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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kazarus

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___________      .__                         .__           .__  __   
    \_   _____/____  |  |_________   ____   ____ |  |__   ____ |__|/  |_ 
     |    __) \__  \ |  |  \_  __ \_/ __ \ /    \|  |  \_/ __ \|  \   __\
     |     \   / __ \|   Y  \  | \/\  ___/|   |  \   Y  \  ___/|  ||  |  
     \___  /  (____  /___|  /__|    \___  >___|  /___|  /\___  >__||__|  
         \/        \/     \/            \/     \/     \/     \/       
    A.K.A. Indigo Prophecy
    Author:  Greg Turnage
    Email:  ickytrollmonster@gmail.com
    Comment:  Please email me with any suggestions, questions, and anything else
    you have in mind.  Thank you.
    Version:  1.0
    ==Table of Contents==
    -The Murder
    -The Day After
    -Police Work
    -Alternate Reality
    -Tyler & Kate
    -Lost Love
    -Hide and Seek
    -Friendly Combat
    -Questions & Bullets
    -Double or Quits
    -The Storm
    -Dark Omen
    -Face Off
    -Back to Agatha
    -Happy Anniversary!
    -Bloody Washing
    -Captain Jones is Really Upset
    -Fallen Angels
    -Soap, Blood & Clues
    -The Fugitive
    -Meeting Kuriakin
    -Mayan Secrets
    -The Clan
    -Danger & Ubiquity
    -Fate on Russian Hills
    -Child's Play
    -The Pact
    -Frozen to the Bone
    -Where is Jade?
    -Final Countdown
    ==Distribution and Hosting Rules==
    You may distribute and host this walkthrough freely so long as you email me and
    let me know prior to doing so.  I do not even care if you take the walkthrough
    and stick it in your pants, so long as you notify me.  ;)
    Being something that guides you through the game step by step, it is necessary
    that this game contain certain spoilers.  I can't very well help you if I
    cannot tell you where it is you will be going and what will happen when you get
    there.  While I must spoil some of your gameplay, I will try my very hardest
    not to include any STORY spoilers.
    ==Author's Introduction==
    Greetings, and thank you very much for using my walkthrough.  I have put a lot
    of time and effort into writing it and I appreciate any comments and
    suggestions I may get back in return.  I will try to leave out spoilers, as
    stated above, and I will be as specific as possible.  I apologize ahead of time
    if it's a bit repetitve.  At the time that I type this sentence, I have played
    the game many, many times through and have gotten every ending that I think 
    possible.  Now, for a final time, I am going to rewalk myself through the game,
    taking both time and energy to do every little thing I can imagine.  And each 
    of these things I will type out to provide for you.  The catch is that since I
    will be replaying each level over and over again until I have done both bad and
    good, have tried every dialogue option, and gotten all endings, you'll have to
    keep checking back for my updates.  I plan to at the very least add one chapter
    each day.  Also, please notify me if I have missed anything and I will have it
    updated as soon as possible.  All that read this guide, thank you for putting 
    to use what took me much time and effort.  :)
    This walkthrough is being written by playing the full European version of the
    game.  Since 90% of my emails will likely be about the sex scenes, how to get
    them will be included in the appropriate sections of this walkthrough.
    I strongly advise you go through the tutorial before beginning the game.  It's 
    not what I'd call an excellent tutorial, but it is still helpful nonetheless.
    The game opens up with the main character Lucas Kane narrating.  He tells you 
    about how he used to be normal until something extraordinary happened to him.
    Then he goes on to explain the setting - New York City.  The game begins in a 
    diner.  You watch as an old man is murdered in a bathroom.  It looks as if the
    murderer is in a trance and appears to be performing a ritual of some sort.
    Then when the deed is done, you suddenly see a little girl reaching out to you
    from the darkness.
    Then the trance abruptly ends and you have blood on you and you're standing 
    over a corpse.
    **The status bar that appears at the bottom right of the screen indicates your
    state of mentality.  The highest is Netural.  You can become Tense, Stressed, 
    Anxious, Depressed, Overwrought, Wrecked and then you go insane and the game 
    ends.  Thus, it is very important that you maintain good mental health.  Many 
    decisions you make during the course of this game will affect this, and this 
    guide will tell you everything you need to know.  After the murder, you lose 
    60 points and become Depressed.
    You are shown that a police officer is sitting at a stool in the diner, and 
    then the character Lucas Kane is turned over to you.
    ==The Murder==
    --Doc's Diner
    +5 Hiding Body
    +5 Mopping the blood off floor
    +5 Hiding knife
    +5 Getting coin from Speedex machine
    +5 Washing blood off yourself at the sink
    +5 Drinking something at your table
    +5 Eating something at your table
    +5 Playing jukebox
    +5 Leaving diner after paying bill
    +10 Taking cab
    +10 Using subway
    -5 Talking to guy sitting in booth near restroom
    -5 Trying to walk behind the bar
    -5 Using phone
    -5 Looking out the bathroom window
    -10 Talking to cop
    -10 Leaving without paying bill
    -10 Being in restroom when cop gets up
    -20 Leaving restroom with blood on yourself and bumping into waitress
    -60 Realizing you committed murder
    The first thing you should do is move the body into the stall.  If you played 
    the tutorial, you should know how to perform actions in this game.  When you 
    walk up to the body, you'll see a symbol appear at the top center of the screen
    with a line that flows downwards.  Moving your mouse down at this location 
    while holding the left mouse button will perform the desired action.  Once you
    are holding the body, you'll need to hit the left and right buttons quickly to
    move the corpse into the stall.
    Next grab the mop that is leaning against the wall on the side of the window.
    Mop up the blood on the floor using this.  You'll need to keep moving your 
    mouse up and down to do the mopping.  Getting rid of the blood this way will 
    gain +5 points to your mentality.  There will still be blood on the floor that
    there is just no way to clean up.  Don't worry about it.
    Now go and pick up the knife on the ground in front of the urinal nearest to 
    the door.  Lucas will hide it in a random location, though you will not see 
    this happen.  Instead, the cop will be shown to you once more, just to create 
    more suspense, I suppose.  +5 for hiding knife.
    Walk up to the Speedex machine to the right of where you found the knife.  
    Perform the indicated action and Lucas will check it to find it empty.  Perform
    the action again, moving the mouse from left to right, and you will hit the 
    machine and then hear a coin drop.  For the third time, perform the action and
    you will get a coin.  +5
    Next use the sink on the right in front of the mirror to wash the blood off of
    yourself.  +5
    Leave the bathroom and go to the booth you were eating in (the second one from
    the bathroom) and look at your bill, then pay it.  Sit down, drink something, 
    then eat something.  +10
    Get up, and walk to the jukebox and play it.  You'll need the coin you got from
    the restroom.  +5.  Now leave the diner from the main or emergency exit.  +5.
    The cop will enter the bathroom and find the body, but you'll be out of harm's
    way.  Either leave by the cab down the street to your right if you've left the
    diner through the main exit or through the subway on the street parallel to the
    diner.  The cops can later trace the cab routes whereas the subway is 
    untraceable, but no harm will come from either.
    -You can watch tv if you sit on the stool at the bar that is right in front of
    the waitress.
    -There is a homeless guy in the alley that the diner's emergency exit leads to.
    You can look at him.  He's someone you get to know later on.
    -There is a book under Lucas's table.  You'll find out more about this in the
    next chapter.
    **Bad Endings**
    **If you remain in the bathroom too long, the police officer will eventually 
    need to use the restroom and will enter while you are still inside.  He will 
    see the blood on the floor that you couldn't possibly clean up and he will
    discover the body and arrest you.  Game over.
    **If you are still in the diner but not in the restroom when the cop goes 
    inside, he will locate the body and come out and tell everyone in the diner 
    that they are unable to leave.  Blood will be found on your clothes and you 
    will be arrested.  Game over.
    **If you leave the restroom with blood still on you, you'll bump into the 
    waitress, and lose 20 points.  The cop will get up and walk towards you.  If 
    you stand still, he'll assume you're injured until he goes into the restroom 
    and finds the body, then he'll arrest you.  You can, however, run out the 
    emergency exit and get away.
    **If you leave the diner but don't take the cab or subway within enough time, 
    a police patrol will pull up in front of the diner and ask you for your ID and
    then arrest you.
    **To go crazy:  Realize you committed murder.  -60.  Wash blood off of your 
    hands.  +5.  Look out the bathroom window.  -5.  Talk to guy near restroom.  
    -5.  Use phone.  -5.  Talk to cop.  -10.  Try to leave without paying bill but
    don't run out.  -10.  Try to walk behind the bar.  -5.  Go back into restroom 
    and wait until the cop gets up.  -10.  You'll go crazy and end up in the 
    --Doc's Diner
    +5 Drinking Coffee (Carla)
    +5 Checking phone and asking Frank to verify phone calls (Carla)
    +5 Looking at Lucas's blood in the stall (Carla)
    +5 Going near the cab outside the diner (Carla)
    +10 Finding book under table (Carla)
    +10 Finding the knife (Carla)
    +5 Drinking Coffee (Tyler)
    +5 Asking Martin about coffee (Tyler)
    +5 Asking Martin about victim (Tyler)
    +5 Talking to Frank (Tyler)
    +5 Talking to Garrett (Tyler)
    +5 Using the phone (Tyler)
    +10 Finding the knife (Tyler)
    -5 Talking to homeless guy outside (Carla)
    -10 Trying to enter through the emergency exit (Carla)
    -5 Listening to jukebox (Tyler)
    -10 Talking to homeless guy outside (Tyler)
    -10 Using the urinal in the bathroom (Tyler)
    -10 Trying to enter through the emergency exit (Tyler)
    A car pulls up and there are two detectives inside, Carla Valenti and Tyler 
    Miles.  They are there to investigate the murder that Lucas Kane committed.
    After a very brief scene, you'll be in control of Carla.  Listen to her thoughts
    and then enter the diner.  Tyler will follow.  Carla will have a little chat
    with the police offier (whom you will now learn is named Martin McCarthy) and be
    briefed on the situation.  Then you'll have a chance to choose where the 
    conversation progresses from there.  A few things you may like to know are 1) 
    You're timed in these choices.  It's dreadful.  2) At times, your choices will 
    make a difference in future events.  3)  Some of the things that may be talked 
    about will depend on what you have done in the game.  Example:  If you didn't 
    pay the bill before leaving the diner in the first Chapter, the cop will tell 
    Carla it in this Chapter.
    Once you're done chatting, you'll learn how you're able to switch between main 
    characters by pressing a button (default is Enter).
    With Carla, walk up to and talk to the two cops lounging by the bar, Frank and 
    Garrett.  When they're done talking, walk behind the bar and poor yourself a cup
    of coffee where you see the mug already on the counter.  +5.  Then go to the 
    phone and ask Frank to verify all calls that were made from it.  +5.
    Switch to Tyler, and listen to his thoughts.  Then ask Martin about coffee or 
    about the victim, your choice.  +5.  Now that you've asked about it, go have a 
    cup yourself!  +5.  And yes, that IS the very same mug that Carla drank from.
    Next go use the phone.  +5.
    Switch back to Carla and sit down next to the waitress, Kate Morrison, and chat
    her up a bit.  Some of the things she will say will depend on what you did when
    you played as Lucas.  When you're done with the waitress, go check out the table
    Lucas ate at.  Look over everything and then you'll find a book underneath the 
    table.  She'll ask Garrett to check it out.  +10.  Look over the table with 
    Tyler as well then go into the bathroom.
    Once in the bathroom, have Carla check the blood in the stall Lucas was in.  +5.
    Look around for the knife with both characters, as the location is random.  The
    trash can as well as the toilets are places it may be.  Also on the floor if you
    left it there in the first Chapter.  +10.
    Leave the bathroom and have Tyler talk to Garrett.  Then ask Carla if you can
    leave.  Outside, check out the area of the cab with Carla. +5.  Then hop in the
    car and drive off.
    -If you use the emergency exit as Carla, you can take a look outside and speak
    to the homeless guy.  Later on you can do the same with Tyler.  Talking to him
    will earn you some negative points, though.
    -Since I take a long time standing around while writing this guide, Tyler walked
    into the Bathroom ON HIS OWN and found the knife.  This is after I had done
    everything else you could do in the diner prior to checking out the bathroom.
    -With Carla, you can also check the snow right outside the main door to the 
    diner and see Lucas's blood.  You can only do this after you're done a lot of 
    ==The Day After==

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