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"Another case of a medal hunter"

Ok, EA games is back with yet another chapter for their series Medal of Honor. Just how good is it though? Is it the best that has ever happened in a WWII video game? Is it a great FPS? Is it worth buying? Renting? Reading a review over?

Well it is worth reading a review.....

And seeing the lack of reviews, and the complaints about it, I am writing a quick one.

The game gets a 7 over all, it is not an average, it is my overall opinion on the game. I base these scores on the genera and class of the game. A 10 is a best ever in almost any game, any genera. A 9 is very good, and there is no real room for improvement, unless the developers really want to spend some money on it. An 8 is a good game, it is something that you should be thinking about buying, as it is one of the best games in its class. A 7 is on the border between buying and renting, and it depends on the player. A 6 is a rental, if you still like it, then you can buy it, but if not, then you saved yourself $45. A 5 is a renter, maybe, it probably contains something that is revolutionary, but the game itself is bad. A 4 is a bad game, and I would urge you not to spend any money on it. A 3 or lower is a waste of your time to even read a review.

Story 8/10: FPS are never really about the story, but this one actually has something too it. Kinda, its not an RPG, but it is the glue that holds the missions together, and thats all it has to do. Also it isn't the same missions and storyline that are in every other WWII games.

Gameplay 7/10: Its a little bit different in the controls, and there are numerous problems in the AI, especially in the AI of your team mates... man, Republic Commando spoiled me.... Also you really have to watch your positioning, sometimes, you dont quite know where your character is, and that often leads to death. I also wish that you could look around a bit easier, because checking you six is not done all that easily while in aim mode, and your team mates cant seem to cover your back, only your front. The missions in game are good one though, things like destroying radio towers, gun emplacements, and killing officers, along with finding intelligence.

Graphics 7/10: They are good.... but not that good. Some people say that the poor graphics are part of the feel of MoH games, but I don't. Things like tunnel vision and such are great, but the games biggest down fall is on distance, that annoying fog is there, and it makes this game a pain in the neck. Things that are far away are really hard to make out, and aiming doesnt help too much, not even the scope of the sniper rifle. But that doesn't stop the enemy from shooting at you.

Sound 9/10: Probably the best sound effects yet from a MoH game, the explosions, gunshots, shouts, and even soundtrack is nicely done. They are realistic, and full, just the sort of things you would hear on a battlefield.

Multiplayer 7/10: It just feels rushed, and also it isnt really what the game is about, so dont go looking here to replace your Halo parties...

Major headaches: The maps on the levels could have been much better done. In fact it should have been. Common after all these years of MoH games, and all the money they have made, EA should be able to put a little more into the graphics and map layouts. The missions that are along the way are good, but the maps are just poor. Also the AI is the biggest problem in the game. Your team mates run in front of you, dont follow the few things you can tell them, and are entirely not able to cover anything but right in front of them. They are like Grechin (sp, I know) from Warhammer 40K, they are there are an attrition card, and all they really do is absorb bullets that could have been fired at you, and kill the easy kills.

Difficulty: there are four difficulties. Recruit is way to easy, leave that to someone who doesnt play FPS. Normal isnt bad, as long as you keep your head about you. Veteran+ are just that, for MoH veterans, and the insane masters of FPSers. The game itself isn't that long, and you will be done in a week if your any good at FPSers.

So in the end, if your a major FPS fan, and really dont mind the poor graphics and levels that plague all the MoH games (except the Rising Sun one, I liked the graphics there), then you should buy the game. If your a player who plays FPS as a part of a complete diet of games, then rent it, and try it out. If you are looking for the game of the year, then keep looking.

Over all I suggest renting this game, the multi-player just isnt enough to warrant keeping it, and the game itself is short, I was done in a weekend (about 9-10 playing hours, and I am slow at games). There isnt really anything in the game that makes it a must buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/05

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