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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Blu3Vip3rLM

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 11/30/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      |Game: The Warriors           |
                      |Platform: XBOX               |
                      |Began: November 16, 2005     |
                      |Finished: November 27, 2005  |
                      |FAQ #2 Guide By: blueviper_lm|
                      |Updated: November 30, 2005   |
    |                       TABLE OF CONTENTS                     |
    |                                                             |
    |1. This Guide and Me                                   {1.0} |
    |2. Legal                                               {2.0} |
    |3. Controls                                            {3.0} |
    |     3a. Main Controls                                 {3.1} |
    |     3b. Warchief Commands                             {3.2} |
    |4. Characters                                          {4.0} |
    |     4a. Rembrandt                                     {4.1} |
    |     4b. Cleon                                         {4.2} |
    |     4c. Vermin                                        {4.3} |
    |     4d. Snow                                          {4.4} |
    |     4e. Ajax                                          {4.5} |
    |     4f. Cochise                                       {4.6} |
    |     4g. Swan                                          {4.7} |
    |     4h. Fox                                           {4.8} |
    |     4i. Cowboy                                        {4.9} |
    |5. Gang Turf                                           {5.0} |
    |     5a. Coney                                         {5.1} |
    |     5b. East Coney                                    {5.2} |
    |     5c. Bensonhurst                                   {5.3} |
    |     5d. Chinatown                                     {5.4} |
    |     5e. Soho                                          {5.5} |
    |     5f. Bowery                                        {5.6} |
    |     5g. Riverside                                     {5.7} |
    |     5h. East Harlem                                   {5.8} |
    |     5i. Harlem                                        {5.9} |
    |     5j. Tremont                                       {5.A} |
    |     5k. Trainyard                                     {5.B} |
    |     5l. Pelham                                        {5.C} |
    |     5m. Gunhill                                       {5.D} |
    |6. Hideout                                             {6.0} |
    |     6a. Missions                                      {6.1} |
    |     6b. Workouts                                      {6.2} |
    |     6c. Flashback Missions                            {6.3} |
    |     6d. Replay Missions                               {6.4} |
    |     6e. Game Stats                                    {6.5} |
    |7. Walkthrough - Story Missions                        {7.0} |
    |     7a. New Blood                                     {7.1} |
    |     7b. Real Live Bunch                               {7.2} |
    |     7c. Payback                                       {7.3} |
    |     7d. Blackout                                      {7.4} |
    |     7e. Real Heavy Rep                                {7.5} |
    |     7f. Writer's Block                                {7.6} |
    |     7g. Adios, Amigo                                  {7.7} |
    |     7h. Encore                                        {7.8} |
    |     7i. Payin' The Cost                               {7.9} |
    |     7j. Destroyed                                     {7.A} |
    |     7k. Boys In Blue                                  {7.B} |
    |     7l. Set Up                                        {7.C} |
    |     7m. All-City                                      {7.D} |
    |     7n. Desperate Dudes                               {7.E} | 
    |     7o. No Permits, No Parley                         {7.F} |
    |     7p. Home Run                                      {7.G} |
    |     7q. Friendly Faces                                {7.H} |
    |     7r. Come To Play                                  {7.I} |
    |8. Walkthrough - Flashback Missions and Coney Island   {8.0} |
    |     8a. Roots                                         {8.1} |
    |     8b. The Best                                      {8.2} |
    |     8c. Heavy Muscle                                  {8.3} |
    |     8d. Scout's Honor                                 {8.4} |
    |     8e. Sharp Dressed Man                             {8.5} |
    |     8d. Coney Island                                  {8.6} |
    |9. Armies of the Night                                 {9.0} |
    |     9a. Helpful Hints                                 {9.1} |
    |10. Rumble Mode                                        {10.0}|
    |    10a. Game Modes                                    {10.1}|
    |    10b. Soldiers List                                 {10.2}|
    |    10c. Arenas List                                   {10.3}|
    |11. Secret Stuff                                       {11.0}|
    |12. Version History                                    {12.0}|
    |13. Credits                                            {13.0}|
    |14. Things To Come                                     {14.0}|
    1. This Guide and Me {1.0}
    This guide was both written and compiled by me, Eli Orosco. The 
    Warriors was fun to play and fun to write a guide for. I really 
    enjoyed it. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to 
    know about The Warriors.
    If you have any comments or suggestions, send them here: 
    Please include "FAQ" in the subject. I would greatly appreciate any
    contributions, and would give you credit.
    2. Legal {3.0}
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright law.
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2005, Eli Orosco, the author.
    3. Controls {2.0}
    3a. Main Controls {2.1}
    | Button              | Function                                  |
    | Left Thumb Stick    | Move (Click to Show Commands)             |
    | Right Thumb Stick   | Camera                                    |
    | X                   | Light Attack                              |
    | A                   | Heavy Attack                              |
    | B                   | Grab Opponent                             |
    | L                   | Sprint (Let Enemy Go-In Grapple)          |
    | R                   | Target Opponent                           |
    | D-Pad Up            | Current Objective                         |
    | D-Pad Down          | Show Bonus Objective                      |
    | Y                   | Jump                                      |
    | D-Pad Left          | Heal Warrior                              |
    | D-Pad Right         | Heal Self                                 |
    | Black Button        | Block                                     |
    | White Button        | Center Camera                             |
    3b. Warchief Commands {2.2}
    Press the Left Thumb Stick to issue commands for your warriors. 
    Then use the Right Thumb Stick to select the commands. Here are the 
    Wreck 'Em All          Let's Go!          Watch My Back
        |                      |                 |
        |                      |                 |
    Mayhem!                Hold Up            Scatter
    Wreck 'Em All- Warriors attack all opponents in the general area.
    Mayhem!      - Warriors will attack all destroyable objects.
    Let's Go!    - Warriors will come to you.
    Hold up      - Warriors will stay where they are.
    Watch My Back- Warriors will protect you while you spray, etc.
    Scatter      - Warriors will all leave to hide out.
    *Warriors will not always listen, this can get frustrating!*
    4. Characters {4.0}
    As you play The Warriors, new characters will be available. There 
    are 9 in all and they all have stats. They all have strengths and 
    weaknesses. Here is a list of the characters and their stats.
    4a. Rembrandt {4.1}
    Heavy: Tagging, Uncuffing, Lock Picking            Strength: 3/10 
    Solid: Stealing                                    Stamina:  5/10
    Lame:  Resisting Arrest, Mugging                   Health:   3/10
                                                       Rage:     5/10
    4b. Cleon {4.2}
    Heavy: Mugging, Resisting Arrest                   Strength: 5/10
    Solid: Tagging, Lock Picking                       Stamina:  6/10
    Lame:  Stealing, Uncuffing                         Health:   8/10
                                                       Rage:     7/10
    4c. Vermin {4.3}
    Heavy: Stealing                                    Strength: 4/10
    Solid: Resisting Arrest                            Stamina:  5/10
    Lame:  Uncuffing, Tagging, Lock Picking            Health:   6/10
                                                       Rage:     6/10
    4d. Snow {4.4}
    Heavy: Mugging, Resisting Arrest, Stealing         Strength: 4/10
    Solid: Uncuffing, Lock Picking                     Stamina:  5/10
    Lame:  Tagging                                     Health:   6/10
                                                       Rage:     8/10
    4e. Ajax {4.5}
    Heavy: Mugging, Resisting Arrest                   Strength: 6/10
    Lame:  Uncuffing, Tagging, Lock Picking, Stealing  Stamina:  7/10
                                                       Health:   9/10
                                                       Rage:    10/10  
    4f. Cochise {4.6}
    Heavy: Mugging                                     Strength: 5/10
    Solid: Resisting Arrest, Lock Picking, Uncuffing,  Stamina:  5/10
           Stealing                                    Health:   5/10
    Lame:  Tagging                                     Rage:     8/10
    4g. Swan {4.7}
    Heavy: Resisting Arrest, Mugging                   Strength: 5/10
    Solid: Stealing                                    Stamina:  7/10
    Lame:  Uncuffing, Tagging, Lock Picking            Health:   8/10
                                                       Rage:     6/10
    4h. Fox {4.8}
    Heavy: Uncuffing, Lock Picking                     Strength: 3/10
    Solid: Tagging, Stealing                           Stamina:  5/10
    Lame:  Resisting Arrest, Mugging                   Health:   3/10
                                                       Rage:    10/10
    4i. Cowboy {4.9}
    Heavy: Uncuffing, Lock Picking                     Strength: 3/10
    Solid: Tagging, Stealing                           Stamina:  5/10
    Lame:  Resisting Arrest, Mugging                   Health:   3/10
                                                       Rage:     7/10
    5. Gang Turf {5.0}
    There are a lot of gangs in this game and this section tells you 
    all the names of the turf, and who occupies it. Here is a list of 
    all the areas you will visit in the game.
    5a. Coney {5.1}
    Coney is home to the WARRIORS. Coney has its own missions when you 
    aren't doing core missions from your hideout.
    Missions: 1. New Blood
              2. Real Live Bunch
              8. Encore
              9. Payin' The Cost
             18. Come Out To Play
    5b. East Coney {5.2}
    East Coney is the DESTROYERS turf. They got pushed back by the 
    Warriors after Cleon and Vermin left to create, the Warriors.
    Missions: 3. Payback
             10. Destroyed
              A. Roots
    5c. Bensonhurst {5.3}
    Bensonhurst is home of the JONES STREET BOYS.
    Missions: 12. Set Up
    5d. Chinatown {5.4}
    Chinatown is SAVAGE HUNS turf.
    Missions: D. Scout's Honor
    5e. Soho {5.5}
    Soho is home of the HI-HATS.
    Missions: 6. Writer's Block
    5f. Bowery {5.6}
    Bowery is PUNKS and LIZZIES turf.
    Missions: 17. Friendly Faces
    5g. Riverside {5.7}
    Riverside is home to the BASEBALL FURIES.
    Missions: 4. Blackout
             16. Home Run
    5h. East Harlem {5.8}
    East Harlem is HURRICANES turf.
    Missions: 7. Adios Amigo
    5i. Harlem {5.9}
    Harlem is home to the gang of pimps, the BOPPERS.
    Missions: E. Sharp Dressed Man
    5j. Tremont {5.A}
    Tremont is home to the ORPHANS, if you consider them a gang...
    Missions: 5. Real Heavy Rep
             15. No Permits, No Parley
    5k. Trainyard {5.B}
    The Trainyard is home to the MOONRUNNERS.
    Missions: 13. All City
    5l. Pelham {5.C}
    Pelham is part of TURNBULL AC'S turf.
    Missions: 11. Boys In Blue
    5m. Gunhill {5.D}
    Gunhill is the other part of TURNBULL AC'S turf.
    Missions: 14. Desperate Dudes
    6. Hideout {6.0}
    Here is where I will explain your Hideout. From here you can access
    your next mission, regular or flashback, workouts, you can replay 
    missions, check game stats, and access Coney and a few mini games.
    6a. Missions {6.1}
    You can access your missions here by walking through the yellow 'W'
    6b. Workouts {6.2}
    You can do push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, and hit the Heavy Bag to 
    improve your stamina.
    Push-Ups: 1. Repeatedly tap the 'A' Button.
              2. You have 11 seconds to do 5 push-ups.
              3. You have 19 seconds to do 10 push-ups.
              4. You have 17 seconds to do 10 push-ups.
              5. You have 14 seconds to do 10 push-ups.
              6. You have 26 seconds to do 15 push-ups.
              7. You have 24 seconds to do 15 push-ups.
              8. You have 20 seconds to do 15 push-ups.
              9. You have 30 seconds to do 20 push-ups.
             10. You have 25 seconds to do 25 push-ups.
    Chin-Ups: 1. Repeatedly tap the 'A' Button.
              2. You have 11 seconds to do 5 chin-ups.
              3. You have 21 seconds to do 10 chin-ups.
              4. You have 19 seconds to do 10 chin-ups.
              5. You have 17 seconds to do 10 chin-ups.
              6. You have 32 seconds to do 15 chin-ups.
              7. You have 29 seconds to do 15 chin-ups.
              8. You have 26 seconds to do 15 chin-ups.
              9. You have 40 seconds to do 20 chin-ups.
             10. You have 35 seconds to do 20 chin-ups.
    Sit-Ups: 1. Repeatedly tap the 'A' Button.
             2. You have 11 seconds to do 5 sit-ups.
             3. You have 21 seconds to do 10 sit-ups.
             4. You have 19 seconds to do 10 sit-ups.
             5. You have 17 seconds to do 10 sit-ups.
             6. You have 32 seconds to do 15 sit-ups.
             7. You have 29 seconds to do 15 sit-ups.
             8. You have 26 seconds to do 15 sit-ups.
             9. You have 40 seconds to do 20 sit-ups.
            10. You have 35 seconds to do 20 sit-ups.
    Heavy Bag: 1. You have 25 seconds to complete 10 combos.
               2. You have 23 seconds to complete 10 combos.
               3. You have 21 seconds to complete 10 combos.
               4. You have 19 seconds to complete 10 combos.
               5. You have 17 seconds to complete 10 combos.
               6. You have 33 seconds to complete 15 combos.
               7. You have 31 seconds to complete 15 combos.
               8. You have 29 seconds to complete 15 combos.
               9. You have 27 seconds to complete 15 combos.
              10. You have 25 seconds to complete 15 combos.
    6c. Flashbacks {6.3}
    Flashback Missions can be accessed by walking through the Purple 
    'W' Icons on the far wall.
    6d. Replay Missions {6.4}
    To replay missions you've already beaten, go to the map on the far 
    6e. Game Stats {6.5}
    To see you game statistics, check out the TV on the far wall.
    7. Walkthrough - Main Story {7.0}
    7a. New Blood {7.1}
    Character:  Rembrandt
    High Score: 5000
    Soldiers:   1
    (1) New Blood
    Coney Island, 8:00pm, April 13, 1979
              3 Months Earlier
    (A) Just fallow all the on screen help for now, since you can only
    do that anyway. Once you start to bop against the bums, hurt them
    more than necessary to get some extra points. Once the Warriors
    come after you; defend yourself for about a minute then you'll be,
    a Warrior.
    (B) Break into the store in front of you. Just attack the glass
    door. Then do the same thing for the display cases. Take the
    merchandise by pressing the Y button. Next break the window of the
    car. After that's done, press Y to start stealing the radio. Rotate
    the Left Stick in a counter clockwise direction to steal the radio.
    Now, run up to the guy on the phone and mug him. To do this, press
    the B button and then the Y button. After you start to mug him,
    move the Left Stick until you find vibration. Keep it on the
    vibration until your done mugging.
    (C)Fallow Vermin, just do what the on screen help says. Once Vermin
    says to "Break down that old fence", hold the L trigger and press A
    while running at the fence to break through. On the other side of
    the fence is the Flash Dealer. Buy some Flash for 20$ and press
    Left on the DPAD to use it. Flash will heal you throughout your
    time in the game.
    7b. Real Live Bunch {7.2}
    Character:  Cleon
    High Score: 2000
    Soldiers:   10
    (2) Real Live Bunch
    Coney Island, 10:47pm, April 13, 1979
         90 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) You start off as Cleon. Click the Left Stick and select LETS GO
    from with the Right Stick. Fallow the Red 'W' Icon on your map to
    find Ajax having some, fun...
    (B) Keep moving through the alleyways to see Cowboy and Snow get 
    jumped by four cops. Go around the building and uncuff them.
    (C) Jump the fence to your right and fallow the Red 'W' Icon on 
    your map to the next checkpoint to find Fox cornered by the cops.
    Tell your crew to stay put and clime up the stairs.  Grab a bottle
    by pressing the Y button and hold the R Trigger and move it until
    the line turns red. Once it turns red, throw the bottle with the A
    button. The cops will check out the noise, giving Fox time to get
    out of there. Now its time to cause Mayhem. Select Mayhem from the
    Warchief Menu and unlock the door to the store. Raid the store and
    go out the back way.
    (D) Fallow the back alley to the Red 'W' Icon. Where Swan and
    Cochise are getting jumped by the Destroyers. Time to wreck their
    party...tell your Warriors to Wreck 'EM All. After you're done 
    bopping, you head back to the Hangout to see that it has been 
    7c. Payback {7.3}
    Character:  Rembrandt
    High Score: 17000
    Bonus:      3
    Soldiers:   22
    (3) Payback
    East Coney Island, 1:46am, April 14, 1979
                 Later That Night
    (A) Hop up to the Yellow 'W' Icon and spray your burner. Now fallow
    the Red 'W' Icon to find two destroyers spraying the street...kill
    them and tag your next burner. 
    (B) If you're out of spray, go to the dealer across the street and 
    buy some; it's 5$ a can. Now spray another burner indicated by the
    Yellow 'W' Icon, there are two so pick one.
    (C) If you want more cash, break into the store to get more money; 
    just get out before the cops show. Now there are more burners to 
    spray. Before you tag them all, keep in mind where they are. There 
    is a Flash Dealer in the alley way as well. Once you've tagged 
    three, get to the Red 'W' Icon.
    (D) Now you have to tag three more burners. There is also a cop 
    in this area so be careful when he's around. Again, keep in mind 
    where all the burners are. When you're done, move on to the Red 'W'
    (E) Now it's a stealth mission. Walk through the shadows until you
    can get close enough to knock out the Destroyer guard. Once you get
    past guard #1, you see guard #2, who is "wasted". Sneak up on him
    and do the same as the first guard and advance into the next 
    shadow. Now grab a bottle and aim it toward the Yellow 'W' Icon.
    When the guard checks out the noise, run past him to the shadow 
    across the way. Now knock him out. Throw a bottle over by the 
    truck. That will get the next guards attention. Run past him and
    wait for him to come back, then, knock him out! Once he's done, go
    up to the large Destroyers Bomb. If you need paint grab some from
    the nearby box. Now start tagging. It's a bomb so it will require
    three sprays for a full tag. Now that your done, head back to the 
    Red 'W' Icon and watch the cut scene.
    -Snuff out the last burner in section B.
    -Snuff out the last two burners in section C.
    -Snuff out the last of the burners in section D.
    7d. Blackout {7.4}
    Character:  Vermin
    High Score: 12,000
    Bonus:      2
    Soldiers:   24
    Arenas:     1
    (4) Blackout
    Riverside, 11:24pm, April 30, 1979
       72 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Fallow the tracks up until you reach the exit on the right. You
    walk through the Yellow 'W' Icon to find that a blackout has 
    started a riot. Tell your Warriors to cause Mayhem. You have to 
    fill up the Destruction Bar up on the right of the screen. Just rob
    stores, mug people, and destroy cars to fill this up. You can also
    fill up a Loot Bar by stealing 350$.
    (B) Now you need to steal 3 car stereos. If you still haven't got 
    350$, then there are more stores here. Go to the back alley and 
    there's a car there. Steal the stereo, and then head to the Red 'W' 
    (C) Now there's a gang curfew. The next radio is in the Cop Car.
    (D) Now head through the gate to the Yellow 'W' Icon. You will go 
    through another gate that leads down into the park. Now you will be
    introduced to the Baseball Furies. Run to the next Red 'W' Icon,
    and hurry.
    -Mug 10 People.
    -Snuff out 7 burners.
    7e. Real Heavy Rep {7.5}
    Character:  Cleon
    High Score: 7000
    Bonus:      2
    Soldiers:   12
    Arenas:     2
    (5) Real Heavy Rep
    Tremont, 11:15 pm, May 19, 1979
       63 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Run down the stairs until you reach the Red 'W' Icon. Here you
    will find the Orphans...you'll know have to beat the living crap
    out of them. Defeat all the Orphans then the Bums will open up the
    gate for you. Fallow the Red 'W' Icon to the next area. Now you'll
    have a gang brawl. Beat all the Orphans then walk into the Red 'W'
    (B) Now you have to chase down the Orphan LT., Jesse, and 
    interrogate him. This is the same as a mugging. Once he tells you
    where to go, go to the Red 'W' Icon.
    (C) Deal with the new set of Orphans. They will throw bottles at
    you so be careful. Once you're done, go to the new Icon. The 
    Warriors are going to trash a little party. Let no Orphans survive.
    (D) Now go to the Red 'W' Icon. You will have to destroy the Sully
    Mobile. Once his car is destroyed he cries like a whimp.
    -Kill 40 Orphans.
    -Snuff out 5 burners.
    7f. Writer's Block {7.6}
    Character:  Rembrandt, Snow
    High Score: 8000
    Soldiers:   18
    Arenas:     1
    (6) Writer's Block
    Soho, 8:16pm, May 20, 1979
    53 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Head toward the Icon. 
    (B) Once the Tagging Competition begins, tag the wall by the van. 
    There are 5 steps to the bomb, so use the spray wisely. When you 
    run out of spray, fallow the Yellow 'W' icon to find some more. You 
    should also tell the Warriors to Watch My Back. Once you're done 
    Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi Hats shows himself.
    (C) You've been double-crossed! Go push the button to call up the
    elevator and survive for 30 seconds, then get in there! Now that 
    your up on the roof, throw bricks at the pulley to make it fall on
    (D) Needless to say, the Hi Hats want your blood. Run across the 
    roof tops until you're to safety. Hold the L Trigger to sprint, but
    that alone won't help you survive. You have to jump across roofs.
    Just be ready to press Y when the onscreen icon tells you. Be 
    careful of the last jump though...it will not respond the first 
    press, you have to wait until your about to fall off.
    (E) Your now in a VERY SCARY room. You have 3 minutes to destroy
    this..."art" room...just grab paint barrels and throw them on the
    paintings. Then go down stairs and grab the hammer to destroy the
    sculptures. To acquire your High Score Goal, try to tag the 
    painting without messing up to get bonus 1000 points. 
    7g. Adios Amigo {7.7}
    Character:  Ajax
    High Score: 7000
    Bonus:      2
    Soldiers:   15
    Arenas:     4
    (7) Adios Amigo
    Spanish Harlem, 8:12pm, May 25, 1979
         48 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Head to the Icon to find a group of Hurricanes. Kill them, then
    trash their car. This will accomplish a Bonus Mission. Now fallow 
    the back alley to the Icon. There you will find Sanchez.
    (B) Sanchez doesn't feel like paying up, so, you have to kill his
    family. Destroy all of the Hurricanes. Once they're done Sanchez
    flees the scene. CHASE THAT RAT DOWN!
    (C) Now you have to keep up with Sanchez. Don't let him get away.
    He'll eventually lead you to a few Hurricanes. Take care of them 
    and start chasing Sanchez again...and again he'll lead you to more
    Hurricanes. Kill all of them to start chasing Sanchez again.
    Diego is a BIG guy. Tell your Warriors to Wreck EM' All and let 
    them do so...Diego will try to knock you with his weapon so just
    attack him by doing charges when he's looking for you. And when 
    he's trying to attack other Warriors, go up and do combos. When 
    he's near half health, Diego's brother, Vargas will start throwing 
    objects at you. Once Diego's 1/3 health left, his brother calls out 
    the rest of the family. Now you have to deal with four people 
    attacking you, including Vargas, who comes down to the floor. And 
    if you're running low on health, there is Flash on the stairs. Once
    Diego's down, you should have some Rage to use. Use your Rage on 
    Vargas and just keep pressing A+A to knock some serious health off 
    of Vargas. Once he goes down, you can finish off Sanchez...
    -Trash the Hurricanes car in section A.
    -Snuff out 7 Hurricane burners.
    7h. Encore {7.8}
    Character:  Cleon
    High Score: 2000
    Soldiers:   2
    Arenas:     1
    (8) Encore
    Coney Island, 9:51pm, June 4, 1979
        34 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Chatterbox and his Hi Hats want revenge for what you did to 
    their art studio, and are now on your turf. Destroy them.
    (B) Chatterbox retreats inside. Now you have to go in after him. Go 
    into the Tiki-Room and kill the three Hi Hats. Now turn on the 
    power switch, indicated by the Yellow Icon. Then run down to the 
    next Icon.
    (C) Now you have to get out of the way of a runaway cart! Keep 
    tapping A to out run the cart and end up in a new room...
    (D) ...that just happens to be infested with Hi Hats. Bop your way
    past them while avoiding the green mist that shoots out of the 
    ground. This will cause your vision to blur. Once they're finished, 
    go to the Red Icon.
    Chatterbox is the easiest boss battle in the whole game. Defeat the 
    three Hi Hats that are on ground level, you can one hit them by 
    throwing them at the moving cart. Chatterbox will throw Molotov's 
    at you, so get out of the way! Once the three Hi Hats are gone, 
    start throwing objects at Chatterbox. Once you hit him enough 
    times, he'll come down to face you like a man. This is where it 
    gets VERY easy. Just try to lure him into the cart when it passes 
    to kill him in one hit.
    7i. Payin' The Cost {7.9}
    Character:  Cleon
    High Score: 1000
    Soldiers:   14
    Arenas:     1
    (9) Payin' The Cost
    Coney Island, 8:22pm, June 22, 1979
       21 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) First, collect protection money from the Warriors stores. The 
    Little Buddha, The Meat Market, and Voodoo Motors. Once that's 
    done, go back to Charlie's Plumbing Store.
    (B) Now you have to defend the four stores from being destroyed. 
    (C) Run back and forth between them to kill all the Destroyers. 
    Make sure that none of the stores Health Bars go down, or its Game 
    Over. Also, if you aren't quick enough to get to the stores, the 
    owner could die. Just defend as long as it takes!
    (D) Virgil and his crew have you trapped! First, pick up the 
    sledgehammer then start smashing the lock on the gate. It'll take 
    around 20 hits to open up the lock. If you need Flash, there's a 
    can on the furthest car in the lot.
    7j. Destroyed {7.A}
    High Score: 8000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   3
    Arenas:     1
    (10) Destroyed
    East Coney, 11:17pm, June 22, 1979
              Later That Night
    (A) It's time to wreck East Coney. Go to the first store and wreck 
    it until its Health Bar goes out. Destroyers will come to defend 
    it, but their easily taken care of. Once the first store's out of 
    business, go take care of the next one. Once this stores over with, 
    go to the Red Icon. 
    (B) Now it's time to kill some pimps' n' hoes'. Leave none alive. 
    Once the first group is finished, go to the next Icon to destroy 
    the Stolen Goods. After that's done, go to the next Icon. Here 
    you'll have to bop with some feather weight Destroyers, there're
    just a lot of them. To save you some time, kill the snitch who will 
    go call more Destroyers. He's indicated by an Orange '!' over his 
    head. To acquire the Bonus Mission, throw a Molotov through the 
    hole in the gate when the guy moves across; this can take a few 
    tries. Now head to the Red Icon.
    (C) Now you have to kill the Destroyers LTs. Here's a list of where 
    they're at.
    1. Behind the Pimps car.
    2. In the parking lot of the Laundry Mat.
    3. On the roof across from the Laundry Mat.
    4. In the back alley of where the Stolen Goods were.
    Be careful, all of the LTs have some help with them, so don't try 
    to take in more than you can handle. Once they're all dead, go to 
    the Red Icon.
    (D) Now you're going to storm the Hangout. Kill all opposition. To 
    get to the bottle throwers, charge the boxes that guard them. Once 
    they're all dead, pick the lock on the gate to walk inside and 
    charge the door. Now you have to fight more Destroyers. Once 
    they're all dead, the Warriors see L.C. leaving...
    (E) L.C. will lead you to Virgil, fallow him but don't be seen.
    Virgil has the high ground and will throw Molotov's and bottles at 
    you. Keep throwing your own bottles while avoiding his to make him 
    retreat. Now in this room, you fight Virgil hand to hand. He's a 
    wuss, and will attack you in...certain areas...just throw bottles 
    at him when he hides. Hit him about 3-4 times and he goes into the 
    next building. Now you can kick his butt. Do whatever you need to 
    kill him. Unfortunately, the camera angle in here sucks so you 
    can't really see what you're doing.
    -Kill Maurie in section B.
    7k. Boys In Blue {7.B}
    Character:  Cochise
    High Score: 9000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   10
    Arenas:     3
    (11) Boys In Blue
    Pelham, 11:49pm, June 30, 1979
      12 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Go up to the Bulls under the bridge. Bop with them and throw 
    one into the oncoming train. 
    (B) Once the cops start coming down, you can hide in the shadows. 
    The cops have a gang curfew so if they spot you they'll come for 
    you. The best way to complete this mission is to use the shadows to 
    your advantage. You can go into the store the back way to get some 
    money and a Flash. If your Warriors get arrested, loose the cops 
    then wait for them to leave the area. You need to get to the Red 
    Icon. The informant needs a certain amount of money.
    (C) When the informant gets the money, he'll tell you to get some 
    bolt cutters. Fallow the Icon to find the bolt cutters, then go 
    back down to the train station. 
    (D) As you run down the alleys, you will encounter a group of bums 
    who, if you give them money, will join you. You can do this if you 
    want but still fallow the alleys to the Icon. Here you will 
    encounter a few Bulls. Break through the door and continue to the 
    (E) Take out the whole damn bar! Tell your Warriors to Wreck EM' 
    All and you do the same. The bartender will throw bottles at you so 
    look out. Once all the Bulls are dead, the bartender tells you were 
    to find Birdie. Fallow the Icon to get to Birdie. Jump down into 
    the Icon.
    This battle can be difficult at points, but isn't impossible. 
    Birdie has a gun and will use it. Things to keep in mind are: 
    1. He has a revolver, a six shot weapon, so attack him while he 
    2. When he's facing your Warriors, tell them to scatter; he'll 
    shoot them if you don't.
    3. You can find some flash on the ground.
    4. You can hide behind the sheets of metal on the roof, or behind 
    the wall furthest to the right.
    Using these tips, you can beat Birdie.
    Once he's knocked back, use one more throw to send him down.
    -Snuff out 3 burners.
    7l. Set Up {7.C}
    Character:  Cowboy
    High Score: 15000
    Bonus:      3
    Soldiers:   29
    Arenas:     1
    (12) Set Up
    Bensonhurst, 9:27pm, July 3, 1979
       9 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Section A I will explain with steps. These steps will be the 
    quickest way to get the 5 radios and 50 stolen items.
    1. From the alley, go to the left to find the first car radio.
    2. From there, go up the street to the Wine and Liquor.
    3. Go across the street and get find some shadows.
    4. Get in the shadows and lure the JSB's scout out and kill him.
    5. Go to the 2nd car radio, here the owner will attack. Kill him.
    6. Now head back across the street and hop the fence.
    7. Get in the shadows and lure out the scout. Kill him.
    8. Now head back to the alleys and head to the car. There's radio.
    9. Head through the mid section of houses and get to the street.
    10. Kill all scouts.
    11. Now head to the back of the HIFI Electronics; pick the lock.
    12. From there, go to the car outside. Steal the radio.
    13. Head out of the alley and straight ahead is the last radio! 5/5
    14. Now head up the street to Fine Jewels and break in.
    15. Now head across the street to The Family Jewels and break in.
    (B) Now that you have all the items. You can head to the cop car 
    indicated by the Yellow Icon.
    (C) Once you've planted the loot in the cop car, you have to go to 
    the JSB's Hangout. Head across the roof to start planting the loot. 
    The Boy sleeping will wake up on the 4th time so kill him before he 
    rats. Now head to the Red Icon.
    -Snuff out 9 burners.
    -Steal the last 3 radios.
    -Snuff out the burner in the JSB's Hangout.
    7m. All-City {7.D}
    Character:  Rembrandt
    High Score: 15000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   18
    Arenas:     1
    (13) All-City
    Pelham Trainyard, 1:27am, July 10, 2005
       2 Days Before The Meeting
    (A) Pick up some Paint, then head to the Icon. Now you have to bomb 
    the train. It will require that you do three separate tags. Once 
    you're done, head to the Icon. Now the Moonrunners will come out to 
    defend the trains. Now go to the Icon. Go to the door and unlock 
    it. Go into the next door and destroy the dispatcher.
    (B) Now you have 4 more trains to bomb. They're indicated by an 
    Icon. This mission cheats...just telling you. There will be 
    absolutely NO cops around but then once you start to spray, there 
    will be about 4. Just run and hide till the heat cools down. Once 
    you bomb all of the trains, go to the Icon.
    (C) Great...you've got MORE cops to deal with. But now you have Fox 
    and Snow so just tell them to protect you. There are two more 
    trains to bomb, ones below you and the other is across the way.
    Once there all done get to the exit!
    -Snuff out the 4 burners.
    7n. Desperate Dudes {7.E}
    High Score: 7000
    Bonus:      2
    Soldiers:   18
    Arenas:     1
    (14) Desperate Dudes
    Later That Night
    (A) Head toward the Icon. 
    (B) Now save Ajax. You have to kill the Bulls. Once they're dead, 
    head to the Icon.
    (C) Kill the scout in front of you, start your trek toward the 
    Icon. Try to stick to the shadows. Kill the last 3 guards before 
    you get to the Icon. There, kill the guard. Before you get to the 
    Icon, there is a group of Bulls, kill them, and then open the door. 
    Walk out and get into the Icon.
    (D) Lure out the first guard and kill him. Then continue on. Kill 
    the next scout and jump on top of the trailers. Lure the guard from 
    the shadows and kill him. Jump back up on the trailers and jump 
    across to the other side. Jump down to the long strip of shadow and 
    kill the guard at the end. Lure out the guard across the way and 
    kill him too. Now you're in their hangout. KILL ALL IN YOUR PATH!!!
    Now go to the Icon. Head down to help Vermin.
    (E) Now you have to hide from a truck loaded with Bulls. Just use 
    the shadows. There are two things that tell you the bus is about to 
    show up.
    1. A little jingle will sound.
    2. You'll here the darn thing coming!
    Make your way through the auto yard until you reach your Icon. When 
    you reach it, unlock the gate and go help the rest of your 
    Warriors. Now fallow the path that leads to the Red Icon.
    (F) Now you have to run from the Bulls. Hold L Trigger to sprint 
    while using A to charge and Y to jump, this will be CRAZY!!!
    (G) THE BULLS ARE BACK AGAIN!!! Just press the A button rapidly to 
    escape and catch the train home.
    -Snuff out the 10 burners.
    -Trash the Bulls Hideout.
    7o. No Permits, No Parley {7.F}
    Character:  Swan
    High Score: 9000
    Bonus:      1 
    Soldiers:   9
    (15) No Permits, No Parley
    Tremont, 1:52am, July 13, 1979
    (A) Walk to the Icon. Now you have to wreck a lot of Orphans. Once 
    they're all dead, continue down to the Icon.
    (B), (C) To complete this mission, you have to free all your 
    Warriors and get them to safety. Here are some tips as to how to 
    free them.
    1. Once you get help a Warrior, take them to the Red Icon.
    2. USE SHADOWS!!!
    3. Other gangs will attack you, so be mindful.
    4. If you can avoid killing cops, do so, they'll respawn with more.
    5. To buy Flash, there is a store in the area of the Park.
    Here is the list of where the Warriors are located.
    1. Cochise is in the street where you start off.
    2. Fox is down and needs Flash in the back alley.
    3. Rembrandt is in the shadows in the back of the map.
    4. Ajax is fighting a group of Eliminators.
    5. Vermin is arrested near the Park.
    6. Cowboy is out in the back ally of where Vermin is.
    (D) Once all the other Warriors are in the Park, walk through the 
    Red Icon.
    -Snuff out 6 burners.
    7p. Home Run {7.G}
    Character:  Swan, Ajax
    High Score: 2000
    Soldiers:   1
    Arenas:     1
    (16) Home Run
    Riverside, 3:09am, July 13, 1979
    (A) Hold down the L Trigger and just keep running. Think back to 
    Soho. Once you go into the alley, press Y and A when the onscreen 
    tells you to.
    (B) LOSE THOSE FURIES!! They're on you like stink on...never 
    mind...they're just on you, and you have to lose them. When you 
    fall down the bridge run up to the door and unlock it. Continue 
    your run.
    (C) Just keep running! Get to the park! Now you play as Ajax. Kill 
    all the Furies.
    (D) Now you're Swan again. Head to the Icon and help out Ajax! If 
    this battle seems unfair, don't worry, the Furies will drop plenty 
    of Flash. Head to the Icon. Here you will face The Catcher.
    Cobb is actually the easiest to beat of the bosses in my opinion. 
    Once the rest of the Furies are dead just unload on him and back up 
    when he swings. Cobb can be hit with combos and if you time them 
    right, he can never attack. Like I said, this is by far the easiest 
    boss battle.
    7q. Friendly Faces {7.H}
    Character:  Rembrandt, Swan
    High Score: 2000
    Soldiers:   13
    Arenas:     1
    (17) Friendly Faces
    The Bowery, 3:32 am, June 13, 1979
    (A) Just to save some time, just hit one of the Lizzies. 
    (B) Their leader will try to shoot you. You have to break down the 
    door. It will take 5 charges but it'll break.
    Union Square, 4:19am, June 13, 1979
    (C) Spring the Ambush by pressing Y. You have to kill all the 
    Punks. They will try to get Mercy so you have to protect her! Keep 
    her out of harms way.
    7r. Come Out To Play {7.I}
    Character:  Swan
    High Score: 2000
    Soldiers:   20
    (18) Come Out To Play
    Coney Island, 5:23am, July 13, 1979
    (A) Luther and his Rouges will try to run you over. Tap the 
    different buttons to run away...
    (C) Now you have to fight Luther one-on-one. He is a whimp and can 
    get his butt kicked. Just use heavy combos on him. Once he's hurt, 
    he'll resort to wussy tactics and get out a gun. Just a note on 
    this part, the boat can't be destroyed by gun fire. Get bottles and 
    throw them at Luther. Avoid his shots; he has a six fire weapon so 
    just count them off before going into the open. When the Rouges 
    come after you, tell Snow to Wreck EM' All! You still throw bottles 
    at Luther. Snow will not get hit by the bottle throwers or Luther, 
    so just leave him on Wreck EM' All. Once Swan gets his knife out, 
    you have to throw it at Luther. Press A+X to throw it at him.
    ROLL CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *During the Credits, you can control Masai to beat up the Rouges.*
    8. Walkthrough - Flashback Missions and Coney Island
    Here I will explain the five Flashback Missions and all the stuff 
    you'll need to know about Coney Island. Flashbacks are the stories 
    of how the Warriors were made.
    8a. Roots {8.1}
    Character:  Cleon
    High Score: 9000
    Soldiers:   18
    Arenas:     1
    *A* Roots
    East Coney, 10:57pm, April 16, 1978
    (A) Go to the Red Icon to pick up the package.
    (B) Looks like Harrison and Garrison are watching the deal. Go to 
    the Yellow W icons and cause some trouble to lure the detectives 
    out. Here is a list of what you can do.
    1. Cause a bum riot-Just beat up the bums until they attack each 
    2. Destroy the cars-There are three of these. Explains its self.
    3. Beat down Factory Workers-Kill all the workers.
    Once you've cause enough crime, go back to LCs. 
    (C) Now you're in the warehouse. Keep out of sight and use the 
    shadows to your advantage. Once you get to the door, pick the lock 
    and continue on to the next area. Just keep fallowing the Icon. 
    Pick the lock and turn left outside. 
    These guys are easy. Just fight them like normal opponents. There 
    is no real strategy to beating them except, don't try to grab Tiny.
    Once you kill one of them, they will run and be free for a free 
    8b. The Best {8.2}
    Character:  Swan
    High Score: 6000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   2
    Arenas:     1
    *B* The Best
    Gunhill, 9:08, May 6, 1978
    (A) In this game, you will have to hold the top of the hill for 100 
    seconds. If another gang tries to muscle you out, just grab and 
    throw them off.
    (B) Go to the different stores and trash em' up until the owners 
    agree to pay you protection. Go to the Plumbing store and wreck the 
    place. Destroyers will come to defend it, but they will die. After 
    that, down the street to Voodoo Motors. You can have the whole 
    place down before the Destroyers arrive. Next go to the Meat 
    Market. Here you will fight two Destroyers. Once they're dead, kill 
    the guys that come out of the meat locker. Now head over to The 
    Little Buddha. Kill the four guys sitting down then destroy what's 
    left of the store. Now head over to the Icon.
    (C) Kill the Destroyers. Once they're all dead, run out to the 
    -Snuff out 5 burners
    8c. Heavy Muscle {8.3}
    Character:  Ajax
    High Score: 7000
    Bonus:      2
    Soldiers:   13
    Arenas:     1
    *C* Heavy Muscle
    East Coney, 12:01am, June 15, 1978
    (A) Fight the opposition to earn your vest.
    (B) Destroyers have taken your colors.  Fallow your way to the Red 
    Icon. There you will fight 3 Destroyers. Kill them, then continue 
    to the Red Icon.
    (C) Now you have to interrogate Beansie. Go up to his posse and try 
    to kill most of the Destroyers. DON'T kill Beansie! If you do you 
    fail the mission. Now head to the Red Icon.
    (D) Here you will fight 2 Destroyers. Continue down the alley and 
    fight 3 more Destroyers. Keep going down the alley. Now you're 
    going to fight another group of Destroyers. Hop the fence into the 
    next area and continue going forward. There is one more Destroyer 
    before you break the rotted fence down. Once you break through the 
    rotted fence, there will be 2 Destroyers to your right. Hop the 
    fence and there will be a few more Destroyers to deal with. Now 
    head to the Yellow Icon. Now you have to interrogate Lemmy. Once 
    you've gotten the info you need, kill him. 
    (E) Now continue down to the Red Icon. The Chump won't let you in. 
    Trash his store! Once he comes out, kill him and take his key. Head 
    through the Icon. Now you have to kill LC. 
    (F) Now you have to cut across the boardwalk.
    -Wreck 10 Destroyers before you get back to your turf.
    -Wreck 15 more Destroyers before you get back to your turf.
    8d. Scout's Honor {8.4}
    Character:  Fox
    High Score: 9000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   29
    Arenas:     2
    *D* Scout's Honor
    Chinatown, 10:13pm, July 22, 1978
    (A) Go up to the Icons and destroy the property. Once you do this, 
    the Huns will come after you. Fox is weak, so just tell Vermin to 
    scatter and wait for the Huns to leave. Once you have completed 
    these 4 tasks continue to the Red Icon.
    (B) Now you have to hide, tell Vermin to scatter and wait till they 
    leave. Once they're gone, go to the Red Icon.
    (C) You have to tail the accountant while he does his rounds; 
    fallow him, but don't let him leave your sight. While he's making 
    the fourth transaction, things get heavy and the Huns come. Get out 
    of the way. They will run through the hiding spot near transaction 
    3. Cut across to the small hiding area. Once he's done with all the 
    transactions, he'll call the Huns to help him. KILL THEM ALL!
    (D) Fallow the Huns errand boy.
    (E) Kill all of the Huns. There's about 6-7 of them. Once they're 
    taken care of, kill Ghost!
    Ghost is pretty easily handled. Tell Vermin to Wreck EM' All while 
    you throw knives at Ghost. He can be fought just like any other 
    Now you have to chase the errand boy again. Catch him and mug him. 
    Once you steal his item, run for the Red Icon.
    -Snuff out the 7 burners.
    8e. Sharp Dressed Man {8.5}
    Character:  Cochise
    High Score: 11000
    Bonus:      1
    Soldiers:   28
    Arenas:     1
    *E* Sharp Dressed Man
    Harlem, 11:32pm, August 18, 1978
    (A) You need to find some Bopper Hats. Go down the way and find the 
    Boppers mugging some dude. These guys are dead! Kill them and try 
    on their hats. None of those fit? Well keep looking. Continue down 
    the alley. You'll come to a dead end; jump to the right. Now 
    continue down the alley. At the basketball courts, there are 3 more 
    Boppers. Kill them and try on their hats. Head to the clubs...
    (B) When your in the Disco, get the Boppers' attention. When they 
    notice you kill them. Once you deal with the first wave, the leader 
    will come to face you. You have to interrogate him. Once you have 
    the info, go back out to the streets.
    (C) Now head to The Pocket pool hall. You can get in without paying 
    by wearing a Boppers Hat.
    (D) Now you have to wreck the Boppers in the Pool Hall. You need to 
    interrogate Boxcar, so don't kill him. When you're done, go back 
    out to the streets. Head over to the Black Cat. It's the Red Icon.
    You'll encounter a few groups of Boppers, but nothing you can't 
    (E) Go find Debbie the Stripper. She is the furthest stripper back. 
    Pay here and she'll talk. Pay here five times and she'll give you 
    her pass to get into where Big Moe's held up. Now go back to the 
    streets. You need to get to Club 45. Fallow the Red Icon.
        -Big Moe
    Big Moe is a BIG dude. Make Snow Fight him while you do bull rushes 
    on Big Moe. He will eventually drop his hat. When this happens pick 
    it up, you can then do a dance indicated by the buttons onscreen. 
    When inputted correctly, you will gain one Flash. Once his hat 
    comes off for the 2nd time, 2 girls will come out to help Big Moe.
    They will spray you with mace, making it hard to see.
    -Snuff out 10 burners.
    8f. Coney Island {8.6}
    This is a list of all the Bonus Missions in Coney.
    1. Turf Invasion #1
    Trash the VC Rangers.
    2. Robbin Hood
    Get Rudy 100$ and deliver it before his train leaves!
    *Unlock Bum Hints*
    3. Turf Invasion #2 
    Trash the Panzers.
    4. Busted
    Free all 5 of Twiggys associates.
    *Unlock Cuff Key*
    5. Turf Invasion #3
    Trash the Eliminators.
    *Unlock Brass Knuckles*
    6. Flash Head
    Get a Foam Finger from The Little Buddha while dosed on Flash.
    *Unlock increased Flash Capacity*
    7. Turf Invasion #4
    Trash the Hurricanes.
    8. Vigilante Justice
    Track down the stalker and cuff him.
    *Unlock Cuffs and Coney Stalker*
    9. Turf Invasion #5
    Trash the Satins Mothers.
    10. Carney Compassion
    Beat up the punks that stole Jaspers Costume.
    *Unlock Apephipian*
    11. Turf Invasion #6
    Trash the Jones Street Boys.
    *Steel-Toed Boots*
    12. Deal With It
    Make purchases to root out the phony dealers.
    *Unlock Weapon Dealers*
    13. Feed The Homeless
    These bums are hungry-and picky. Feed each according to his taste.
    *Unlock Hobo Recruits*
    14. Freedom
    Free the Warriors without getting busted.
    *Unlock Uncuff Self*
    15. Flash Point
    Pop 10 hits of Flash before the timer runs out.
    *Unlock Instant Rage*
    9. Armies of the Night {9.0}
    Armies of the Night is a mini game that is accessed after you beat 
    all regular missions and is playable after you beat the Flashback 
    Missions. It's a game like Double Dragon; a side scrolling fighter.
    Mercy is kidnapped by the Riffs and you have to save her.
    9a. Helpful Hints {9.1}
    *You have 7 credits to complete the 3 stages.
    *You can use all the moves from the game.
    *Each time the GO! appears on the screen, the time is reset back to 
    *Break open boxes to find Flash.
    10. Rumble Mode {10.0}
    Rumble mode is a fun little mini game where you take a gang and go 
    heads up with another one. Here I will tell you about the different 
    game modes. I will also make a "checklist" of the Arenas and of the 
    10a. Game Modes {10.1}
    1 ON 1: 2 boppers enter but only 1 leaves.
    WAR PARTY: A real heavy showdown-2 gangs with 5 to a side.
    ARMY-ING: Heavy! 2 gangs with 9 to a side.
    SURVIVAL: Take on an endless barrage of heavy boppers!
    HAVE MERCY: Like capture the flag with a chick.
    BURNER BATTLE: Grab paint and get your 5 layer bomb up first!
    BATTLE ROYAL: Ring-out all of your opponents to reign supreme!
    WHEELS OF STEEL: Race a wheelchair through the streets.
    KING OF THE HILL: Climb the mountain and stake your claim!
    10b. Soldiers List {10.2}
    BASEBALL FURIES: Cobb, Thurman, Ryan, Darien, Zack, BJ
    BOPPERS: Big Moe, Tubbz, Boxcar, TJ, Greenback, Nate, Donovan, 
    Sharla, Shandra
    COPS: Dubrowski, Dawson, Austin, Riley, Wyatt, Jackson, Nic, 
    Garrison, Harrison
    DESTROYERS: Virgil, Crusty, Beansie, Lemmy, Bull, Gnat, LC, Maggot, 
    ELIMINATORS: Tracer, Header, Beckman, Pelly, Charlton, Zidane
    HI-HATS: Chatterbox, Marcel, Crackerjack, Desmond, Jude, Etienne, 
    HURRICANES: Vargas, Sanchez, Rico, Eusebio, Alejandro, Rodrigo, 
    JONES STREET: Knox, Harry, Pilfer, Royal, Fleece, Boomstick
    PUNKS: Vance, Ed, Hog, Hornet, Maurice, Lumpy
    RIFFS: Cyrus, Masai, Cleaver, Calvin, Stokely, Jamal, Malachi
    LIZZIES: Starr, Sarah, Roxanna, Dana, Sheera, Hollie, Alice
    MOONRUNNERS: Bullet, Deke, Glenn, Cooper, Gus, Luna 51
    ORPHANS: Sully, Jesse, Monk, hutch, Pike, Bugs, Mcgee
    PANZERS: Jonah, Isaac, Abe, C-Style, Keenan, Theo
    ROGUES: Luther, Cropsy, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey
    SARACENS: Edge, Mouse, Snakefingers, Arson, Petey, Big Jer
    SATAN'S MOTHERS: Spider, Tiny, Goober, Kevin K, Spice, Ted
    SAVAGE HUNS: Ghost, Jimmy Lo, Tam-Tam, Lingo, Blood Lotus, Shadow 
    Blade, Iron Knee, Crimson Fist
    TURNBULL ACS: Sid, Thrash, Nails, Hammer, Smash, Axel, Skid
    VC RANGERS: Pharaoh, Lucifer, Jonah, Herod, Goliath, Caine
    WARRIORS: Cleon, Swan, Ajax, Cochise, Cowboy, Fox, Vermin, 
    Rembrandt, Snow
    NEW BLOODS: Ash, Jones, Malcolm, Lynx, Rhino, Cody, Royce, Ace, 
    MOVIE EXTRAS: Mercy, Mercy, Chloe, Mindy, Steve, Mike, Candice, 
    FLASH DEALERS: Owen, Preston, Stacey, Dante, Cody
    KNIFE DEALERS: Lamar, Stanley, Cesar, Seth, Julius
    SPRAY DEALERS: Skritz, Cap-One, Scotty-C, Chuck, Sniffles
    BARTENDERS: Pablo, Roger, Dallas, Leroy, Lester, Travis
    BENSONHURST: Julie, Karen, Jacklyn, Becky, Danny, Gabe, Taylor, 
    Arnold, Donald
    BOUNCERS: Dick, Winston, Colt, Ali, Barry, Randy, Kip
    HOBOS: Old Crazy, Peaches, Rusty, Speedy, Socks, Ron Weed
    VAGRANTS: Rossco, Stinky, Rudy, Perry, Patrick, 8 Ball
    CHINATOWN: Amy, Henry, Judy, Leif, Jane, Robert, Lee, Charles, Bob
    HUN AFFILIATES: Arthur, Benny, Gabriel, Bruce, Jackie, Sammo, Yan, 
    Sammy, Mr. Pong
    CIVILIANS: Roy, Booker, Delton, Gideon, Nikki, Yuri, Eric, Warren, 
    CLERKS: Rosie, Omar, Donut Dan, Roderick, Floyd, Trevor
    CONEY: Apephibian, Charlie, Skinny Pete, Twiggy, Gypsy, Hot Dog 
    Jimmy, Stefano, Lamont, Coney Kid
    PELHAM: Connie, Lisa, Cameron, Clifton, Nelson, Heath, Darryl, 
    Tomas, Samantha
    PIMPS AND HOS: Tonia, Shandra, Mary Janny, Tara, Fillmore, Galaxy, 
    Reggie Styles
    RIVERSIDE: Russel, Walter, Jason, Dontrev, Trevdon, Kim, Melissa, 
    SECURITY GUARDS: Stoich, Cedric, Pucci, Curt, Eddie, Henry
    SPANISH HARLEM: Maria, Rosa, Virginia, Pablo, Jose, Carloz, Chico, 
    STRIPPERS: Debbie, Debbie, Sugar, Simone, Cleo, Lilly, Isis
    TREMONT: Shauna, Hanna, Krissy, Avery, Rodney, Chris, Bruce, Alvin, 
    WORKERS: Tuttle, Luke, Sam, Dylan, Archie, Herb, Clinton, Erik
    WARRIORS EXTRAS: Fox, Vermin, Ash, Terrance
    EXTRAS: Lemmy, Virgil, Lemmy, Lafonda, Lafonda, Oates, Saddler, 
    FLASHBACK WARRIORS: Swan, Ajax, Cochise, Cowboy, Fox, Rembrandt, 
    Snow, Cleon, Vermin
    RIFFS POSSE: Spazz, Seal, Jerome, AJ, Slim, Screetch
    ARMIES OF THE NIGHT: Cleon, Swan, Ajax, Fox, Cyrus
    DESTROYERS OFFICERS: Chase, Skooly, Devon
    10c. Arenas List {10.3}
    Here's the list of all the Arenas available in Rumble Mode. 
    1. Fight Pen
    2. The Rotunda
    3. Red Devil
    4. Shaolin Temple
    5. Club 45
    6. Swimming Pool
    7. Subway Platform
    8. The Shack
    9. Tack's Warehouse
    10. The Graveyard
    11. The Bridge
    12. The Orphanage
    13. Wrecked Apts
    14. Subway Bathroom
    15. Stripes and Solids
    16. Coney Amusement
    17. The Park
    18. The Old Junkyard
    19. Tremont
    20. Chinatown
    21. Soho Rooftops
    22. Tenement Rooftops
    23. Machine Shop
    24. Mausoleum Hill
    25. Coney Amusement
    26. Courtyard
    27. King o'Shanties
    11. Secret Stuff {11.0}
    Unlimited Sprint: Down, X, Left, A, R, Back
    Unlimited Rage: X, B, Y, Back, A, Left
    200$ and maxed out items: Black, Left Click, R, A, Down, R
    100% Completion: R, Black, X, Down, L, Right
    Lose Cops: Up, Back, A, Y, Y, B
    Get Knife: Down, Down, Back, Up, Up, White
    Get Bat: X, Left Click, Down, Down, R, R
    Get Pipe: Left Click, B, Back, Up, R, Right
    Get Machete: R, A, Black, Black, Back, Left Click
    99 Credits in AotN: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right
    Dealer Hints: Bums will give you hints when you pay them. *Bonus 
    Mission 2.
    Cuff Keys: You can unlock cuffs instantly. *Bonus Mission 4.
    Brass Knuckles: Increases punch damage. *Bonus Mission 5.
    Increased Flash Capacity: Can hold 4 Flash *Bonus Mission 6.
    Cuffs and Coney Stalker: Unlocked cuffs to use on enemies. *Bonus 
    Mission 8.
    Apephibian: Use Apephibian in Rumble Mode *Bonus Mission 10.
    Steel-Toed Boots: Increase kick damage. *Bonus Mission 11.
    Weapon Dealers: Buy Knives from dealers. *Bonus Mission 12.
    Hobo Recruits: Hobos can be recruited for a fee. *Bonus Mission 13.
    Uncuff Self: You can uncuff yourself if you have a key. *Bonus 
    Mission 14.
    Instant Rage: Pop a Flash and go into Rage. *Bonus Mission 15.
    Unleash the Fury: Unlocked after 100% completion on Hardcore 
    Soldier Difficulty.
    12. Version History {12.0}
    Version 0.02 = November 16, 2005
    -Completed The Warriors Design.
    -Completed Table Of Contents.
    -Completed Introduction
    -Completed Legal
    Version 0.12 = November 17, 2005
    -Completed Characters Section
    Version 0.22 = November 20, 2005
    -Completed the Gang Turf Section.
    Version 0.27 = November 21, 2005 
    -Completed the Hideout Section.
    -Added the Quick-Find to my guide since it's already pretty big.
    Version 0.57 = November 26, 2005
    -Completed the Main Missions Walkthrough.
    Version 0.82 = November 26, 2005
    -Completed Armies of the Night Section.
    -Completed Rumble Mode Section.
    -Completed Secrets Section.
    Version 1.0 = November 27, 2005
    -Completed Flashback Missions and Coney Island.
    -Completed Credits.
    -Completed Things to Come Section.
    Version 1.1 = November 28, 2005
    -Changed layout of my guide.
    Version 1.11 = November 30, 2005
    -Made very minor changes
    13. Credits {13.0}
    Rockstar for ALWAYS making great games...ALWAYS!
    Paramount Pictures for The Warriors.
    Myself, this guide to a long time to write, but I finished!
    14. Things to Come {14.0}
    1. Will list how to complete the Bonus Missions in-depth.
    2. Will list positions of Flash, Spray, and all other dealers.
    "End File"

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