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"Great attempt, but is just lacking something"

First off let me say that I am an avid fan of the MOH series and fell in love with Allied Assault for PC when it came out and have been hooked on it ever since.

MOH:EA starts off as an American officer who joins the ranks of the OSS to help overthrow nazi Germany. There are 4 scenarios in the game taking you from France to Africa to Russia and then up to Holland for the final set of missions. The documentary efforts in this game are uncanny, as a member of the Armed Forces I am truly proud that EA made this series and have kept it as accurate as they possbily could.

On to the Ratings :)

Graphics: 9/10
Great effort in making this game look as smooth as they could. I am def. impressed by it, but as a sixth gen game for the X-box and having to compete with Halo2 and Unreal Tournament it falls short in expectations.

Soundtrack: 8/10
Great effects on the sounds, the guns sound real and the background music during gameplay is unreal! The documentary in between theaters is unmated as far as realism perspectives can go.

AI: 4/10
This is probably the worst ranking I've given on the three reviews I have done so far on Gamefaqs. I am totally not impressed on how they did this AI. At first it seems pretty easy and then gets slightly harder the more you progress. Ok I can deal with that, but when you get to the Battle of the Buldge it is almost impossible to complete without dying at least 4 times. What sucks about dying is that the guy who killed you is probably standing over you ready to rifle butt you as you get back up, and the tanks....don't even get me started on those when you get to the last set of levels.

Gameplay: 5/10
Another huge hit on this game is just the overall feel of the gameplay. It has the realism of the guns recoils and the sounds and everything. But its buggy to say the least, and overall though its just too short to really fall in love with. There are only a total of 11 missions in this game, and out of those 11 only 7 are truly a challenge. The hardest and most frustrating part is finding everything which you will as you just walk along the secondary missions will come up, I got a gold on every mission the first time through. The AI also takes a huge hit on gameplay, as you will get frustrated when you get to the last theater because you are just pumeled with guys left and right and the tanks...just stomp on you even more. The AI def. needed to be tweaked a little bit before this game was released in my opinion.

Overall, as much as I love the series, I do not love this particular game. I was really excited for it because I am stationed in Germany and have gone to several key places that this war took place on. But there is just too much lacking to make this an outstanding game. I would def. say rent this over a long weekend and you'll be happy you played it for $5 instead of paying $40 to beat it once and let it collect dust with the others.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/11/05

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