AnimationNicholas Stephens
Development DirectorMichael Lavaire
Executive DirectorLisa Catto
Executive ProducerDaniel Bobroff
Game DesignRob Bennett
Game Engine ProgrammingTobias Barendt
Game Engine ProgrammingMichael Hoe
Game Engine ProgrammingAndrew Southgate
Lead ArtistMatt Wilde
Lead ProgrammerChris Brunning
Non Executive DirectorMike Elms
Player Character ProgrammingGarry Brady
ProducerBianca White
ProgrammingFred Ma
ProgrammingPhil Welch
Senior ArtistJosef Kainz
Sound EngineerPaul Weir
Tools ProgrammingChristoph Hadstein
Tools ProgrammingWarren Keyes
Tools ProgrammingParvindar Singh
Tools ProgrammingTom Whittock


Data and credits for this game contributed by Xcarvenger, ffmasterjose, and Mookiethebold.

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