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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimfish

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     ____          __                          __                  __      
    /\  _`\       /\ \                        /\ \              __/\ \__   
    \ \ \L\_\ __  \ \ \___   _ __    __    ___\ \ \___      __ /\_\ \ ,_\  
     \ \  _\/'__`\ \ \  _ `\/\`'__\/'__`\/' _ `\ \  _ `\  /'__`\/\ \ \ \/  
      \ \ \/\ \L\.\_\ \ \ \ \ \ \//\  __//\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \/\  __/\ \ \ \ \_ 
       \ \_\ \__/.\_\\ \_\ \_\ \_\\ \____\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____\\ \_\ \__\
        \/_/\/__/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/ \/____/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/____/ \/_/\/__/
         _         _  _             ___                 _                  
        | |._ _  _| |<_> ___  ___  | . \ _ _  ___  ___ | |_  ___  ___  _ _ 
        | || ' |/ . || |/ . |/ . \ |  _/| '_>/ . \| . \| . |/ ._>/ | '| | |
        |_||_|_|\___||_|\_. |\___/ |_|  |_|  \___/|  _/|_|_|\___.\_|_.`_. |
                        <___'                     |_|                 <___'
    -------------------------------------------------------------DEMO GUIDE
                          *          An FAQ           * 
                          -            by             -
                          *       Steve Taylor        *
                          -  Began: 13/September/05   -
                          * Finished: 13/September/05 *
                          - E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com -
    To cut down on massive lists and TOCs, I've just made simple Ctrl +F strings
    for you. Want to visit the actual Walkthrough? Just type W-T in the search
    function. The guide's not that hard to navigate either way, but just a small
    feature to make it a little easier.
                                     Table of Contents:
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (E-M) E-Mail Me    (E-M)
                                   (C&I) Controls     (C-I)
                                   (W-T) Walkthrough  (W-T)
                                         -(TBE)THE BEST ENDING
                                         -(TWE)THE WORST ENDING
                                         -(TBB)THE BLAND ENDING
                                   (SPC) Special      (SPC)
                          (I-I)       INTRODUCTION          (I-I)
    Fahrenheit, a.k.a Indigo Prophecy is the brain child of David Cage. You can 
    download the PC demo via their website (http://www.atari.com/indigo) or you can
    play the XBox version via Offical XBox Magazine's demo disc.
    This guide will hopefully help you play through the demo level several times
    successfully, teaching you all of the different effects that your actions
    can have on how the plot unfolds. Granted, it's only a small portion of the
    game, but I've had some e-mails requesting for some helpful hints, so here
    goes nothing.
                               (E-M)     E-Mail Me     (E-M)
    Yes! I do have an e-mail policy. So if you're thinking about sending
    me mail about the game, read these first other-wise I won't read them.
    1) Please put game's name in the subject (OTHER WISE IT WILL BE REGARDED
    AS SPAM!)
    2) Questions about the game will be accepted, and I will be happy to 
    answer them. That way I can add or go-over something which I didn't
    include or didn't cover that well. 
    3) Tips, hints, different ways to complete a level, beat a boss etc. 
    will gladly be appreciated. As I mentioned in rule number 2, it'll help
    my guide become more informative.
    4) Don't get snappy with me. Seriously. No name-calling, naughty-words
    or otherwise. 
    5) You are free to contact me about other matters, such as requesting
    game-saves for certain games (XBox is the only one I can currently do
    until I buy an Action Replay for the GCN or PS2)
    6) Please, please for the love of all things Holy. Use English! I don't
    fancy spending my time translating most of the stuff you internet guys
    6 simple rules or guide-lines. Follow them or else I won't read your
                    (C&I)       CONTROLS AND INTERACTIONS          (C&I)
    The demo doesn't give you any tutorial on actually *how* to play the game,
    but once you toy around with it for a couple of minutes, it's a snap.
                            ______                ______
                           /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\
                       /                                    \
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \
     Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |
         (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |
     (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(Black)
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)
         D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick
                    /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /       Controller S       \       |
                    |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
           Switch           ______                ______               Switch
           Camera--------->/      \              /      \ <------------Camera
                       /                                    \   Mental
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y) <---\----State 
           Move------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|----------Character  
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Run         Switch
         (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |
     (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(First Person)
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---(Reset Camera)
         Move-------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Camera
                    /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /                          \       |
                    |      /                            \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
    When you first gain control of Lucas, you can experiement with the controls to 
    see just how they work. It doesn't matter if you get a bad ending on your first
    go, since, well, after all it was just a first go. And with that one failure 
    you should now be able to play like a master.
                                    MENTAL-STATE BAR:
    The mental-state bar is effectivly your Health Bar. Having different moods 
    alter how the game plays, adding a new lease on gaming. For example, if you get
    really depressed and then overwrought, people'll ask you if you're alright and 
    pay more attention to you. And since you just killed a man in coldblood, you 
    don't really want to be noticed.
    The emotions that Lucas can experience during the demo are:
    Pay very close attention to this bar. If you're not careful, you could end up 
    going insane.
                               (W-T)     WALKTHROUGH      (W-T)
                            (TBE)    THE BEST ENDING    (TBE)
    *note: This is the best possible ending to achieve for the demo. You can only 
    reach the emotion "Neutral" which is as good as it's going to get. 
      B A T H R O O M:
    Watch the magnificent opening cutscene and intro (featuring the writer and 
    director, David Cage) who'll brief you about the game and what the gist of it 
    is. Then, onto the main game.
    You'll be standing over the corpse of your victim, leaving him there is not a 
    good idea, so pick him up and hammer the Left and Right triggers to drag him 
    into an empty stall. 
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    You'll need to deal with the blood, so grab the mop by the window (careful not 
    to interact with the window itself) and pick the option with the blood. Push 
    the thumbstick back and fowards a couple of times to scrub the floor clean. 
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    Lucas' arms are coated in dripping blood and that's not a good look. Drop the 
    mop back by the window and go over to the sinks. Choose the tap on the right to
    Lucas cleanes his hands and arms. 
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    Okay. Now you just need to get rid of the murder weapon which you dropped by 
    the urinals. Walk over there and interact with the knife to hide it.
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    You've covered up the murder scene as best as you can do, but walk over to the
    condom dispenser on the wall and interact with it. Nothing. Interact with it 
    again and then swing the right trigger left to right a few times to knock a 
    coin out.
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    Walk out of the bathroom and into the diner.
          D I N E R:
    Your table is the second one on the right after coming out the bathroom. Walk 
    over to it and sit down. Select the knife and fork option to take a couple of 
    bites out of your meal.
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    Next, take a sip of your water in order to get a hold on yourself.
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
    Now get off of your chair and stand up. Select the option to look at your bill,
    and then the option to pay for it.
    *note: It's possible to use the coin you found on the Jukebox in the corner on 
    the PC Version, but I can't seem to do it on the XBox version. Guess I'll just 
    have to wait for the full release.
    Quickly run for the front entrance and out.
                                   *     +5 Points!    *
        O U T S I D E:
    You need to get out of the neighbourhood as fast as you can before the cop 
    discovers the corspe and calls for backup. There's two ways out of the place, 
    but the subway is the easiest. To get their, turn right after leaving the cafe,
    right at the corner, cross over the street and continue over to the subway for 
                                   *     +10 Points!   *
    Congrats! You've just completed the demo level. You're treated to an enigmatic
    ending involving a homeless man in the alley. Could he of saw the murder?! Did
    he somehow control you whilst you lay in your trance?! Guess we'll have to wait
    and find out...
                               (TWE)    WORST ENDING    (TWE)
    *note: This is the worst possible ending to achieve for the demo. "WRECKED" is 
    the emotion you're aiming for here.
      B A T H R O O M :
    Leave the body and just go over to the window. Interact with it and Lucas' 
    spirit will go down by...
                                   *      -5 Points!   *
    *note: leaving the bathroom without washing your hands causes the waitress to 
    go crazy and scream. So wash your hands now to gain:
                                   *      +5 Points!   *
    Leave everything as it is and go back into the diner.
        D I N E R       :
    There's a pay-phone in the darkened corner here, so use it. Lucas needs some 
    help but his brother isn't in. This puts a dampner on his spirits...
                                   *      -5 Points!   *
    To cause even more distress to our hapless hero, talk to the grumpy man in the 
    hat in the last booth to recieve a knock down of:
                                   *      -5 Points!   *
    Next walk behind the counter to get yelled at by the waitress to lose another...
                                   *      -5 Points!   *
    Rush over to the cop and talk to him. Lucas'll get into a fluster and ramble on
    about being innocent, but the cop doesn't understand or care and so takes...
                                   *     -10 Points!   *
    Take a seat near the waitress and then talk to her. She'll point out just how 
    white and...well, ill-looking you are. 
                                   *      -5 Points!   *
    At this point, you're close to breaking, so just walk over to the door. When 
    you try to interact with it, the waitress will tell you that you forgot to 
    pay. Just wait and you'll lose 10 points.
                                   *      -10 Points!  *
    This should be enough to send Lucas flying off of the rails, but if not, just 
    wait here until the cop gets off his own seat to visit the bathroom. This'll 
    rip 10 points from you and should definatly cause the end.
                              (TBE)    BLAND ENDINGS    (TWE)
    *note: By bland, I simply mean the ones which are pretty similar and need no 
    full guide to doing them. Just a few notes on *how* to get that specific ending.
    -If you were to stay in the bathroom throughout and just simply wait for the 
    cop, you'll be caught and arrested.
    -If you were to stay in the bathroom with everything mopped up, hidden and 
    cleaned, you'll be caught and arrested once the cop discovers the body.
    -If you were to wash your hands, go into the diner and just wait for the cop to
    go into the bathroom and discover the body.
    -If you were to burst out of the bathroom with blood over your hands and wait 
    for the cop to come over.
    -If you were to wait outside in the snow for too long, a cop car will pull over
    and arrest you.
    -If you were to leave the restaurant and go into the cab parked nearby.
    You can mix and match these endings, but they are pretty much you being caught 
    with the exception of the cab.
    Below is a list of the possible actions that you can carry out in Farenheit. 
                        Interaction                        Points
                        =-=-=-=-=-=                     =-=-=-=-=-=-  
                         Hide Body                           +5
                         Mop Blood                           +5
                         Wash Hands                          +5
                         Hide Weapon                         +5
                         Get Coin                            +5
                         Look out Window                     -5
                         Burst into the diner               -20
                         Use Urinal                           0
                         Use Toilet                           0
                         Blowdry Hands                        0
                         Check Blood By Toilet                0
                         Examine Self In Mirror               0
                         Try Out-Of-Order Tap                 0
                         Go In To The Diner                   0
    The following reactions are DINER INTERACTIONS ONLY.
                        Interaction                        Points
                        =-=-=-=-=-=                     =-=-=-=-=-=-  
                         Eat Meal                           +5
                         Drink Water                        +5
                         Leave via Front With Paying        +5
                         Leave via Back With Paying         +5
                         Use Pay-Phone                      -5
                         Talk To Man Wearing Hat            -5
                         Walk Behind Counter                -5
                         Talk to Waitress                   -5
                         Talk to Cop                       -10
                         Leave via Front Without Paying    -10
                         Leave via Back Without Paying     -10
                         Sit At The Counter                  0
                         Check Your Bill                     0
                         Pay Your Bill                       0
                         Examine Cup of Coffee               0
                         Talk to Alone Man                   0
                         Watch Television                    0
                         Go Into The Bathroom                0
    The following reactions are OUTSIDE THE DINER INTERACTIONS ONLY.
                        Interaction                        Points
                        =-=-=-=-=-=                     =-=-=-=-=-=-  
                         Leave via Subway                   +10
                         Leave via Taxi-Cab                 +10
                         Look at Homeless Man                 0
                         Go Back Into The Cafe via Front      0
                         Go Back Into The Cafe via Back       0
    The vast amount of interaction in this one short level is amazing. You can play
    it again and again and still find new stuff. <3 <3 <3.
                               (SPC)     SPECIAL    (SPC)
    This section has no gameplay content, but I thought some might be interested 
    about the storyboards I was e-mailed by Eric Horowitz, Associate Marketing 
    Manager of Atari.
    Below is the transcript of the e-mail for those who fancy a read:
    I am the U.S. Brand Manager for Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit)
    and I ran across the demo walkthrough that you posted on 
    GameSpot.com.  I’m glad you enjoyed the demo and I hope you find 
    the final game just as exciting.
    As a small token of thanks for your appreciation of the game, I 
    wanted to share some early story boards from the game that we 
    have never released to the public.  You might recognize these 
    story boards as the police chase in the “Confrontation” scene 
    in the game.  Enjoy!!
    Eric Horowitz
    The three story boards that were sent were very beutiful and rich in style and
    I'm really glad that I got to see them. Plus, being sent them boosted the FAQ
    writing side in me, prompting me to work harder than ever before on my guides.
    If you would like to see the artwork, drop me an e-mail at jimfish@gmail.com.
    Be sure to include a suitable subject line for it...
    Legal Information and Acknowledgements:
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQs: For hosting this guide!
    -Atari: For being awesome...and stuff.
    -Eric Horowitz: For the delightful e-mail.
    -David Cage's Brain: Speaks for itself. Without that guy, we wouldn't have this
     game. <3
    -OXM: For bring me a long awaited demo.
    -Thuyker: For the Controller ASCII
    -ZPO4O, c o s m i c, KageShinobi, MetalGearREXDude, Nicomicrules, 
    ClockworkHare, RoarMonkey, Total Lost, sick heretic, Red Snake, Vision of 
    Immortality, SoftReset, Spring Rubber, Doom Bucket, Orange of Doom, Falcor, 
    Perfect Goku, eshegnev, MetalGearREXDude, iamtheprogidy and a bunch of other 
    users...just for being them.
    This text file, "Fahrenheit Demo Guide" may not be republished
    and reprinted for any charges and/or profits. This includes 
    being reproduced in books, magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on
    other web sites other than GameFAQs without the permission of
    the original author. Any changes to this file without the
    permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law of 
    copyright, so please don't it. And as the legal owner of this
    guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
    this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
    use this guide.
    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
    also print it if you wish. 
    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
    Copyright 2005 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM

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