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    Online Multiyplayer Guide by EnzoF66057

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    Double Agent Online FAQ----------Playstation 2 Version                         
    Author: EnzoF66057
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Contact: EnzoF660@aol.com
    ___________Table of Contents____________
     1.0-------Contact Information           
     1.1-------Legal Information               
     1.2-------The Basics                        
          1.2.1-----The Teams                   
                 1.2.3b----Grapple Breaks      
     1.3-------Equipment and Weapons     
          1.3.1-----Standard Issue             
     1.4-------Game Modes                     
          1.4.1-----Team Based                 
          1.4.3-----Mode Settings              
                 1.4.3a----Team Based          
           1.5.7-----Pick-up Locations
     1.7-------Thanks To
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      1.0 Contact Information 
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else 
    regarding this FAQ, feel free to e-mail me at the above address. I will 
    answer and/or address your mail in a timely fashion that is conveniant 
    for me. If you'd like me to add anything to the FAQ, full credit will be
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      1.1 Legal Information 
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      1.2 The Basics 
    The online play for Splinter Cell Double Agent is completely different from
    that of Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory (at least for the ps2 version
    of the game). This time around, instead of having a team of spies vs. a 
    team of mercenaries, there are two teams composed of two players, each
    of which are spies.
    This changes around the dynamic of the game a lot. Instead of playing 
    stealth and finesse, the game is much more fast-paced as spies run right
    up to each other in order to initiate duels which I will get into soon. The
    spies also have lethal guns now rather than just tazers as well as an array
    of new gadgets that once belonged to the mercenaries, including wall
    mines and frag grenades, among other things. There are many different 
    game modes as well that will be explained in detail later on as well as six
    (6) new multiplayer maps which will also be explained in detail.
      1.2.1 The Teams
    This time around as already mentioned, there are two different teams of
    spies rather than the spy vs. merc gameplay. Both teams are exactly the
    same except for their names and aesthetics.
    Echelon - Your typical spies. This team of spies uses the full body stealth
                  suit that you're accustomed to seeing on Sam Fisher in single
                  player. These guys are the "typical" spies and basically look 
                  like Third Echelon splinter cells. 
                  Their emblem is the infamous 3-dot configuration of the 
                  combination thermal/night-vision/EMV goggles. The catch in 
                  here is that they're blue, not green. The Echelon team color is
                  blue. The color of lights on their suits is blue, the color of 
                  their lasers are blue and the color of their goggles are blue.
    Upsilon - These guys look more like hired mercenaries than tactical spies. 
                 They're basically online character models of Fisher in his JBA
                 apparel. So basically, more-or-less civilian clothing with the 
                 military feel to them.
                 Their emblem is a connection of 3 lines which, if overlapped with 
                 the Echelon emblem, each line would go between the dots. Their 
                 color is yellow, so everything that was mentioned before as 
                 being blue is now yellow for this team.
      1.2.2 Moves
    The spies in the online mode are a lot faster and more agile than Sam is in
    the single player. They are also much quicker in this game than they were
    in previous titles. The only way to get around all parts of all the maps is
    by using different standard moves that the spies can do. Some may be 
    simple and some may be more complicated or require better timing, 
    however, you need to use almost each of them in order to be successful
    in the online mode.
    **These are not the exact names and descriptions out of the manual but are 
    100% accurate and detailed, so no need to worry about continuity problems. 
    Just what it sounds like. You hang off a ledge, railing, catwalk, etc. Just 
    like the single player. When hanging, you can pull yourself up to the
    platform that you're hanging off of, provided there is somewhere for you
    to climp up on to. Obviously you're not going to climb onto anything if
    you're hanging off the molding on an outside wall. 
    Just like single player. If you jump onto a shorter platform, the spy will 
    simply mantle or climb up onto it. Basic.
    Also, just like single player. You're next to a wall and you push the L3 
    button so the spy will go up against the wall. Good for blending directly 
    into a shadow on the wall or in a corner if you're waiting for someone. 
    >Wall Flip-off:
    This is something that Sam can't do in single player. It's pretty cool to 
    look at. If you run straight at a wall and push triangle a couple feet 
    before it, the spy will run up the wall and do a backflip off the wall and
    spin the other way in mid-air, so that when he lands, he'll be facing away
    from the wall. This is good for reaching ledges or pipes. Many equipment
    items are on rails that are only accessible through doing a backflip off the
    opposite wall. When you do that, you'll automatically grab onto the rail. 
    This works the same way with ledges. Do a backflip off the opposite wall
    and you can grab onto a ledge and pull yourself up onto it. It's also 
    useful for other things, though....
    >Wall Run:
    This is similar to the wall flip-off with one major difference, you don't flip
    off. You initiate a wall run the same way as a flip-off, however, if you're
    running to a wall or surface that can be mantled, the spy will run up the 
    wall and grab onto the ledge, rather than flip off. This is useful for
    reaching higher spots that can't be reached by merely jumping up to
    them. There are some exceptions. You may see a high ledge that is, in
    fact, climbable, however it may be too high and thus out of reach for 
    even the wall run to reach. In this case, you would have to find an 
    alternate route up, provided there is one.
    Not essential to your mobility around the level, but it could save your life.
    Initiate a roll by running followed by holding the O button. This is good 
    if someone is shooting at you and you may want to make it harder for 
    them to hit you or just plain escape. You can either do a dive roll if you
    initiate it while running standing up, or you can just do a small shoulder
    roll if you initiate it while running in a crouched position (good for moving
    quickly through small ducts and vents). You can also do dive rolls off of 
    ledges and as you hit the ground, you will complete the roll. This is good if
    you're on the run. Although, if you dive roll off too high a ledge the roll will
    be completed in mid-air and you'll land on your feet, causing you to pause
    in your tracks for a very brief moment. 
    **Keep in mind that rolling will make more noise depending on what kind
    of surface you roll on. Rolling on regular floors won't do much but roll on
    a metal floor, metal stairs, metal grates/catwalks, or metal air ducts and 
    you'll make more noise than you  may want to make. However, this game
    is based much less on stealth than previous games so it may not be as 
    much of a problem nowadays.   
    >Silent Landing:
    Just like in single player also. When you jump off a ledge or just jump 
    down or off of anything, you push O as you land and you'll land into a
    crouched position which will make your landing much more graceful and
    silent. I'm not sure, but I believe that if you do a silent landing off slightly
    higher ledges, you may be able to save some health as opposed to if you
    just landed straight standing up. 
    >"Break-neck" Jumps:
    If you see another spy running around below and you're high up, jump on
    him. In previous games, jumping on any moving player would immobilize
    them from any height. However, in this game, you have to jump onto 
    someone from a certain height in order to do any significant damage to
    them, including kill them. If you jump from a significant enough height and
    manage to land on them, you'll have broken their neck and killed them. 
    However this is difficult to time and position correctly if you're not 
    experienced with it. If you didn't jump from high enough, nothing will 
    happen to you (if you landed on the other spy). The other spy, though, 
    will become dazed momentarily and will lose a small portion of their health.
    The daze effect isn't anything significant enough to give you the 
    oppurtunity to grab them and win a duel successfully, though. 
    You elbow the other player. Sometimes for whatever reason, the game 
    just won't let you grapple eachother and you may just keep elbowing 
    eachother. I have yet to notice if this elbowing does any damage, but I 
    don't believe it does. Also, if you're in a confined space, such as the 
    elevators in the Museum map, you won't be able to grapple, no matter
    what you do (take it from my flashbang filled experience). All that will
    happen is that you both keep elbowing eachother until you exit the 
    The elbow does have a lethal side, however. If you manage to sneak, run,
    or anything up to a spy that's crouched, you can kill him with the elbow. 
    If they are crouched, just go up to them, whether they see you or not, 
    then simply press R1 next to them. You will elbow them and they'll die 
    from it.
    >Gun Whip:
    If you have your rifle out and someone is running towards you or is right
    infront of you, you can push the X button and you'll wack them with the 
    butt of the rifle. This will knock them back and I believe daze them 
    momentarily as well. I'm not sure, however, if it actually lowers health to
    any extent. 
    You run up to them and you'll automatically climb them. Nothing to say 
    there. Just don't get caught on a ladder or pole while someone is shooting
    at you. You can also slide down them by simply pushing down on the 
    analog stick the way you would in single-player. 
    >Heal Mate:
    Not really sure if it's considered a "move" persay but whatever. This "move"
    allows you to fully restore your partner's health. As you've probably already
    figured out, this is only available in team-based game modes. If your partner
    is low on health, stand infront of eachother and face eachother. You'll see
    a small option appear that says "X Heal Mate". Push the X button and your
    character will hand something to your partner and you'll hear a refreshed
    breath. This is a sign that you just healed your partner. Your partner can of
    course do it to you as well. Be careful as it makes a readily identifiable
    sound which can be heard by other players or teams if they're in the area.
    Sometimes it won't work the first time you do it and you have to do it again. 
    This isn't a problem, just repeat the procedure again and be done with it. 
      1.2.3 Duels 
    Duels are the foundation upon which the new spies vs. spies gameplay is
    built on. It's a completely new form of battling it out which is welcomed
    by many as well as repelled by others.
    Dueling is the process in which two spies grapple eachother by pressing 
    R1 and a small circle appears with all the main buttons of the ps2 
    controller (X, square, triangle, O) in their respective positions around the 
    circle. Once the circle appears, one of the buttons will light up. The first 
    player to hit that button wins the duel. That person then automatically 
    puts  a random finishing move on the other spy which kills him (the losing
    Obviously, as you can tell, this is a game of reflexes. If you push the
    wrong button, you get penalized by twenty-five hundreths of a second
    (-00.25). This means that even if you still manage to push the button
    before the other player, if you were penalized the .25 seconds, you may 
    still lose due to a time technicality. 
    When you win or lose you see how much you win or lose by. 
    ie: You beat the other player by 3 hundreths of a second, so you see 
         +00.03 or you lose so you see -00.03 
    The button that must be pressed is random every time and can not be
    predicted. The finishing move that a spy does on the other is also random
    and can not be controlled. However, regardless of the finishing move, the
    other spy will die. 
    Now, you can get into duels by grappling the other spy head-on, or by 
    grabbing someone from behind, or having someone grab you from behind. 
    In the case of the behind-the-back grab, the same occurs...a duel. Once
    again, the first person to tap the correct button will win, so grabbing 
    someone from behind in this game doesn't necessarily guarantee you the
    pleasure of breaking their neck. They might win and end up flipping you 
    over their back, in which case, you die.
    However, there are exceptions and loop holes to duels as well such as 
    "quicksnaps" and otherwise.
      1.2.3a Quicksnaps
    A quicksnap is when one spy grabs the other and somehow breaks their 
    neck automatically without ever going into a duel. Quicksnaps can occur
    by different means. 
    1) The main way which is also the easiest is to get into a duel with someone
    and have your partner come up behind that person and then grab them. If
    you're in a duel, you can still be grabbed from behind by another player
    and thus, you'll be quicksnapped. Many teams do this. It's always risky to
    duel someone with his partner in the immediate area. 
    There is also another way that is not proven. Someone once told me that
    a reason for quicksnaps is when you run at eachother, but you miss at 
    first. Let's say you run to eachother and you press R1 but don't get the 
    grapple...if the other person manages to push R1 just after you missed, 
    they'll initiate a quicksnap. This is only speculative but seems to have 
    some kind of truth behind it as I've noticed mysterious quicksnaps in my 
    play time online. This seems to be more of a glitched way of getting 
    quicksnaps and again, this method is not proven nor truely controllable. 
      1.2.3b Grapple Breaks
    A grapple break is just what it sounds like. Two spies begin to enter a 
    grapple but force out of it or break it. This occurs when one of 2 things 
    1) You push R1 next to them and you see that you begin to grab on, but
    you end up letting go. This can happen because either you or the other 
    person dropped a grenade as you were getting into the grapple. The 
    grenade never actually dropped so as you get into a duel, you force out 
    of it and the person who originally pushed the button to drop the grenade
    will then actually drop it. At this point, you're completely free and aren't 
    forced back into the grapple, however, 99% of people if not everyone get
    right back into the grapple after the grenade (usually a flashbang) is 
    dropped. Once you grapple back on, it's like a normal duel from there. 
    2) You're both grappled to eachother but someone is shooting at either
    you or the other person, or both. If you're grappling someone and are 
    shot, even just once, you'll release the grapple and have to try to get 
    back into it again. Many times if the other person's partner is the one
    shooting at you, trying to get back into the grapple is pointless because
    the partner shooting at you will most likely kill you before you even 
    process what's going on or that you have to run away. 
      1.3 Equipment & Weapons 
    This game comes with an array of gadgets and some fun new stuff for the
    spies to use. The weapon system in this game works a little differently,
    though. Instead of having an inventory of pre-selected weapons and 
    equipment, you have to pick up different weapons and equipment that are
    scattered around the different maps. Each map consists of the same
    pick-ups to find. When you pick one up, you have a limited number of 
    the item that you can use. If you pick one weapon up, then pick up 
    another weapon or gadget, the weapon you were previously holding will 
    be replaced with the most recently collected piece of weaponry or 
    Some gadgets or weapons when in use, will show a small white icon in the
    upper left corner of HUD. These things include the wall mines, sticky 
    cameras, and personnel detectors. This icon is a small white outline that 
    resembles the shape of the item in use. If you placed a mine, you'll see a
    white mine icon in the HUD that indicates you have a mine in use. When 
    the icon goes away, that means the mine was destroyed. Same thing 
    applies to sticky cameras and personnel detectors. 
      1.3.1 Standard Issue
    One of the newest additions to the PS2 online version of Splinter Cell is a 
    rifle that is not only automatic (by definition), but also lethal. This rifle 
    looks just like the taze gun used in the previous two, only this time it 
    shoots live ammunition. It has a laser just like in previous games also 
    which can be turned on and off by pushing the up-arrow button on the 
    d-pad when having it equipped. The laser reflects the color of the team 
    you're on (yellow for Upsilon, blue for Echelon). If you're playing a 
    free-for-all game mode in which everyone is a different color (yellow, red,
    blue, and green), your laser will reflect the color that you represent.
    Your rifle is fitted with a launcher like in previous games that shoots an 
    array of different gadgets and grenades. Also like in previous games, the
    launcher has a power meter for when you're launching grenades. If you hold down
    the L1 button with a grenade equipped, you'll see a meter pop up which slowly
    fills up. This meter indicates how powerful the launch will be. Obviously, the
    more filled the meter is, the further it will launch. You can also choose to
    tap the L1 button when launching. What this does, is instead of giving you the
    power meter, it will automatically launch a grenade at the furthest possible
    power. This is what just about everyone online does rather than load the power
    meter. The rifle is also fitted with a scope that includes 3 different zoom
    The reason I said "(by definition)" before, is because it's not exactly an
    assault rifle. Yes, it does fire one after another when you hold down the
    firing button, however, it doesn't fire off shots like your standard M4. It 
    shoots at a much slower rate than your typical assault rifle although it 
    does provide more than adequate fire and protection. When you shoot 
    at someone, you know you're hitting them when you see a small red circle
    appear around the end of the laser.   
    You can also wack people with the butt of your rifle as previously 
    mentioned in the "Moves" section. 
    >Night Vision Goggles:
    In this game, all you have are night vision goggles, or NVGs. There's no
    thermal goggles like before but only NVGs. The catch to these NVGs is 
    there's a meter that runs out pending on NVG useage. Basically you can 
    only use your NVGs for a limited amount of time at any given point. You 
    can't have them on throughout an entire level (not that you'd need to
    anyway). There's a small meter on the left side of your HUD in the bottom
    right corner of the screen. This meter shows you how much NVG power
    you have left. I assume they added this concept as an attempt to even
    out the field since every single player would have night vision at their
      1.3.2 Weapons
    >Fragmentation or Frag Grenade: 2 GRENADES PER PICK-UP
    This is your typical anti-personnel explosive frag grenade. This grenade
    will kill anyone within about 10 ft of it. They don't explode upon impact 
    with anything. You can either drop it on the floor using L1 or L2, at which
    point you wanna get away from it quickly. Once you drop it, you have
    about 3 seconds until it explodes. You can also launch it out of your 
    rifle. The same 3 second rule applies. From the moment the grenade is
    shot out, there are about 3 seconds until it explodes. If someone
    shoots a grenade at you from a distance, by the time you realize it, 
    running away may be futile. Depending on how far away they shoot it
    from, the grenade may explode in mid-air right in front of you just as you
    try to roll away, thus killing you. 
    >Smoke Grenade: 2 PER PICK-UP
    This grenade, when released, bursts into a large cloud of smoke. This 
    causes anyone in it to start coughing and move slowly. Being in a smoke
    cloud is dangerous for multiple reasons. First of all, your movement is 
    greatly restricted: you move slower than usual, you can't jump or roll, and
    your visibility is reduced as well. The only real thing that can be done in a
    smoke cloud is grapple someone into a duel. The other danger about 
    smoke clouds is that if you get caught in them for too long, you can die.
    When someone drops a smoke 'nade, and you're in it, you want to be sure
    to get out of it quickly. Don't try dueling people or doing anything, just
    get the hell out of it. Smoke grenades will explode on impact with other
    players. If you drop it, however, it takes about 1 second until it bursts. 
    The smoke grenades are easily used the least of the 3 different grenades 
    in this game.
    >Flashbang Grenade: 3 PER PICK-UP
    The classic little demon that no one likes to get caught in. Flashbangs, 
    upon explosion, will blind anyone looking at it and will cause a
    freeze-frame effect of the moment before the flashbang went off. This 
    freeze-frame can be very decieving and disorienting, however, it slowly
    fades away as your real-time gameplay slowly appears from beneath the
    freeze-frame. The effect of a single flashbang lasts for about 3-4 seconds
    until your vision is completely clear and unimpaired again. However, many
    times, you'll have the unfortunate event of having multiple flashbangs go
    off either simultaneously or consecutively. In this case, the length of time
    it takes for your vision to clear up depends on how many flashbangs you 
    were caught in. Any more than one flashbang and you're entire screen will
    turn a bright white and will stay like that for a few seconds before very
    slowly returning to your original screen. 
    The problem with flashbangs, is that they impair not only your real-time 
    play screen, but if you engage in a duel after you've just been 
    flashbanged, it's also difficult to see the buttons screen. This is why many
    people drop flashbangs infront of opposing players and then grapple them.
    While the other player is partially blinded, the one who dropped the
    grenade has a slight advantage because he has a clear and unobstructed
    view of the button screen. This can allow them the oppurtunity to press
    the button before you because you can't make out which button must be
    pressed. Sometimes, though, it doesn't work and if the player who's been
    blinded is good enough, they can see the button just as it appears and 
    they can still beat the other player.
    When dropped on the floor by hand, flashbangs will burst immediately
    upon impact with the floor or first solid plain it lands on. This will blind 
    anyone in the area who has their camera faced in the direction of the 
    grenade, even though the actual player may be faced in the opposite
    direction. If you shoot a flashbang through your rifle, it will burst within 
    1-2 seconds of hitting a wall, floor, etc. However, if you shoot a 
    flashbang straight at another player and the grenade physically hits the
    other player, it will burst on impact and blind both that player and any
    other players in the area (not including the one who shot the grenade).
    >Wall Mine: 1 PER PICK-UP
    In this game, spies have the oppurtunity to place mines. The only
    difference in ths game is that when you place a mine, you don't have an
    option for what kind of mine it is. In this game, you place a mine and it is
    just a proximity or "proxy" mine. This means that any opposing players 
    moving quickly in front of it will set it off. Proximity mines are easy to 
    detect because they constantly beep. They beep every second and are
    very easy to hear when you're within their range. When you approach an
    opposing player or team's mine, you'll see a triangular shaped icon appear
    on the screen with a picture of a mine on it. This is a warning that you're
    near one. This warning will move to the front, left, and right depending on
    where the mine is in relation to you. I'm not sure if it appears on the
    bottom of the screen as in the mine is behind you. When you see this icon
    appear, tread lightly and diligently. Pay attention to where the mine is.
    You can bypass mines without setting them off by walking by them very
    When you come to a mine, you can choose to run right past it and set it
    off without causing any damage to yourself. When you set-off a mine, 
    the beeping will stop and you'll hear a very quick 2 beeps followed by the
    explosion. When you know you just set off a mine, the only chance at 
    survival is to roll away from it as quickly as you possibly can. Running is
    useless. You'd be caught in the blast and instantly killed. You can also
    choose to shoot a mine. This will cause it to explode so anyone near it
    will be killed. This means that if you do resort to shooting out a mine, 
    make sure you're a fair distance away, at least 15 ft. You can tell who's
    team a mine is by looking at. If it beeps with the color yellow or blue, it 
    was placed by an Upsilon or Echelon player respectively.
      1.3.3 Gadgets
    >Sticky Camera: 1 PER PICK-UP
    The sticky camera is a small camera that sticks to walls and gives you a
    view through the eyes of the camera. You can zoom in and out and 
    you'll still have the option to turn on night vision while in the camera
    view. It can only be shot through your rifle and can be attached to just 
    about every single surface in the game not including the actual computers
    used to hack. A cool new feature about the sticky cams is that you can 
    get out of the camera view by pressing O, but can come back to it later 
    provided it hasn't been shot off. If a camera is still active on a wall, 
    ceiling, or anything else, you can press the down button on the d-pad to 
    return to the camera view, even if you've died, the camera will still be 
    there. However, if you release the gas in a camera, the camera will be 
    destroyed automatically. Also, if you die while a camera is still active, and
    you manage to kill someone with it, you won't get credited for the kill. By 
    this I mean, you yourself will not get credited for the kill, nor will your
    team's kill amount go up even though you killed the player. The gas is 
    lethal now. If you can catch someone in front of your camera and you 
    manage to gas them, they're done. They have no chance if they're caught
    in the gas cloud of a sticky cam. It kills instantly. If you roam into a gas 
    cloud that is fading away, you'll still be killed. Never go near a gas cloud 
    until it completely fades away or you may still be killed.
    Another cool thing about the sticky cams is that they have sensors and
    automatic. This means they respond to motion. If you leave a sticky cam
    up on a surface and an opposing player goes by it, it will move around and
    follow the player automatically, even if you're not in it's view. The only
    flaw to this is that sticky cams are very loud and everytime they move, 
    they make a loud mechanical-like noise. If you're in the camera view, I 
    believe the camera will still be automatic if you don't touch the controls
    for it. This is also good because when someone passes infront of your
    camera, you'll hear a noise notifying you that the camera is responding
    and the icon in the HUD will turn red to signify it senses motion. You can 
    then go into it and release the gas onto an unsuspecting player. This
    makes for one of the cooler features of the sticky cams and any online
    gadget period. 
    Many people use the instant-gas method. When they have a sticky cam
    in their inventory and they see someone across the map, they may take 
    out their gun and just shoot the sticky cam against any wall or surface
    near the player and instantly release the gas without even moving the 
    camera. This can be used to get quick and instant kills if you manage to
    catch the player in the gas cloud, which isn't always difficult to do. Once
    you know that they were caught by the gas, you know they're dead and
    don't have to worry about it anymore.
    >Sticky Shockers: 3 PER PICK-UP
    The sticky shocker is basically the exact same thing as the tazer gun in 
    Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. When you pick up sticky shockers, 
    you can shoot them through the rifle, only this time it's the alternative 
    fire button rather than the primary like in it's predacessors. The sticky
    shocker shoots a tazer like piece of ammunition which when hits another
    player will shock them, causing them to freeze in their tracks for about 4
    seconds while a visible current of electricity runs through them. This is
    useful because if you can manage to hit someone with it, it will stop them
    dead in their tracks, giving you the perfect oppurtunity to shoot them to
    death or get that well-placed headshot you've been waiting for. No 
    special tricks or tips to this one. It's just very effective if you can use
    >Personnel Detector: 2 PER PICK-UP
    If you've played Pandora Tomorrow or Chaos Theory, this device works almost
    exactly like the spy traps worked. You place one of these on any wall or 
    surface that will allow you to and a supposed laser will beam across the area
    from the detector. I say supposed because there is no visible laser and you
    can't tell without the thermal vision. If a player from the opposing team
    runs through the device, a message will appear on both yours and your partner's
    screen alerting you that the device has been activated. At this point, the
    spy who ran through the device has no chance of hiding as there name tag
    will appear over their heads just like your partner's. However, there tag will
    be the color of their team so you can tell who it is. There name tag works the
    same way as your partner's or your name tag. It will show above them wherever
    they go.
    What I found interesting about these is that you can actually shoot them
    out of your launcher as if it were a sticky cam or grenade of some kind. What
    sucks about them, however, is that you can only place 2 at a time. So
    basically, one pick-up's worth.
    >Remote Hacking Device: 1 PER PICK-UP
    This is a special device which is only available in game modes which 
    involve hacking into computers (Team Hack, Sam vs. All, Blitz, Key Run). 
    This device looks exactly like a cell phone. It allows you to, like the name
    says, remote hack a computer, or hack it from a distance without putting
    yourself in harm's way by hacking it yourself directly. When you have a 
    remote hacking device, you can only hack it from within a certain range of
    the computer. This range is determined easily: when you have the remote
    hacker, the picture of it in the HUD will be greyed and dull if you're out of
    range. If you're within range of the computer, the picture in the HUD will
    be white with a number at the bottom. This means you're within range
    to remote hack the computer. The number refers to the number of
    seconds you can remote hack for. When you first pick up a remote hack, 
    you have a full 17 seconds of remote hacking capability. To initiate a 
    remote hack, when available, you just push X and it will connect and start
    hacking. The catch is, you have to be completely still as it hacks or the
    process will stop itself. If you hack for 5 seconds from the original time,
    you have 12 seconds left of remote hacking capability, thus the number
    12 will now be the number shown at the bottom. You can see the
    numbers count down as you hack more. 
    The other catch to the remote hacking device is that it won't hack as 
    quickly as hacking a computer directly will. For all the benefit of providing
    the ability to hack from a safe distance, you're bogged down by the
    speed at which you hack, which again, is slightly slower than if you were
    to just go hack the computer yourself.
      1.4 Game Modes
    There are plenty of different game modes to mess around with in this
    game. Many more than there were in previous games. In here you have 9
    different modes as opposed to the 3 that PT and CT provided. Each of 
    these modes is unique and can be very entertaining given the right 
    amount of time and, sometimes, the right opponent. There are two main
    types of modes: team based and free-for-alls, both of which offer their
    own very different forms of gameplay.
      1.4.1 Team Based
    These types of games require you to cooperate as a team to be the most
    successful. Most of them involve a hacking objective of some kind which
    can make the game both very fun and, if you're playing against good 
    people, extremely difficult. You can even play 3 on 1 games if you wish 
    instead of 2 on 2 because there is no restriction like there was in prevoius
    >Team Deathmatch:
    This is your basic deathmatch with teams. You have the two teams just
    trying to kill eachother using whatever means possible. Each kill that one
    player gets obviously goes toward the team's total amount. Everytime you
    kill someone, that person will drop an icon that looks like the jagged lines of
    a heart monitor. Pick this up to give yourself a full health boost. The first 
    team to reach the kill quota or the team closest to the quota when time runs
    out wins. 
    >Team Hack:
    This mode requires both teams to simultaneously attempt to hack the 
    opposing team's computers. There is only one computer in this mode. 
    There is no set time limit. You just have to go up to the other team's 
    computer and hack it by standing infront of it and pushing X. This mode is
    simple, first team to reach 100% wins. No time limit or anything. When
    you hack and are killed either in the process or soon after you stopped 
    hacking, you will drop a percentage icon. When the other team picks up
    this icon, it will reduce the amount that you hacked. If you hacked 50%
    of it, and they kill you and pick up the % icon, the amount you hacked
    may be reduced to 35 or 40. The exact amount of reduction, I am not 
    sure about.
    >Key Run:
    This mode requires both teams to compete for the key which gives them
    the ability to hack the opposing team's computer. The key is a small white
    and black block that resembles a key card. It shows up as an indicator 
    point on your screen. When no one is holding it, you'll see where it is and 
    can reach where it is and pick it up for yourself. If someone is carrying it, 
    it will not show you where the key is, it will only show the icon of the key
    next to the team that is holding it. Only one person can hold the key at 
    any one time. This key is vital to the success of this mode because it is
    what allows you to hack the computers and reach your objective. Once
    you have the key, you have to find the other team's computer and hack
    into it, but there's a catch. Once you hack, it's not over. Now you have
    to upload. 
    In this mode, the percentage shown is how much data has been
    uploaded, not how much has been hacked. As you hack, instead of
    showing the percentage meter filling up, there will be small bar that moves
    further down the meter the more you hack. You can stop hacking at any
    time of course. Once you hack, you have to upload the data by standing
    still and pushing X. If you hack and don't upload, if you're killed, everything
    that hasn't been uploaded will be lost. So if you hacked 50% but only 
    uploaded 20% of it, you'll lose 30% of the work you just did. However, if
    you hacked 50% and uploaded all 50%, then even if you're killed, there's 
    nothing the other team can do about it. That 50% is now solid and can
    not be lowered in any way. The good news, is that uploading can be done
    from anywhere on the map. I mean anywhere that your character can 
    reach, you can upload from. There is no limit or restricting range to upload
    from. This is what makes this mode extremely difficult. Finding the player 
    who is uploading can be a very arduous task but very exciting at the
    same time. Because uploading can be done from anywhere, it's more 
    difficult to find the spy, however the disadvantage of uploading is that you
    must remain completely still. If you move, the upload will stop in it's place.
    If the person holding the key is killed, they will drop the key and anyone
    can pick it up at this point. Again, you don't want to drop the key 
    because it's the only way to hack and win. 
    This mode is intense. It's just what it sounds like. Every round is timed. 
    Every round, teams switch between either defending or attacking. The
    goal of this game is, like others, to hack the computers 100% before the
    other team. However, in this game, teams take turns doing it.
    If you're on the attacking team, it's simple. You go hack. This is the only
    mode that provides a team with 2 computers to hack from rather than 1. 
    The hacking works the same way as key run. You have to hack it then
    upload. All the aforementioned rules for hacking/uploading apply here as
    If you're defending, then you just have to keep the other team from
    hacking the computers. Nothing really more to say about that aspect of it.
    In this mode there is a time limit which can increase or decrease depending
    on the circumstances. The time limit is 3 minutes per round. If a spy from
    the defending team kills a spy from the attacking team, that spy will drop
    an hourglass icon. When the defending spy picks up this icon, it decreases
    the time left in the round. If an attacking spy kills a defending spy, then
    the same thing occurs, only the icon will increase the amount of time left
    in the round. However, the time a round is increased by is much less than
    that which it is decreased by. Everytime you hack, the amount you 
    successfully uploaded will carry on to the next round and so on. Every 
    round you attack, you simply add to your existing percentage. The first 
    team to reach the 100% wins. This game can hypothetically take only one
    round if the attacking team is good enough and can hack the 100% in the
    first round. It can also last for a very, very, very long time if both teams
    are good enough to keep eachother from hacking. 
    >Sam vs. All:
    This mode is very interesting in that it pits a singly player, Sam, against
    the 3 other players in the game. 
    There are two sides: defending and Sam. If you play Sam, you're objective
    is to hack as much as you can into any of the two computers on the map. 
    Hacking in this mode is just like Team Hack. You just hack, there's no
    uploading necessary. When Sam hacks, however, it hacks faster than it
    would normally hack. Sam can also take much more damage than the 
    defenders and average spies can. Also, when playing Sam, you start out
    with an inventory of 1 sticky camera. 
    As a defender, you just have to defend and stop Sam from hacking. Once
    you kill Sam, the round is over. The person who played Sam becomes a
    defender and one of the defenders becomes Sam.
    In this mode, you can win by just getting kills. You don't even have to
    hack the computer to win, which is why in this mode I call it getting 100
    points instead of percent. As a defender, you get points for everytime you
    kill Sam. As Sam, you get points for every kill you get. These points rack
    up and act like a percentage. So assuming you already have 30 points 
    through kills, you only have to hack 70%. Or if you have 40 points due to 
    kills, you need to hack 60%, etc. Or, as mentioned before, you can just
    not bother hacking and kill enough people to reach 100 points. However, 
    hacking will get you the win much faster.
    As mentioned, if you kill Sam, the round is over and the player who is Sam 
    will become a defender and one of the defenders will become Sam. I have
    not yet figured out if there is a specific order in which the game decides
    who plays Sam. It is assured that the host is the first to play Sam, and it
    seems as though, the first person to kill Sam plays Sam the next round. 
    However, from there I don't know the order.
    If Sam kills a defender, the defender will drop a face icon. Sam can pick 
    this up and become a "double agent". When Sam picks this up, a message
    to all the defenders will come up saying there is a double agent among
    you. Sam now looks exactly like everyone else. The trick is knowing which
    one he is. When double agent mode is active, the name tags over your
    teammates disappear and you now have the ability to duel your own team
    mates for the sake of double agent mode. You won't even know you're 
    dueling your own team mate until it shows who killed who. Fortunately, 
    the double agent effect wares off after about 30 seconds I believe, which
    in game time, is a loooong time. So in the end, the first person to rack up
    100 points is the winner. 
      1.4.2 Free-for-All
    Free-for-all games are very fun and come in a variety of different styles. 
    In free-for-alls, every spy is his own team. No one can talk over the mics.
    Every spy, due to the fact that he is his own team, is his own color as 
    well. The 4 colors are red, blue, green, and yellow. Blue is the color 
    reserved for the host. Depending what color you are, this is the color that
    the lights on your suit, the laser of your gun, and even your HUD will be. 
    Everyone in free-for-all games is in the Echelon spy suit
    This is your basic, average, ordinary deathmatch. No special rules, no 
    special handicaps, no nothing. You set the kill limit and on your way. It's
    every man for himself. Nothing more than an all-out kill fest with the first
    person to reach the kill quota being the winner. Killing people in this mode
    will also cause them to drop health boosts.
    >Disk Hunt:
    This is the second-most basic free-for-all. Every player starts with a disk 
    which corresponds to their color. Each player has to go around killing 
    other player, collecting their disks. So there are 3 disks other than yours 
    available for collection. Once you kill someone, their disk will fall to the 
    floor and stay there. It will never dissappear or anything. The person who
    picks up that disk now has two disks (assuming his disk wasn't already 
    taken). If you're disk (ie. the red disk) is stolen by another player who 
    killed you, you'll see the red disk moving around the map as an indicator of
    where it is. This only occurs for your own disk and if someone steals a 
    disk from you that isn't your color, you won't see this indicator. The first 
    person to collect all 4 discs or the person holding the most discs by the
    end of the set time limit wins.
    Every player starts with a set time limit to their names (if the round time 
    was set to 5 minutes, every player has 5 minutes of life). There is a small
    counter next to everyone's names indicating how much time that person
    has left of life. Basically, the first person to run out of time dies and can't
    respawn, thus having to watch the game being played out. When you kill
    someone, they'll drop a small pocket watch icon. Pick this icon up to add
    more seconds to your overall time, thus giving you more life in a sense. If
    you are killed, you will drop the icon but you won't lose any time. The only
    time you lose are the standard seconds that are already being counted 
    down. The clock icon is tricky, though. For every second it is left standing
    there, it changes color gradually from green to red. Every second that it
    sits there, means there is less time to pick up from it. Let's say there was
    18 seconds worth of life in it at first...2 seconds later, there may only be
    10 seconds worth of life in it. If the icon gets down to red, run away from
    it. After so many seconds, the icon becomes virtually worthless and it'll 
    explode like a mine, killing anyone in it's blast radius. The last person 
    standing after everyone else's time runs out is the winner. 
    This is probably the more confusing of the free-for-all games. This game
    mode is a one-shot deal, almost. 
    Every player starts off with an inventory of 2 frag grenades. You basically
    go around killing the other players. Once the first person is killed, a timer
    is set to 60 seconds. This timer will not begin until one person has been 
    killed. The person who is killed will not respawn and has to watch the
    game through spectator mode. All the other players must try to eliminate 
    eachother. Everytime another person is killed, the timer is reset to 60 
    seconds. Now, if no one is killed within 60 seconds (the amount of time 
    the timer is set to), then all the players who have been killed will respawn
    again and the game basically starts from the beginning. A timer will be set
    to 60 seconds once the first person is killed again. Don't mistake what I
    just said as the revival of dead players to be the beginning of a new 
    round. Players revive after the 60 seconds and the same round keeps on
    going. The last person standing in this mode is the winner of the round.
    The game can have a set number or rounds to, for example, 5. This 
    means that in order to win, you have to be the last man standing for 5 
    rounds. So on a 5 round setting, the maximum amount of rounds that can
    be played are?.........................17. Assuming each player (4) wins 4 
    rounds (16), the 17th round would be last because of the set amount of
    rounds playable.
      1.4.3 Mode Settings
    Each game can be customized to an extent through a variety of settings
    which control different aspects of the game such as game duration and
    kill limits. Some settings are self-explanitory while others may need some
    explanation. In this section, I'll sort out every single setting and some 
    differences between the same setting for different modes. 
      1.4.3a Team Based
    The settings for team-based gameplay are exactly the same in 4 out of the
    5 team based modes including: Key Run, Team Hack, Blitz, and Sam vs. All.
    >Games in a Row:
    This just simply means how many complete games you want to play in a row
    without returning to the lobby.
    >Friends Slots:
    This represents how many slots in your game you wanna reserve for your
    friends. However, you can't specify which friend it is reserved for. If you
    have a friend slot set in the game, anybody who is on your friends list can
    join the game and fill that spot. If you have it set to 3 (the max) then no
    one except people on your friends list will be able to join the game.
    >Hacking Speed:
    This represents how fast the computers can be hacked. The higher the number
    is set to, the faster you'll be able to hack a computer, and vice versa.
    >Random Bonuses:
    This one is a little tricky to understand. It means that if you turn it on, or
    set it to the "yes" option, the pick-ups that are normally in specific spots 
    will no longer be there and the pick-ups will be randomized for that game. 
    For instance, where there is usually a flashbang, there may be a sticky shocker
    for that entire game, or some other pick-up for the entire game. This option
    doesn't randomize the pick-up that appears every time, it just randomizes where
    the pick-ups can be found on the map for an entire game. 
    Team Deathmatches have settings more closely related to those of the Deathmatch
    mode rather than the other team-based modes.
    >Games in a Row:
    See above
    >Friend Slots:
    See above
    >Game Length:
    This refers to how much time the game runs for in minutes. It can be set to
    a number or it can be set to "inf" or infinite time where the game can last as
    long as you let it last.
    >Random Bonuses:
    See above
    >Frag Limit:
    This sets the kill quota for that game. This is the number that determines the
    winning team by which one reaches this number first. 
      1.4.3b Free-for-All
    The settings between the different free-for-all games vary more than those of
    team based games.
    Disk Hunt and Countdown have similar settings but with small variations.
    **NOTE: Disk Hunt does not have the "Games in a Row" option.
    >Games in a Row:
    See above
    >Friend Slots:
    See above
    >Game Length:
       - For Disk Hunt, this just means how long the game runs for in minutes just
          like Team Deathmatch.
       - For Countdown, this number refers to the amount of time each player starts
          with. If you have it set to 7 minutes, each player will start with a 7 
          minute life span. Theoretically, in this mode, you can exceed the maximum
          time limit of 7 minutes if you manage to kill enough people and gain
          enough time to breach the 7 min. mark. 
    >Random Bonuses:
    See above
    Survival is one of the more complicated games to understand at first but an
    easier one to set up.
    >Friend Slots:
    See above
    >Rounds to Win:
    This sets the amount of rounds you have to win in order to win the full game.
    In other words, this game is the "last man standing" mode. So this sets how
    many rounds you have to be the "last man standing" in order to win the game.
    Deatmatch has the same exact setting as Team Deathmatch so I will not 
    bother to re-write them again.
    **NOTE: Deathmatch does not have the "Games in a Row" option.
      1.5 Maps
    There are 6 different maps for the PS2 online version of Double Agent.
    Each one is unique in it's own way and each one varies from the other so
    you're never really playing the exact same map over and over again, or so
    it feels. Keep in mind that every single map is almost exactly symmetric,
    if not exactly symmetric. Each map is almost exactly the same on each
    side of a line of potential symmetry. There are subtle things that keep all
    the maps from being perfectly symmetric but they are for the most part
    equal on all sides. 
    *...Indicates the location of computers in hack objective modes
    **...Indicates where the key required to hack can be found for the 
           "key run" mode
    ***...Indicates where the remote hacking device can be found
    ****...Indicates where the ammo box is. NOTE: All ammo boxes can be
              found directly in the center of the map. If you run low on ammo,
              you'll hear a message and there will be a marker on your screen of 
              where the ammo box is. You can use this method to make it easier
              for you to find ammo boxes when learning a map. 
      1.5.1 Prison
    This is one of the more popular maps in the game. It takes place in a small
    prison area. It's composed of one large outdoor courtyard with an indoor
    area that is completely symmetrical across a line being cut through the 
    center of the main enterance. There are two cell blocks each of which
    look exactly like the other. Each cell block has two overlook points that
    can be reached by simply wall-running up. One overlook point has a large
    control console with a button that can be pushed. When this button is 
    pushed, you hear a loud alarm go off and that entire cell block goes on 
    lockdown. The two cells within the block close off, the stairway in and
    out of the block becomes completely covered by a cage that lowers from 
    the ceiling with no way of getting into it (or getting out if you spawn in it
    while on lockdown). The lockdown is only temporary, though. It lasts for,
    I believe, a minute or two, then everything opens back up. Fortunately, if
    you get caught in the block while on lockdown, there's always a way out.
    If you're stuck inside one of the cells, you can go up onto a small
    catwalk on the ceiling that connects either to another cell or into the
    roof. The roof is an area with columns and pillars everywhere where you're
    above the cell block and can look down onto it. From that roof, there's a 
    hole that will drop you into the control room. From the cell block, there's 
    another set of stairs that leads to a small basketball court with some
    pipes that can lead to pick-ups and nothing more. Sometimes a team or 
    players will spawn on a higher ledge in the basketball court that is 
    inaccessible once you've come down from it.
    One of the focus points of the map is the long corridor which goes from 
    one side of the prison to the other. Each end leads you into a stairwell.
    The center of the corridor has an open area where the ammo box sits 
    infront of the main entrance. 
    The outside courtyard is big. Teams often spawn on high ledges which 
    have ziplines leading to the opposite building (the prison). These ledges
    are accessible by going through a small series of wall-runnable walls.
    The prison has another control room that overlooks the courtyard with, 
    two control panels like the ones in the cell block control rooms. These
    panels allow you to block off the main "thru-ways" onto the high ledges 
    where spies spawn on the opposite building. 
    Keep in mind that this map is exactly symmetric. Everything that I have
    mentioned should basically be doubled in order to understand the mirror
    layout of the map, with the exception of the open area in the main 
    corridor and the basketball court area.
    *There is only one computer per team on this map regardless of the game
    mode. Each computer is located directly infront of the stairway that leads
    into the cell block. That's the stairway that can be locked down. 
    **The key used for "key run" on this map is located on top of one of the
    sets of boxes in the center of the outside courtyard.
    ***The remote hacking device is located on a small catwalk. There are
    two overlook spots in each cell block as previously mentioned. Go to the
    overlook area that's opposite the control room overlook point. This is the 
    area that's right above where the computers are. When you're up there,
    you look up and you'll see the small catwalk. You have to do a wall-run 
    off the side wall in order to reach the catwalk. You can also access it by
    going through the ceiling. This is where the remote hacking device is.
    The map is mirrored so there are two of them, in the exact same places
    on opposite sides of the map. 
    ****The ammo box is located in the open area in the long corridor, right
    across from the main entrance. 
      1.5.2 Museum
    I'd have to say that this map is the most popular one or at least the most
    universally accepted one among players.
    This map is set in a modern art museum. It consists of 3 main areas: the 
    lobby, then 2 computer rooms at each end of the map with the lobby 
    between them. The lobby has 4 small rooms that branch out of it at each
    corner which lead to the spawn points for each team. Each spawn point 
    has an air duct enterance which will bring you onto a metal scaffolding of
    sorts that runs along the wall of the lobby. This scaffolding goes in a full
    square around the entire lobby. One of the spawn rooms leads to a 
    sub-level room which has a very small vent in the corner. When you walk
    into this vent, a secret trap door opens up in the floor in the middle of the
    lobby which you can climb out of. The door will close after a few seconds
    but can be re-opened by walking out then back in to the vent. The lobby
    has 4 different advertisement stands which can be climbed and then allow
    you to mantle the metal scaffolding. You can also do a wall flip off of
    either of two large columns that allows you to grab onto the scaffolding.
    There are overwatch points or balcony-type areas where the second floor
    looks over the lobby. In the lobby, there are two elevators at each end. 
    These elevators lead to the two balcony areas at each side. The metal
    scaffolding, while running the length of the walls of the lobby, also leads
    underneath the balcony into a shadowed area which causes difficulty in 
    spotting spies. These balconies provide a good vantage point for shooting
    as well. The balconies have wooden floors which cause them to be very 
    loud. If you're trying to sneak up on someone, you'd best be very cautious
    not to make too much noise. If you go through the balconies in the 
    opposite direction of the lobby, you'll reach the computer room. 
    The computer room, you may notice, has 2 floors. The second floor has
    not much on it. There is a large hole in the middle which leads you into
    ceiling area of the first floor which I'll get into momentarily. The upper 
    floor also stops short, which means there's a balcony which overlooks a 
    very dark and shadowed side of the first floor. You can jump down over 
    here or through any of the other 3 holes in the second floor. The first floor 
    is where all the goodies are in the computer rooms. Keep in mind there are
    two computer rooms, both of which are identical so these descriptions 
    apply to both. The first floor is littered with motion sensors. These 
    sensors can not be shot or disabled in any way. They blink red whenever
    they detect motion of any kind. This is useful when defending your 
    computers during hack objectives as you can know when someone is in 
    the area. The back of the computer room (the shadowed area) has a 
    large display case which you can climb. Each comp. room has 4 large
    The first floor has an array of ceiling "pieces" hanging from the ceiling. If 
    you go under the balcony in the lobby on the metal scaffolding, you'll find 
    that there are two ducts at each end of the lobby under each balcony 
    ...4 duct enterances in total which are under the balconies and can not 
    be seen without using NVGs. Each set of these duct enterances connect 
    together into one long, straight duct. This long, straight duct will lead you 
    into the first floor of the comp. room on top of the "pieces" which hang 
    from the ceiling. Once you reach the center of these pieces, you can look
    up to see the hole that leads to the second floor which I mentioned 
    before. You can climb this hole onto the second floor should you so 
    choose. You can drop out from the side of these pieces at any point in 
    time. The center of the pieces looks like an intersection (to the back of 
    the room, to each side of the room, then to the front of the room which 
    is back into the duct you came from before). If you choose the two sides,
    each one will lead you into a small duct which dumps you out into a 
    bathroom (no pun intended). There are two bathrooms at each side of the
    comp. room. The front of the computer room has two staircases going in
    each direction. Go up these staircases to find the enterance to either 
    bathroom, then continue up to find yourself between the balcony and 
    second floor of the computer room. The bathrooms also have small 
    duct-like crevices in the wall with pick-ups in them. You have to wall-run 
    in order to reach them. 
    *The main computer is located on the first floor of the computer room 
    right in the center of the 4 columns in the center of the room. The 2nd
    computer used for Blitz mode is located on the second floor and is placed
    right up against the billboard/sign thing that's across from the entrance. 
    **The key used for "Key Run" on this map is located in the center of the
    lobby right next to the ammo box. 
    ***There are two remote hacking devices on this one as well. Each one
    is located on the balcony area directly across from the elevator. Just 
    jump up underneith it to pick it up. 
    ****The ammo box is located in the dead center of the map right in the
    center of the lobby, between the two large columns. 
      1.5.3 Ship
    Ship is also another very popular map. It includes 2 main areas which are
    basically duplicate cargo holds. It also has small outdoor areas where
    each team spawns which are filled with shipping crates.
    The cargo holds have a first floor which is covered with different shipping
    crates and other...things. Just about everything in this map you can climb
    and/or reach if it looks likes you can. The "2nd floor" of the cargo hold is
    actually not a second floor. It's just a catwalk that contours along the
    the entire wall of the cargo hold. Any jump from the catwalk to the 
    floor will most certainly lose you a little bit of health. You wanna try 
    jumping down onto the crates or whatever else there is down there to 
    avoid losing any health. There's one section where the catwalk dead-ends 
    rather than completely wrap around the entire hold. There is no problem
    here as all you have to do is jump from one end to the other end. 
    However, you can just as easily run around the catwalk to the other side, 
    sacrificing some time. The catwalks have 3 points of interest:
    1) There is a switch sitting on the wall near a pipe. The piece of the 
        catwalk below this pipe is colored in yellow and black stripes showing
        caution. There is another identical pipe elsewear on the catwalk with 
        the same patch of floor beneath it. If you hit that switch, both pipes
        will leak a poisonous green gas. If you run through this gas, you 
        instantly die. The gas never shuts off on it's own either. In order to
        shut if off you have to press the switch again. The pipe closest to the
        switch can be crouched under to avoid it. However, the other pipe is
        unavoidable. You can't jump over it, go under it, roll through it, or 
        anything else. You'd have to go all the way around. The thing about these
        pipes, though, is that they're indescriminent. The gas will kill anyone
        and it won't give anyone credit for the kill. If someone runs though the
        gas, a message will appear that says "Someone killed *enter player name
        here*". Therefore, turning on the nozzle is almost entirely pointless.
    2) The control panel. Hanging from the top of the cargo hold is a crane
        or something like that which has a large partial-crate hanging from it. I
        say partial because the ends and bottom of the crate are missing while
        the top and sides are in tact. Pushing this switch will raise or lower the
        crate onto or off of other shipping containers, depending on it's 
        position when the button is pressed. This may seem useless, but it's
        most certainly not. First of all, it clears a view all the way across the 
        catwalk that would otherwise be obstructed if the crate isn't lowered. It 
        also provides ample cover for hack objective games because this is where
        one of the computers sits. So having the crate in the up position would 
        leave the computer, and thus, the hacker completely exposed.
    3) The elevator platform. Directly across the cargo hold from the gas pipe
        switch, is another switch. This switch controls the piece of the catwalk 
        that you're standing on in order to reach it. Press that switch and that 
        piece of the catwalk will lower into the floor of the cargo hold below like
        an elevator. It's a very large piece and so it's not possible to clear this
        gap in the catwalk by simply jumping or by any other means. You can 
        raise the platform back up, though. There are two switches: the one that
        I just mentioned, and another one at the bottom for when the platform is 
        lowered. You push that switch to raise it back into place with the rest of
        the catwalk.
    The outside areas with the shipping crates provide you with 4 ways
    of entering the shipping hold that is adjacent to it.
    1) You can just go in through either of the two doorways at the floor 
        level. Easiest and simplest way of going in and out. The doorways are 
        obvious to spot. 
    2) You can enter via a small air duct against the wall between the two door
        ways. Between the two doorways against the wall is a very large crate
        much like the one that's found inside each cargo hold. Climb this crate
        then into the duct. This duct will bring you out of the wall directly 
        under where the control panel to raise and lift the crane is. In order to
        get back out of this duct, you have do do a wall run because of the 
        initial drop into the duct.
    3) If you stand at the top most crate in the spawn point outside, you'll 
        see two different catwalks against each wall to your far left and far
        right. If you take the one to the far left, it will take you up a small 
        flight of stairs and to a small balcony/dead-end. This balcony overlooks
        the entire cargo hold and can be a useful vantage point from which 
        many people may not notice you. Simply jump over the railing and you'll
        land on the "2nd floor" catwalk below.
    4) As mentioned before, there is also a catwalk to the far right of the 
        crate spawn point. Go onto this catwalk and go up a small flight of 
        steps and you'll be on a large balcony that extends to the other end of
        the cargo hold. This balcony is higher above the "2nd floor" catwalk
        and also provides a very good vantage point to shoot from. In order to
        get down to the catwalk below, there are two holes along the wall of 
        this balcony that you can drop down through.
    There is also a divide between the two cargo holds. On the first floor this 
    divide is a small fork that splits and re-connects at the entrance to the 
    opposite cargo hold. In the middle of this fork, between the two holds,
    there is a small open area with a short catwalk running through it. Directly
    in front of the entrances to both cargo holds, there is a ladder that when
    taken, will bring you up into a small area right above the aformentioned 
    catwalk. There are items up here during team based game modes. You
    can drop down from this area onto the catwalk. This area is otherwise 
    useless in free-for-all games.
    The second floor of the divide is much different. The connections between
    the two holds on the second floor are separate and don't connect to eachother
    but resemble eachother exactly. Within each connection there is an area
    where the ceiling is higher than the rest of the connection. In this spot you
    can do a split jump. This spot also holds pick-ups. 
    In the cargo holds, there is an area below the elevator platform (interest 
    # 3) when the platform is in the raised position. When the platform is at
    the top, you can jump down into a large crevice that form-fits to the 
    platform. If you go through the doorway in this crevice, it will lead you 
    into a large underground corridor with pipes running through it. When 
    standing at one end of the corridor, you can look down to the other end
    and see where the corridor bends to go out into the crevice of the other
    cargo hold. In the middle of this corridor, there is the ammo box. Right 
    above the ammo box is the small catwalk mentioned before. You can jump 
    up and climb onto the this catwalk, or vice-versa, jump off the side of the
    catwalk. If the platform is in the lowered position, it completely blocks the
    door in the crevice. You won't be able to go through it if you're in the 
    corridor. Keeping this in mind, if you're in the crevice as the platform is 
    being lowered, get out of it or go through the door, or you will be crushed 
    and killed. 
    There is a small "trap door" of sorts in each cargo hold that can drop you
    right into the underground corridor, which is useful for quick escapes
    when you're low on health or ammo. The crate that hangs from the crane
    that can be raised and lowered sits on/above two crates situated side-by-
    side. Each of these two crates are open for running through. However,
    the crate that is farther from the aforementioned crevice for the elevator
    platform has this opening in it. If you didn't understand that, then just go
    and investigate both crates and you'll find it. It's a small opening in the 
    bottom of the crate that drops you into a shadowy corner of the long 
    *The main computer sits on top of the crate in the cargo hold with the 
    opening in the floor. This is the computer that you can lower the hanging
    crate onto for cover. For Blitz mode, there is another computer in the 
    underground corridor. When you enter the corridor through the crevice,
    you go straight, then right. When you make this right, this is when you 
    can see down to the other end. The computers are on opposite corners of
    the corridor and are clearly visible from each end at each end. 
    **The key for "Key Run" is located on the small catwalk inside the fork
    between the two cargo holds on the first floor. 
    ***The remote hacking device is located right above the small catwalk in 
    the open space which can be reached by ladder. The same open space 
    that I mentioned was only useful for team-based modes. There is also a  
    personnel detector up there across from the hacking device. In order to
    get them, you have to walk off the ledge.
    ****The ammo box is located directly in the center of the underground
    corridor, directly under the small catwalk. 
      1.5.4 Warfare
    This map is basically a mess, to say the least. As the description says, it
    is set in a bombed out building and believe me, it's very evident. This map
    consists of a central area, 2 bathroom areas, and 2 connections between
    the bathrooms and the central area. 
    ***There are two remote hacking devices. They are in adjascent rooms, both
    of which are directly across from the destroyed wall where the ammo box
    sits. When you walk into either of these rooms, there are two holes in the
    wall that require a wall-run. In each room, the hole that is further from 
    the door is the one that contains the hacking device.
    ****The ammo box is in the central section of the map inside a small 
    bombed out and broken up wall.
      1.5.5 Church
    This map is set in a fairly dilapidated church. Each spawn point is like 
    night and day, literally. One spawn point seems to be shrowded in night
    while another on the opposite side of the map seems to be caught in a 
    Each spawn has a hole in the center of it which is apparently a hollowed
    grave of some sort. These holes will lead you into an underground
    catacomb-like area of the map. From here, you can choose to either wall-
    run up a wall and emerge through a hole on the sides of the map, or take 
    another route which will bring you to the ends of the map. At these ends,
    there are large holes above which can be climbed up and out of. Along
    the way to these holes, there is a small tunnel which branches off from
    the main one. This tunnel takes you either through an entrance into the
    dead center of the map, or you can crouch through a small hole in the
    wall that branches off to the same aforementioned area with a hole in the
    ceiling above.
    Once you emerge from any one of those 3 areas that are mentioned, you
    are now in a very large open area with many shadowy hiding spots. From
    the spawn you can also take any of the 3 doorways into a large corridor. 
    This corridor can take you either:
    -- Far right will bring you to an entrance way which leads you into a dark
    area from which you can reach the end of the map (the place with the big
    hole in the ground).
    -- Far left will bring you to a small hole in the wall which will require you
    to crouch through. It will bring you into another dark room like that which
    was just mentioned which will lead you into the other end of the map. 
    So if you think about it, it's mirrored on each side again. Go left from one
    spawn point and you can end up in the same area that you went right 
    from the other spawn point to get to. 
    -- Go either to the far left or short right and around a corner and you'll
    find too very large enterances facing eachother. These enterances lead
    to a sort of terrace with a large column in the middle of it. This terrace 
    faces the corresponding terrace on the opposite side. 
    The pillar on each terrace has a large stone button on it. When you press
    it, the two very large entrances will close off with large wooden doors 
    while the doorways to the spawn point will close off with a midieval-style
    draw bridge gate. You can raise all these doors by simply pushing the 
    button again, but while they are down, you must find different routes 
    around them. Each button closes the corresponding doors on that side of
    the map.
    The spawn point also has another option. On either end of the wall where
    the doorways are, there are ledges with railings on them. You know what 
    to do by now. Wall-run up there and pull yourself up. Regardless of which
    ledge you up, there is one corridor at the top which leads in two 
    directions. To the right, there is a wall with a low clearance leading into a
    room with a hole in the floor. This will drop you into the dark room right 
    beside the "end of the map" area. If you go to the left, there is no wall, 
    but just the room with the hole. This will, likewise, drop you into the dark
    room on the opposite end of the map.
    Each end of the map has a zipline that takes you over the center of the
    map and drops you off at the opposite end. These ziplines parallel 
    The center of the map is a sunk-in area of the church. There is a partial
    wall in the shape of a square in center of the center. This wall is really
    not even a wall and is just pieces of a wall that are still in tact. Each side
    of this area has a staircase which leads to the two terraces.
    *There is only one computer per team on this map. On each end of the
    map, there is a niche in the wall made obvious by a chemical flare sitting
    on the floor which lights the entire niche. These chemical flares are in the
    colors blue and yellow corresponding to which side they belong to.
    **The key for "Key Run" is located inside the partial square wall in the 
    center of the map.
    ***There are two remote hacking devices on this map. On each terrace, 
    there is another small niche directly across from the column with the
    button. Each of these niches resemble the niches where the computers
    can be found, but are smaller. These niches also have chemical flares of 
    the two different colors. Each of these two niches has a RHD.
    ****The ammo box is located in the partial square wall in the center of
    the map where the key for "Key Run" can be found. 
      1.5.6 Temple
    The temple map is a giant maze. It's one of those that has like 4 different
    elevations or floors and is just filled with different twists and turns. 
    **The key for "Key Run" can be found on the large platform in the center
    of the central area of the map. Just wall-run up onto it or jump over to it
    from the wooden scaffolding and there it is.
    ***The remote hacking device is located in the same exact spot as the 
    key for "Key Run" is located, only upwards. Go to that same spot, but look
    up. There it is. Jump up to grab it.
    ****The ammo box is located right under that central platform. Go down
    either of the two ladders on the side of it and then go around the corner
    to the right and the ammo box is there under a small ledge. 
      1.5.7 Pick-up Locations
    These descriptions apply to the normal locations of certain pick-ups which
    are always 100% there. This applies when the "random bonuses" option is
    set to NO for a game. There may be more than one way to get these pick-ups
    or more than one place where these pick-ups can be found consistently. However,
    I'm only listing the main ones and so any emails regarding updates about other
    constistent locations will not be posted nor will credit be given.
    **Note: All pick-ups which appear in or within the immediate area of a spawn
                point are random regardless of the "random bonuses" setting for the
                game. If you pick up a frag in your spawn, when you come back
                after it reappears, it most likely will not be a frag again but
                something else entirely. However, sometimes you will have an item
                reappear in the same position in the spawn more than once. 
      1.5.7a Prison
    There is a flashbang pick-up floating above each staircase leading into the
    cell blocks. Simply hop the ledge to get it.
    Go to the room with the two control panels in it which overlooks the
    courtyard. Just outside the window is a pick-up for frags. Get it by hopping
    over the ledge of the window.
    >Sticky Camera:
    In the basketball courtard where one of the spawn points is, there is a set
    of boxes directly across from the wall with the basketball hoop on it. Climb
    these boxes and do a wall run and you'll grab onto a small ledge. Once you've
    done that, you should've picked up the sticky cams which are up there.
    In the same basketball courtyard, there are pipes on the corners of the
    walls with the doorways that lead out of the courtyard. One of the pipes 
    has a mine at the top. Climb the pipe to reach it.
    >Smoke grenades:
    Same directions as the last one. The pipe opposite of the one with the mine
    should have smoke grenades on it. 
    >Sticky Shockers:
    Each cell block has two cells in it. One of the cells connects to the adjascent
    cell in the other block by way of a small path in the ceiling of the cell. You
    can reach that path by flipping off any of the walls inside the cell. Assuming
    you came up the steps into the block and you made a left to enter this cell,
    the sticky shockers will be on your left and up. Vice versa if you went into 
    the other cell block. You reach them by doing a wall flip-off. 
    >Personnel Detectors: (only available in hack objective modes)
    From the spawn points in the large courtyard, there are two ziplines from 
    each spawn point. Each zipline takes you to the large open ledge of the
    opposite building. Floating by the wall of each of these ledges is the 
    personnel detector. Wall flip off the wall to get it.
      1.5.7b Museum
    On the second floor of each computer room is a small billboard/sign. The 
    pick-up is sitting on top of it. Just jump up onto the sign and get it.
    The two large columns in the main lobby that sit opposite eachother each
    have a frag pick-up. Get onto the metal scaffolding along the wall and stand
    infront of either of the large columns. You'll see a frag pick-up infront of
    you at eye level. Just jump off the scaffolding and grab onto the small ledge
    at the top of the column and you'll pick up the frags.
    >Sticky Camera:
    Between the balconies and the 2nd floor of the computer rooms is a small
    area with two thin columns in it. If you walk around either of these two 
    columns, you'll be in a small secluded area which the columns help to cover up
    a little. If you're going from the balcony towards the computer room, the 
    sticky cam will be in the area behind the left column. Go around the column
    and look up. You can reach it by doing a wall flip off any of the 4 walls in 
    that area, which includes the column. 
    Each computer room is connected to two separate bathrooms. While facing
    towards either computer room, the bathroom to the right has a mine in a small
    duct. You have to wall run up to it in order to climb in and grab it.
    >Smoke Grenades:
    Same directions as the sticky cameras, only for this, you go behind the right
    column. Flip off any of the 4 walls to get it. 
    >Sticky Shockers:
    Same directions as the mines. For these, you go to the bathroom on the left
    instead of the right. Reach them the same way you would the mines. 
    >Personnel Detectors: (only available in hack objective modes)
    If you stand in any of the two elevators and face out, you'll see a wall 
    directly across from the elevator. Go around to the other side of this wall
    and the detector will be against the wall. Do a wall flip-off inorder to pick
    it up. 
      1.5.7c Ship
    On the bottom floor of each cargo hold, go to the wall underneith the part
    of the catwalks with the poisonous gas pipe and the switch to turn it on.
    Just off the wall, you'll see the flashbang pick-up. Do a wall flip-off to 
    reach it. This one is tricky to get sometimes so just aim well.
    If you stand at the control panel in either hold and face out over the area,
    you'll see on the other side of the hold the 2 doorways which lead into either
    of the 2 connections between the 2 cargo holds. Go to the door on the left
    but don't go in it. While standing by this door, look up and around to find the
    beginning of the zipline that runs across the cargo hold from where you are
    to the control panel on the other side. The pick-up is in the middle of the 
    zipline, so you have to jump onto the zipline and use it to reach the frags.
    >Sticky Camera:
    Go into the small duct entrance from the outside spawn point (#2 on the 
    list of entrances from the spawn point). Jump out into the cargo hold and
    you'll find yourself in a very thin area between the wall and some large 
    shipping crates. Look up to the right and you'll see the sticky cam pick-up.
    You can reach it by doing a wall flip off the metal colum to the right just
    past the sticky cam. 
    Right next to the control panels in either cargo hold is a pipe. I believe this
    is the same pipe that leaks the unavoidable poisonous gas. The pick-up sits
    at the top of the pipe. Climb the pipe to reach it.
    >Smoke Grenades:
    At the bottom of each cargo hold is a single doorway which leads into the
    connecting area between the two cargo holds (the "fork" on the first floor).
    Just to the right of this door is a pipe which you can climb. At the top of 
    this pipe is the smoke grenade pick-up. Simply climb the pipe to reach it. 
    >Sticky Shockers:
    In the second floor connections between the cargo holds, go into the part
    with the higher ceiling where you can do a split jump. This is where the 
    pick-up for the sticky shockers is, in either connection area. Do the split 
    jump in that area to pick it up. 
    >Personnel Detector: (only available in hack objective modes)
    The personnel detector can be found right across from the remote hacking
    device in this map. Go to the first floor connection and climb either of the
    two ladders infront of the doorways into the cargo holds. The ladder will
    take you into the small area where you can see the remote hacking device
    as well as the personnel detector right across from it. Walk off the ledge to
    the personnel detector to pick it up.
      1.5.7d Warfare
    In the central area of the map where the ammo box is, there are two paths,
    one to the right and one to left of the ammo box. Take either of these paths
    as they meet with eachother. At the intersection there is another short
    path which takes you the hole in the wall that's over the ammo box. The 
    pick-up is right above your head at this point. Do a split jump to reach it.
    >Sticky Camera:
    Right across from the ammo box are the two rooms mentioned before. Go into
    the room on the right and in the small niche in the wall, there will be the 
    sticky cam pick-up. Do a wall run to reach it.
    Same as the last directions, only now you take the room on the right. 
    Wall run up to the niche to pick it up.
    >Smoke Grenades:
    Coming Soon...
    >Sticky Shockers:
    Coming Soon...
    >Personnel Detector: (only available in hack objective modes)
    Coming Soon...
      1.5.7e Church
    Enter the hollowed out grave in either spawn point to fall into the catacomb
    area of the map. Go straight ahead and to the right you should see the pick-up
    for the flashbangs above the ground. Just jump up to it or jump off the small
    platform right next to it. 
    At either end of the map, there are multiple stone blocks surrounding the
    big holes in the ground. One of these blocks is infront of the hole and sits
    under a crossbar of some sort. This crossbar is attached to the zipline that
    crosses the map. The frag pick-up is in the center of the zipline. Jump onto
    the stone block then jump up to grab the zipline.
    >Sticky Camera:
    I've searched tirelessly all around the map and I can't find anywhere that
    the sticky cam consistently can be found. It is available through the randomly
    spawing pick-ups in the spawn point however I haven't found it anywhere
    on the map.
    Enter either catacomb through the hollowed grave in the spawn points. Go 
    straight then make a right once you go up the small set of steps. Go straight
    ahead all the way. You should see a large niche in the wall just past the 
    tunnel to the left which will leads you to the hole in the ground at the end
    of the map. The mine is at the top of this niche. Just wall-run up the wall
    and there will be a small ledge that can be grabbed on to. Just climb along
    the ledge to get the mine if you haven't already picked it up.
    >Smoke Grenades:
    On either terrace you have the large column with the stone button. If you face
    toward the center of the map from either terrace, you'll see a crossbar that is
    connected between the column and the wall on your left. On top of this crossbar
    is the smoke grenade. You reach it by doing a wall flip off the wall opposite
    the crossbar which will allow you to grab onto the bar. Once hanging, pull
    yourself up and over the crossbar to pick it up. 
    >Sticky Shockers:
    At each of end of the map, at the very back wall, there is another crossbar
    that is parallel to the one that holds up the zipline. This crossbar has the
    sticky shockers on it. There is another block just infront of it right next to
    the big hole in the ground. Climb up this block and jump over to grab the beam.
    Next, pull yourself up and over the beam in order to grab the pick-up. You can
    also do a wall flip off the wall next to the crossbar which will allow you to 
    grab onto the crossbar also. Pull yourself up and over to grab it.
    >Personnel Detector: (only available in hack objective modes)
    Begin at either spawn point and do a wall-run up to the balcony with the stone
    railing. It doesn't matter which balcony you do it up, left or right. Now go to
    the right and then make a left around the corner. You'll see the broken off
    wall that you have to crouch through. Once you've turned the corner the wall
    you are facing has the personnel detectors floating next to it. Do a wall 
    flip-off in order to reach it. 
      1.5.7f Temple
    If you come out of the spawn through the left-hand side passage, after you
    jump down from the ledge that you can't climb back up, turn to the right (after
    you exit the passage of course). At this point you'll be facing the opposite
    side of the map. Turn right again and you'll see a large niche in the wall with
    the flashbang pick-up in it. Jump onto the platform thing to the right of where
    you're standing and from there, jump to the niche.
    From the 3rd level wooden scaffoldings in the center of the map, when you
    go out to either side, you'll see the slightly raised wooden platfrom between
    the side you're on and the other side. Right above this platform is a zipline
    and on this zipline is the frag pick-up. Jump over to this platform, then pull
    yourself up. Once on the platform, jump up to grab the zipline which will 
    bring you to the pick-up.
    >Sticky Camera:
    On the wooden scaffolding in the central area, you'll find a pipe that runs
    the length of that side of the scaffolding hanging above. The sticky camera
    is on this pipe. Do a wall flip off the parallel wall to grab onto the pipe and
    thus grab onto the sticky cam.
    Same directions as the last one. Only the mines are in the middle of the pipe
    not at the end. Flip-off onto the pipe and climb over to the mine to pick it
    up. The mine is only on one of the pipes as there are two pipes on each side.
    >Smoke Grenades:
    Same exact directions as the mine, but the smokes can be found on the opposite
    pipe that the mines are found on.
    >Sticky Shockers:
    Go to where the ammo box can be found. On either side of the ammo box, 
    you'll see the sticky shockers floating over head. In order to get them, flip
    off the wall next to them.
    >Personnel Detector: (only available in hack objective modes)
    Same as flashbangs, only through the right-side passage way, not the left.
      1.6 Glitches
    Now I'm a person who does not condone glitching in any way as a form of
    getting an edge over the competition. When I use glitches, it is purely for
    exploration purposes and so I can understand how to identify glitchers
    and such.
    That being said, this game really doesn't have any forms of glitching, so 
    don't take this as a recommendation to go out trying out these glitches 
    because I do not know of any way to control them. Had I have known
    how to initiate them, I would not reveal them in order to keep glitching to
    an absolute minimum. Once again, these are glitches that occur at random
    and that (I'm in no way aware of) can be controlled.
    If you have anything to add to this section including how the listed
    glitches occur or just completely new glitches all together, feel free to 
    contact me and I will look over your information and try to research it to
    check credibility. 
    This glitch causes the player to become invisible and impervious to
    damage through his invisible state. However, he can't take pick-ups or do
    anything that involves physical contact with other players either. While 
    the player is invisible, his body will still be visible and tangible at the 
    spawn point and will react to whatever it is the player is doing. If the 
    player, being invisible climbs a ladder or hops a ledge, the tangible body
    will move as if it was climbing a ladder or hopping a ledge but it would do
    it in place without moving. The player can be killed if his tangible body is
    found at the spawn. That body is prone to all the usual forms of damage 
    and when damage is inflicted to it, the player who is invisible and 
    somewhere distant will feel it. Also, the player who is invisible will still be
    able to see himself as if he's playing and will not see his body standing
    in the spawn while all other players can see the body but not the player.
    This glitch was also around during the Chaos Theory online saga and I'm
    not sure if it was around during the Pandora Tomorrow time. My in-depth
    knowledge is a result of having it happen to me multiple times in Chaos
    Theory and witnessing it happen to my partners. 
    >Negative Spawn Time:
    This is when you're a spectator waiting to spawn, but your timer doesn't
    stop at 0. Rather than stopping at 0 and you respawning, the timer 
    continues down into the negatives, supposedly infinitely. When this 
    happens, your best bet is to leave the game and come back because 
    you're probably not gunna spawn any time soon, if at all. 
    Although this is something new to me in this game, I've heard that it was
    around during Chaos Theory as well. I've witnessed this multiple times both as 
    a victim of it and a host of games in which someone had it happen to them.
    I believe you can identify when someone is stuck in negative spawn when
    you come across their body which remains visible and in tact and does not
    disappear. I managed to identify my partner like that and so I returned to
    the lobby but I'm not positive if this is always the case. 
    My connection isn't the best in the world so perhaps connection speed 
    has something to do with it happening?
    >Prison Stairway:
    I've discovered a new glitch that happened to me. While I was playing on 
    the map Prison, I got stuck behind the metal stairs which lead into the cell 
    block. I pulled my gun out while walking backward up the stairs and the 
    next thing I knew, I was suddenly behind the steps and could look out 
    from between the steps. However, nothing affects you when inside the 
    steps. You can't shoot out of there and no one can kill you. The only hope 
    you have of getting out of it is if you have a mine, frag, sticky cam, or 
    smoke grenade in your inventory. Otherwise you'd have to leave the game. 
    I have no idea how it happened. I tried to redo it but wasn't successful
    so I just let it go. I figured it's one more thing I can add to this list.
    >Running While Crouched:
    This glitch allows you to be in a crouched position but move as fast as you
    would if you were standing and running. This glitch was apparently around
    in Chaos Theory but I have never witnessed in either of the previous games as
    I have in this one.
    >"Retard" Glitch:
    This glitch is apparent when you see another spy running around with their
    arms straight down at their sides or if you see a spy running around like a 
    hunchback, but one of his arms is bent up and the other is extended down and
    outwards. It's actually kind of amusing to see. It is controllable but offers
    no real benefit unless confusing your opponents is beneficial to you. When
    you're in this position, you can maneuver just as you would regularly, only it
    looks stranger. You'll climb ladders and poles with just you feet. You grab
    on to ledges and pipes with no hands and then be able to pull yourself up. When
    you see this glitch, the player is frozen like that unless they are shot,
    jumped on, or do anything else that would make you flinch. Plus, if you try to
    pull out your gun in any of these positions, it'll just shoot downward or in
    direction that the arm holding the gun is pointed.
    >Roof on Temple:
    When you're in the area right above the spawn point with the big hole in the
    middle, you'll see there is a wall on the same side as the exits from this area
    are located. You can get onto the roof of this wall. However, there is no
    tactical advantage up there whatsoever because of this area's out-of-the-way
    nature. When up on the roof, you can see small insignificant segments of the
    map. However, you can't shoot to them, nor can you see anyone running around,
    hence the "no tactical advantage". While up here you can also get slightly out
    of bounds of the map. This also provides no tactical advantage. You can see
    certain things but you can't shoot at them. You also can't see anything that
    would help you "scout" another team. So as I said, it's a glitch that's 
    interesting to see, but is ultimately useless.
    >Vending Machine
    When you enter the main enterance of Prison from the courtyard and go to your
    right, you'll find a vending machine in this general area right outside the
    cell block enterance. It is possible to literally jump inside of this vending
    machine. When inside, you can see everything that's happening outside, although
    you can't shoot anything outside. I'm not sure if anyone can see you while you
    are inside it, but I think they can't. There's no way to get out once you're
    inside without killing yourself or leaving the game. So I'd suggest that if you
    go to check this one out, you take any item/gadget with you that can kill
    (proxy mine, smoke grenade, sticky camera, frag grenade).
     1.7 Thanks To
    >Upchelon -- Temple Roof Glitch
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_Version 1.2_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    --Version 1.0 
        - 75% complete    
    --Version 1.1
        - added half of the pick-up locations
        - added new glitch
        - made other minor adjustments
    --Version 1.2
        - added final weapon description
        - updated missing pick-up locations
        - added new glitch
        - finally updated "Mode Settings" section
    --Version 1.3
        - added new glitches
        - updated some weapon locations in Temple
        - added "heal mate" feature
        - updated "standard issue" with power meter
        - added "Thanks To" section
        - god knows if I'll ever finish the map descriptions with all the weapon
    --Version 1.4
        - added the Vending Machine glitch
        - added someone to Thanks To section
        - added some info to the Ship map description

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