Review by connor4536

"On the boulevard of broken promises...."

Oh dear, Capcom. I wish i could like this game, but no, you had to put plagues of boredom in my way. I wanted to like this, but you failed Capcom! FAILED!!

Woes aside, let's get started, shall we?


I can tell this wants the plaot of a Hollywood movie, and it's just that. A dull, cliched (accent?), Holly wood plotline. You pick one of five mobsters at the beggining of the game. You go to a drug deal, and it turns out you've been framed for mass murder. It's not totally correct , but honestly, who cares?

Graphics: 8/10

As much as it pains me to say it, it has decent graphics. It's all well lit, with the characters having slightly good designs. I don't really know about any quirks in the graphics, but I don't play a game for graphics anyway.


Tch. It was good to start off with but I ended up getting bored later on. The group battles are satisfying in one way, underwhelming in another. Seeing the bodies fall to the ground is very cool, but what do you get from actually fighting people? NOTHING! Just some spare change. Well, if you beat a mission-specific character that you're meant to beat down, you get a lot of cash. What do you spend the cash on, you wonder? CLOTHES! "Change clothes to hide from cops and mobsters." Why? We'll get found out extremely easily anyway. Anytime you wander near a cop or mobster, your "found out" rating increases by about nine percent. You get to 100% soon enough. All in all , gameplay sucks.


What could have been the saving grace of this game has become it's major downfall. "You will keep your blacklist data when you beat the game" the game says. "Cool!" I thought "I'd like to do the game again and get the missed buddies!" I boot it up, look at the blacklist and find that I can NOT call my buddies from my last game. It only takes 5 hours to beat anyway.

Nope, Sorry Capcom. Your promises were not held up for this game. Don't anyone even rent this. It's not worth it. Instead go up to the video store and ask why they have this crap game in their catologue. Then riot on them for having this really bad game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/31/06

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