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    Glitch/Error Guide by yukichigai

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    //      True Crime: New York City     //
    //          Glitch FAQ (v0.2)         //
    //     Copyright 2006 Y|yukichigai    //
    <BEFORE I EVEN GET STARTED: If you are having trouble pushing the guy off the
    edge of the crate in the Human Cargo mission do a text search for "TOMMY".
    This should bring you straight to the appropriate section of the FAQ.>
    This FAQ is intended to cover as many of the many many many many MANY serious
    or otherwise game-altering glitches located in True Crime: New York City, and
    to list any known solutions or workarounds to said glitches.  Glitches are
    broken up by the missions they occur in; glitches which occur regardless of
    mission can be found in the General section. (at the top, can't miss it)
    Glitches come in two main types:
    <Roman Numeral>. <Text> (e.g. IV. Glitch) -- Major or otherwise game-altering 
    glitch.  Usually (but not necessarily) will have a cause/solution listed.
    <Lowercase letter>. <Text> (e.g. c. Glitch) -- Minor glitch, with minimal to no
    effect on overall gameplay, e.g. minor visual errors, audio problems, etc.
    These can also be glitches which are simply amusing.
    I have tried to reproduce all of these glitches on my own as best I could, but
    many are infrequent enough that I have not seen them.  I have included those 
    glitches that I have not seen and that have very little documentation, but with
    no entries for cause/solution.
    Glitches are tested using the XBox version of True Crime: New York City. (since
    that's the only version I own)  As such this FAQ is written primarily for XBox
    users, though most glitches occur on all releases of the game.
    All "official causes" are what were listed on the Activision support website
    for True Crime: New York City, and are copyright their respective owners.
    I make no guarantee that this list is complete or even remotely complete, and
    likely will never be fully complete due to the high number of glitches in the
    game.  If by some miracle I happen to find all glitches in the game then and
    only then will I mark the FAQ's version as 1.0.
    If you come across any glitches that I have no details for and remember what
    you were doing when it happened email me and I'll add your information to the
    FAQ.  Similarly if you encounter a glitch not listed in the FAQ at all send me
    an email with whatever information you have, e.g. where you were when it
    happened, what you were doing, what mission, etc.
    Email me at yukichigai (at) hotmail (dot) com.  You can also send a private
    message to username "yukichigai" at GameFAQs.com, Gamespot.com or TV.com.
    But before you send
      me an email....
    The only games I have any decent knowledge of in terms of glitches are the two
    True Crime games and Deus Ex.  I CANNOT help you with glitches in other games.
    I am not writing a walkthrough; someone else has done that already.  Check one
    of the walkthroughs on GameFAQs for that information.
    If you want to say, "hey, your solution doesn't work for me," that's one thing,
    FAQ ALREADY!  If you email me asking for help on a previously covered glitch I
    WILL put your email address in my "junk senders" list, ESPECIALLY if you send me
    something like: "how do U push teh guy off of the crat?"
    You have been warned....
      Important Stuff
    At the moment this FAQ is only authorized to be posted on GameFAQs.com and its
    partner sites. (e.g. Gamespot.com and other CNET partner sites)  Any other
    websites hosting this FAQ are committing copyright infringement.  Websites
    wishing to host this FAQ may contact me and request permission to do so.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    IMPORTANT NOTE TYPE THING:  This FAQ is also full of all manner of
    disrespectful and otherwise rude comments about Activision and the people who
    coded this game, i.e. my opinions/cynical humor.  I have no exclusive or valid
    insight into what went on in the development of this game, nor have I met any
    of the people responsible for programming this game.  My statements are simply
    based on many years of watching average game quality go down the crapper. This
    game just happens to be unlucky enough to bear the brunt of my anger over those
    things.  On the plus side, the result should be mildly funny.
        Glitch List
      PBCAC Glitches
     (Problem Between
      Controller and
    a. "I keep getting the same random street crime every other crime."
    	Every other crime that comes over the police scanner will be the EXACT
    same crime.  Crime may be at a different geographical location but will involve
    the same building layout, (if inside a building) the same vehicle(s) and the
    same suspects.
    	Dude, do you not understand "PBCAC"?
    	Certain suspects will have a triangle icon above their head, indicating
    they are "key suspects".  They can ONLY be take down using non-lethal methods,
    e.g. neutralizing shots or non-lethal weapons such as the Beanbag Shotgun. IF
    to random street crimes as well.  If you fail a random street crime then you
    must do it over and over again until you get it right.
    I. Gameplay suddenly freezes.  A loud buzzing may also be heard when this
    	This is one of the more frequent and severe glitches to occur, and is
    identical to the freezing glitch found in the previous game in the series, True
    Crime: Streets of L.A.  This seems to occur more frequently on the XBox version
    of the game than the PS2 version.  Once the game has frozen there is no way to
    get it working again short of resetting the console.
    	No official cause.  My guess is that someone cut and paste a large chunk
    of code from the first game without bothering to check how stable it was.
    	For most players there is no way to outright avoid this problem, though
    certain actions have a significantly higher chance of initiating a freeze.
    Players who have modded their XBoxes may find that "installing" the game to the
    hard drive drastically reduces the frequency of freeze-ups.  PS2 players may
    have similar success using products such as HDD-Loader to do something similar,
    though I have not been able to test this.
    II. Compass-map and entire HUD disappear during gameplay, shading effects look
    strange and menu is unviewable.
    	Perhaps the most common "severe" glitch in the game, this seems to occur
    randomly, though usually when you are driving a vehicle at night.  You may be
    able to see an outline where the compass-map should be on the screen.  You may
    also see a distorted version of the license plate background from the menu flash
    across the screen on occasion, and blur with certain elements on screen.
    	According to Activision's website, this occurs when the weather changes
    from/to rain or snow for an unspecified reason.  Personally I have seen this
    happen at other times than that.
    	Usually this glitch will go away after a few seconds, though in rare
    cases it can stay for several minutes. (or seemingly indefinitely)  Resetting
    the game in these rare instances will resolve the problem.
    III. When entering or exiting a car, if another car scrapes along the side you 
    are entering/exiting you will take massive amounts of damage.
    	The amount of damage depends on how long the car scrapes along the
    vehicle you are entering/exiting.  While I cannot state a specific damage rate
    per second it is very high, likely 3000+ per second. (enough to kill you
    outright in the Redman Bonus game most of the time)
    	No official cause.  This is what you get when you "encourage" your coders
    with bullwhips.
    	No known solution.
    IV. All vehicles on the road are Police Cruisers or parked Sedans. 
    	This can occur at any time, but almost always happens when you return to
    the "Free Roam-Time" mission, be it from another mission or even from entering
    and exiting a store/building/etc.  You will usually see a large number of
    Police Cruisers in traffic with maybe one or two "normal" cars, and may
    occasionally see a variety of vehicles in cross-traffic in the distance.
    A short time later the only moving vehicles you will encounter on the road will
    be Police Cruisers.  Additionally, any parked cars you find on the side of the
    road -- if there are any -- will be Sedans. (Look like Crown Victorias)  You
    will likely find the streets completely devoid of pedestrians as well.
    Fortunately the Cruisers are not bad vehicles at all, so while you're trying to
    clear up the problem you can at least drive around in relative style.
    	No official cause.  Only appears after the game has been running for an
    extended period of time, indicating a possible flaw in the random number
    generator used for picking which cars to spawn.
    	A number of possible solutions exist, though only one is guaranteed:
    	1) Save your game and reset the console using either a Hard (button) or
    Soft (controller) reset, then load your game.  This is the only guaranteed
    	2) Enter a building or business and stay for a short period.  Sometimes
    this is impossible however, as Copland usually seems to occur when all shops
    are closed, even during the daytime.
    	3) Commandeer a non-Sedan (Cruisers are just Sedans with sirens) vehicle
    and drive for a few blocks.  Unless by fluke a "normal" vehicle is parked on
    the side of the road or some of the distant "normal" traffic glitches and
    causes a collision-injury you will have to wait until you get a random crime
    specifically involving a non-Sedan vehicle.
    	4) Go to a Police Box/Headquarters and bring out one of your vehicles
    from the garage.  Once it's been pulled around get in and drive for a few
    blocks.  This is easier than number 3 if you happen to be near a Police Box,
    but it may take more time than simply restarting, especially because it is not
    guaranteed to solve the problem.
    	As mentioned, the only guaranteed solution is number 1.  All other
    solutions may not work immediately or at all.
    V. After the end of a mission involving an interrogation, the player doesn't
    receive any calls from informants and has no informant missions left to do.
    	This is usually only noticed when the player fails an interrogation,
    but can happen regardless of whether or not the interrogation at the end of the
    previous mission was successful.
    	As listed on Activision's website, occurs when the "voice" volume is
    set to 0.  Basically new informant missions are triggered by phone calls being
    played, and setting the volume to 0 stops them from being played.  Wow, way to
    code for contingencies guys.
    	Set voice volume to something above 0, and reload from your last save.
    a. Headlights on cars will occasionally point upwards, rather than forwards.
    	Though sometimes hard to spot, headlights on vehicles may occasionally
    "shine" upwards, usually only on vehicles you are not driving.
    	Even if I knew, would you really care?
    	No solution.  Point at the car and laugh if it makes you feel better.
    b. A car/my car suddenly shot high into the air around Hwy 9a & 10th Ave.
    	This occurs somewhat rarely, only when a car is driven slowly over a
    particular section of curb on a frontage road parallel to Highway 9a, near
    10th Avenue, where a gap in the road surface is located.  This is likely only
    present in the XBox version of the game.
    CAUSE (Long Version):
    	<The following is a theory> The physics engine used by TC: NYC is not a
    incredibly precise engine, and (apparently) uses some math tricks to function.
    The physics engine does however scan for nearby terrain and ensures that any
    object moving in any direction stays at or above the level of the terrain.
    This is what lets you walk up stairs in the game, in fact walk on the ground in
    general.  However, when an object is located BELOW the terrain the physics
    engine breaks down.  It is likely that it only performs x update checks per
    second and assumes that if an object is y units below the terrain then it was
    traveling at y times x units per second.  For the player and NPCs this does not
    matter, but cars and many other objects bounce.  In this particular case the
    tires of the vehicle fall through a small gap in the surface of the road, then
    when the horizontal velocity of the car carries the tires under another solid
    chunk of road the physics engine assumes that the tires, being y units under
    the terrain, were traveling at y times x units per second downward, and thusly
    corrects their position and applies a velocity somewhat less than y times x
    units per second in the opposite direction to the car.  In practice this
    velocity in units per second seems to translate to about 120 miles per hour,
    the velocity getting higher the farther the tires dip below the surface of the
    CAUSE (Short Version):
    	Physics engine behaves weirdly when things fall into holes in the map.
    Because the poor mappers for TC: NYC were actually Vietnamese slave laborers
    chained to workstations for 20 hours a week, paid only in pocket lint and dried
    prunes, there are a number of small, near impossible to detect gaps in the
    surface of the road in a few places, including at this particular curb.
    	Drive over it fast, or avoid it.  Then again, it's pretty fun to launch
    your car 6 stories in the air.
    c. Selected car color when purchasing vehicle doesn't match actual color, nor
    do any subsequent paint jobs.
    	This glitch seems to occur when you cycle through the possible choices
    for car color multiple times after initially purchasing the vehicle and then
    cancelling the purchase menu, thereby undoing the purchase.  You will see the
    paint job you desire in the preview window, but when exiting the Dealership you
    will find that the car is a different color, likely the default color or color
    you initially purchased it in.  You will be able to change the paint job at a
    mechanic's shop and the color you select will match the color of the car, but
    once you return to the Police Garage the preview for the car will display a
    different color.
    	No official cause.  Likely another rush coding error.
    	The only viable solution is to reset the game and load the game at a
    point prior to the purchase of the vehicle.  Once loaded simply purchase the
    vehicle with the desired color without cancelling the purchase.  If no save
    exists before the purchase of the vehicle then the best that can be done is to
    change the color at a mechanic's shop so that the actual color matches the
    desired color; the color in the preview window of the Police Garage will
    remain incorrect.
    d. Flamethrower continues to fire after player is knocked down.
    	This only occurs if you're knocked down by something while you are in the
    process of firing the flamethrower.  It is highly unlikely that this glitch
    will be seen outside of the Redman Bonus game, as that is one of the few times
    when an NPC will run towards you unarmed when you are firing the flamethrower.
    The flame that is shot will damage anything it hits, though it will be aimed
    mostly upwards.
    	No official cause.  Game likely requires code to un-trigger any weapons
    held by the player when tackled, but is lacking that functionality.
    	The flamethrower will only cease firing once the player gets back up or
    drops the weapon, at which point it will function normally.
    e. Precinct has been cleaned up, but "Precinct Cleaned" message never appeared
    on screen and Marcus did not receive a phone call from the Chief.
    	No official cause for this specific issue.  However, another glitch
    listed on their site occurs because certain events in the game only occur after
    the player receives a phone call, which will not happen if the in-game volume
    is set to 0.  This glitch may be caused by the in-game volume being set to 0,
    though it can occur even when the in-game volume is not at 0.
    	Make sure the in-game volume is set to something above 0.  This glitch
    may still occur infrequently, however.
        Palermo Mob
       Bad Accounting
    I. After cuffing a suspect on the edge of the moving bookcases Marcus and the
    suspect disappear as though they've been gibbed, but Marcus isn't dead.
    	This occurs when you KO as suspect from behind while near the sliding
    bookcases, then arrest them.  In the process of the arrest animation Marcus and
    the suspect will move into the closed bookcases, which will gib him. (For those
    of you not familiar with the term, "gib" is when a person is reduced to little
    more than a blood splat and some chunks o' flesh)  However, since Marcus is
    invulnerable while arresting a suspect you will still be able to play, just
    with no body.  You can still shoot, punch and grab NPCs, and they can still see
    Marcus somehow, despite the fact that he has no tangible form.  A lack of
    tangible form also means that you can manuver through solid objects and cannot
    be hit by bullets or anything else.  The lack of tangible form will carry over
    temporarily to anybody you grab, though they will reappear as soon as you
    release them. (in one way or another)  This glitch should not prevent you from
    completing the mission.
    	No official cause.  Likely due to the way the gib effect of the sliding
    bookcases is coded, i.e. it doesn't check to make sure the gib-ee's health is
    at zero before it destroys the body.
    	There is no way to restore Marcus' body other than restarting the mission
    from the beginning.  Fortunately this glitch makes completing the mission
    easier than normal, so long as you don't wander too far outside the walls of
    the level.
    I. An armed goon walks through the elevator wall at the last elevator stop.
    	Occurs if you shoot the goons coming out of the elevator the first
    chance you get with a high damage weapon, most likely a Tactical Shotgun
    dropped by an earlier goon.  Either the force of the shot or the falling body
    of one of the goons will push the last goon back into the elevator just as the
    doors close.  The trapped goon will most likely remain inside the elevator
    until you proceed across the wooden planks, at which point the goon will walk
    through the wall of the elevator.
    	No official cause.  Likely due to surfaces inside the elevator not being
    made collideable, as the elevator is not supposed to be reachable, combined
    with inopportune placement of the goons.
    	Avoid shooting at the goons until the elevator doors are closed.  If a
    goon is trapped inside the elevator already simply strafe around it until he
    walks through the elevator wall.
        Shadow Tong
        A Bad Crowd
    a. Goth Leader continues to shoot flame when knocked down or even when
    	This only occurs if you knock the Goth Leader down as he is shooting
    flame.  The flame will continue to do damage as it is shot, though it will most
    likely be aimed in a mostly upwards direction.
    	No official cause.  Code executed when knocking down an NPC likely needs
    to un-trigger any weapons the NPC is holding, but missing that functionality.
    	There is no way to stop the Goth Leader from shooting flame when knocked
    down.  It will stop when he gets up again, unless he is unconscious.  Just
    avoid the path of the flame in the meantime.
        Human Cargo
    I. Unable to push Tommy off of the cargo crate when prompted to.
    	This glitch is usually only reported by XBox players, though a few PS2
    reports have shown up to my knowledge.  When in the grapple with Tommy atop the
    cargo crate you will eventually be prompted to press a button to throw him off,
    but nothing will happen.  Often times the "<Button>: Throw" prompt will stay on
    screen even if you are not near the edge.  As far as I am aware this problem is
    present no matter what you do in the XBox version; I have yet to hear from
    anyone who did not find this particular section impossible on the first try.
    	No official cause, though this is often cited as evidence of the "wrong
    build released for XBox" theory.
    	NOTE: Enabling the Unlimited Endurance cheat makes it much easier to
    keep Tommy at the edge of the crate as you try to push him off.  To enable it,
    go to the Compstat screen, (under City Map) hold the R and L buttons, then
    press B, X, A, X, A, B.  If you have entered the code correctly you should see
    the text just above the legend say "Unlimited Endurance".
    	1) Make sure your fighting style is set to "Brawling". I can't be 
    certain that this matters, but the only times I've managed to succeed were 
    when my fighting style was set to brawling. For those of you who lost track of 
    which fighting icon is which, it's the one showing the guy in a basic 
    fistfight stance.
    	2) Make sure you don't have any hand held weapons on you, ideally 
    before you get on the crate. The sledgehammer is an awesome weapon, but 
    something about having it on you seems to screw the game up. If you're in the 
    middle of the grapple and you still have it on you just switch between it and 
    the fighting styles until you drop it.
    	3) Hit A or X (depending on which one will push Tommy) and B at the 
    same time rapidly when you get to the edge. Call it a bit of directed button 
    mashing if you want. This is the only way I can seem to beat Tommy, but it 
    works. Just push him towards the edge like the game tells you, then when you 
    get him to the edge set the controller on the floor, put your index finger on 
    A (or X) and your middle on B and push 'em at the same time repeatedly. You'll 
    want to press them fairly quickly, but not so fast that you'll get tired from 
    doing it for a minute or so straight; somewhere around every quarter-second. 
    (Count "one-one-thou-sand two-one-thou-sand" to get quarter-second intervals)
    For me it took maybe 10 seconds of this button mashing for Tommy to fall off 
    the edge of the crate the first time.  You can also accomplish the same thing if
    you happen to be using a controller with "turbo" buttons.
    	4) If you don't get anything in the first few seconds, it may help to
    periodically pause the game, then unpause it and immediately go back to button
    mashing.  I find that if I can't push Tommy off within the first several seconds
    then somewhere between 5 and 20 pause/unpauses seems to get him to fall off.
    II. Jing is "stuck" on a ladder after the player reached the ladder at the same
    time or before Jing did.
    	Usually this glitch only occurs when you are able to actually get on the
    ladder, though it sometimes occurs just if you just barely get ahead of Jing.
    It almost always results in the ladder staying down and Jing in an infinitely
    looping "climb" animation.
    	As described on Activision's support website, a limitation in the game
    scripts which control Jing's actions in the level. (Read: Bad and lazy coding)
    	Quite simply, do not try to get ahead of Jing in the course of the chase.
    If Jing is currently stuck on a ladder you have no choice but to restart the
    mission and try again.
    III. Player is unable to grab Jing or interrogate him.
    	<None, not yet seen in tests>
    	As described on Activision's support website, a limitation in the game
    scripts which control Jing's actions in the level. (Read: game was rushed)
    	As with the previous problem, do not get ahead of Jing in the chase.  If
    you are unable to initiate an interrogation for any reason with Jing then you
    have no choice but to restart the mission and try again.
    IV. "Strike" button does not work in interrogation with Jing.
    	This glitch actually occurs in multiple ways: 1) Pressing the
    corresponding button may appear to initiate an attack but does no damage, 2) 
    Pressing the corresponding button does nothing visible.
    	Proximity to wall or other object, or aforementioned badly written game
    script.  Apparently, quantity is job 1 at Activision.
    	Move away from any surrounding walls or other objects until pressing the
    corresponding button has an effect.  If that doesn't work it is most likely
    that you somehow got ahead of Jing in the chase, which was not handled well by
    the game script for that level; you will have no choice but to restart the
    mission and try again.
     Red Man Bonus
    a. Occasionally "normal" civilians appear, usually running away from the player.
    	The presence of "normal" civilians seems to only occur after you cut
    down a large number of "hostile" civilians in quick succession.  From tests it
    seems to specifically occur when you shoot a civilian immediately after they
    are "spawned" and before they land on the sidewalk. (Civilians seem to be
    spawned just a few feet above ground level normally)  The freshly-spawned
    civilian will then run away from you and may display a health meter.  You will
    get points and health for killing them.
    	No offical cause.  Likely an unforseen case when game AI was programmed.
    	Not really a problem.  If anything it makes the level a tiny bit easier.

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