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Reviewed: 12/02/08

A Guy Who Dresses Up as a Bat Clearly Has Issues

For a movie game, I was quite surprised by Batman Begins. After finally getting the old Xbox back up and running this game was a must to review after I found out that I had scratched my copy of Call of Duty: Finest Hour a bit too much. The problem of Batman Begins is very simple. It is not a bad game, in fact it is an incredibly good movie game. The only problem for Batman Begins is really not its fault as it was released as one of those tail end games for the Xbox. By the time Batman Begins came out, games like GoW and Perfect Dark and those early 360 games totally overshadowed the release of Batman Begins. Batman Begins not only works in giving our hero the Dark Knight a lot of depth to the world of Gotham City, but also a much deeper expansion of the villains so far including Scarecrow, Two Face, and last but not least, The Joker. It is a much darker series compared to the shallow attempts of the other Batman movie series.

The great thing about Batman Begins the game is that it follows the movie very closely by interspersing movie scenes between levels as well as including the original movie cast for the voice dialogue in the game. This is pretty much the movie in video game form and nothing is left out as far as the characters and theme of the game go.

The controls are probably the biggest gripe I have about this game as they are a little bit too simple for a fighting game. Batman is set in the third person and a camera will somewhat cooperate with you as you move around and look for the next place to jump to. The fighting controls are very simple with a button for kicking and punching and the other for performing a special attack in certain situations. Beyond that you have a button to throw shurikens and grapple as well as use gadgets on locks and electronic devices. The big idea of the game is fighting your enemies using fear and although it is easy to cause things to crash down and scare them you will have to do this every time you run into a group of thugs. And if you run into thugs with guns and accidentally get their attention then you are in for it. Batman Begins proves a major point that Batman is no superhero as his main weakness are semi-automatic weapons, heights, and water. You have to first scare thugs in order to be able to fight them. What I really found cool was the Batmobile levels. Good stuff.

The graphics are definitely the type that would need to stay on the Xbox (I’m talking about you, Vampire Rain), but the graphics are good although you have to look closely for the detail in the characters you run into. The music is not very memorable although the voice acting is quite astounding for such a game. You get all of the real actors once again voicing their roles so that really adds value to this game. Sure, some of their lines are the same from the movie, but a bonus video shows that they actually contributed to this game.

Batman Begins has considerable replay value especially for Batman fans. If you are waiting on the release of The Dark Knight you can definitely take the time to unlock all of the original Batsuits as well as unlock videos and take a tour of the Fear Gallery, which is a jail that features all of your favorite criminals from the game along each with their own bios.

Final Recommendation 8/10
Batman Begins is a great movie based game that certainly makes for a good run up to the Dark Knight. If you are waiting for that release you can try this game to brush up on your Batman Begins movie trivia. Batman Begins is an underrated game overshadowed by a new console, but it is a good game all around. My major likes are the close ties to the movie along with plenty of scenes from the movie as well as the interviews with the cast as well as the producers of DC, the movie, and the game. If you need a break from the Legos or want a game to do Batman some justice (the horrors of the NES Batman return!) you ought to try Batman Begins.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Batman Begins (US, 06/14/05)

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