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    Flashback Level Guide by HappyWomble

    Version: V1.02 | Updated: 11/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                            FLASHBACK LEVELS GUIDE
                 By Rob White a.k.a HappyWomble
    1. The Intro....
    2. Gameplay Advice
    3. Tagging 101
    4. Unlocking The Flashback Levels
    5. The Walkthrough
    6. Tagging And Bonus Objectives
    7. Cheat Codes, Bonus Objective Rewards, Unlockables And Secrets
    8. ....And The Outro
                                 ||              ||
                                 || 1. Intro.... ||
                                 ||              ||
    Hello and welcome to this guide for the recently released Playstation2 and
    X-Box game The Warriors. Like Rockstar Games' previous efforts this game
    contains many secrets and unlockables, but this guide is going to
    specifically look at the Flashback levels.
    Included in this version as an easter egg is a new section on cheat codes,
    bonus objective rewards, unlockables and secrets.
    The Flashback levels are spin-off missions that let you find out how The
    Warriors came into existence. Personally, I think they were included to
    offer more of a challenge, and to also include some of the other gangs you
    never see in the game.
    After seeing the movie again for the first time in years, I was quite
    impressed by what Rockstar Toronto have achieved, but also wondered who the
    hell all those other gangs were in the introduction sequence and opening
    scenes. For example; The Destroyers were never mentioned in the film, but in
    the game you hear how The Warriors won their turf war with them.
    (Note: They might well appear in the seven or so deleted scenes that are
    included with a host of other bonus features in the newly re-released
    Director's Cut edition, but I've yet to purchase it).
    Admittedly they are a little tougher (Especially in Hardcore Soldier mode)
    and take a lot longer to complete than most of the other storyline missions,
    but I've yet to see a walkthrough guide that includes the Flashback levels
    and wanted to do something a little different.
    There are, however, two very good guides on the normal storyline missions.
    Daegen's walkthrough available from this site is pretty good, and there's
    another by SubSane available from another site (IGN? Gamewinners?).
    Also included is a tags and secret objective guide, as these are required
    for 100% completion, and you haven't completed the game fully until you
    reach that point.
    This guide contains spoilers. Well, it would wouldn't it?
    It also contains some mild expletives, but you shouldn't be playing The
    Warriors (An *18* rated game) in the first place if you don't like the
    So there.
    For the best view, format this text to 76 characters and use a font that
    lines up the asterisks with the numbers exactly:
    Version History: V1.00 - First version. Uploaded to Gamefaqs on 18/11/05.
                     V1.01 - Second version. Uploaded to Gamefaqs on 20/11/05.
                             Updated to include all the cheat codes, bonus
                             objective rewards, unlockables and secrets. Some
                             minor spelling and grammar corrections.
                     V1.02 - This version. Uploaded to Gamefaqs on 21/11/05.
                             Amended a few bits of minor information and can
                             confirm that the 'Lose The Cops' code doesn't work.
                             Also added some legal mumbo jumbo (How this slipped
                             my mind in previous versions is anyone's guess).
                             This version is as accurate as I can tell, so
                             hopefully this should be the final edition.
    Legal Information:
    This guide is © 2005 Rob White and may only appear on Gamefaqs. It may be
    distributed free of charge but you are prohibited from using it for
    commercial use without my prior consent.
    The Warriors videogame is © 2005 Rockstar Games Inc.
    The Warriors motion picture is © 1979 Paramount Pictures.
                              ||                    ||
                              || 2. Gameplay Advice ||
                              ||                    ||
    1. It's essential that you learn *ALL* the controls before trying to
       complete the Flashback missions. Yes, I know the control system is a bit
       clunky, and in certain areas (Especially mob-handed gang fights)
       laughably crap, but knowing to press the right button at the right time
       will get you out of a lot of trouble.
    2. Learn a favourite fighting combo and use it to full effect. Head smashes
       against a wall or other solid objects work exceptionally well, but are
       nothing if you've got no other moves to fight the next guy coming at you.
    3. Be wary of the Police. In a few of the missions (Most notably A: Roots)
       the Police will be on top of you before you know it.
    4. On a similar note, if you get a blue diamond with yellow flashing and an
       exclamation mark ( ! ) on your radar, it means that a pedestrian is
       running for a phonebox to call the cops, or is running to find an actual
       cop should one be in the vicinity.  If there are a lot of blue circular
       dots (Indicating cops) in the area, find a hide area or run a safe
       distance. In the hide area, even with the Police at full alert, you won't
       be discovered. If there aren't any cops in the area, issue the 'Wreck `em
       All' Warchief command. The nearest accompanying Warrior(s) will run and
       attack to prevent them getting to the phonebox. You can always tell if
       the Police are put on full alert as a message in blue will appear in the
       centre of the screen detailing the offence.
    5. Learn how to use the hide areas effectively. Anyone who remembers
       Rockstars Games' other masterpieces Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto: San
       Andreas will know that if you run into the shadows with someone pursuing,
       they're going to follow you in and blow your cover. Great tip: Make a
       mental note of hide areas and follow a complex route to get to them. The
       Police and the majority of the other gangs just aren't able to follow if
       you know the level well. Oh, and you can be spotted on top of rooftops
       whilst your enemies are on alert, but they're much less able to follow
       you (You can jump much further than they can by sprinting and then
    6. Another note on hide areas: Quite a few of them have bricks, bottles and
       other weapons in. The Flashback levels are positively packed with those
       infinite stacks of bottles and bricks, so lure an enemy in and simply
       stand on top of a stack. The enemy will spot you, run in, but not be
       expecting to lose his teeth when you brick him in the kisser, and the
       damage inflicted is far more than you'd cause by brawling. Whilst he is
       on the deck, pick up another brick and keep him targetted so when he
       stands up so you can whack him again. You can always tell if you've done
       this trick right as the camera will change stance and go into slow-motion
       mode. Two or three of these moves (As with the wall-slams) are normally
       all it takes to kill an enemy, so bear this in mind.
       I still totally dig the Manhunt-esque execution scenes <grins evilly>
    7. If you get really stuck in a corner with lots of attacking enemies, use
       the 'Split up' Warchief command. All your Warriors will leg it in
       different directions and will almost certainly end up in a hide area.
       Once they're in there they'll stay put until the trouble goes away or
       until you issue another command. Sometimes they'll run so far and go out
       of range, and you'll have no choice but to go and get them, but it's
       always best to backtrack than get really pummelled.
    8. Try to complete the other bonus objectives first as the benefits these
       give you will come in very handy. I can especially recommend completing
       all ten levels of training exercises (Punch-bag, Push-ups, Sit-ups, and
       Chin-ups) as these will improve your fighting skills. The other great
       benefits include steel-toe capped boots, knuckle dusters, increased
       running stamina and increased Flash capacity (See section 7 for more
    9. If you haven't already played through the Flashback levels, I'd suggest
       watching the (Rather cool) FMV movies. All too often I've skipped one and
       then got cornered by a gang. It's best to be prepared, like: If in the
       FMV movie the gang look like they're ready to attack, be ready to issue
       the 'Wreck `em All' Warchief command when you get control back.
    10. It seems kind of daft to mention it, but read and try to memorise the
        hints near the back of the game manual. They include pointers not
        printed anywhere else in the manual and advice that does not appear
        during actual gameplay.
    11. If you get wasted, choose the 'Last Checkpoint' menu option and you'll
        start at the last red marker you hit on that level.
    12. Earlier I mentioned that the Police sometimes go on high alert when
        you've committed a crime. The same thing can happen with gangs. If a
        gang is on high alert, your HUD radar will have an orange border (As
        opposed to blue for the Police) and any enemy gang member who's looking
        for you will appear as an orange dot. Play through Level D: Scout's
        Honour and hit the red marker objective and you'll see what I mean.
                                ||                ||
                                || 3. Tagging 101 ||
                                ||                ||
    Tagging is a very common form of urban graffiti. It basically entails
    leaving your mark somewhere in a well-known and highly visible place for
    people to gawp at. Tags are often also known as Bombs, Burners, Marks and
    In The Warriors, just as in real life gangs, territory is everything.
    Tagging your gang area with your design generally ensures that any other
    gang knows they've entered into your domain, and had best watch out.
    For an up and coming gang like the Coney Island Warriors, they're rightly
    over-protective about their turf, but are much more concerned with leaving
    their mark everywhere they go to prove that they are just as daring and
    aggressive as the other gangs. And this is where tagging comes in.
    The game has a good tutorial system when it comes to tagging, but here's
    some good advice anyway.
    1. Obviously, The Warriors have different characteristics and skills.
       Rembrandt, for example, is probably the most adept at tagging, but not so
       hot when it comes to fighting. Swan on the other hand can really kick
       arse, but lacks great tagging skills. Bear this in mind on certain
       levels. I'll try and mention the best time do the tags with the less
       skilled characters as a few of them are quite tricky. The list below
       might be helpful.
       Good: Rembrandt    Average: Cleon          Bad: Swan
                                   Fox                 Vermin
                                   Cowboy              Snow
       What's the difference between them all? It's their spraycan handling.
       Basically, the bad taggers are slightly slower and more likely to spray
       "outside the lines" and thus hold you up whilst they shake the can.
    2. The little red bar that slowly depletes next to the yellow tag guideline
       on-screen measures how much paint you have in your spraycan. When you do
       veer off of the yellow guideline, the character will have to shake the
    can and this uses up valuable seconds. If the bar runs out, the character
    will have to use another spraycan to finish off the tag.
    3. Want a really good incentive for spraying perfectly? On every single tag
       in the game you can get a 1000 point bonus for using just one spray can
       and not veering off the guideline. On some levels in the main storyline
       this is essential for breaking the target score.
    4. If you're in an area with a high amount of hostile enemies like Police or
       other gang members, set the Warchief command to 'Watch My Back'. Any
       character that even comes within about ten feet of you will be attacked
       by your fellow Warriors. It's quite common for an enemy to body slam you
       mid-spray and thus cost you a spraycan. Help get rid of any hostiles in
       the area if there's loads of them.
    5. Tagging counts as a vandalism charge to the Police, so it's best advised
       that you only do it when there aren't any blue dots on your Head-Up
       Display radar (Bottom-right hand corner of the screen). You can often get
       away with spraying if they have their backs to you, as unlike all the
       other crimes the street pedestrians won't go running for a phonebox to
       call them.
    6. Spray dealers can give you a supply for $5 per can, but don't forget that
       you can still find them in out of the way places as you can with Flash
       (Corners, behind fences, etc.). Spray dealers only show up on the HUD
       radar when you've spotted them in gameplay or given a bum a dollar for
       help when there's one in the area.
    7. Another to remember: Spray dealers (Like the other dealers for Flash and
       Knives) respawn if you kick their teeth in. After you're bought some
       spray and you're low on cash, beat them into unconsciousness. They'll
       drop an extra can plus you get all your money back. Vacate the area and
       return, to find the same looking character who obviously doesn't bear a
       grudge. Sometimes you'll see them in the local area walking slowly back
       in to their original position.
    8. If you do attack a spray dealer, look out. They're often armed with
       knives, and there's even a few that have machetes. The majority are wimps
       and just run away though. I prefer to use a combo with all the Warriors:
       Square-Square-Square to drop them to the floor, Circle to grab them
       whilst on the floor, Circle again to pick them up, and finally Circle
       whilst next to a wall to crack their heads open. This does a fair bit of
       damage, plus whilst they're recovering you can grab their knife/machete.
       As another bonus, the head-slam special attack increases your Rage bar
       too, so it's handy if you get interrupted by other gang members or the
       cops. Be cautious though; Most of the dealers that carry weapons are more
       likely to shrug off your hold and probably get a hit in,
    9. Note that the maximum amount cans you can hold is nine. I always max this
       out as soon as possible as I *HATE* backtracking.
    10. Rembrandt is unique in the fact that he can use his spraycans as a crude
        mace or CS gas-style weapon. It does actually tell you this in the
        starting mission ('New Blood'), I think the button combination is either
        SQUARE+X or X+CIRCLE. I wouldn't really rely on it as a strong fighting
        technique, but it does occasionally come in handy.
                      ||                                   ||
                      || 4. Unlocking The Flashback Levels ||
                      ||                                   ||
    Simply complete the purple bonus objectives. There does seem to be a few
    certain storyline missions that have to completed first, but I'll leave you
    to find those out. The Flashback levels are kind of part of the main
    storyline after all. The easiest and quickest way to unlock all of them is
    breeze through the other storyline missions and then go back using the
    Replay feature to complete all the bonus stuff. Sure, you're playing the
    same level again, but this time you know everything that's going to happen
    and the layout of the area will be fresh in your memory. I can certainly
    recommend this technique with the Flashback levels when it comes to doing
    tags and other bonus objectives.
    I'm not sure if completing the target score for each level contributes to
    unlocking the Flashback levels, but I do know they count towards 100% game
    completion. I say do them anyway.
                              ||                    ||
                              || 5. The Walkthrough ||
                              ||                    ||
                                 | LEVEL A: ROOTS |
    Character: Cleon
    And first up we have our fearless Warrior leader. This mission can be a
    real bastard, but I'll give my very best advice. The first thing you should
    be aware of is that the five yellow mission objectives you get at the start
    do not all have to done. As long as the Crime bar is full, you can proceed
    with the next mission objective. There's a Flash dealer near the truck
    trailers should you need it, but it'll take a while to build up the cash to
    buy it. Either kill him or stay out of trouble. You start with one bottle of
    Flash and this should be enough if you're careful.
    The Satans Mothers gang are quite a heavy handed mob, but keep them apart
    and you'll be fine. Be sure to have enough flash for the final battle on
    this level, you might just need it.
    A: Objective 1:
    Head to the red marker for your instructions.
    1. Attack The Bums To Start A Riot: You only have to knock one or two of
       them unconscious for it to count. Be ready to run the second you see the
       'Bum Riot Started' message on screen as the place will flood with cops.
       I can recommend running to any of the nearby hide areas and waiting. The
       Police will be more interested in attacking the bums than you, but
       sometimes a loose bum will spot you and give away your position (The cops
       will now on high alert). Luckily, the other cops are more concerned with
       fighting the bums, so if one does follow the bum into your hide area and
       find you knock him out with some wall smashes, wait for the alert to calm
       down and then continue. I can also recommend leaving Vermin in a hide
       area away from the bum riot.
    2. Trash The Cop Car (1): Fairly self explanantory, set Vermin to 'Mayhem!'
       and help him trash the cop car. The car isn't totally trashed until it's
       missing it's bonnet, boot, both doors, both front wings, both rear wings
       and all it's windows (Including headlights) are smashed. The instant you
       start wrecking, keep an eye on your radar for cops. If one or more should
       come running simply stay in the nearby hide area until they disperse.
       This takes a while, but will prevent you from fighting the cops every
       time. Trashing even one cop car will put your Crime bar at half full.
    3. Trash The Cop Car (2): Again there is a nearby hide area, but with two
       important factors. One is that there'll be two cops in the donut shop and
       you'll have to draw their attention away before you can efficiently start
       wrecking. Two is the phonebox just round the corner. If you see a
       pedestrian running to call the cops, set Vermin to 'Wreck `em All'.
       Same as the other cop car really.
    4. Trash The Cop Car (3): Lather, rinse and repeat. This time they'll be
       just the one cop standing guard, and I always prefer to beat him down
       than lure him away. Same as the other two cop cars, there's a handy hide
       area just down the alley, but make sure you're not heading towards any
       blue dots!
    5. Beat Down The Factory Workers: This one is a little more difficult. Due
       to the sheer amount of them it's easy to get yourself or Vermin stuck in
       a corner making it difficult to run when the cops inevitably turn up.
       Simply stand your ground and combo anyone in sight. Note that a few of
       them won't get involved until they are attacked by either you or vermin.
       It's actually quite good practice this early in the game to learn how to
       fight when out-numbered, so go for it.
    When the Crime bar is full, return to the red objective marker to continue.
    A: Objective 2:
    Head for the yellow marker.
    On the way you'll spot a lot of Satans Mothers but there's an abundance of
    bricks, bottles and hide areas to compensate. Simply sneak into a hide area
    without being seen and wait for an enemy to come back to his look-out spot
    and turn around. Now simply stealth kill him: Hold L1 to target, get close
    enough for Cleon to raise his fist and tap X. You could also try luring them
    back to your starting position by throwing bottle or bricks, but this is a
    bit time consuming, so I prefer to lure a few of them into a hide area and
    duff them up. There's Flash in the little office near the first enemy, you
    might as well pick it up just in case. Ignore the green Flash icon on your
    radar, it's the dealer from the last objective.
    Once you're at the yellow marker, pick the lock and proceed.
    In this second warehouse, carefully make your way to the yellow marker using
    the same tactic as before. Just as before, there's a little office with some
    Flash should you need it. Be careful after you head up the stairs to the
    gantry, there's one last guard patrolling near the yellow marker, but he
    shouldn't present a problem.
    Again, pick the lock and continue to the red marker to leave the warehouse.
    On the way across the gantries, there'll be a third can of Flash.
    A: Objective 3:
    Set Vermin to 'Wreck `em All' and pick an enemy to concentrate your time on.
    I normally prefer to pick on the big due (Tiny) as Vermin always gets the
    shit kicked out of him. Simply use SQUARE combos followed by an X heavy
    attack to temporarily stun him allowing you to retreat and prepare for the
    next attack. You might also like to try using the famed brick face-smash
    If you get knocked down and it's difficult to get up without taking another
    blowing and going back down again, use the 'Watch My Back' command and
    Vermin will come over and smack your aggressor.
    If Vermin's injured, you're going to have to heal him, as these two are too
    tough to take out on your own. Occasionally Spider will throw a knife at you
    and there's no way to avoid it but it is possible to get Tiny or even Vermin
    in the way to take the damage.
    Anyway, when you've dealt with one, gang up on the other. Wall smashes are
    quite effective, but both your enemies can (And will) shrug these off and
    get a cheap dig in, so be careful. I had no luck at all in grappling with
    Tiny, he's just to big and strong. <Is that an oxymoron?>
    After they're both in pieces and you've taken a deep breath and relax. Don't
    be surprised if this fight takes you a few tries, and be sure to keep an eye
    on your health. Try to only use Flash when you're in the red, as using it in
    orange or even the low greens means you're wasting it.
                               | LEVEL B: THE BEST |
    Character: Swan
    This mission starts a kind of King Of The Hill competition, in which you
    have to stay on top of the junk pile for as long as possible to gain points.
    Sounds easy right? The other gang members will make this very difficult for
    you for such a straightforward task, and this part of the level could take a
    few attempts.
    B: Objective 1:
    To start off with, Hold down L2 to sprint and climb to the top of the pile
    and reach the yellow marker in the quickest way possible.
    Once there, turn around and get ready for the onslaught.
    It's best to totally avoid fighting on this level, and instead use the
    CIRCLE button to grab an opponent and throw them off. It really doesn't
    matter if you accidentally grab your partner Cowboy and fling him off, as
    the game will only register your time on top of the pile.
    With a bit of luck, due mainly to the amount of enemies and the small space
    you have on top, most of the time the opponent you've thrown off will clip
    one, two, three and sometimes even four enemies and take them out for you.
    Just try this for as long as possible, and ignore looking at the scores. For
    every moment you spend keeping track of the scoreline, it's one lost for you
    to keep an eye on your enemies.
    Should you get thrown off (And it does happen), simply climb back up as fast
    as possible. If you get knocked to the ground, quickly tap any button to
    stand up quickly.
    Be ready also to counter a grapple hold. Quickly press CIRCLE if this
    occurs, and holding down R1 seems to work well too.
    All in all, this level is easy when you know what's going on. Just reach 100
    points and victory is yours.
    B: Objective 2:
    Your next task is to shakedown the local businesses that are under the
    Destroyers' control. There are four in total; Voodoo Motors, Charlie's
    Plumbing Store, The Little Buddha and the Meat Market.
    For all four businesses, set Cowboy to 'Mayhem!' and start smashing the
    place up. At some point some Destroyers gang members will show up. Set
    Cowboy to 'Wreck 'em All' and take them out before continuing the
    destruction. For each location at least one of the Destroyers will have some
    Flash on them, so don't forget to pick it up.
    There's also a Flash dealer just to the left of your starting point, but
    this level doesn't really have a lot of cash, so jack him if you need it.
    Careful though, he usually has a knife.
    There's a handy hint for the Plumbing Store: Attack either of the two
    fridges that are in the window display. For some reason they never break,
    allowing you to clear this business quickly.
    For the Meat Market: This place will already have a couple of Destroyers
    in, so take them out before you start on the store. It's also a great idea
    to kill the store owner, as he has quite a nice array of knives, plus the
    little freezer room near the back has two shop assistants that will come to
    his aid. Another handy hint, take a knife or cleaver with you. These do
    quite a fair bit of damage.
    When you've done this, head for the red marker to meet Cleon outside
    Charlie's Plumbing Store.
    Objective 3:
    Set your fellow Warriors to 'Wreck `em All' and start smashing heads!
    Standard fighting techniques apply: Don't get mobbed by them and be
    aggressive on the attack.
    When all the Destroyers are taken care of, head for the red marker next to
    one of the upstairs doors.
                             | LEVEL C: HEAVY MUSCLE |
    Character: Ajax
    This mission starts with an even trickier beginning than the last one.
    Survive taking a pummeling to continue.
    Objective 1:
    Go one on one with as many as possible. You'll probably notice that when
    each individual get's knocked down to orange health he'll call for
    reinforcements and a fresh Warrior will join the party.
    Use the wall-smash attack to inflict a lot of damage and don't get stuck in
    a corner. That's probably all the advice I can give you.
    After a certain amount of time, a cutscene will cut in and the fight will be
    Objective 2:
    When the next cutscene is over, your next objective is to get your gang
    vests back.
    Head round the corner towards the red marker and take out the three
    Destroyers waiting for you, then jump the fence and hit the red marker.
    Objective 3:
    The next part may look difficult, but it's surprisingly easy if you stick to
    what you've learned.
    Storm into the cafe and start taking the Destroyers out. The Destroyer with
    a yellow marker above his head (Beansie) is your target for interrogation,
    but to make things easier with the minimum of gang interference, slaughter
    the others first.
    When they're all down, catch Beansie. Use CIRCLE to grab him and TRIANGLE to
    interrogate, much like if you were mugging somebody. He'll fight to the end,
    but you'll have to restart this objective if you kill him (He'll no doubt
    take a pounding whilst you're fighting the others).
    Feel free to give him a few digs after he's squeeled if you like. Be warned,
    however: If you do anything destructive on the way, the local pedestrians
    will alert the Destroyers to your presence and send two gang members to
    attack you. Now is a good time to try and get some cash though, but don't
    buy any Flash off of the dealer in the restaurant down the other end of the
    road as he'll rip you off. Keep him cornered and kick the shit out of him
    and he'll eventually give up his one can though.
    Head for the red marker to continue.
    Objective 4:
    Once through the gate, two Destroyers will come towards you. Despatch them
    and head round the corner to face four more.
    After dealing with them, I suggest buying as much Flash as you can carry
    from the dealer a little way down the alley. After your purchases, turn
    around and head round the other corner to confront more of these Destroyer
    tossers. There are a fair amount of bricks and bottles in the area to make
    this battle short, and once they're all laid out, jump the fence to
    Go straight and veer left slightly to enter a seemingly dead end and one
    lone Destroyer. Kill him, then bust down the paler part of the fence. Go two
    on two with these gang members and there's also another lone Destroyer you
    can see straight ahead, but he's not important. Crack his head open anyway
    if you like (The points might be helpful) and jump the fence to proceed.
    In the next area, attacking the three or so Destroyers will alert a further
    two, so take them out as quickly as possible. Now head forward and right for
    the next interrogation battle.
    Objective 5:
    This battle is the same as the one for objective three. Take care of the
    Destroyers, but try not to hurt guy with the yellow marker above his head
    (Lemmy). He'll be the one wearing the Warriors vest and has any annoying
    habit of running away with one other Destroyer to a roof that has an
    infinite supply of bricks. Get up there and teach him a lesson.
    Once you've nabbed him, interrogated him and taken his life hit the yellow
    marker near the back of the area. A new red marker will appear when the
    gate's open, so head towards hit. Grab a weapon too, it might be useful.
    Objective 6:
    There's another Flash dealer just to the right of where you enter the
    street, so stock up if you need to. There's also a Drug Store that has three
    cans of the stuff, but it's much more preferable if you leave this for the
    bonus objectives. <See section 6 for more details>
    There's nothing to stop you breaking in anyway and nicking the goods for
    cash, but that Flash comes in *REALLY* handy later on.
    Go down the street and approach the red marker outside a Pawn Shop.
    After the brief cutscene, set Snow to 'Mayhem!' and start trashing the
    store. Let Snow carry on while you make short work of the shop owner. Now is
    the very last good time to stock up on Flash. If you need more money there
    are display cases in both the Drug Store and Pawn Shop for you to bust open.
    Helpful hint: There are cops about on the street before you enter the red
    marker outside the Pawn Shop, but there aren't any afterwards. Use this time
    to break into the Drug Store and loot the display cases but remember *NOT*
    to touch the one with the Flash inside (The Flash cans usually disappear if
    you bust the case open and then go out of range). Nick the cash register and
    smash it open for cash while your at it.
    Make sure you have full health and the Pawn Shop owners baseball bat before
    you continue.
    Objective 7:
    OK, what we now have after the cutscene is a small room with a fixed camera
    viewpoint and a two on one battle. LC is armed with a knife, but he won't
    even get one hit in on you and here's why:
    Target him and start whacking him with the bat using the X button. After a
    few hits he goes down, when he stands up again and your timings good, a
    well-aimed whack will put him back on the deck. For a junkie scum waster, he
    sure does take a lot of punishment, but hey, this is a videogame after all.
    After LC is worm food, watch the two short cutscenes and brace yourself.
    Objective 8:
    Oh dear. Out-numbered just really isn't the word is it?
    If this is your first time playing through, I'd suggest you head down the
    street and turn right then left round the corners and then sprint as fast as
    you can. Don't worry if they catch Snow, as this is the only mission in the
    entire game that doesn't penalize you for not waiting for your buddies.
    When you reach the boardwalk area, chances are they'll be right on top of
    you. If you take a whack and have to slow or stop, turn around and use a
    series of good SQUARE-SQUARE-SQUARE combos on them, and then carry on
    running like hell.
    Near the end of the boardwalk you'll have two opportunities to turn left.
    Take either one and hit the red marker, or simply jump the railing.
    <If this is your second time playing through (For the bonus objectives),
    please head to Section 6 for a more detailed guide on how to deal with these
                            | LEVEL D: SCOUT'S HONOUR |
    Character: Fox
    The first two parts of this level will require your (By now honed) fighting
    skills, but the latter part will need good a sneaking technique.
    The Savage Huns you'll be fighting in this level are unique in the fact they
    use martial arts moves as opposed to boxing skills but, as ever, don't get
    mobbed and you'll be okay.
    It's worth noting that for the first part of the level, the local
    pedestrians will alert the Savage Huns but they only do this if you're going
    for a yellow marker task or attack/mug them.
    Whenever the Huns are called and all the way through the level, watch out
    for a guy in red and black clothing as he always carries a knife.
    Objective 1:
    Head up the stairs out of the subway and view the street. Your going to have
    to do four yellow marker tasks to cause chaos on the streets of Chinatown,
    so let's go through these one by one.
    Trash Street Vendors Stalls (1): There are three required for this task that
    need to be trashed. Dead easy, just use a heavy attack to destroy them in
    three to five hits. The first stall is right next to the subway.
    Tag The Restaurant: Head on down the road to find a Chinese takeaway shop.
    Head down the alleyway next door to find a guy sweeping next to an open
    door. Take care of him and it'll lure the others out who are in the kitchen.
    There are a few bricks and bottles lying around in the hide area should you
    need them, but a good selection of combos are normally sufficient. Watch
    out: Two of the chefs have meat cleavers. You start this level with one
    spraycan (As it's required for a mission task), but a spray dealer can be
    found in an adjacent alleyway should you need more. There's also a can of
    Flash in a hatch near the counter of the shop if you need it.
    Trash Street Vendors Stalls (2): This one is just a little bit on from the
    takeaway. Trash it and more Savage Huns will be called. I found it easier
    and quicker to trash it the stall and leg it to the hide area behind the
    takeaway shop.
    Trash Street Vendors Stalls (3): Just trash it, and move on to the red
    marker. Careful, This one has a meat cleaver.
    Objective 2:
    Does this cutscene remind you of something? When you get control back, go
    straight on down the alleyway, and carry on until you're forced to turn
    right. There's a small hide area here, so just wait it out. When it's all
    clear, head down to the red marker and enter the Chinatown marketplace.
    If you need flash at this point, there's a shop called 'Herbal Depot' on the
    left just before you turn the corner for the red marker. Kill all inside and
    smash open the display cabinet for three cans.
    Objective 3:
    This part of the mission is where you need to be in stealth mode.
    There's a Chinese accountant dressed in white that is doing the rounds on
    the stalls. Your objective is to follow him on his round, but not too close
    and not too far away. It's quite easy to be honest.
    You'll start in a hide area. Sit tight for a few second until you see the
    man in white move away (To the right) and then follow him. Duck in to the
    nearest hide area, and then wait for him to move on again.
    That's all there is to it. As long as you're in the hide areas, he or the
    Huns can't see you.
    After he's visited six stalls, knock the geezer out and nick his ledger.
    You'll be set upon by a few Huns, but they shouldn't give you many problems
    now. The one to watch again is the chap near the back in red and black, as
    yet again he's tooled up with knives.
    Now proceed to the red marker.
    Objective 4:
    Follow the Huns' errand boy through the alleyways and over the fences and
    eventually a cutscene will kick in.
    Now you're faced with an onslaught of Hun, so hop on the good foot and do
    the bad thing - Kick the shit out of `em.
    As with before, you'll have some normal Huns and two black and red clothed
    guys. Try to disarm these first, but try not to pick up the Flash bottles
    they drop. You should have loads left in stock at this point from earlier.
    Save them for....
    ....after you've killed all the other Huns, their leader Ghost will want to
    have a go. Waste no time, set Vermin to 'Wreck `em All' and fly at the
    bastard. He does occasionally pull a knife on you, but prefers to throw them
    and only occasionally swipes.
    If you can, get him in a corner and try to repeatedly do a SQUARE combo and
    then a wall smash. Vermin will be right next to you if Ghosts puts you to
    the floor. Just keep on pounding him until he's dead.
    When the big dude is dust, a cutscene will kick in and you'll have to follow
    the errand boy. Smack him up, get his takings bag, pick the lock and escape.
    Objective 5:
    There'll be some Huns on your tail after you get through the gate, but just
    follow the set path and jump the climbable fence and they won't bother you.
    For some reason, the game stops them following you over.
    Head for the subway and hit the red marker.
                           | LEVEL E: SHARP DRESSED MAN |
    Character: Cochise
    This is actually quite a fun and easy mission, but it is fairly long and
    involves a lot of fighting. It's pretty linear too I suppose, so the bonus
    objective isn't all that difficult either.
    Cochise has to acquire a Boppers' hat, but it has to be of a certain size.
    To pick up and wear a hat (And this goes for anyone's in the game, even
    Cowboy's Stetson) stand over it and press TRIANGLE as if you were picking up
    a weapon.
    One other thing to note: The Boppers prefer more to look good than fight
    well. It's not uncommon for a Bopper to stop mid-fight and pick up his hat
    from the floor. Capitilize on this.
    Objective 1:
    Pop round the corner and a cutscene will kick in. After this, four big,
    burly looking Boppers will head towards you. Take them out in the usual
    fashion and try on their hats.
    Head on down the alleyway, chuck a right at the end and climb up the wooden
    platform and then up a little step. See that wooden structure on the
    left? Do a heavy attack on it's walls to find a can of Flash.
    Continue straight on and drop down the little gap, then follow the alleyway.
    Drop into the basketball courts and take out the Boppers there (Remember to
    try on their hats) then continue on. If you need Flash there's a dealer over
    the fence to your left upon exiting the courts, but it might be easier to
    carry on towards the red marker where they'll be lots of people to mug.
    I recommend loading up, because as I mentioned earlier this level involves a
    lot of fighting. There are a couple of cops in the area, but they shouldn't
    give you any problems.
    Carry on to the red marker.
    Objective 2:
    After the cutscene, slap anybody. The Boppers will jump the railing giving
    you the chance to wipe the floors with them. They aren't a heavy set,
    despite their numbers, but you've got some Flash just in case right?
    After you've dealt with those Boppers, Reggie and one more gang member will
    jump the railings. As always when it comes to interrogation, take out his
    pal first and then use the familiar technique.
    After you've successfully interrogated Reggie, hit the streets again
    by walking into the yellow marker.
    Objective 3:
    After exiting the club, go down the alleyway next to it. Chuck a left when
    you see the spray dealer to reach another street, and make sure you have a
    full supply of Flash before entering the yellow marker outside the pool
    You need $100 dollars to enter the pool hall, so I'd suggest breaking the
    doors (*NOT* the windows) of the Drug Store across the road and looting the
    place. You might also want to nick the two car stereos that are on this same
    road, just in case.
    Step in to the red mark when you have adequate funds.
    Again this is your "Fight the henchman then interrogate the leader" kind of
    jobbie. Nothing new, just do the business, then hit the streets by entering
    the yellow marker.
    Objective 4:
    Once outside the pool Hall, follow the alleyway round to find two Boppers.
    Take care of them and continue round to the left, up a step and through the
    gap in the fencing and out on to yet another road.
    Head straight across the road and up the steps, turning right to enter into
    a kind of urban stage area. You'll find a few Boppers here, so waste `em and
    move on down the only available avenue. At the bottom of the steps are two
    more Boppers. Kill `em, and then head on down the alleyway and turn right to
    head through a tunnel.
    Once through, step into the red marker.
    Objective 5:
    Debbie is the dancing girl on stage at the back of this gaff, so go to her
    and start pressing TRIANGLE when prompted to tip her and get some
    information on Big Mo. Afterwards, hit the yellow marker to exit.
    You're now going to have to backtrack back to the last street, so for
    convenience just follow the red marker on your HUD radar.
    Once outside the club, step in to the red marker.
    Objective 6:
    Big Mo might be, well, big, be able to belt you a good`n and doesn't like
    being held or throw, but he's easy to beat though. Simply gang up on him
    with Snow on the 'Wreck `em All' command and that large hat will be yours in
    no time. He's just too slow to stand any chance of avoiding your combos.
    You should still have loads of Flash, so if you need to heal, then heal, but
    don't worry if you run out. This guy has a few cheap shots, but he's easy
    enough to deal with.
    Some skimpily clad lovelies will join you on the dancefloor, but
    they generally just get in the way and cause you no aggro. They sometimes do
    spray you with mace though, so expect the screen to go all blurry for a few
    seconds. This isn't much of a hindrance; Big Moe is so large you can still
    spot him. One noticeable side-effect: It'll un-target whoever you're
    targetting, but don't worry too much.
    Finally, forget about trying to hold and throw Big Mo. It just won't work.
    After Big Mo's dead, that's it. Congratulations! No more Flashback levels!
                       ||                                 ||
                       || 6. Tagging And Bonus Objectives ||
                       ||                                 ||
    As mentioned near the start of this guide, it's best to complete a level
    before attempting to do these bonuses, as then the level layout will be
    fresh in your mind.
                                 | LEVEL A: ROOTS |
    Aren't you the lucky one? This level has no bonus objectives. It does still
    have a score target though, but I'll leave that for you to complete due to
    the sheer amount of different ways you can earn points.
                                | LEVEL B: THE BEST |
    Bonus Objective: Five 'Destroyers' Tags.
    From the start of this level, you're going to need some spray. Get together
    $20 dollars any way you can (Mug people, smash up the parking meters, raid
    the Little Buddha, etc.) and locate the spray dealer near the Meat Market.
    Buy some spray, beat him up to get a fifth can and your money back.
    Tag 1:
    In front of where you start is a climbable fence. The first tag just before
    the fence on the right hand wall.
    Tag 2:
    From your starting position, turn left and start to go down the alley just
    past where a Flash dealer is. The second tag is just on the wall to your
    Tag 3:
    From tag number two, carry on down the alley, round the corner and over the
    climbable fence. The third tag is in front of you on the wall next to a
    Knife dealer.
    Tag 4:
    Directly across the road from Charlie's Plumbing Store is an alleyway. The
    fourth tag is just as you enter on the left.
    Tag 5:
    Find the spray dealer near the Meat Market. Look at him straight on and
    you'll see the fifth tag to the right of where he's standing.
                             | LEVEL C: HEAVY MUSCLE |
    Bonus Objective (1): Wreck 10 Destroyers.
    This, in my opinion, is the hardest bonus objective. Wrecking forty ( 4 0 )
    Orphans in the other storyline mission was a piece of piss compared to this.
    Luckily, I've discovered two good tactics that will help you out.
    Wrecking ten might sound easy, but not when they out-number you four to one.
    To make matters worse, the next bonus is even harder.
    Play through the level until you reach the Pawn Shop red marker and have
    beaten up LC. After two cutscenes, you take back control.
    The first part of the battle takes part on the street, and this is actually
    quite helpful.
    Why is this helpful? Well, the Flash dealer will still be around, the Drug
    Store will still have three cans of Flash inside a non-smashed cabinet and
    you'll still have the four Flash cans you were advised to keep in the
    So, shall we begin?
    Tactic 1:
    Turn around when you gain control back and take them on. The game seems a
    bit hesitant when you do this for some reason, probably due to the surprise
    tactic I suppose.
    To start with, sprint towards them and tap SQUARE to do a sideways body
    slam. With a good deal of luck, you can take out anywhere between five and
    ten of the blighters before even taking a hit. Sometimes you could get lucky
    and get more, but I'm just being realistic.
    Anyway, when you've recovered, stand up and whack away using a good
    SQUARE-SQUARE-SQUARE and X-X combo and use Flash whenever you drop into red
    health. If things get just too heavy (!), sprint away a little distance and
    use the same body slam-combo you used before.
    Using the SQUARE combo is handy, as any opponent who gets too close behind
    you will take the occasionaly slap too, and this allows you to stay
    relatively "safe" from the gang.
    As before with the 'King Of The Castle' part of Level B: The Best, try to
    keep your eyes on the action and ignore the on-screen messages. Drop your
    guard for one second and they'll be all over you.
    When you've wasted ten of the bastards, you'll get a little purple 'Bonus
    Objective Complete' message, and then the real fun begins.
    Tactic 2:
    When you gain back control, head straight but instead of going round the
    corner to safety, head up the two or three steps next to the dumpster and
    turn around.
    Snow will probably stay on the street and fight (ie: Not follow you), but
    the Destroyers *WILL* follow you. The good reasons why this tactic works so
    well is that only two can attack you at the same time, so you can combo
    their asses until they die. The other good point is that due to the multiple
    hits you can inflict on your opponents your Rage bar will fill up in next to
    no time, and your punches and kicks do more damage whilst you don't sustain
    The only bad reasons I've found is that the amount of bodies that pile up
    will block your view of Ajax's health circle at his feet. Plus, if you don't
    rhythmically release and re-hold L1 you'll continue to target a downed enemy
    allowing anyone standing to get a hit in.
    Using a punching attack with SQUARE sometimes doesn't work as they won't be
    close enough and thus won't be the height. Try to use X to attack if they're
    not right next to you.
    Keep a very good eye on your health, and with a good bit of luck you can
    probably complete this bonus without even using any flash. Another slightly
    bad point is that (Like the in-game song states) you'll have nowhere to run
    to and nowhere to hide, meaning you're going to have to fight your way out
    to the bottom of the steps to escape to the red marker.
    Bonus Objective (2): Wreck fifteen more Destroyers
    Tactic 1:
    After the first bonus objective message, you'll get a second bonus
    The good news is that this one might seem easier as they'll be
    quite a few Destroyers with sore heads in orange and even red health that
    shouldn't take too long to take out.
    The bad news is that you're probably out of Flash, and even if you do have
    one left you'll probably either use it up trying to get in to Drug Store for
    those three we left earlier (Remember?) or Snow will probably need
    Personally, I think if Snow's down there's no point reviving him as you'll
    be slaughtered in seconds with no future way to heal yourself. So, head to
    the Drug Store any way you can and liberate that stash of Flash.
    Whatever you do, DON'T REMAIN IN THERE!! The Destroyers will do their best
    Zulu impersonation and flood the place, making it impossible for you to get
    out. In the unlikely chance that you do get out, you'll probably have used
    up at least one can of Flash and this makes the next fight much tougher.
    Evade the hordes and try to get to wherever Snow is if he's down. You can
    sprint just a bit faster than the Destroyers can, plus your turning ability
    is slightly better, so use this to full effect.
    With Snow revived, run in the direction of the boardwalk and issue the
    'Let's Go' command. Try not to get caught though, the last part of this
    battle will be fought on the boardwalk quite near to the red marker.
    If Snow gets caught, keep running. The bastards are more likely to follow
    you, though it's more than likely a few will stay and have a go with your
    decked partner (Which makes yopur life slightly easier).
    The best tactic I can offer you is a running battle. Fight, retreat, fight,
    retreat, etc. until you're down near the little ramps that lead to the red
    At this point, unleash hell. Just like at the very start of this bonus
    objective, use a body slam and then SQUARE combos. The very good thing about
    doing this here is that if you get into real trouble you can jump the
    little railing towards the red marker and only a few will follow you over.
    The rest however, will start coming down the ramps for you.
    Take whoever followed you over the fence out post-haste and then get ready
    for another body slam SQUARE combo fight.
    If you've got any Flash left, again, wait until you're in the red to use it
    for full effect.
    When you do get the fifteen Destroyers heads for your mantelpiece,
    Congratulations. And I really mean that. Without a doubt this is one of the
    hardest objectives in any game I've ever played, but it's also quite fun.
    In a nutshell, use the tactics, heal yourself at the appropriate time,
    retreat if you need to, but most of all STAY CALM!
    Tactic 2:
    Do exactly the same as you did for the first bonus objective. You're going
    to have to fight your way out to get off those stairs, but you should still
    have at least one or two Flash cans left for the run down to the red marker
    (If you get caught that is).
    Throwing enemies is a good way to get them out the way. Just make sure you
    use the left directional stick to throw them *AWAY* from the wall, otherwise
    you'll smash their heads against the wall. You'll probably take out a few
    others by hurling one of their associates too, so this will definitely help
    <After completing this mission you might want to do a few laps up and down
    the road or destroy something to work off some of that adrenaline.
    I did :o) >
                            | LEVEL D: SCOUT'S HONOUR |
    Bonus Objective: Seven 'Savage Huns' Tags.
    The tags are between after you've run away from the Savage Huns in mission
    objective two and the start of the Chinatown marketplace in mission
    objective 3. If you miss one, you'll have to restart.
    When you're all clear after the Huns chase, grab some paint (Your only can
    will have been used on a mission objective, and you may have to jack the
    dealer due to a lack of cash) and head back to the little square that was
    objective starting point.
    Tag 1:
    The first tag is right in front of where you started being chased by the
    Tag 2:
    Back to the starting point, turn left and enter the alleyway. The second tag
    is just round the corner a little behind a Flash dealer.
    Tag 3:
    From where location one was, head round the corner to see tag number three
    on the left hand wall.
    Tag 4:
    From tag number three, turn around, head down the alleyway and jump the
    fence to end up in a street. Head down the street and you'll see a ramp
    going up on the right. Tag number four is at the top of this ramp on the
    wall on the left.
    Tag 5:
    From tag number four, go down the ramp and continue down the street. On the
    right will be a little alley-type alcove. The tag is just on the right. This
    is the same wall as tag number four.
    Tag 6:
    Carry on down the street and you'll spot a van backing onto a shop. After
    taking care of the guys in here, the tag is on the left side of the rear
    wall inside.
    Tag 7:
    At the end of the street, turn right. Near the red missionmarker you'll spot
    a Flash dealer in the corner. The seventh tag is just before you reach him,
    on the right hand wall.
                           | LEVEL E: SHARP DRESSED MAN |
    Bonus Objective: Ten 'Boppers' Tags.
    The final bonus level was always going to be the longest, and the same
    applies to it's bonus objectives. When you first get control of Cochise,
    wing left and head down the alleyway, then turn left at the end to find a
    spray dealer.
    You'll need some cash first, so I suggest taking out the four Boppers as
    detailed in the walkthrough. When you've got some spray, take out the dealer
    for one more can and your money back. The annoying thing with the first half
    of this level is that this is the only dealer, so you'll have to backtrack
    if you run out. There is one after the club however, so it isn't too bad.
    Tag 1:
    The very first tag is located right next to the dealer as mentioned above.
    You should immediately spot it after turning left at the start and entering
    the alleyway.
    Tag 2:
    Near the start after you've climbed up on to a wooden platform and up a
    concrete step you'll be in a room with a breakable structure that houses a
    can of Flash. Instead of dropping down the gap (As mentioned in the
    walkthrough) jump it, and you find the second tag on a wall to the right.
    Tag 3:
    Shortly after tag number two, carry on and you'll find a basketball court.
    Tag number three is waiting for you on a far wall.
    Tag 4:
    After the fight in the club, go down the alleyway next to it and climb the
    stairs. You'll see four Boppers getting down to the groove on the radio.
    Take them out, then check the walls for the fourth tag.
    Tag 5:
    After tag four, follow the alleyways round to wear you meet the second spray
    dealer. Instead of going straight (Towards him), turn left. The fifth tag is
    on the wall but you need to climb up on the dumpster to spray it.
    Tag 6:
    After the fight with the Boppers in the Pool Hall, head round the corner to
    find two more. Kick their heads in and then look to the right of their
    original position to find the sixth tag.
    Tag 7:
    From the sixth tag, turn around and follow the alleyway up through a gap in
    the fencing and out on to another road. Look across to the right to find the
    seventh tag on a wall. You might want to kill the three or so Boppers nearby
    before you spray this one though.
    Tag 8:
    From tag number seven, head up the nearby stairs, through the little
    performing area, down more stairs and into an alleyway. Two Boppers will be
    here, but to the right of them (From your perspective) lies tag number
    Tag 9:
    From tag number eight, continue down the alleyway. You can either turn left
    up some stairs or right down a tunnel. Go left, then left again and up a few
    more stairs to emerge in a courtyard. Take care of the enemies and look out
    for tag number nine just to the right of their original position on the
    Tag 10:
    From tag number eight, turn right in to the tunnel (Instead of left for tag
    number nine) and turn to the right when you exit. Tag number ten is on a
       ||                                                                  ||
       || 7. Cheat Codes, Bonus Objective Rewards, Unlockables And Secrets ||
       ||                                                                  ||
                                  | Cheat Codes |
    Enter these button combinations during gameplay.
    * 100% Completion - L1, SELECT, SQUARE, DOWN, L2, RIGHT
    $200, 3 cans of Flash and 9 Spraycans - R1, R2, L1, X, DOWN, L1
    Infinite Health - UP, TRIANGLE, L3, SELECT, X, L2
    Infinite Sprint - DOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, X, L1, SELECT
    Complete Current Level - DOWN, SQUARE, X, SELECT, R1, LEFT
    Baseball Bat - SQUARE, R2, DOWN, DOWN, L1, L1
    Pipe - R2, CIRCLE, SELECT, UP, L1, RIGHT
    Knife - DOWN, DOWN, SELECT, UP, UP, L3
    Machete - L1, X, R1, R1, SELECT, R2
     * - This code changes your stats to 100%, but I need to test whether or not
         you get the benefits (Like the 'Unleash The Fury' mode).
                             | Bonus Objective Rewards|
    I forgot to write down the order you actually unlock the bonus objectives
    (Sorry, my bad), so this list is *NOT* sequential. It's quite obvious which
    reward goes with which bonus objective though. <wink>
    If I'm asked nicely enough I might even expand this list into a
    mini-walkthrough for the bonus objectives, with fighting tactics, quickest
    roots and best stuff to steal, and everything.
    Admittedly some of the bonus objectives took me a few tries ('Feed The
    Bums', I remember, took about ten tries!) but they're really not difficult
    when you've figured them out.
    Knuckle Dusters - Beat the Hurricanes in a turf war.
    Steel-Toed Boots - Beat the Jones Street Boys in turf war.
    Apephibian Character in Rumble Mode - Help get back the green frog costume.
    Hand-Cuffs To Use On Enemies - Successfully arrest the Coney Stalker.
    Increased Flash Capacity - Successfully get a foam finger from The Little
                               Buddha shop whilst dosed on Flash.
    Unlock Hand-Cuff Key pick-up - Successfully free Twiggy's associates from
                                   their hand-cuffs.
    Recruit Bums As Gang Members - Successfully 'Feed The Bums'.
                                  | Unlockables |
    'Unleash The Fury' Mode:
    Attain 100% game completion in the 'Hardcore Soldier' difficulty to unlock
    this new difficulty level.
    It basically plays exactly the same as the 'Hardcore Soldier' difficulty,
    but this time all the Warriors are dressed as the Baseball Furies. It's
    quite cool, as every new level that you start all of your gang including
    yourself start with a baseball bat as a weapon, so I'd say this makes it
    slightly easier.
    How do you access it I hear you ask? Well, the game will tell you when it's
    unlocked, but to actually start it you need to make a new profile from the
    main menu options then select it from the list of difficulties.
    You can also unlock this mode by using the 100% completion cheat code (See
    above), although why you'd want to take away any sense of satisfaction and
    achievement is beyond me.
    'Armies Of The Night' Minigame:
    Complete all eighteen of the story levels to unlock this arcade machine at
    you hangout, and then complete all five of the Flashback levels to make it
    'Armies Of The Night' is a rather cool two-dimensional arcade beat `em up
    game, much in the style of Final Fight, Streets Of Rage and Double Dragon.
    The buttons are the same as in regular gameplay, but the screen only scrolls
    from left to right. The levels do have some depth though; It's possible to
    use the wall smash attack and throw people through windows.
    To restore your health, cans of Flash are hidden in barrels you can break
    open and are occasionally left on enemies too.
    There are five levels, and you get seven credits (Continues) to complete the
    whole thing.
    I've never seen a game like this as an unlockable in another game before, so
    I was quite chuffed. It's short, but definitely endearing, and very
    nostalgic. It makes me think back to the days when I had to save
    all my paper-round money for three weeks just to buy a Mega Drive game!
                                    | Secrets |
    Minigame During End Credits:
    After completing the game, watch the credits as they scroll down.
    At a certain point, you get to take control of the Riffs gang versus the
    Rogues in the final battle on the beach.
    I was very impressed with this, as it gives a sense of closure to not only
    the game but the movie too.
    In the movie, you don't get to see what happens to the treacherous Rogues at
    the end. Something horrible no doubt.
                             ||                      ||
                             || 8. ....And The Outro ||
                             ||                      ||
    Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it's been of some use.
    I'm currently working on a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City plot guide to go with
    my current Grand Theft Auto III document which is on this very website.
    If anybody's interested I can email my Hardcore Soldier notes for completion
    of these levels. Hardcore Soldier is actually quite easy once you get used
    to it (Either that or I'm a *REAL* glutton for punishment) as the enemy
    amounts stay the same, but their damage meter goes way up. Remember that
    fight with Spider and Tiny in A:Roots? Only took about twenty tries!
    Do you know what a palmist once said to me? Will you please let go!
    Have a good one, cheers.
    Rob White a.k.a HappyWomble

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