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"Up in dimension, up in quality? - A RooCH review"

Ever since it's initial, ugly pixelated steps, Worms has been a favourite series of mine. Well, I say steps, more squeaks and jumps really, but movement nontheless. But since those heady days the game has taken on many different forms. First taking a step up in graphics, then a wild increase in weaponry and voices, and now it's entering the third dimension! But will it pan out?

Well, there is only really so much you can do with a worm and a gun, but they have done about as good as they could with what they had. The worms are well animated, with amusing faces, different skins available and the odd funny touch, such as the flapping cape on the super sheep. By no means a shocking triumph for gamers everywhere, but enough to keep you smiling.

Now for such a simple premise, i.e. worms on a map, this game should have been a dream to program. With a very limited scope on creativity, it was pretty much a case of "Make the movement fluid, the gun's work and the land destructible. Well, they got two out of three! The movement is AWFUL. Not only is it sluggish, not only does it delay online, not only do you get stuck on fair nigh on anything, but it's about as easy to get where you want to go as riding a wheelchair up three flights of stairs....with no wheels. This game really could have learned it's lessons from it's previous title, but seemingly it decided to follow the same forumla. As a result, the ninja rope is unusable, and the general gameplay is poor.

Well, it has the voices! But unlike the previous games, there is obviously no room to record your own. This results in a pretty specific choice being made by you as to the direction of your team. But as you can unlock more voices, that choice increases in time. But unfortunately, there is only so many times you can hear the same voice clip before it becomes tedious. And I believe that is roughly the third time, and that's if you are patient.

Two words, LAG RIDDEN. When you are unable to move, the game developers didn't seem to understand that this wouldn't stop your timer from counting down. Not only this, but the headset voice is actually faster than the connection, so if you pull off a superb shot, it takes your opponent about 30 seconds to see it after you've already spoiled it over the communicator. But it was fun enough I suppose.

This game is very simply an update of Worms 3D, but with a poor online feature added. The only redeeming feature is that you do occasionally get those shots that make you cry "Woohoo!". Sadly however, those moments are marred by the mass of inaccurate shots and frustrating gameplay. Poor show Team 17, poor show.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/05/06, Updated 12/18/06

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