Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File10/06/05xplatesofpaperx701K
All owner mode upgrades have been purchased. Team has won the World Series every year (Oakland A's). There is still quite a bit of money left over.
Save Game File02/02/06platesofpaper293K
Rosters current as of 1/25/06. This is the final roster update for this game from EA.
Save Game File04/10/06acdcrocker6789299K
Ultimate Roster 6.1 Save. Rosters as of April 10th 2006
Save Game File03/07/05Darth Bastard9K
Unlocked all Stadiums, Uniforms, and Legends
Save Game File02/27/05pip07292K
Updated rosters as of 2/24/05

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