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"European Assault reaches but falls short."

Introduction: Although a clear improvement over Rising Sun which was plagued by problems, European Assault is far from flawless. As William Holt of the Office of Strategic Services your goal is to free the European theater from German control in World War II. Doing this requires you to fulfill the objectives of missions located in various geographical areas in the European theater. While the game contains novel features like an adrenaline meter which serve as a breath of fresh air, it also has some significant drawbacks which at times seem to neutralize its positive elements.

Story: The story in Medal of Honor European Assault is both underdeveloped and unimaginative. As William Holt you are just some guy attempting to release Europe from German control. While the plot lacks creativity and generally fails to be well drawn up, the game at times does do a good job of intertwining itself with the story, although the story is not its main focus. There really isn't much to say here because there really isn't much of a story.


Graphics: While the game isn't a graphical showpiece like Halo 2, its graphics are pretty respectable. The levels and environments are generally well done. The weaponry seems real and detailed. However, significant improvement is needed with regard to the characters themselves. Their faces look quite odd as there has not been much care taken to make these realistic. This seems to be a drawback that the game suffers from that takes the focus off its strengths. Although the graphics seem well done with regard to certain areas these areas are often overshadowed by the awkward looking characters.


Sound: The game's strong point is definitely its sound. All sounds seem extremely realistic and polished. The gunfire seems very authentic. Listening only to the sounds of battle one would think that it was real and that one was actually taking part. The music is contextually appropriate and excellently done. It seems as though great care has also been taken with regard to the voices. Sharpness and attention to detail, elements the game lacks in other areas are certainly present with regard to how the game sounds, leaving the sounds of the game at a level rivaled only by the best sounding games.


Game-play: The same theme that characterizes the graphics also characterizes the game-play. While new features like adrenaline, which essentially allows an individual to become invincible for a temporary period of time, enhance the game-play there are also drawbacks which seem to hurt the overall fluidity of the game. The levels are large encouraging one to wander into new areas and in the process discover new objectives. Nevertheless, your squad members are highly incompetent which really hinders game-play overall. When they are not being decimated by the enemy, they are constantly blocking your way and making it difficult to attack. While there are certainly laudable aspects of the game-play, the incompetence of one's allies is hard to ignore.


Value: In this case brevity is certainly an undesirable element of the game. The missions in the game can be finished in a relatively short amount of time with little replay value. The missions themselves are pretty short which gives the game its biggest drawback, its value. Also, the multi-player aspect of the game is pretty dull because it lacks an on-line or co-op component. Therefore, the main focus of the game becomes its overly short single player component, significantly decreasing its value. However, single player mode can be nice to play while it lasts.


Total: Overall, this game represents at least some advancement in the Medal of Honor series. While European Assault is certainly an improvement over the horrid Rising Sun buying it is recommended only for those who consider themselves the hardest of the hardcore fans of the series. Quite simply, renting the game should allow sufficient time to beat the game and explore all it has to offer. Although not a bad game it is not a great one either and probably merits a rental.

Overall Score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/05

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