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"Excellent Multiplayer Gameplay, Easy to Learn, Fun to Play!"


Here is my attempt at my first video game review:

I received Worms 4: Mayhem from my brother at Christmas of 05. Seeing so I am both a father and a husband, I do not have the hundreds of hours a week I once had to play games when I was younger... nor the money I once had.

I have done a lot of research into this game before I actually hinted to my brother that this is what I would like.

Worms has always been an all time favorite in my eyes. I was a little worried about the future of the Worms games when they first made their 3D debut. Reading other views, I tended not to play any of the 3D Worms games, until this one rolled around.


-Single Player : 7
The Single player in this game consists of a Story Mode and a Competition Mode. The story is pretty bland, given the occasionally hilarious one-liners. However, it would be wise to complete Story mode due to that fact that once you beat a level, you get to unlock the map, and unlock and outfits that the enemy Worms are wearing, up to and including their Sound Banks.

There is another Single Player mode with rewards you with money for the Item Shop for completing certain tasks... collecting boxes using only a Jetpack, there's another one that you shoot all targets with the sniper rifle.

-Multiplayer: 10
Worms is all about Multiplayer. It supports a hot seat style game play as well as Xbox Live. There are a couple fun MP modes, such as your typical Death match, a Homelands mode, where each team has their own base, a Destruction mode, where you have to destroy your opponents' base. There is also a Statue Defend game, where you must... defend your statue from your opponents, and then there is the One on One game, where you pit one worm against your enemy, when it dies, your next worm starts.

Graphics: 7

Not too much to say about the graphics. They do the job.

Sound: 7

Not too much to say about the sound.. it does the job.

Replay Value: 9

You'll only need to beat Story mode once. The replay value in this game is all in multiplayer.

Worms 4: Mayhem is heavy on customization. Once you beat a level, you can buy their customs from the Item Shop. Sure, it's only cosmetic, but it's still neat to customize your Worms.

You can also create a team weapon. You start with a Gun, a Grenade, or an Air strike. From there, you choose the looks of the weapon, then you edit the fire power; which include land damage, blast power, worm damage, 1-10 bombs, effected by the wind, explode on impact, or when it stops moving.

Naturally, you cannot max every field out, it have to balance them. There is a gauge on the side that tells you when you go overboard.

This is a great game to play at a party, or with a spouse/friend, and with it's 20$ price tag, you cannot go wrong.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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