bad, you can choose from all different options from how long the match is to what ball you can play with. If you have created a player and you want him to play for your favorite international team (e.g. Brazil or England) then you can. If you have created more than one player you can't have them in the same side. When you start to play, you have to do is fill up your trick bar which is easy and then you are left with a power shot which has a 95% of going in.

The length of the game is fairly short but to make it longer they have made you play EVERY SINGLE TEAM that means that in every area there will be 8 kick about games, a full tournament and you have to play other team to unlock different players so they have stretched the game a little bit too much.

The graphics are fantastic as you would expected from a EA sports game, they are really life like and that is what I like about it because it make the game feel that little bit more real.

The Bad Points

The commentary is the only terrible thing about the game, the commentator uses the same phrases for every single match (get down with the beat it's all about fifa street) and the sounds that the players make when they have hit the ball or when the ball hits them is good and sounds real but after a bit you want to turn down the TV and put on your own music on because the music is all the same style and if you are not the biggest fan of its style like me then I would put on your favorite tunes on your Cd player instead. The biggest disappointment is that there is no online mode and for a game of this level and made by the company that makes all of its sport games on net play it needs it and should have had it!!

This is one of the best games of the year, it is fun to play and that was important for a game like this but if you are not into footie or sports games then I would suggest renting it first then you will want to buy because when you start you will want to finish, that I can assure you. I didn't stop till I had 100% completion and still I wanted to do more.

The_Bowers's rating is 8/10 it would have got a 9 but the commentary lets it down and the online could of made it a 10/10.

Game play: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Commentary: 2/10
Length of game: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/01/05

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