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    Tag Guide by Sam_Coleridge

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    The Warriors : Tag Guide v0.7
    Written by Adam Campbell / Sam_Coleridge
    3nd November 2005	
    	Hello and welcome to the first guide I've ever written. This little 
    text file should hopefully help out any of the cats out there who are 
    absolutely stumped as to the location of those little gang tags. For 
    those not in the know, "The Warriors" is a brawler action game for PS2 
    and Xbox based on the 1979 film of the same name. Several of the bonus 
    missions in the title revolve around the player finding enemy gang 
    graffiti, or 'tags', and spraying over them with your own logo. This 
    guide, when complete, should hopefully reveal to you the whereabouts 
    of all relevant graffiti. If you are looking for a full walkthrough of 
    the missions in the game, you've come to the wrong place. If you are 
    looking for a certain tag, let's continue! I recommend you read this 
    guide while playing the game from a fresh attempt at the level in 
    question. Remember, not every mission contains tagging as a bonus 
    objective. Some have different bonus objectives or none at all.
    ~General Tagging Hints~
    	* Different Warriors are rated as better at tagging than others. The 
    cursor flies around more and the margin for error can be less. Be sure 
    to remember that spraying with Rembrandt is easier than spraying with 
    Ajax, and be sure to have an adequate supply of paint.
    	* If you're going to tag, you need spray. I recommended stealing all 
    the car stereos and robbing all the stores you can for cash. It's also 
    worth remembering that you can kill spray dealers. A good tactic is to 
    buy some spray off a dealer, then beat him down. After he is dead, you 
    can get your money back AND an extra can of spray. If you wander off 
    and come back a little later, the spray dealer will have respawned. A 
    very handy tactic. Just make sure to get the jump on a dealer and keep 
    hammering him. Many dealers will either run when attacked or come up 
    with a large knife.
    	* This might sound obvious, but when you have found a tag, don't 
    forget to spray it! I know I myself have sometimes found one, got into 
    a fight and moved on, forgetting to spray the tag I found.
    ~Version Information~
    	v0.7 - I've called this guide version 0.7 because it contains roughly 
    70% of what I want the completed guide to have. At the minute every tag 
    in the story missions are listed, but not the flashback missions. I plan 
    to have a v1 in the next few days with the flashback missions included. 
    Thanks for your patience.
    ~The Missions~
    	#3 - PAYBACK [001]
    	#4 - BLACKOUT [002]
    	#5 - REAL HEAVY REP [003]
    	#7 - ADIOS AMIGO [004]
    	#11 - BOYS IN BLUE [005]
    	#12 - SET-UP [006]
    	#13 - ALL CITY [007]
    	#14 - DESPERATE DUDES [008]
    	#15 - NO PERMITS, NO PARLEY [009]
    --#3-- PAYBACK [001]
    Character : Rembrandt
    Enemy tag : Destroyers
    	Payback is a more complicated mission for taggers than many of the 
    others because tagging is also part of the main mission objective for 
    this stage. You are frequently presented with a number of tags, but 
    only asked to paint over a few of them. At this point, the location of 
    the other tags disappears from your map. This guide lists the location 
    of every single tag, since you'll need them all to complete the bonus 
    >>1<< The first tag is directly in front of your starting position, on the 
    billboard. This tag does not go toward your bonus tally, but is necessary to 
    allow you to move into the next area.
    >>2<< The second tag is on the fence beside where the Destroyer is being sick.
    >>3<< At the far end of the street on the wall beside the drug store.
    >>4<< Down the left alley on the wall of the coin laundry.
    >>5<< Through the chainlink fence, behind the Seas Inn, on the alley wall. 
    is the furthest right W on your map after coming through the fence.
    >>6<< Head down toward the 2 Ws close together on your map. One is quite 
    on a wall. 
    >>7<< The other one is just around the corner. To reach this tag, you'll need 
    to climb on top of the hut and then climb from there onto the metal platform. 
    After hitting this tag, the Ws will now disappear from your map, as you have 
    reached the Main objective. Continue reading for the other tag locations.
    >>8<< Go behind the building that the spray dealer is in front of. Go up the 
    stairs and on to the roof. Jump from this roof onto the opposite one, the roof 
    of "Varity Grocery". Very slowly and carefully drop off the roof onto the 
    awning ledge at the front of Varity Grocery. The Destroyers tag will be 
    written on the grocery sign.
    >>9<< Get back onto the roof of Varity Grocery, but this time jump to the 
    metal platform behind the store. Leap from this platform to the opposite metal 
    platform, the rear fire escape of the drug store. Leap from here to the 
    corregated iron roof at the end. The tag is on the fence blocking off the 
    train tracks. A train will pass by when you hit this tag.
    >>10<< In the next area, the next tag is on the billboard on the liquor store 
    roof. Use the rear steps for access.
    >>11<< There is a tag on the wall of a house in the yard where the Destroyers 
    are having a party. This is behind the liquor store.
    >>12<< In the top left corner of the map (from your starting position in this 
    part of the stage), there is another tag. Here the Destroyers are on some 
    scaffolding, spraying their tag on a wall which reads Spiegel Floorshining 
    Shoes. Climb onto the garage for access.
    >>13<< There is tag behind the hut on the roof of the building in the top 
    right hand corner of the map. Simply run up the steps to the roof, walk behind 
    the little hut and spray the tag.
    >>14<< Running jump from this building to the one opposite. On this roof there 
    are a group of Destroyers listening to the radio so we'll call this Radio 
    roof. Turn to the building on the right of radio roof and leap across. The tag 
    is hidden behind a wall on this second roof. Watch your step here and make 
    sure your back is clear or you'll fall down onto the roof below which 
    contained Tag 10.
    >>15<< Get back onto Radio roof and drop from here onto the cinema marquee. 
    There is a tag on the wall here.
    >>16<< This tag is a mission objective one and doesn't count toward your bonus 
    objective, which you should have completed now if you hit all those tags. This 
    final tag is large burner you have to do outside the Destroyers headquarters 
    to finish the mission.
    --#4-- BLACKOUT [002]
    Character : Vermin
    Enemy tag : Moon Runners
    	There are plenty of other things going on in Blackout, so it's quite 
    easy to miss some of the tags here. While it hasn't reached the levels 
    of some of the later missions, some of the tag placement is a little 
    bit tricky. Don't worry about looking for tags during the Baseball 
    Furies part. All tags are prior to that.
    >>1<< The first tag is behind the music store, on a wall beside the first 
    Flash dealer. Simply go up the stairs in the alley. This tag can be easy to 
    miss because you do not get any spray until the next alley. Make sure to come 
    back to this point after you get some spray.
    >>2<< The second tag is in the next alley, to the right of the first spray 
    dealer, between a pallet and a dumpster.
    >>3<< On the side of the abandoned truck trailer, a Moon Runner is spraying 
    his tag over some Furies graffiti. Spray over what he has done with some 
    Warriors logos!
    >>4<< At the end of this street, opposite the drug store, beside the burnt out 
    car, should be another tag.
    >>5<< In the alley behind the drug store, to the right of the red objective 
    marker, there are some stairs. Head up them. At the far end on the left wall, 
    there is another tag.
    >>6<< Move into the next area, and watch the cops arrive. Tag six is behind 
    the electronics store with the truck crashed through the window. Hop the fence 
    and move around the back. You'll see a big Moon Runners tag on the wall.
    >>7<< To get at tag seven you need to complete your primary objective and head 
    toward the exit. At the end of the first alley, before the fence that leads to 
    Furies, is the last tag beside a burning barrel.
    --#5-- REAL HEAVY REP [003]
    Character : Cleon
    Enemy tag : Orphans
    	Some people have a lot of trouble with this one, I assume either 
    because of the sneaky tag on the back of the billboard or because they 
    run right past the very first one. Truth be told, on my first play 
    through, I was one of those guys who ran right past the very first 
    one, so no hard feelings!
    >>1<< The first tag is on the wall to the right of the fence the Orphans are 
    trying to escape through at the start of the mission.
    >>2<< After the rumble at the clinic, the next tag is on the back of the 
    billboard on the roof of Fabulous Fashion. To get access to this, go around 
    the back and up the flight of stairs you see. From this vantage point, leap to 
    the roof of Discount Books + Comics. Climb up from here to the roof of 
    Fabulous Fashions and spray that tag.
    >>3<< Between Fabulous Fashions and Value Gas, on the far left hand side, is a 
    small park or garden with some Orphans in it. On the far wall, under the 
    railway tracks, is their tag.
    >>4<< Walk up to the top of the hill and turn left. Move into the left alley, 
    opposite the orange car. Orphans are spraying their tag against a wall here. 
    Paint over it.
    >>5<< Head to the red W and trash the Orphans at the Orphanage. The tag you 
    are looking for is on the wall of the main house, the one which Mercy speaks 
    to you from. Simply wreck all the Orphans, wait until the cutscene is over and 
    hit this tag.
    --#7-- ADIOS AMIGO [004]
    Character : Ajax
    Enemy tag : Hurricanes
    	Tags here are slightly more disgused again. There's one in particular 
    which is not difficult to walk past (Tag 2). Once again, the secret is 
    loading up on some spray and enjoying a little bit of exploration.
    >>1<< In the yard to the left of the Hurricane's car. Climb on top of the 
    dumpster to reach it.
    >>2<< Tag two is above the wooden scaffold near the start of mission, which 
    two guys are sitting on. To reach it, climb on to the roof of the Tire Shop. 
    Jump from this roof to the opposite one, and then from here on to the wooden 
    scaffold. The tag is on the wall.
    >>3<< Go behind the tire shop and face the spray dealer. Turn 180 degrees from 
    here and you'll see a breakable fence on your left. Smash it down and climb 
    the box on your left to gain access to another tag.
    >>4<< Head toward your objectives. Before you leave the alley to step onto the 
    main street you should pass a tag on a fire escape to your right. Climb on to 
    the box on your right. Then it's a simple run and jump onto the fire escape to 
    reach another tag.
    >>5<< Continue until you meet the group of Hurricanes sitting on a stoop, 
    listening to music. In the left alley, opposite the bar and car, should be a 
    flash dealer. Just behind him is another tag.
    >>6<< Follow Sanchez to the second ambush in the ruined building. Beat the 
    Hurricanes and climb up to where Sanchez was. He'll run away, of course. 
    where he was standing is another tag. Quickly paint over it before you chase 
    after him.
    >>7<< The last tag is in plain view, in the final room where you fight Diego 
    and Vargas. The tag is on the back wall, to the left of the boarded up hole 
    that Vargas comes busting through. Try to get your other Warriors to attack 
    the bosses, or draw their assault, while you handle the tag.
    --#11-- BOYS IN BLUE [005]
    Character : Cochise
    Enemy tag : Turnbull ACs
    	In terms of tagging, this mission is relatively simple. There are only 
    three spots where you need to get up, and there is an abundance of 
    spray and money around. If there is any trouble, it's that the 
    Turnbulls' tags are very weathered on this mission and later on, 
    making them sometimes hard to spot.
    >>1<< The first tag is on the wall beside the group of Turnballs you have to 
    throw in front of the train at the beginning of the mission.
    >>2<< The second tag is in the alleyways behind the jewllery story, on the far 
    warehouse wall, near a large brown pillar.
    >>3<< The last tag is on the boarded up window of the club where you go 
    inquiring about the missing Warriors, just to the left of the first red W. 
    That's all the tags you need to worry about!
    --#12-- SET-UP [006]
    Character : Cowboy
    Enemy tag : Jones Street Boys
    	As revenge for the previous mission being so easy, Set-Up is one of 
    the most complicated tagging missions in the game. Swings and 
    roundabouts. In fact, from here on in, they are all a little tricky. 
    The two main difficulties here are a lack of spray until you explore 
    further into the level and the almost maze-like structure of the 
    stage. This guide makes reference to the 'central' building once or 
    twice. For the purposes of this guide, the central building is...well, 
    the most central large structure where you can break the second floor 
    windows and enter the hallway.
    >>1<< Turn 180 degrees from your starting position and take a right into the 
    alley. There is a JSB tag on the wall to your right, beside a white door and a 
    >>2<< In the alley behind the drugstore, there is a dumpster with a spray can. 
    Climb onto it and up from there onto the metal platform to reach the tag on 
    the wall.
    >>3<< Go to the alley behind the long stretch of shops with the flower store 
    on it. This is further down the same alley from tag 2. Near the car where the 
    man attacks you if you steal his radio, there should be a JSB scout and a 
    flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and leap to the small roof directly ahead. 
    The tag is on the wall.
    >>4<< There is a spray dealer to the south of your starting position, past the 
    central building, near the JSB HQ. There should be a JSB fixing his car here 
    too. Go up the staircase, pass by the metal gates to the JSB HQ, continue 
    straight on down the next staircase. Turn right and go down to the end of the 
    alley for another tag on the wooden fence.
    >>5<< Go to the central building. Walk up the buildling stairs and past the 
    glass windows. You should see a JSB tag on the brick wall to your left, 
    opposite the broken railing.
    >>6<< Go to face the spray dealer and turn 180 degrees. You'll see a fence 
    straight ahead. Hop it. There will be a tag obviously on your right.
    >>7<< Go to the alley behind the electronics store. There's a ledge with some 
    benches on it that you can climb up to. A JSB tag will be on the left most 
    >>8<< Behind the jewellery store, some people are having a party around their 
    car. There is a tag on the wall near the car.
    >>9<< Go to the alley behind the car repair services, near the electronic 
    store. Head toward the car yard and arguing voices by climbing over the wooden 
    fence where the barbed wire is missing, then bash through the breakable fence 
    on the other side. Take out the cops and JSBs, then go up the metal stairs and 
    hop the railing on to the top of the metal cage. The JSB tag will be there.
    >>10<< This completes the main nine tags, but there is another one. When you 
    go inside the JSB HQ to plant the evidence, there is a large JSB tag on the 
    wall. Tag it to complete a seperate bonus objective.
    --#13-- ALL CITY [007]
    Character : Rembrandt
    Enemy tag : Moon Runners
    	Though the main objectives of this mission involve tagging, the bonus 
    tags are different. However, surprisingly in this fairly large level, 
    the tags aren't too hard to find with the exception of the last one, 
    which is a bit of a cow.
    >>1<< There is a tag on the left wall of the railway tunnel you enter the 
    trainyard from, just beside the first objective marker. You have to step on 
    the marker first before you can tag this very obvious spot.
    >>2<< After the radio room, go out the door that just opened and up the 
    stairs. Fight your way across the steel gantry to the other side of the 
    buildling and take the next flight of stairs down. The Moon Runners' tag is on 
    the side of this staircase at ground level.
    >>3<< On the far east side of the map there is what looks like a disused 
    station buildling with a bunch of Moon Runners hanging around it. There are a 
    number of benches here as well. The tag is on the wall near the benches where 
    the MRs were standing.
    >>4<< Go to the roof of the building where Fox meets you for the second time. 
    To one of you should be a white train car. The others should be brown. Jump on 
    to the roof of the white car and run along it, jumping between cars anytime 
    there is a gap. Keep going until you see a platform ahead. Leap onto that. The 
    tag is on the iron fence to your right. There may be a Moon Runner up here 
    --#14-- DESPERATE DUDES [008]
    Character : Swan
    Enemy tag : Turnbull ACs
    	This is another long, drawn out mission with a number of tags in it. 
    However unlike Missions 11 and 15, this has a more linear structure, 
    making the tags easier to find. The disadvantage is that I believe 
    there is no spray dealer on this stage, so keep your eyes out for free 
    >>1<< Don't move after you start. The first tag is directly to the right of 
    your starting position. This is one people frequently seem to miss.
    >>2<< Keep moving until you are walking up a long metal flight of stairs onto 
    a gantry. There is a tag on the left wall.
    >>3<< WHen you have to stealth kill the first AC, a tag is dead ahead of you 
    on the brick wall near the skip.
    >>4<< Before you exit this part, there is a tag just before the Red w, where a 
    lone fat AC was standing with a machete. The tag is on the brick wall behind 
    his position.
    >>5<< Move through the warehouse, up the steps and into the next section. When 
    you drop through the hole in the fence, there should be a flash dealer to your 
    left and a tag straight ahead on the opposite wall. Just run forward to reach 
    >>6<< Head toward the yellow objective marker, up the stairs and past the 
    large AC symbol on the wall near the truck trailers. At the top of the stairs 
    there are some windows to your right leading to an AC hangout. Break in there 
    and move into the rear left hand room. There is a tag on the left wall.
    >>7<< Go to the yellow marker and through the double doors. Stop immediately 
    after passing through them and turn around 180 degrees. There is a tag on the 
    wall beside the doors outside.
    >>8<< Rescue Vermin and continue. As you move past the crane into the 
    junkyard, you'll pass a wooden house on your left. The tag is on the back of 
    the house.
    >>9<< As you leave the junkyard, you'll see some Warriors ahead brawling with 
    the Turnbulls. The tag you want here is under the bridge, on the right hand 
    side wall.
    >>10<< Head up the steps toward the subway until you come to a burnt out 
    factory / refinery area. There are some stairs in the middle of the area 
    leading to a building. Go up the stairs and into the buildling. The tag is on 
    the interior 
    --#15-- NO PERMITS, NO PARLEY [009]
    Character : Swan
    Enemy tag : Orphans
    	Like Mission 11, this stage has a less linear structure. That means 
    you'll have to do a lot more climbing around and exploring to find all 
    the tags. Luckily, you're reading a guide so you don't have to find 
    them all yourself! Also worth noting is that the cops are hounding you 
    constantly on this stage and you have a lot of things to worry about. 
    It can be difficult to get finished tagging something before a cop 
    tackles you, so time it well when you try to get up. There is a spray 
    dealer on this stage, but not a lot of cash to go around. Don't forget 
    about beating the dealer. There is also a store near the stage exit 
    which can be looted.
    >>1<< Straight ahead at the top of the first set of steps, beside a barrel is 
    the first Orphans tag. I believe there is some flash and spray on either side 
    of the staircase.
    >>2<< On the wall of the carpark where you first rumble with the Orphans on 
    this stage, it should be very clear. It's right of the red W and there is a 
    flash dealer on the other side of the fence from this tag.
    >>3<< When everyone gets busted, head left up the stairs from your start 
    position, then jump across the rooftops until you reach a billboard with the 
    Orphans tag on the back.
    >>4<< In the alley behind this billboard buildling (Car Repair) there is an 
    injuried Warrior. Head straight past him and you should see a dumpster beside 
    a metal awning. There is a tag above the metal awning, so climb onto the 
    dumpster for access. You should have been able to spot this from the position 
    of Tag 3, to give you a better idea of barings.
    >>5<< Go to the alley where Cowboy was lying injured. It's the alley in the 
    direction the cop car is pointing in the area before the exit. There are some 
    stairs here, go up them and leap to the opposite buildling. The tag is on the 
    wall here, opposite the sign for Spiegels.
    >>6<< Head to the wall with the breach in it which leads to the exit. Face the 
    breach and turn left. You should see a tag on a brick wall straight ahead, 
    behind a dumpster. Paint over it with the Warriors tag and you've completed 
    all the bonus tags for this stage and the main story missions! Next, on to the 
    flashback missions!
    Copyright and other mumbo jumbo
    The Warriors are no doubt copyrighted by Walter Hill, Paramount Pictures and 
    Rockstar Games.
    This guide, however, is copyrighted by me, Adam Campbell, 2005.
    This guide was intended to be put on GameFAQs only. If someone else would like 
    to put this guide on their site, please e-mail me first. It's really very 
    polite and charming.
    Thank you very much.

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