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"Batman Begins is a decent movie licensed game"

Batman Begins
by Wesker

Batman Begins is a brand new game from Eurocom and EA. Eurocom is known for developing Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds and 007 Nightfire. Batman Begins is a video game adaptation of the movie, now in theatres.

Batman Begins starts off pretty well. It "begins" with a flashback, where you play Batman taking down goons in a dimly lit warehouse. You get a pretty good feel for the combat here, but this is not the training level. It is just for the purpose of furthering the story.

Graphics don't make a game, but graphics do make a game.... pretty. Batman Begins is a very pretty game. It utilizes the bloom-lighting effect very .... effectively. Batman's suit and Batmobile are done very much justice. The environments are also very well done, graphically.

The combat feels very much like the 2003 title "Enter the Matrix" sans bugs. You can punch, kick, multi-kick, ground-kick and final-kick. All of those being self-explanatory, except for final-kick. Final Kick is basically the "Finish Kick," where all you do is hit the B button, and Batman will unleash a combo that finishes the opponent for good. Basically, if you liked the combat style in "Enter the Matrix," you'll feel right at home in Batman Begins.

This brings me to the stealth elements. While not bad, this is not exactly Splinter Cell. The only time you really need to use it is when you spot a red dot on your radar. Red dots on your radar mean someone has a gun, so just running in there would be instant death. Most of the stealth consists of sneaking around some boxes, then throw your Batarang at something and watch as chaos ensues, all the while the gun-toters drop their guns. I don't know why they do, but they do. After this, then you can run after them and fight. It also adds Reputation and Fear. (Reputation and Fear are both pretty pointless and are not necessary to do anything... it causes your opponents heart to beat faster.... that's. it.)

Also, throughout the levels, there is a great sense that you are Batman. One of the reasons you feel like you are Batman is the many gadgets from the Batman world to put to use. There is the grapple, Batarang, optic cable and more. Another aspect that adds to it is the voice acting. They have every voice from the movie in the game. Throughout Batman Begins, you'll hear from Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Lieam Neeson, and Tom Wilkinson. Voice acting is not a real problem here... except that Morgan Freeman sucks, that's it.

Now, what would any Batman license be without the Batmobile. No, not Robin. Robin sucks, everyone knows that. Batmobile levels are not that fun, and once again feels like it has taken a page from "Enter the Matrix." Note to developers: Enter the Matrix sucked. Stop it. To its credit, though, the Batmobiles levels aren't bad, and have a cinematic feel to them. Overall, the Batmobile missions did feel a bit rushed.

The story is basically the same as the movie, that's it. Go see the movie, because it's better anyway. I'm not going to touch on the story because the game made it very hard to understand.

Replay Value.... what's that? Batman Begins has Zero to None. You beat the game, and there's literally nothing left to do. You can put on an alternate batsuit, or do a Batmobile mission again, but that's nothing special. Also packed in is movie clips.... just see the movie.

Overall, the game feels like a Batman game. I'd probably say this is the best Batman game ever, but that's not saying much. There was a good Batman and Robin game for the SNES... so we'll say Batman Begins is the best Batman game since then. I only have a few complaints with Batman Begins. Batman Begins is very short. It's only about 3-4 hours long. I beat the whole thing in two sittings within 24 hours. Also, the game is pretty repetitive. Each level, you're doing the same thing over and over. "Climb this pipe, use your grapple, glide over here, fight these guys." The ending sucked too, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. It's pretty obvious what's going to happen anyway. Batman Begins is a short, fun, but flawed game. It deserves a lucky number EIGHT out of TEN.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/19/05, Updated 07/28/05

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