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"Some of the best games in history, just got better."


The Nintendo Entertainment System gave birth to some of the greatest series we have ever seen, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid and many more. But the one that may have more sequels is Mega Man, this series were a blast back then, charismatic characters, the ability to copy a robot master's power, stage select from the beginning and a simple but fun gameplay made the Mega Man franchise worthy of playing by anyone, even for the grumpiest people in the world.

Capcom taking advantage of the great number of sequels Mega Man have, release Mega Man from 1 to 8 and 2 arcade games in a single package at 20 dollars, so we pay 2 dollars per game, tempting isn't it?

Graphics 6.4

Mega Man 1-6 got 8-bit graphics, so there is nothing great in the technical standpoint, fortunately. At the time this were awesome graphics, Mega Man still look very colorful and all the characters here are charismatic enough to deserve a look, the bar and weapon meter are redone, Mega Man 1-3 got a new weapon menu that looks nice, plus we have the chance to see the evolution of the NES graphics. It is worthy of mention Mega Man 6,that was released in the agonized moments of the NES, it was of the last generation of 8-bit games, exploding the graphics capabilities of the system to the max, which not many people got the chance to see and play.

Mega Man 7 is a 16-bit game for the SNES, so expect more detailed graphics and bigger characters. It is really good to see Mega Man with redrawn after 6 games (plus the 5 game boy games) being the same.

Mega Man 8 is for the PS one of 32 bit, smooth animations, colorful characters and backgrounds, and anime style movies made this game look nice.

The 2 arcade games got the animations of Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass from Mega Man 7, so expect a 16-bit graphics here (the second game look a little better, but just a little). Mega Man fans will appreciate to see robot masters from Mega Man 1-6 redrawn in a very cool way.

Enhanced graphics would have been nice, Capcom even made Mega Man 1-3 with 16-bit graphics for the Genesis, but they are not here. Classic Mega Man games with a 128-bit graphics system could be awesome.


Mega Man always had a very cool soundtrack, and this time is even better because we got remixed music from Mega Man 1-6 (this is probably the best of the new features from collection), this addition, are enough to make worth the investment of this collection, even if you still have the 6 games and a working NES. It is very good to revisit the old robot masters while listening to new remixes. Of course, if you want to play with the classic music of this games, you have the option to do it.

The other games does not have remixed soundtracks, but the ones they already had are very good, so you wont have to turn on the stereo in your room at any time.

The sound effects in all games are pretty generic, but they do the work. Mega Man 8 do some voice acting, which is nice in general, they putted Mega Man a girlie voice that is annoying, but the other characters are OK.


All games here are very simple and fun to play, but each one is unique in its own rights without changing the formula in any game (except for the arcade ones, but I will talk about this games later). Most people would say Mega Man 2 and 3 are the main event here, and they might be right.
They made some improvements from the classic games, first, there is a saving system so you don't need to write passwords (the password system is still in), it saves after each robot master, the problem is you can't save between levels of the Wily's Fortress (and obviously there is still no passwords for this levels).

Other improvement is in the weapon bar from, now there is a number below it, so you can know how many shots are remaining, this let you plan your strategies a little more, and concentrate in the action instead of wondering how many shots are left. Plus, you can switch between the weapons by pulling the triggers Mega Man X style.

The ability to change the button configuration is not missing in this collection. A rapid fire, a one button slide and calling Rush and Beat with one button are also nice additions (especially the rapid fire).

Some improvements are to make the game easier. There are 2 Difficulty settings in Mega Man 1-7.When there are multiple directions in a stage, the AI will tell which one is better. When you are near a danger, an exclamation mark will appear in screen to warn you, such as a hole or a strong enemy coming. In Mega Man 1-6, Dr. Light and other characters will give their advice in some parts of the games.

It's not enough for you? Well, Mega Man 4-6 have maps for each level you can see with only pressing the back button.

Guess what? There is more, there are unlockable extras, an interview with the creator of Mega Man, an episode of the anime NT Warrior, remixes, artworks, and of course, the two arcade games.

Now, about the arcade games, they got different gameplay, there is no jumping obstacles and destroying little robots, you fight the robot masters directly. You can choose between Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass (in the second game you also choose DUO) and play it with a second gamer at the same time. After choosing characters you will select between three casts of enemies and then go fight them one after another, then go to Wily's base. By the way, the ability to copy an enemy's weapon is still here. There is no great gameplay here, but it's still fun and the only Mega Man games with two players and having Proto Man as a selectable character.

Repay value-7.8

Finishing the ten games will take you a while, Mega Man 4-8 got some secrets in it to make it play a little more, but even without them, the games are still fun to play them a lot because of the gameplay.

Final comment

8 wonderful console games, 2 standard arcade games, remixed music, improved gameplay and unlockable content make this collection, one of the best recompilations you can get in the market. The charming characters, simple but challenging gameplay make this games recommendable for anyone, from the newcomer kid to the videogame veteran.

Final score-8.4

The best
-Remixed music
-Improved gameplay in a lot of ways
-Cool unlockable content
-10 games for $20

The worst
-No enhanced graphics
-No saving system in Wily's base
-The game Mega Man and Bass is missing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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