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"Great game for old school fans of mega man"

We go back in to the 1980s with the Capcom game that made you lose every time you made an mistake. This is megaman anniversary collection, A collection of 10 mega man games. Starting at mega man one and going all the way to mega man 8 and two extra games.


There were great for there time but now, it kind of seems outdated but you can still get a great time with this game even if the graphics are outdated. Nothing much to say expect that they look just like there NES games.

The reason I gave this a good score was because it sounded just like the NES, Super Nintendo,, and Sony Play station games. The sound is also good for the X box.

Ok, you should already know the games story but just in case you never learn the story, it about a robot made by Dr. Light and you have to take on evil robot made by Dr. Wily, (six in the first game, eight in the others). That about all the story there is.


Ok, The game goes like this, you shoot people while running to the end of the level to face the boss and gain there powers. In this game, they added new move to help you in your adventure but it still going to be hard. They also added a navi mode to help you in this adventure. Every game has it expect for mega man 8 and the two mega man fighting games.

Replay Value 5

You can replay the games but after you beat them you may not want to play them again.

Game in collection 8
There are ten games in here. Mega man 1-8 and mega man the power battles and fighters. All of them are good expect for mega man 8 which is the play station version which means you don't get any of the extra from the Sega Saturn version and they should have added mega man soccer to complete the collection of the old mega man games. Expect for that. Everything is great in this collection.

This is an collection, it should have some extra, it does like pic and two extra games and a cartoon ep for playstation and a interview for game cube version and both for the xbox version. good stuff in the extra

Which version should you get between the three version

Game cube if you like G4 interview and don't mine the control being mess up

Play station if you like cartoons and the control (they are the best out of the three)

X box if you really like extra and don't mine the control being kind of wired. The X box version has both the G4 interview but a different mega man cartoon.

Overall, this is a good game that everyone should play and should not be scared by the outdated Graphics

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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