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    Morene FAQ/Walkthrough by Carnival Nights

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    Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
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    Morene FAQ/Walkthrough
    Author: Phillip Meris (Ulala Rocks)
    Completed: February 5, 2006
    Copyright 2006 Phillip Meris All Rights Reserved
    Table of Contents
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    More1 Introduction
    More2 Characters
    More3 Move List
    More4 Walkthrough
    More5 Troop List
    More6 Tips
    More7 Special Thanks
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    More1 Introduction
    This FAQ covers only one character of Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, and that one
    character would happen to be Morene. If you're not familiar with the game then
    chances are you're also not reading this since Morene has the second highest
    difficulty setting which is on Nightmare and can only be unlocked through a
    long chain of beating campaigns with nearly every character.
    The reason why I chose Morene next was because she was the next unlocked
    character down the list and saw she had no character FAQ so I decided to get
    started shortly after I finished the first version of my Cirith FAQ. She also
    happens to be one foxy half-vampire!
    I will be including SPOILERS throughout this FAQ so consider yourself warned
    and welcomed to view my FAQ. Any rants and raves? Check out the bottom of the
    page for my contact info.
    Keep in mind, Morene's campaign is the second most difficult one in the entire
    game, setting it at Nightmare difficulty. The strategies used in this guide
    are entirely my own and worked for me. It might not work for you sometimes, but
    try different strategies if mine didn't help or even email me. I can provide an
    alternative for you.
    More2 Characters
    Morene - Cold, cruel, beautiful, and a bit of a swinger. That's her all right.
             She was in Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders posing as an inspector
             for Lucretia when in reality it was for Cirith.
    Valdemar - Ruler of Vellond. Has probably assigned Morene as his personal
               mistress if you played through Leinhart's campaign.
    Ilfa - Just a lousy lacky. Gloomy girl, but also very dull and boring.
    Cirith - The dark elf Morene was supervising in The Crusaders. She's just as
             beautiful as Morene, if not, more beautiful. They both have missions
             that coincide with each other.
    More3 Move List
    Skullcrusher: XXXXA
    Soul Taker: XXAA
    GutSpiller: AA
    Bloody Winch: YY
    Spinebreaker: Y (Any direction with the left thumbstick)
    Bone Blade: Y
    Bone Blades: Y+B
    Twister: Y HOLD B
    Dive Bomber: X+A
    Evasion: B
    Brainbuster: Ya
    More4 Walkthrough
    Keep note that I throughout the course of the game I used Dark Knights from
    Morene's troop, Orc Axe Riders, Cavalry Archers, Archers, and a Wyvern troop.
    This guide follows the troop method I used throughout the game.
    The opening scene shows Lucretia mourning over Rithrin over a makeshift casket
    as her troops along with Morene move along without her. Morene decides to leave
    Lucretia behind and the battle ensues.
    Mission: Nymphbarren
    2 Dark Knight Level 10
    1 Dark Cavalry Level 9
    1 Dark Archer Level 9
    1 Wyvern Level 11
    1 Paladin Level 7
    1 Infantry Level 7
    2 Knight Level 9-10
    2 Longbow Level 8-7
    There's no reason why you should lose this in any part of this mission because
    your allies are higher in level than almost every single enemy unit and Morene 
    is incredibly well taken care of with a second melee unit, a dark archer unit,
    a cavalry unit, and even a Wyvern support unit. There's no way this opening
    level could've been made easier. If you've made it this far in the game, then
    this level should be a breeze.
    First off Have your archer unit support the dark knights and wyverns on the
    right by attacking the enemy longbow units and then have your dark knights
    attack the middle, Morene rush the left and have your cavalry harrass the
    archers on the left. If you've got the archers tied up then go ahead and have
    your Wyverns back up Morene. This battle shouldn't last long since you vastly
    outnumber and outlevel the enemy.
    Use Tree of Healing when you need to and continue to move northwest to the next
    set of battles.
    3 Longbow Level 1-2
    3 Paladin Level 7-11
    Simple battle. This should definitely be no problem since the longbows are at
    an amazing levels 1 and 2. Have your cavalry harass 2 of them while your 
    archers harass 1 and the rest of your units wipeout the paladins. In just a
    short bit, there will be enemy reinforcements which can be easily taken care
    2 Knight Level 8-9
    2 Archer Level 11
    1 Paladin Level 12
    If you still haven't cleaned up the remaining paladin units then prepare to be
    overwhelmed by many low level enemies. This should be no problem. Just have
    your archers back you up and use Tree of Healing and your cavalry harass the
    archers in the back rows. Harassing the archers should make them runaway. You
    can choose to either chase or ignore, but either way it makes no difference.
    If your allies are joined with you in the melee battle, have Morene leave
    battle and have her cast spells that will severely damage the enemy then run
    back in to finish them off.  Continue to the west until you run into ranged
    2 Catapult Level 15
    1 Mortar Level 8
    2 Paladin Level 10-11
    First you'll run into the catapults. Annihilate them with a combination of your
    troops and remember, your wyverns are invincible against the remaining troops.
    Once they've been dealt with, go through the wall, kill both paladin units and
    continue to the designated area and kill the mortar unit lying there. You may
    split between your dark knights and Morene to attack each paladin unit
    I'm only giving you a general strategy of this battle because not only is it
    incredibly easy because of the small quantity of units, but they're also spread
    out so thin that none of them can properly support each other.
    Once this level is over head to Arein to see a bit between Ilfa, Valdermar, and
    Morene. After that, head to the Pub to see the same conversation Morene has
    with Cirith in Cirith's campaign. Once that is over, continue to the unknown
    Mission: UnKnown 1
    4 Infantry Level 15
    4 Spearman Level 13
    Pretty basic battle. Absolutely no anti-air units so reign hell on them with
    your wyvern. Other than that, you know the standard procedure. Seek and
    Mission: Unknown 2
    5 Orc Infantry Level 15
    4 Orc Sapper Level 15
    2 Dark Archer Level 16
    1 Wyvern Level 12
    Standard stuff. Seek and destroy. Sappers can cast offensive spells so be
    alert. They'll usually attack your archers. Other than that, this should pose
    no problem.
    Get back to Arein, level up, and finally get back to the storyline missions.
    Take note that I got rid of my cavalry, got an orc axe rider unit and have
    one cavalry archer unit along with the original archer unit and kept my wyvern.
    Mission: Lichen Vale
    Vellond territory. Regnier's forces are deployed here.
    Required Entry: 4 Free, 1 Support
    1 Ilfa Level 29
    1 Orc Axemen Level 25
    1 Dark Elf Knight Level 26
    1 Dark Elf Archer Level 26
    5 Knight Level 25-26
    4 Longbow Level 18-21
    2 Archer Level 18-19
    2 Mortar level 19-20
    You should take into consideration changing your wyvern troop into a swamp
    mammoth. I chose to keep my wyverns because I prefer them more.
    Unlike the opening level this one is no cakewalk. As soon as the battle starts
    your entire troop unit will have to deal with two longbows directly infront of
    you with two knights to back them up. Immediately have your swamp mammoth maul
    them or if you didn't bring them then engage the archers and bring in the
    wyverns. Try to finish off the longbows as quickly as possible and move on to
    the knights as soon as you can. From there seperate your rangers. Have your
    archers stick with Morene and have your cavalry archers help out any of your
    allies that need a Tree of Healing. Preferably the axemen are the units you
    want to rescue for later on. Also have your axe riders harass any pair of
    enemy ranged units. Preferably the archers and longbows so you can send your
    wyverns in to reign hell.
    Finish off the knights and have Morene wipeout the mortar units and your
    archers back up any of your other allied troops. Try to keep everyone's health
    at least at half strength. With the additional assistance of your troops as
    well as your wyvern, your allies should have no problem moping up the rest.
    Once it's over with move over to the designated point. Your troops will alert
    you about how it is raining. From there a new group of enemies will pop out.
    2 Longbow Level 25
    2 Paladin Level 24-26
    2 Mortar Level 24-30
    1 Knight Level 26
    As soon as you see the enemy, try to back off and back to the wall back in to
    the river area while you have your axe riders and all rangers attack the enemy
    rangers. This should leave all melee and spell casting units without any ranged
    support thus allowing you to engage the enemies freely with your support
    without worrying about anti-air damage as well as help you from getting mauled
    by those damn rangers.
    When you've made quick work of them, have your axe riders attack one longbow
    troop while both your rangers attack the other longbow. From there rush Morene
    to the nearest mortar troop and wipe them out with your wyvern. From there
    just slowly takeout each of the ranged units until all of them are gone.
    If you can't lure the enemy behind the wall then you're going to have to take
    them on face first. Have your ranged and axe riders harass all the enemy
    rangers while you have Morene stay back for a second to cast an offensive spell
    on the enemy melee group and then rush into the fray. This should significantly
    damage them thus allowing you to attack the rest of the paladin units that
    never participated in battle. From there move on from troop to troop wiping
    them out as quickly as possible.
    From there a new set of enemies start to appear from the west so prepare for
    yet another fight.
    4 Paladin Level 28-29
    1 Knight Level 26
    1 Storm Rider Level 25
    1 Catapult Level 25
    Right away start to run back towards the wall so that this forces the storm
    riders to run towards you while the ground troop enemies either stop or are
    forced to chase after you. This gives you as much time as possible to wipeout
    the storm riders with both your rangers as well as your wyverns. If the enemy
    ground troops reach you and you still haven't killed the storm riders then
    rush them immediately with Morene and your axe riders. By this time the storm
    riders should be nearing death or already dead so disperse your units as you
    see fit.
    During this time you'll receive a cutscene showing that fat oaf of a Patriarch
    running away and Regnier and Cirith arriving on the battlefield. So now you
    see how Morene comes into play in Cirith's campaign.
    You can leave Cirith alone for a little bit. She will last for about a couple
    minutes and Nachmir will assist whatever is left on the south.
    Finish off the rest of the light side troops as soon as possible. The catapult
    should be alone and deserted without any friends left so maul him. Now I'm
    pretty sure you've noticed Regnier's troops running around the battlefield so
    battle it out with them before you intercept Regnier's actual troop.
    1 Regnier Level 50
    1 Orc Rider Level 28
    1 Scorpion Level 27
    Right away as soon as you wipeout the light side troops have your archer
    cavarly, axe riders, and wyverns chase after the enemy orc rider. Morene and
    your remaining archer should take out the scorpion which should be a piece of
    cake. If you finish him off first, wait for your troops to wipeout the orc
    riders. At this point, if Cirith's health reaches critical, just run Morene's
    troop towards her right away.
    As soon as you run in to save Cirith Regnier will back away and Leinhart will
    engage you in battle. Watch the cutscene and begin battle.
    1 Leinhart Level 45
    1 Scorpion Level 27
    1 Orc Infantry Level 28
    1 Orc Axeman Level 24
    When the battle starts, have your wyverns keep the scorpion busy, axe riders
    engage Leinhart, both archers engaging the axeman, and finally Morene going
    straight for the infantry. Depending on Morene's health, take out the infantry
    as fast as you can. If you're dying kill the leader as soon as possible, after
    that go straight for the scorpion and kill him as fast as you can and use fire
    attacks when neccessary. Move on to the axeman unit and from there Leinhart
    will retreat right after you defeat them.
    As soon as he retreats it's mission accomplished. Go to the Advanced Base and
    proceed with the story. You'll learn that Valdermar isn't too pleased and
    everyone in monotone unison is shocked that Leinhart fights against them. 
    Manage your troops and do the Unknown mission.
    Mission: Unknown 3
    5 Orc Infantry Level 13
    4 Ghoul Level 13
    2 Dark Archer Level 16
    1 Dirigible Level 14
    The enemies will be spread in small groups and pockets. Make quick work of
    Go back to the Advance Base and manage your troops and then move onto Raven
    Mission: Raven Meadow
    5 Dark Knight Level 24
    5 Ghoul Level 16
    3 Dark Archer Level 22
    1 Thunder Rhino Level 24
    1 Dirigible Level 16
    Raven Meadow is essentially an Unknown Mission except with a name stamped onto
    it. Do what you usually do in these unknown missions.
    Head to Kallishire to manage your troops and then finally proceed on with the
    story missions. Take note that I got rid of my archers and turned them into
    cavalry archers. So the current arsenal is now Morene's Dark Knights, two
    cavalry archers, one orc axe rider, and finally one wyvern troop.
    Mission: Brimstone Forest
    The Patriarch is fleeing.
    Required Entry: 4 Free, 1 Support
    Ilfa Level 22
    Wyvern Level 23
    Dirigible Level 20
    Dark Cavalry Level 19
    Dark Archer Level 19
    4 Paladin Level 21- 25
    3 Knight Level 23
    3 Longbow Level 17-18
    2 Storm Rider Level 18-20
    As soon as the battle starts, have your troop to the left of you move to the
    right. For me, one of my cavalry archers were in that spot. Just slightly move
    them out of the forest and start mauling the storm riders that harass your
    allies, do the same with your other archers with the second group of storm
    riders on the right. Next, set waypoints for your axe riders to harass every
    enemy that's not engaged in battle. This will spread them so far apart that
    they cannot support each other and even keeps them from attacking and healing.
    If you have your axe riders harass one specific group, namely a longbow troop,
    they will always run so far up north that you've practically chased them out of
    the battlefield.
    Once you've got all your mounted units assigned to a job, have Morene look for
    several enemy troops bundled together and start using offensive spells on them.
    When the spell is over rush into battle and have your wyverns back her up. This
    part of the battle shouldn't last long, but be very weary of any free longbows.
    They will start torching your troops, but just cast a Tree of Healing and the
    health regeneration should overpower the burn from the fire arrows. This battle
    should pose no problem as long as you make sure all your units are working.
    During this battle Ilfa will point out how Hexter and the Ecclesians are in
    battle. During this time a new set of enemies appear, but only one attacks you
    and can be dealt with fairly easily.
    2 Longbow Level 21
    2 Hexter Axeman Level 22-24
    2 Knight Level 24-25
    3 Hexter Infantry Level 24-25
    1 Paladin Level 24
    1 Hexter Orc Rider Level 24
    Right when this battle is announced the orc rider will harass both you and the
    Ecclesians you are battling. Have every single one of your troops except Morene
    rush the poor troop of bastards.
    All of these enemies are easy pickings. Just have your axe riders harass a pair
    of battles while both your archers harass another. Have Morene cast offensive
    spells in the other remaining battles which should virtually wipe them out.
    This is quite possibly the best time to get insanely high amounts of SP from
    these morons as they try and kill each other. If you followed me and kept your
    wyverns then have them attack anyone they choose.
    Once all the enemies are eliminated, you'll be prompted of the arrival of the
    Patriarchal Emissaries' arrival. This is the final battle of the mission and
    just like the rest, is fairly easy.
    1 Walter Level 27
    3 Paladin Level 24-25
    3 Longbow Level 16-22
    1 Spearman Level 22
    For this battle rush any and all of the enemy melee troops while your axe rider
    harass all the rangers. Don't worry about the spearmen since they appear at the
    very top of the level and also quite late. You should have a fair amount of
    your allies left so this can't be too hard. Your archers and wyverns should be
    backing up Morene. Just finish the battle and it's mission over.
    Go to the advance base and proceed with the story. It turns out the humans are
    idiots and everyone except them knows that the Ancient Heart is the only thing
    keeping life from stopping. Manage your troops and head to Nowart. When you
    arrive you'll notice that Encablossa has been summoned.
    If you've played through the first Kingdom Under Fire game you're probably
    already sick of that one movie. This is probably your fourth time watching it.
    Head to the east of Nowart.
    Mission: Nowart
    7 Encablossa Level 25
    4 Encablossa Spitter Level 29
    2 Encablossa Flyer Level 24
    1 Encablossa Mutant Level 29
    This is essentially a search and destroy mission except with Encablossa troops
    running around. Waste them.
    Once that's over with head to the Advance Base. Manage your troops then head to
    Cloud Bourne
    Mission: Cloud Bourne
    A very deep ravine.
    Required Entry: 3 Free
    6 Dark Elf Fighter Level 25
    3 Dark Elf Archer Level 25
    6 Encalbossa Level 40
    2 Encablossa Spitter Level 40
    Keep in mind for this level I send in my cavalry archers and or axe riders.
    Also keep in mind that Valdemar is a sissy and you will be constantly ambushed
    by singular Encablossa units so watch out and don't be too far ahead of the
    pack. This level is also unbelievably annoying because of those ambushes.
    At the start of the level you'll be escorted by several low level, low quality
    allies. They'll move autonomously so follow and protect them. When you run into
    your first wave of Encablossa troops, immediately send your axe rider to start
    mauling them while you have your cavalry archers start casting Tree of Healing
    the moment Morene enters battle. This battle shouldn't pose any threat at all
    as long as you keep your cavalry archers away from battle casting healing
    spells while your axe riders build up SP.
    When that's over with follow along the path to encounter your next set of
    annoying giant bugs.
    9 Encablossa Spitter Level 40-50
    If you're lucky, you won't get ambushed by the time you reach the Encablossa
    Spitters. Unforunately for me, I was. If you were too, then have your orcs
    stay back with the pack and harass the solo troop while Morene and the cavalry
    archer commit what would otherwise be known as suicide and rush head first into
    9 troops alone.
    Have Morene work on each troop one by one with the cavalry archer providing
    support and a Tree of Healing when needed. Hopefully the ambush unit will be
    taken care of quickly enough to back up Morene. The spitters shouldn't pose
    so much of a problem that you're in need of some healing arts, but it would
    definitely speed things up along the way.
    When the battle is over Morene will make an accidental yet comical statement
    about that sissy of a ruler.
    Continue along the way as you get ambushed. This is quite possibly the most
    frustrating part about this mission. Your allies are too stupid to figure
    where to go so you're pretty much stuck with leaving the orc axe rider behind
    to babysit while you take on the rest of the battles with two troops.
    4 Encablossa Level 39-40
    The AI in this level somehow plummets dramatically as your allies fumble around
    the field aimlessly like idiots while Encablossa troops watch as their fellow
    troops get trampled on by a single enemy unit accompanied only by cavalry
    archers. Simple battle even with two units thankfully because of the bad AI.
    Continue on and hope your troops still follow you. Unfortunately mine had no
    idea how to move on and continuously got ambushed while my orc axe riders
    assisted their tails.
    4 Encablossa Level 39-40
    Once a gain, bad AI saves the day. Trample them and hope your troops are still
    follow behind.
    If your allies aren't behind you or are trailing, run back to them, assist them
    and continue to escort them all the way through the ravine. If you're seriously
    frustrated from this point with the combination of bad AI and consistant 
    ambushes, then by all means, leave behind whoever has been ambushed and run
    away with anyone that was smart enough to follow you instead.
    Finally when you reach the final part of the mission you will be ambushed on
    both sides by two Encalbossa troops.
    2 Encablossa Level 80
    Run the hell away and thank your lucky stars that this miserable level is over.
    Mission accomplished.
    Head to the Advance Base and complete the Unknown Missions in anyway you choose
    then proceed to Wicktow.
    Mission: Unknown 4
    This would be the closest unknown mission to the east.
    5 Orc Sappers Level 32
    4 Dark Elf Knight Level 21
    3 Dark Elf Fighter Level 21
    3 Dark Elf Archer Level 31
    1 Fire Wraith Level 29
    2 Wyvern Level 20
    Finish this set of enemies and move onto the next set if you need experience
    points. Other than that head back to the Advance Base.
    Mission: Unknown 5
    This is southwest of the Advance Base.
    6 Heavy Infantry Level 19
    4 Paladin Level 28
    3 Archer Level 36
    2 Bomber Wing Level 21
    1 Catapult Level 23
    Make this fast because you've got one more Unknown to go through unless you
    want to just skip them.
    Mission: Unknown 6
    This is far west of the Advance Base.
    6 Knight Level 39
    5 Sapper Level 29
    3 Mortar Level 24
    2 Storm Rider Level 30
    1 Catapult Level 37
    Hurry this up then finally head to the mission.
    Manage your troops and finally finish off the campaign at Wicktow.
    Mission: Wicktow
    Vellong Territory. An old castle ruin.
    Required Entry: 4 Free
    There are several Yenicheri troops on the map, but all you need is two. You
    must also find Ilfa, but she can only be found once you find two Yenicheri.
    There's absolutely no special crap that happens when you retrieve all of the
    Yenicheri troops so don't waste your time doing so. Just hunting for them is
    annoying enough. There's nothing really difficult to this level and all the
    enemies appear in small patches. Sadly, in terms of difficulty, this final
    mission is horribly boring and horribly lousy until the end.
    At the start of the mission head to the southeast direction and you should run
    into your first set of enemies.
    3 Orc Infantry Level 30
    1 Orc Axemen Level 30
    Finish them off and move on to the south east to run into more enemies.
    3 Scorpion Level 30
    3 Orc Heavy Infantry Level 30
    2 wyvern Level 30
    Hopefully all the melee troops engage Morene so start fighting. Have the orc
    axe riders harass the enemies while Morene fights on. Have both your cavalry
    archers maul the wyverns. This battle shouldn't take long so make it quick.
    Once you reach the choke point head west and you should run into a couple dark
    1 Dark Knight Level 30
    1 Dark Archer Level 30
    1 Scorpion Level 30
    Morene should rush the dark knight and scorpion while the cavalry archers and
    orc axe riders annihilate the dark archer group.
    Head south again and you should run into  some enemies.
    2 Dark Knight  Level 30
    2 Archer Level 30
    Make quick work of them by attacking one archer troop with both cavalry archers
    and have your axe riders harass the other while Morene takes on the pair of
    dark knights.
    Continue on and you should finally run into your first Yenicheri troop.
    1 Yenicheri Level 30
    1 Dark Knight Level 30
    1 Dark Archer Level 30
    1 Dark Cavalry Level 30
    Easy battle. Have your axe riders and one cavalry archer chase the dark cavalry
    while the remaining cavalry archer attacks the enemy ranger. Morene of course
    should take on the dark knights which should pose absolutely no challenge.
    When the battle is over start heading north east and you shuold run into a few
    enemies in the middle of the map.
    2 Dark Knight Level 30
    1 Wyvern Level 30
    Simple battle. Have one cavalry archer maul the Wyvern while the rest of your
    troops attack and harass both dark knight units. Easy battle.
    Continue heading northeast and you should find the second Yenicheri along with
    a pair of enemy units.
    1 Yenicheri Level 30
    1 Dark Knight Level 30
    1 Dark Cavalry Level 30
    Simple battle. With the help of one Yenicheri unit alongside you and the other
    already engaged with the dark knight have all your units except Morene 
    slaughter the dark knight troop.
    Continue east to run into a small enemy group.
    2 Dark Archer Level 30
    1 Dark Knight Level 30
    Kill them all. Easy battle.
    Continue north to finally find Ilfa. This is as hard as the mission gets.
    2 Orc Infantry Level 30
    1 Swamp Mammoth Level 30
    1 Wyvern Level 30
    1 Orc Rider Level 30
    Start by having the Yenicheri troops engage the infantry. Have one cavalry
    archer attack the wyvern troop while the other attacks the orc rider along with
    your axe rider. To get rid of the swamp mammoth use Morene's offensive spells.
    It should take two casting to get rid of it, but it'll go down fairly fast with
    little to no damage at all from it. From there have Morene join the engagement.
    During this whole time you'll learn from Ilfa that Valdemar has been killed in
    battle. Once it's all over head south to the designated point. When you arrive
    you'll be met with several Kaedes.
    6 Melee Kaedes Level 30
    3 Range Kaedes Level 30
    Kill all of them and then the battle will cut out to a cut scene.
    Here you'll learn that Lucretia was always the rebel leader of the Kaedes and
    that she killed Valdemar. It turns out that Valdemar was already dead and what
    she killed was only a look-a-like. At this point you'll be given a choice of
    either killing Ilfa or attacking Lucretia.
    Ilfa Level 40
    Lucretia Level 60
    At this point it'll be a stand off. It doesn't matter who you attack as both
    are easily defeated.
    Attacking Lucretia adds extra vocals where she spares both Morene an Ilfa and
    allows them to leave to create their own kingdom. Killing Ilfa allows Lucretia
    to spare Morene and lets her create her own kingdom. Of course she mocks Morene
    while Morene simply leaves with what little dignity she has left.
    No matter what happens, the last cut scene shows what happens to Vellond a year
    later after the Encablossa War. It turns out Morene wasted a miniscule number
    of years since she's an immortal half-vampire following a dead dream of a now 
    deserted and destroyed kingdom. Better luck next time babe.
    More5 Troop List
    This is basically the troop list for the darkside. I'll provide a little
    commentary. Before anyone bombards me with hatemail about their favorite class
    keep in mind that this is my offline experiences with the class and do not
    reflect my experiences with them online.
    Dark Elves
    Dark Elf Archer
    Required Skill:
    Melee 1
    Ranged 1
    This is basically the number one unit you need throughout the entire campaign.
    You can put in an elemental to their skills and have them assist greatly with
    offensive spells as well as healing.
    Dark Elf Fighter
    Required Skill:
    Melee 1
    The very first and default class of the Dark Elves. Switch immediately to
    another class because Fighters just plain suck.
    Dark Elf Knight
    Required Skill:
    Melee 7
    A much better class than the Fighter, but I'd rather have orcs doing my melee.
    This class is only used because the leader is accompanied by them.
    Dark Elf Cavalry
    Required Skill:
    Melee 3
    Frontal 4
    Riding 4
    Just like it's human counterpart, but then again, I'd rather have orcs doing
    Dark Elf Cavalry Archer
    Required Skill:
    Melee 6
    Ranged 6
    Riding 7
    Now this is the reason why you should have any Dark Elves at all. Perfect for
    harassing melee units and baiting. Also much better at retreating compared to
    just normal Dark Elf Archers.
    Orc Infantry
    Required Skill:
    Melee 1
    The strongest available default infantry. Not so great, but once you get the
    chance, change their class right away.
    Orc Ghoul
    Required Skill:
    Melee 10
    Curse 8
    Good class if you like to really mess up enemies, but then again spells are
    much faster.
    Orc Axeman
    Required Skill:
    Melee 2
    Frontal 3
    Worthless. Cavalry in this game serves no threat. They're so stupid, they just
    stay in the melee.
    Orc Heavy Infantry
    Required Skill:
    Melee 9
    Strongest infantry class, but only good if accompanied by hero, other than that
    you don't need an additional melee force.
    Orc Rider
    Required Skill:
    Melee 3
    Frontal 4
    Riding 4
    Good class to use in the beginning of campaigns, other than that, upgrade
    Orc Axe Rider
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Frontal 5
    Riding 7
    Excellent class. Racks up tons of SP, gets plenty of kills, and slows down and
    stops enemies from attacking. Great against rangers.
    Orc Sapper
    Required Skill:
    Melee 1
    Teamwork 1
    Required Skill:
    Melee 4
    Teamwork 5
    Taming 2
    Stong class, but incredibly slow and skill isn't all that great.
    Orc Support
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Teamwork 6
    Taming 7
    Worthless. The Swamp Mammoth does a better job of bombing than this flying
    waste of experience points and it lasts longer too.
    Black Wyvern
    Required Skill:
    Melee 10
    Riding 10
    Great support class for attacking both ground and air units. Be wary of archers
    though because they will get torn to shreds.
    Swamp Mammoth
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Teamwork 7
    Taming 10
    The greatest ground support unit. Lasts almost forever, has an insanely
    powerful attack and has great range. Only problem is how damn slow it is.
    Bone Dragon
    Required Skill:
    Melee 9
    Ranged 9
    Curse 9
    Ha. What a joke. Unless you've played Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders you'll
    never find out! Just kidding. Slow attacking class. Not really all that it's
    cracked up to be, but then again you only get it for one level.
    (Note: Can only be played in custom game and in Kingdom Under Fire: The
    Elemental Classes
    Both sides have access to these classes. Although they're new, they're not
    really cool.
    Earth Golem
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Earth 25
    Ice Maiden
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Ice 25
    Thunder Rhino
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Thunder 25
    Worthless and fat.
    Fire Wraith
    Required Skill:
    Melee 5
    Fire 25
    More6 Tips
    This section is dedicated to standard tips that can apply to Morene's campaign
    as well as everyone else's.
    - I cannot stress enough how incredibly well taken care of Morene is because
      she has quite possibly the best combination of troops for an opening level,
      especially in her difficulty. Kill EVERYTHING in that level.
    - Archers, archers, archers. Those are the one unit you need the most since
      those are the only units that can attack air troops and attack with offensive
    - Sometimes it's worth healing your allies since they are a great way to divert
      multiple enemy troops away from you incase things should get a little too
    - Sometimes the tempation of more experiece points overweights the attack power
      when purchasing weapons. Ignore those. You'll always earn more than enough
      experience points to keep your entire regiment even because of the numerous
      amounts of unknown missions.
    - If your hero's personal officers have physical attack assists, change them
      right away to spell casting. Not only are they more useful in melee, but they
      can also cast spells outside of battle thus weakening enemies you aren't
      engaged with.
    - If the troop unit isn't fit for melee combat, make sure it stays that way.
      Don't allow them to melee in battle as they will easily get decimated.
    - Unless there's spearmen or axemen, always have your mounted assault unit
      moving and harassing enemies. They are your greatest source of gaining SP.
    - If there are allies participating in battle and you've got plenty of SP to
      spend then hold back your hero unit, in this case Morene, and cast any spells
      you possess. This is an excellent way to really soften up the enemy and keep
      your allies from taking kills from you.
    - If you have a feeling you're on the last mission of any campaign, then you
      probably are. Kill every single troop leader as soon as possible since you no
      longer get any experience points once the battle is over.
    - There's no need for a second melee group. The one your hero commands is more
      than enough.
    - Morene controls dark elves so make sure you make good use of forests since
      they can naturally heal while in them.
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