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Reviewed: 06/30/05

Too short, too many problems. Oh EA, why?

Medal of Honor European Assault(MoHEA) is the latest game in EA's WWII First Person Shooter. I greatly enjoyed the most recent game, Pacific Assault. When I heard that a new Medal of Honor was coming out for Xbox, I was very excited. As the game drew closer to its early June 2005 release, I was pleased about the squad commands and very non linear levels. But I was disappointed come review time. Even though Gamespot gave MOHEA a 7.6/10. I was bummed, but decided to try the game anyway. I was disappointed.


In MOHEA, you play as William Holt. Like Pacific Assault, you are given a squad of men for you to command. I was pleased to see that EA fixed the main problem from Pacific Assaut; your squad can now be killed off. BUT, there are other problems to this. One is your squad AI is absolutely HORRIBLE. They will either be standing RIGHT in front of you and prevent you from shooting, OR they will run out into the middle of the enemy and get shot to death by MP40's, StG44s, Mausers, and MG42's. That isn't the only problem. You are supposed to COMMAND your troops in battle. Order them to move here, fall back etc. Very rarely did they ever do what I told them to do. The enemy AI is also bad. They always sit behind cover, pop up without their weapon, go down, and pop up again and shoot at nothing. Easy kills. The only enemies that are difficult to kill are the Nemesis, who are guys that actually have health bars. Also, a new thing is adrenaline. Killing enough enemies will give you an adrenaline boost. This makes everything go slow motion, your weapons have unlimited ammo(except the bazooka) and you are invincible. This only lasts for a short period however.

The other thing I praised in my introduction was the non-linear levels. This is what I thought it would be, but it is still a basic Go-from-A-to-B-and-kill-every-enemy-along-the-way-and-complete-objective FPS. Each mission has a set of objectives. Three are given to you from the start of the mission, do something, kill Nemesis, and find document(the Nemesis almost ALWAYS has the document). Other objectives like destroying tanks must be assigned to you by exploring the large areas. Just a little side note, you can also aim down the iron sights in MOHEA, but is really just for show.

The game is horribly short. When I completed it, I was in shock. I couldn't believe a game with such a talked about Single Player could be this short.

As for the weapons, there really isn't anything new. You have the M1s(even a scoped version you use in a later mission), Thompsons(just the stupid 20 round mag from Frontline) MP40s(rate of fire seems too fast) and all of the others in past MOH games. Overall, gameplay is good, but I expected a lot more.



Medal of Honor games usually have sub par graphics compared to standards. Had these been Ps2 or Gamecube graphics, I might have given this a higher score. But this is on Xbox, and I think it disappoints. The one good thing is the weapons, they look absolutely fantastic. But the character models look horribly blocky and they look like old men and the environments are ok. One nice touch I liked was the shellshock, which made everything sort of blurry when you were hit. This is nice, but that isn't enough to save the graphics score from a 7/10.


Ah yes, the sound. This, is the BEST part of MOHEA without a doubt. The game uses the classic WWII music found in previous Medal of Honors, and is nothing new, but it still sounds great. The weapons all sound really good, especially the Thompson. The yells and screams of the enemy and your allies, the explosions, all of it sounds real.



I know that the prime focus of the game is the single player, but I find this inexcusable because with such a short SP, there should be some type of decent multiplayer. There isn't even co-op in European Assault. Even the horrible Rising Sun had co-op. There is just split screen multiplayer, and that is it. No online. No Downloadable features. Nothing but a split screen.

2/10. The split screen saved it from a one.


No real replay here except for the harder difficulties and the medal collecting, but that shouldn't take long to get.



Medal of Honor European Assault is rated T for Blood and Violence. Like every other FPS, it involves killing people using guns, which is probably what stands for the violence. As for the blood, you can sometimes see red clouds come from people when they are shot in a certain location. I didn't hear any cursing, and there isn't any gore, sex, or anything like that. Overall, It is ok for smaller ones to play.


In the end, I found European Assault to be a huge disappointment. Bad Graphics, a terribly short Single Player with close to no multiplayer to make up for it, poor AI, and other headaches make European Assault a game not to buy, but to rent if you can ignore these problems. Otherwise, just avoid it.

Final: 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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