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    Medic FAQ by ClassicThunder

    Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 01/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rainbow Six Lockdown: X-BOX Live: Medic
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    Version no. 1.1.0
    Copyright 2005 Scott Franks
    Aka. ClassicThunder
    I have given permission to the websites below to host this FAQ. If you see it 
    on another website than those mentioned, please tell me.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. 
    In other words, no plagiarizing please.
    E-Mail address: classicthunder@bellsouth.net
    My XBOX-Live Gamer-Tag is "ClassicThunder"
    1.0.1 Had my Mom who is a grammar nut check for typos and spelling mistakes.
    0.  Getting started
    0.1 Controller (Which button to press when)
    0.2 Going Live
    1.  Summary of Skills and Advantages
    2.  How to use the Guns 
    2.1 SMG
    2.2 Pistol
    2.3 Shotguns
    2.4 Upgrading
    3.  All class items  
    3.1 Grenades
    3.2 Traps
    4.  Items That are Your Special Right as a Medic
    4.1 First Aid
    4.2 Adrenalin Boost
    4.3 Nerve Gas
    4.4 Field Clinic
    5.  Strategies for different game modes
    5.1 Spawn camping
    5.2 Team Sharpshooter
    5.3 Total Conquest 
    5.4 Retrieval 
    6.  Things to beware of.
    6.1 Being mined
    6.2 Commandos above Lv35
    7.  Interacting with items during game play!
    7.1 Doors
    7.2 Ladders
    _____________________________               __________________________________
    _____________________________Getting Started__________________________________
    0.1 Controller (Which button to press when)
    The diagram is poor, but it gets the point across doesn't it? 
       [L             R]
      [  J   XBox    Y  ]
      [      ]   [  X B ]
      [  D   ]___[   A  ] 
      [ D D  ]   [ J  ()]
      [  D   ]   [   W  ]
      [______]   [______]
    Button Pressed    Resulting Action
    L.                Use secondary item.
    R.                Use primary Item (Gun)
    Left thumb stick  Move/Strafe
    Click             Change stance
    D-Pad             Leaning
    Y                 Change secondary items
    X                 Reload
    B                 Change primary weapon
    A                 Performed action
    W                 Change vision mode
    () or Black       Nothing
    Right thumb stick Look/Turn
    Click             Enter/Exit zoom mode
    0.2 Going Live!
    Signing in:
    The game will automatically sign in for you; however, if you want to change 
    accounts you have to sign out and next time you try to go live it will offer 
    you a choice of accounts. Also, if you have a password you will only sign in 
    when you try to enter the X-Box live screen and enter the pass code.
    X-Box live menu:
    From the X-Box live menu you can tinker with your setting or character or join 
    a match. Optimatch will allow you to be choosey, but if you don't care about 
    the game type then use the Quickmatch function.
    Once you join a match you will be in the lobby until the next match is started 
    up. While in the lobby you can check your outfitting, and buy gear from the 
    quarter master, along with accessing you community list. Press X to ready-up 
    when you're ready. In a hosted game the host can launch the game whenever, but 
    on a dedicated server everyone has to ready up.
    ________________________                                ______________________
    ________________________Summary of Skills and Advantages______________________
    1. Summary of Skills and Advantages
    Pistol          Lv1
    Sub Machine Gun Lv1
    First Aid       Lv1
    Adrenalin Boost Lv5
    Light Armor     Lv10
    Nerve Gas       Lv15
    Field Clinic    Lv20
    Shotgun         Lv25
    Free Gas Mask   Lv30
    Medium Amour    Lv35
    The medic is one of the less formidable classes in Lockdown; however, if a 
    medic survives a fire fight he can heal him self making it so he has full 
    health for the next fight. As a medic you can also see the location of all of 
    your team members are all the time and what their heath is, useful for finding 
    hurt enemies, and for giving orders to your teammates. If you are excellent at 
    one on one encounters, the medic is the class for you, for after each fight 
    you can heal yourself turning each of your encounters into a one or one 
    _____________________________                   ______________________________
    _____________________________How to Use the Guns______________________________
    2. How to Use the Guns (Effectively!)
    The tools of the trade.
    Shotgun L25
    And talked about at the bottom of the section.
    2.1 Sub Machine Guns
    Name     Zoom   Magazine  Damage  Accuracy  Silenced
    MP-5/10   2x       30     Medium    High       No
    P-90TR    3x       50     Medium   Medium      No
    UMP 9     2x       30      Low      High       No
    P-90MI    2x       32      Low      High       No
    Mp-7SD    2x       40     Medium    High       Yes
    The SMG has an excellent power/accuracy combo, and is best used at close to 
    medium ranges. I prefer the P-90TR as it has a nice 3x zoom scope, is fairly 
    accurate, and is fairly powerful; but the trump card of the P-90TR is how fast 
    it shoots. The amount of lead pumped into your target makes up for the lack of 
    power from each shot. The MP-7SD's nice too. It's more accurate then the P-
    90TR, but shoots slower causing it not to drop enemies as fast. Overall, the 
    P-90TR is a better close range weapon, and the MP-7SD is a better medium range 
    2.2 Hand Guns
    Name      Zoom   Magazine   Auto   Damage   Accuracy
    92 FS      1x       15       No    Medium     High
    5-7        1x       20       No     Low       High
    SOC45      2x       7        No     High      High
    Pretty much useless. The only time you will use the pistol is when you have 
    the canister on retrieval, or to snipe with when later on you're using the 
    shotgun. However, spend you skill points on the something else if you want 
    more bang for the buck. 
    2.3 Shotguns! Close range butt kicker
    Name     Zoom  Magazine  Auto  Damage  Accuracy 
    Mag 7     1x      5       No    High    Medium
    SPAS 15   2x      6       No    High    Medium
    Super 90  2x      6       No    High    Medium
    USAS 12   2x      20      Yes   High    Medium
    NOTE! Upgrade ACCURACY very important! With full accuracy these guns are 
    deadly accurate and after only 2 power upgrades these guns are powerful enough 
    to take on L40s.
    My shotgun of choice is the USAS 12. One head shot is death to all but 
    commandos with the toughness turned way up. However, the auto lets the next 
    shot finish them off before they can react properly. From a distance the first 
    shot is aimed at the head and then I go for the chest. Against a lower ranking 
    foe that head shot can still kill first hit over medium distances. However, 
    the recoil makes it prudent to aim at the chest for the follow up shots. In 
    other words, if you have good reactions and good aim, a level 30-plus commando 
    is the only enemy who will be deadlier than you. All of the shotguns do the 
    same damage, so there isn't much point in using the other shotguns unless 
    you're a really good head shooter and want to prove it to the world.
    2.4 Upgrading
    Pistol, Shotty, and SMG upgrades.
               1 Star  2 Star  3 Star   
    Accuracy   10      25      50      Present smaller group 
    Power      2.5     5       10      Present more powerful 
    Accuracy importance: For all types of guns the Accuracy very important. 
    Fully upgraded the spread for any gun is halved! Twice the oomph that way!
    Damage importance: Damage isn't as important as all 3 upgrades only increases 
    your power by only about one tenth.
    _______________________________               ________________________________
    _______________________________All Class Items________________________________
    3.0 Items That All the Classes can Use
    Throw-able items
    3.1 Grenades and Other Throw-Able Devices
    Only 20 Credits Each!!!
    Fragmentation Grenades (Frag Grenades)
    White Phosphorous (Willy Pete)
    Flash Bangs
    Smoke Grenades (Smokies)
    Tear Gas
    Lethal Grenades:
    Frags and WPs can be thrown off walls and over obstacles to efficiently kill 
    your foes while they can't shoot you. If you round a corner into a group of 
    enemies, retreating around the corner and popping a grenade around it can get 
    you two to three kills and really hurt your enemies' feelings. Also these 
    grenades never take away less than half of anyone's health if they're caught 
    in its blast radius, and they almost always are fatal. 
    Flash bangs:
    Flash bangs are useless except in objective game play. The radius in which the 
    flash works is not much bigger than the blast radius of a frag grenade, and a 
    frag goes ahead and kills the people preventing them from kill on accident 
    while you're blind. However, when about to storm a room that your enemy is 
    holding for strategic reasons, flash bangs allow you to get double or triple 
    Smoke grenades:
    Smoke grenades conceal your position which is useful for laying traps without 
    being killed, However, they're defeated by infrared vision. 
    Tear gas:
    Tear gas grenades are exactly like smokies, except that everyone not wearing a 
    gas mask is effectively disoriented, making Tear gas grenades much more 
    effective cover. If you're caught in one of these clouds use your thermal 
    vision to see through it with minor distortion.
    3.2 Traps
    Plant a claymore along a frequently used passage, move to a safe position 
    where you can see it, and activate when enemy passes near by. Simple and very, 
    very effective. The claymores are small and below the range of vision, almost 
    never will anybody notice them!
    ________________                                            _________________
    ________________Items That are Your Special Right as a Medic_________________
    4.0 Items that Only Medics Can Use!
    First Aid 
    Adrenalin Boost 
    Nerve Gas
    Field Clinic
    4.1 First Aid
    Press L to heal yourself or your friends. This is one of the most common 
    skills you will use so upgrade Heal. Speed is not as critical, for your 
    teammate probably will be hiding in an out of the way room and waiting for you 
    to come heal him. Be careful so you're not ambushed on your way to him. 
    Heading back to the spawn point and then to his position will help you avoid 
    4.2 Adrenalin Boost
    Press L to inject you or your teammate with adrenalin, giving him or your self 
    an adrenalin boost! Da' Boost increases you or your teammates toughness, 
    accuracy, damage, and recoil control. Upgrading speed is very useful on this 
    one, for you can inject your self then run in and try to wipe out enemy 
    campers. Also, when the bonus is fully upgraded you can run over a fully 
    upgraded mine and survive.
    4.3 Nerve Gas
    Press L to throw this grenade, which upon activation releases nerve gas. The 
    gas is a light bluish color and will hurt any one who walks through it. How 
    much depends on how much you have upgraded the damage. Also if you plan to use 
    this item much upgrade the duration. 
    4.4 Field Clinic
    Press L while looking at a big yellow X to lay a field clinic. These clinics 
    allow you teammates to run up to them to acquire health. This prevents you 
    from having to run around after people who are injured on the other side of 
    the map. Upgrade the charges so you team can heal them selves more for each 
    clinic. Kind of like a field hospital in a box.
    ______________________                                   _____________________
    ______________________Strategies for different game modes_____________________ 
    5.0 Strategies for different game modes
    Spawn Camping
    Team Sharpshooter
    Total Conquest
    5.1 Spawn Camping (This tactic doesn't work very well because of the update)
    I'm going to cover this separately as Spawn camping is a strategy used in all 
    game types. 
    Inside spawn point.
    Outside spawn point.
    Inside spawn point camping:     
    When camping, don't wait outside of the enemy base as that often goes 1 for 1, 
    not giving you any advantage. Run into the Base, gun blazing. The enemy spawns 
    looking at the exits, use this to your advantage. Hide in a corner so your 
    enemy won't see you, and then kill them with your gun or grenades. If your 
    team is camping out side the spawn point, repeat; but if the enemy 
    occasionally breaks through, lay mines along escape routs. Only go into the 
    spawn point if your teammates are camping outside of the spawn point, or else 
    the enemy will run out before they stop being invincible.
    Outside spawn point:
    Peek around corner the corners and throw grenades into the enemy spawn point 
    every twenty seconds or so, and be ready to shoot survivors who run out. Try 
    to hide in the shadows and be sure to use cover. Also, watch out for the enemy 
    after realizing you're there, for they will start throwing grenades at you. 
    Another tactic is to pop out of a room, throw grenades, then return to the 
    room and camp.
    5.2 Team Sharp Shooter.
    Rules: Kill the people not on your team.
    Discussed Tactics!
    Healing your team mates
    Using the adrenalin to attack campers
    Camping and ambushing
    Running around like a tactical genius
    All of the maps, unfortunately, follow the same pattern. 2 main paths to each 
    spawn point with one or 2 back (or more accurately) discreet front entrances.
    Healing You Teammates:
    As a medic your job is to heal your pals. Dropping a field clinic at the 
    yellow X will make you job much easier, but most maps don't have a yellow X to 
    put a field clinic on, so most of the burden of healing will fall to you. 
    Since a you're a Combat medic your other job, is to kill people. Go for your 
    enemies' life until you're called for. When you're called for, head to your 
    teammate. If he is near you make a bee line to him, but if he is on the other 
    side of the map, doubling back to the spawn point then heading back to him up 
    the other main path will prevent you from being ambushed most of the time.
    Using the adrenalin to attack campers:
    If you know that there is a group of campers in a room ahead of you, hide, 
    inject your self, and then rush them. The boost will make you tougher, make 
    your damage do more damage, and make your gun kick less. All in all, you're 
    pretty deadly! Also, if you know the area ahead of you contains mines but you 
    can't grenade the area for some reason, the boost when upgraded will allow you 
    to walk right over any mine and live through it.
    Camping and Ambushing:
    When camping, find a hard to see place with a good view of a commonly used 
    route. Wait for people to run past then gun them down. Another option instead 
    of using you gun is to throw a grenade. If you can throw a good grenade, then 
    back off from your ambushing spot you can usually kill the guy you chunked the 
    grenade at, plus kill anybody who tries to rush you for camping. Example below.
    The last method of camping is tunnel camping. This is when you wait at the end 
    of a firing lane in a covered spot, and shoot anyone who comes into you firing 
    lane. This only works when your back is covered.
    [ e]              e = enemy
    [ ']_________     ' = path taken
    [ 'DC     B       D = closed door
    [ 'O_________     O = open door
    [ ']              C = you the camper
    [ ']              B = place you back off to, so you can watch door in case of 
    [ ']              rushers
    Running Around Like a tactical Genius:
    To run around and get a better than 1 to 1 kill ratio you need to double back. 
    Take a less frequented rout to the enemy's end of the map then double back to 
    your own base along a very frequented passage. This works very well, sometimes 
    you will even see enemies enter camping spots. When this happens follow them 
    in and wreak havoc. Also, when coming out check toward your enemy's base to 
    make sure no one's close behind you. Also many times you will catch up to an 
    enemy heading toward you base, again wreak havoc. This tactic requires some 
    luck and a good bit of timing. However, when done correctly can give you 
    double and triple kills.
    5.3 Total Conquest:
    Rules: Control all of the computers then hold them for 5 seconds.
    All of the maps, unfortunately, follow the same pattern. 2 main paths to each 
    spawn point with one or 2 back (or more accurately) discreet front entrances. 
    I'm just going to repeat this important piece of info in case you didn't read 
    the last section, plus I'm going to add more. This rule is smashed and 
    destroyed by this game type! Clinic, which I thought I knew so well, was shown 
    to be twice as big as I thought and about 5 times as big as the top floor. In 
    total conquest you're most useful in healing your pals who are defending the 
    computers, and giving you're attacking pals health after they have taken over 
    an area. Pick which task you want and stick with it, then use you gun to help 
    out the defense/attack.
    Attacking and Defending.
    In a close-in area, throw grenades into good ambush spots that your enemies 
    may be waiting in, then follow them up with you gun. After reaching the 
    computer toss a grenade in front of it to blow up any mines, then capture it. 
    If you have any engineers on your team have them defend it or if there is no 
    one to defend it for you, defend it your-self. Remember the computers must 
    always be defended.
    Find a hiding spot where you can see the entrance to the computer area, then 
    toss a grenade by the computer to kill any one trying to capture the computer.
    Then sweep up any remaining enemies with your gun.
    5.4 Retrieval:
    Rules: Grab the canister and take it to the drop off point near your enemy's 
    spawn point and press a near the box to secure it. Note: Blue smoke follows 
    you around telling pursuing enemies which way you went.
    Tactics that are discussed!
    Capture (Back to every one using the two halls was again. Sigh. But at least 
    the drop off areas are used)
    When the enemy has the canister head to his drop off point, when your enemy 
    drops it head to the dropped canister. Pretty simple! However, you may need to 
    yell, "Head for the drop off point!" at you teammates 3 or 4 times to stop 
    them from running around like chickens with their heads chopped off searching 
    for the guy with the canister. Seriously, there are some unintelligent people 
    playing this game, but under a leader they flourish. So hey, someone's got to 
    be the leader - why not you!
    Head to canister, shoot anyone not on your team, pick up canister, hide while 
    you get teammates to guard you, run toward drop off point, have most teammates 
    attack while you slip through the confusion, and at last secure the canister. 
    This strategy works all most every time your teammates cooperate. 
    Alternate suggestion for if you, figuratively, don't have teammates: 
    Sneak to the drop off area if it isn't in the open and drop the canister off 
    without your enemies knowing you there. Stealth goes a very long way here! If 
    you don't have the canister just guard you pal with the canister.
    Note: You can only use your pistol while you have the canister.
    ______________________________                   _____________________________
    ______________________________Things to beware of_____________________________
    6.0 Things that will wipe you off the map quickly.
    Being mined
    People with shotguns
    Commandos with heavy body armor and big guns
    6.1 Being Mined:
    Being mined in your spawn point will make you want to throw your controller 
    and start swearing. Please don't do this as it is not worth losing your tv 
    screen over a video game. However, if you're being counter mined throw 
    grenades on the ground by spawn point exits. And stick to the outside of 
    corners. Try to stay out of your base and keep an eye out as mines can be seen 
    even if they're very inconspicuous.
    6.2 People with Shotguns:
    The shotgun is an excellent close range weapon. 6 shots will kill you with 
    medium body armor and only 3 without body armor. One head shot kills; however, 
    the kick prevents any shot after about the fifth from being effective. So you 
    need to take an engineer's head off quickly or else make him miss his first 
    five shots, if you want to live through the encounter. Also if you know there 
    are a lot of engineers on the other team keep your distance from your enemies 
    and camp.
    6.3 Commandos above L35:
    Shoot in the head. You can empty a clip into a L40 commando's chest and he'll 
    still live. Such commandos can sometimes take two to three head shots too. 
    However, these guys are suckers for ambushes as they run around in the open 
    because that there Heavy Body Amour makes them feel awfully confident. However, 
    a smart commando is a very though target.
    ___________________                                        ___________________
    ___________________Interacting with items during game play!___________________
    7.1 Doors:
    Shoot the handle and you can walk into them and they'll open. Shoot hinges 
    about one and three fourths of the way up the door and it'll fall over. Throw 
    a grenade near one and watch the doors go flying! Pressing up or down on the 
    D-Pad allows you to open the doors a certain amount - useful for keeping 
    yourself under as much cover as possible when waiting for an ambush 
    opportunity. I take that back as I've found bullets go right through doors; 
    however, it does make you harder to see
    7.2 Ladders:
    Pres A to grab on, up or down on left thumb stick to climb up or down, while 
    on ladder press A to slide to bottom.

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