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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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         ____________ |¯¯| (¯¯) _____/¯¯|_ S P O I L E R - F R E E |¯¯| |¯¯|
        /  ____,____ \|  | |¯¯|/    \   __/¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯\ _/¯¯¯¯\/¯¯¯¯\  | |  |
        \___ \ |  |_) )  |_|  |   |  \  |(  ¯¯ /  |¯\/ \  (¯¯(  ¯¯ /  |_|  |_
        /___  )|   __/|____)__|___|  /__| \ ¯¯¯\__|     \  ¯¯¯) ¯¯¯\____)____)
            )/ |__|                )/      ¯¯¯)/         ¯¯¯\/ ¯¯¯\/
           //                     //         ((  D O U B L E   A G E N T
     _____/(_____________________/(___________)\______ ___________________________
    | FAQ 'n' WALKTHROUGH by Shotgunnova / P. Summers | shotgunnova [@] gmail.c0m |
        I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
       II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS
           Stealth Techniques................................................ STLT
           Interaction....................................................... INTR
           Camouflage........................................................ CMFL
           Weapons and Devices............................................... WPNS
           New Features ..................................................... NWFT
      III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
           01) Iceland ...................................................... WK01
           02) Ellsworth Prison ............................................. WK02
           03) JBA Headquarters [Part 1] .................................... WK03
           04) New York Underground ......................................... WK04
           05) The Georgia Lee .............................................. WK05
           06) Sea of Okhotsk ............................................... WK06
           07) Congo ........................................................ WK07
           08) JBA Headquarters [Part 2] .................................... WK08
           09) New York City ................................................ WK09
       IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
        V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
       VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
      VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                         ____          |  |          ____
        L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
        L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                      /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                     / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
    DIRECTIONAL --> ( |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)) <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
        PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                    )            ____        ____            (
                   /            /    \      /    \            \
                  (            (      ) __ (      )            )
                   \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                    \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                     \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                (L3)          (R3)
     As with prior Splinter Cell games, a DualShock controller is required to play
     it. Controls can be changed a bit in the options menu, too, if needed.
      ___________ _______________________________________________________________
     | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
     | D-Pad     | Toggle EMF/Night Vision/Thermal/Binoculars                    |
     | Start     | Bring up pause menu                                           |
     | Analog    | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
     | Select    | Bring up OPSAT menu                                           |
     | Circle    | Toggle crouch/upright position                                |
     | Square    | Equip selected item                                           |
     | Triangle  | Jump button                                                   |
     | X-Button  | Interact (menu-based)                                         |
     | L1 Button | (During interrogation or certain maneuvers) knock out target  |
     | L2 Button | Whistle                                                       |
     | L3 Button | Toggle back-to-wall mode                                      |
     | R1 Button | (During interrogation or certain maneuvers) kill target       |
     | R2 Button | (Hold) display quick inventory selection menu                 |
     | R3 Button | Toggle EEV function                                           |
     | L. Analog | Controls Sam's movement                                       |
     | R. Analog | Controls Sam's camera angling                                 |
     L1 is also used to fire equipped secondary weapons, such as the sticky camera
     or airfoil round. R1 fires the weapon's normal function.
    II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
    STORY                      [STRY]
     From manual:
     "Once, Sam Fisher was an agent of Third Echelon, assigned to infiltrate
     strongholds belonging to enemies of National Security, gather information,
     and, where necessary, use his training to neutralize those enemies.
     But times are changing. America's enemies are looking at new options, finding
     ways to make themselves more deadly. In order to stay one step ahead of its
     targets, Third Echelon is also changing, although Colonel Irving Lambert and
     Assistant Director Williams may be trying to steer in two different
     directions. And while Sam Fisher's foes are evolving and his allies are in
     flux, very soon Fisher's own life is also going to undergo a dramatic and
     permanent change. And once that happens, nothing will ever be the same again.
     With his life turned upside-down, Sam Fisher is on a new mission unlike any
     he has been sent on before. Where he used to penetrate defenses and gather
     information from the outside, now he's on the inside, working with those he's
     sworn to destroy and finding enemies among his allies. He's risking everything
     for the sake of a greater good, even if it costs him his identity -- or his
     Sam may be getting older, but his skillset remains evergreen -- veterans of
     the series should adjust right quick, thanks to similarly styled controls.
     CROUCH / CROUCHWALK                    Perform: O Button, O Button + L. Analog
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     They'll never hear y'coming -- soft footfalls are essential to outmaneuvering
     enemies, and a core stealth technique. How quickly Sam moves while crouched
     depends on the analog stick's angle, so use light touches to avoid rambling
     into trouble.
     HANGING                                    Perform: Triangle by certain ledges
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Many environmental obstacles are ledged, meaning Sam can hang on 'em -- this
     can provide extra cover, safety, or enable special kills (such as flipping a
     catwalk guards off to his death). Sam hangs automatically when walking off
     certain objects; however, this makes a certain amount of noise, which can
     alert enemies nearby.
     CLIMBING                                Perform: Triangle by climbable surface
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Climbing is easy to understand, and its uses are innumerable. Sam can also
     "mantle" onto smaller objects by the same method, a quick and silent method.
     Double Agent adds a new action, too: if Sam is hanging from a horizontal
     pipe and said pipe shoots vertically, Sam can react and climb that way, too.
     SPLIT JUMP                                           Perform: Triangle at wall
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Quick, an enemy approaches and there's no cover in sight. Luckily, in certain
     smaller corridors, the answer's in plain sight! Face a wall and press the
     jump button -- Sam will take a running start, run up the vertical face and
     wedge himself feet above the floor. Enemies will walk below him, oblivious to
     the threat above. Sam can use his pistol from this position, and should he
     fall onto a mercenary, it's an instant knockout jolt. Split-jumping isn't as
     prevalent as in previous games, but wherever there's an urban environment,
     the opportunity could be right 'round the corner...
     BACK-TO-WALL                            Perform: L3 Button by vertical surface
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Another useful tactic, Sam will shrink his profile by hugging the wall with
     his body -- enemies who might normally run into him will instead walk by, or
     Sam shrinks enough into the shadows he's undetectable. A secondary effect the
     mode has is changing the camera to see around corners.
     HAND-OVER-HAND             Perform: Left analog while hanging from pipe/girder
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     This is the term for moving while hanging (fully) from a pipe. This way gives
     the least cover but fastest movement, as opposed to clinging to the pipe,
     which has the opposite effect.
     ROLLING                                         Perform: O-button while moving
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     While moving quickly or dropping from a decent height, Sam will roll and
     enter a crouching position. It won't see much use, really, but it could make
     all the difference stealth-wise...maybe.
     RAPPELLING                         Perform: Select action at appropriate place
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Occasionally, Sam will find a pit or window he can't simply leap from, and
     will be able to rappel to the ground (done via prompt). Pressing triangle
     while in this mode lets him descend faster. It's possible to shoot from a
     rappelling position, but it's often easier (and safer) to get off and do the
    INTERACTION                [INTR]
     Sam has various ways to interact with objects and bodies, both living and
     deceased. Here's how they're exploited for his own purposes:
     MOVE BODY                                       Select: when by KO'd/dead body
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     In some games, defeated enemies simply disappear but Sam doesn't get it that
     easy -- he'll have to stash the bodies he leaves in his wake somewhere safe.
     While Sam is carrying a defeated foe, he moves quicker in an upright stance.
     GRABBING                                 Select: when behind applicable person
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     When aproaching an enemy unaware (from behind), the option to grab the foe
     will come up as an 'interrogation'. This silently nabs the enemy, allowing
     Fisher to squeeze the foe for information before he squeezes their windpipe.
     Speaking of which, from this position, Sam can choose to give a sleeper hold
     (L1) or lethal stab (R1). How Sam eliminates the foe can affect the mission's
     trust rating, mind you.
     BODY SHIELD                                    Select: Grabbed person + Square
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Captured mercenaries and soldiers can be turned into meat shields, simply by
     brandishing a weapon with Square button. Enemies may be slightly hesitant to
     fire upon Sam in this position, often suggesting he drop the weapon, but it's
     not long before they let the bullets do the talkin'. Note that bodies will
     absorb hits even if Sam's just in an interrogation stance (also if he's just
     carrying them), so it can be a double-edged sword if that person's a friendly.
     RETINAL SCANNING                    Select: move interrogated perp near device
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Although seen very little in this game, Sam can still use this tried-and-true
     ability. Basically, some devices operate by scanning an enemy's retinas, and
     instead of simply hacking through, Fisher can force cooperation by moving an
     interrogation target near the device. This only needs to be done once per
    CAMOUFLAGE                 [CMFL]
     Without camouflage, Sam is just a well-equipped guy in a body suit -- he'll
     need a friend on his missions, and more often than not, that friend is the
     darkness. Fisher's stealth meter (above HUD weapons display) tells how he's
     perceived by enemies: the darker the rating, the safer. Light sources will
     affect his rating negatively, while shadowed areas are a welcome sight. By
     eliminating lanterns, lamps, lightbulbs and such, missions proceed that much
     Sight ain't the only sense enemies have, though, and Sam'll have to operate
     quietly, too. There's a noise meter on the HUD, too, which will inform the
     player to Fisher's loudness. The square on the gauge denotes the current
     "noise threshold," my term for the muffling encountered by elements such as
     motors, generators, water sources and electronics. Near these, the threshold
     rises; noise Sam makes that's lower than the threshold simply blends into the
     hum, and doesn't register to enemies. Naturally, the farther away Sam gets
     from the source, the more the threshold drops.
     Similarly, apply the rules of Sam's stealth to hiding bodies he leaves in
     his wake. Wherever Sam blends in best, that's the best place to shove those
     NOTE: The HUD is slightly different in this game, with Sam's stealth meter
     represented by a picture of himself; the better camouflaged he is, the more
     his picture blends into the background (full black = perfect darkness). His
     noise meter is the "west hemisphere" of the circle around him, and his health
     is the eastern one.
     Outside of some self-explanitory explosives (frag grenade, smoke grenade,
     flashbang), Sam usually totes another arsenal just for his primary/secondary
                                                                         SC PISTOL
     The SC Pistol is back, baby! As those who played Chaos Theory know, Fisher's
     sidearm isn't just a handy weapon usable in some of his techniques, it's also
     an electronic disruptor. The Optically Channeled Potentiator (OCP) function
     allows Sam to point and certain devices -- cameras, light sources, laserbeam
     grids, etc. -- and disable them for about 15-20 seconds, allowing safe
     passage. Each shot requires a small recharge, however, but that's its only
     If Sam's not wielding the pistol, he's wielding the SC-20K rifle, inarguably
     the best weapon in the game. With its high-quality zoom function, acceptable
     magazine size and a bevy of alt-fire weapons, it's always the best weapon for
     the job. Secondary weapons are shown above the SC-20K in its weapon display,
     can be changed via the R2 menu, and fired via L1 Button.
     • Sticky Camera [lets Sam see, lure foes and use KO gas; reusable!]
     • Sticky Shocker [100% KO against enemies it hits; mostly silent]
     • Ring Airfoil Round [nonlethal round that KOs foe; try to aim at head]
     • Gas Grenades [nonlethal grenade that KOs enemies in its blast range]
     Depending on what weapons setup Sam picks, the SC-20K may also have secondary
     functions, such as a shotgun or sniper launcher. These, not surprisingly, let
     him toggle a shotgun or sniper mode.
     A weapon similar to Sam's SC-20K, this compact launcher uses only nonlethal
     rounds, fitting considering its the size of a handgun. Note that this weapon
     doesn't have "regular ammunition," only gadgets that go with it, meaning Sam
     may really have to watch his misfires.
     • Sticky Camera [same function as SC-20K; can be reclaimed if gas isn't used]
     • Tranquilizer [incapacitates target]
     • Rubber Bullets [similar to airfoil rounds; gun comes with lots of these]
     • Gas Grenades [same as SC-20K gas grenades]
     • EMP Ammunition [permanently destroys an electronic device, even turrets!]
     EMP ammo is quite rare and can be wasted if you're not careful, so save 'fore
     using it. There are plenty of times where it's a welcome time-saver.
                                                                          WALL MINE
     Sam is running down the hallway and all of a sudden, BOOM! Looks like someone
     didn't pay attention to the wall mine! These devices are stuck on vertical
     surfaces and have a small beeping noise with a red/green light on 'em. [Leave
     night vision mode for better viewing.] Quick movements will trip these and
     instantly slay Fisher. To get by them, tread very softly. Sam can also steal
     these for himself, by choosing to disarm the thing when the light is GREEN.
     Try when the light is RED and all the king's men won't be able to put Fisher
     together again... =(
     Can you imagine people actually locking Sam out? The nerve! This sucker can
     jimmy all key-based locks. The trick is to move the analog stick until the
     controller vibrates, which moves the tumbler; repeat until all tumblers are
     done, and voila! Chaos Theory introduces a "break lock" option as well, in
     which Sam violently -- and very LOUDLY -- destroys the lock for quick access.
     Enemies can hear this and may investigate, though.
                                                                        OPTIC CABLE
     A handy tool for first-timers and vets alike, the optic cable is used to peek
     under closed doors to see the adjacent room. Generally this is used to plan
     for the eliminating an enemy contingent.
     Also known as "electronically enhanced vision," this is started by holstering
     the current weapon and hitting R3. This is basically an amalgam of enhancers
     seen in past Splinter Cell games, plus one that's new. They are:
     - Night Vision [see darkness in shades of green]
     - Thermal Vision [detect heat signatures in environment]
     - EMF [detect electromagnetic fields, caused by electronics]
     - Binoculars [zoom-in function]
     A little about each: night vision is for general use, but works horribly in
     lit-up places, so disable it there. Thermal vision is good in areas with
     heat variances but can be clumsy otherwise, as some things blend into each
     other. EMF only detects magnetic fields (white fuzz) and is worthless as a
     guide otherwise; everything else is black. EMF is great for detecting hidden
     microphones, however. Binoculars...well, kinda obvious. There's only a 2x
     zoom, unfortunately.
    NEW FEATURES               [NWFT]
     Double Agent introduces a few new activites Sam'll be doing, so I'll drop 'em
     here for easier viewing.
     • Dynamic hoist: tosses jumper up a ledge; he then helps Sam up too
     • Throw over: tosses jumper over a high barrier, such as a fence
     • Standing on Shoulders: the higher of the two people gets better access
     There are more actions doable in two-player/online, but the above two are the
     only ones done in Campaign, which this walkthrough is covering.
                                                                        CO-OP MOVES
     On some missions, Sam will have a partner to help him out temporarily. This
     sets up some special two-man actions that can be done.
     In previous Splinter Cell games, Sam could hack by simply choosing numbers
     from a string of sequences. Double Agent takes a more on-hands approach, and
     changes it to a wavelength puzzle. The computer will have a red wave that Sam,
     with his green one, must match. Left analog controls Sam's wave: left/right
     crunches the wave horizontally, up/down changes the amplitude. When the two
     waves overlap (near-)perfectly, press the action button to do the next part.
     When Sam does this three or four times, the hacking is a success...failing
     means an alarm is tripped. Sometimes Sam can swipe a keycard he's found to
     avoid this part. Note that hacking in this game can take a little trial and
     error to get accustomed to -- there's no substitute for first-hand experience!
                                                                       BOMB DEFUSAL
     Whaddya mean, Sam used to do this automatically? Now he's a full-fledged bomb
     technician, meaning he'll have to cut the wires himself to avoid splattering
     all over. Each bomb will have 4 wires and a timer; cutting a wire will start
     the timer. Only 1 of the wires will have an electronic current flowing through
     it, and this is viewable by toggling EMP vision. Cut each wire thus to disarm
     the bomb. Cut a "dummy" wire with no current in it? The bomb goes off ASAP.
     It's easy to get blown up if you don't know about EMP vision, or just because
     you're new to the controls.
                                                                   GETTING ARRESTED
     Sometimes, Sam's errors will get him held up by a gunman, who then quickly
     goes to his position. A sequence (example: X, X, Triangle) will show up,
     letting Sam avoid the situation in a nonlethal or fatal way. If Sam messes up
     the sequence, things won't go very well for him...
                                                                       TRUST SYSTEM
     Sam's overarching mission is to infiltrate the JBA organization under the
     guise of a hardened criminal. At the same time, he's also meant to carry out
     duties from his employer, Third Echelon. Naturally, favoring one over the
     other will create some tension for his bosses, and each objective Sam does,
     or each fatality he commits, will impact the "trust gauge".
     The gauge is meant to show which organization he's currently in favor with:
     JBA is on the far left, Third Echelon far right. In the middle is the "sweet
     spot," where he's not making either employer too suspicious. Favoring one too
     much causes the other to lose trust, failing the mission. [If Sam seems to
     be currying favor too much, there's usually a special objective given to him.
     Example: in a JBA mission, if he's doing too many pro-Echelon actions, he'll
     be called to meet so-and-so at location 'X' in 'Y' amount of time. Doing
     this will deflate some tension, lowering the bar back towards center a bit.]
     Since primary objectives will obviously tilt the favor toward the giver of
     that objective, try doing optional "opportunity" objectives to offset the
     gauge increase.
     Additionally, Sam's equipment depends on his employers' favor. So, if Sam's
     doing a JBA job and he's fallen out of favor with them, his kit may end up
     reduced to show that lack of trust. The middle "sweet spot" is usually the
     best spot on the gauge, equipment-wise at least. [Third Echelon procures Sam
     nonlethal hardware, while JBA's gear is meant for lethal force. The sweet
     spot ensures the mix is roughly even.]
     NOTE: Choosing to kill/KO an enemy affects the gauge a bit at mission's end.
     However, avoiding an enemy entirely affects nothing -- stealthily avoiding
     foes the entire map can be enough of a boost to keep the gauge where y'want
    ___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
    01) ICELAND                                                              [WK01]
          --- This guide is written for the default (Normal) difficulty! ---
     OVERVIEW: Raheem Kadir, an arms trafficker supplying terrorists worldwide,
     has apparently obtained a new kind of weapon. It's time to let Sam get in
     there and sniff around...
     [ECH] Infiltrate the Factory
     [ECH] Acquire Buyers List
     [ECH] Extract through loading bay
     [ECH] Protect the crates
     [ECH] Neutralize guards
     [ECH] Retrieve weapon schematics
     [ECH] Plant explosive charges
     SC-20K Launcher (x60)
     Sticky Camera (x4)
     Sticky Shocker (x4)
     SC-20K Pistol (x40)
    PART 1: Infiltrate the Factory
     AKA ---: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
     Alarms?: Yes
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: SC-20K Ammo (x30)
     NOTE: I suggest saving each time you start a new stretch of the level -- that
     is, when there's a mandatory loading screen and all. This is to prevent you
     from accidentally losing progress. For instance: you haven't saved in awhile
     and die, having to restart from the last checkpoint. Sometimes the game may
     put the cursor on "load progress" instead. If you were to use the checkpoint
     option after doing that, it all goes to waste! Be careful, be mindful.
     Sam and his new buddy Hisham Hamza insert on a glacial lake, thankfully frozen
     over (this is Iceland, remember?). Head into the cave system to get a video
     prompt -- these will act as small tutorials whenever a "new" action is
     introduced. Splinter Cell vets on a second playthrough will probably want to
     turn these off in the menu.
     Just inside is a guard with his back to a thin ice sheet, a perfect sucker
     for the first grab. His interrogation will provide a little backstory on the
     armored crates on the lake, but little else. Unlike Chaos Theory, this game
     allows Sam to kill with impunity -- doing so will affect the overall trust
     gauge (although this doesn't come into play on this particular mission; it's
     grayed out in the menu). What's one less terrorist to the world, eh?
     The foe's satchel has a SC-20K clip, and past there, a demonstration of the
     co-op move: whenever Sam has a partner with him, he can do these. Boost Hamza
     to the upper ledge, and he'll hoist Fisher up, too.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Protect the crates: continuing into the next passage will
       start a communication from Lambert, saying the lake crates are about to be
       extracted. Rush back there to find the task finished, and two sentries
       blocking the entrance. This objective always fails, so don't worry about it.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Neutralize guards: Both guards are standing in a puddle, so
       Sam can use his sticky shocker to neutralize both at once. Sticky cameras'
       gas attacks can be substituted, too, if fired correctly. Hide their bodies
       in the darkened cave before continuing.
     That tall ledge leads to a lower tunnel. Since it's quiet as a church mouse
     down there, use the well-placed planks to avoid detection. The guard at the
     end will be slain by his friend (welching on a Super Bowl bet maybe?), which
     lets Sam stealthily insert into the crate-filled area. Should Sam manage to
     take the guy unawares, he can do the rare "dunk" kill -- essentially plunging
     the dude through thin ice and drowning him. That done, all that's left is
     operating the door controls from the construction booth above (medkit there
     as well).
     Hisham parts ways after boosting Sam over the locked interior gate. There's
     a video that "suggests" snapping the nearby guard's neck via the overhanging
     pipe, but it's not necessary for interrogation-minded individuals. What is,
     though, is using that pipe to climb vertically up the maintenance shaft. At
     the end, Sam will get the opportunity to provide the cathartic "ledge grab"
     assassination -- hang from the exterior edge of the landing and when the
     guard is near enough, use the prompt to toss him to his death.
     Down the shadowed hall is a camera which, as SC vets know, can be disabled
     by using the OPC function of the pistol -- press L1 when aiming at cameras
     (or other minor electronics) to disrupt it for a short duration. Ignore the
     guard around the bend and instead climb the ladder; after cutting through the
     material, the objective will end. 
    PART 2: Acquire Buyers List
     AKA ---: Making the Cut
     Alarms?: Yes
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: Pistol Ammo (x20)
     Sam starts at a pumping station. Crank the nearby valve to lower the water
     level in the trench, and opens part of the barrier in the process. Scale the
     pipe at the other end and catch the guard nappin' -- perfect practice target
     for another "ledge flip" maneuver! [If you interrogate him, he says the new
     weapons are probably further down the hall, past the turbine room.]
     Lasergrids are introduced in the adjacent corridor. Tripping these instantly
     causes an alarm or worse -- they could be wired to explosives. Sam won't have
     enough time to fire a synapse before he gets splattered over the pipework! But
     that's worst-case scenario; it's only alarm bells for him this time. Luckily
     the pistol's OCP works on these as well. Use EMP vision for more accurate
     shots, if needed. [Tripping alarms makes other defenses come online, so it's
     best to reload when this happens, especially for newer players.]
     Bypass the far camera and the ensuing (hopefully) inactive lasergrid to find
     the turbine room. Two guards will converse about a possible theft before
     they split ways: one patrols the area and the other inspects the computers.
     They're both standing in a puddle so the sticky shocker trick works fine, but
     both have extra to say in interrogations. The noise threshold here is huge,
     so that gives a little leeway.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Plant explosive charges 1/4: the fuel regulator on the north
       end of the room is the first target Lambert wants gone.
     The next area is a corridor leading to a staircase -- nothing here 'cept a
     camera near one of the bends. Upstairs, a scene serves as a prelude to the
     weapons lab, currently occupied by a sleeping guard. Jump over the counter
     through the shelves' gap to get him. With a little persuasion, he mentions
     the computer behind bulletproof glass has the info Sam seeks...but he won't
     be able to get it!
     That's what all ignoramuses think before they're Fisher'd. Using Sam's EEV
     (R3 button), point at the off-limits computer to begin wirelessly hacking it.
     I suggest saving first since this is the first hacking job a player's required
     to do. Essentially, use left analog to control the wave's length & amplitude,
     and press action button when the green wave is superimposed on the red. It's
     a little annoying at first but with practice, it becomes second nature.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Retrieve weapon schematics: hacking the computer should do
       the trick. Red Mercury huh...interesting...
     Through the west door, the corridor bends south, to another affixed camera.
     The game reminds the player that hitting L3 with a weapon brandished changes
     the shoulder view, making it less awkward to shoot 'round corners. From there,
     Sam's first lockpicking challenge. This amounts to "move stick until y'feel
     the vibration and hold it there". Impatient players can break the lock too --
     this disables the entrance permanently, but is so loud, it often attracts
     unwanted attention, sound- and visual-wise.
     Sam will now be on a catwalk overlooking the turbine room. The game suggests
     doing a split jump by facing the yellow column -- this position is excellent
     in cramped spaces and it gives a height advantage as well. Shooting the sap,
     or OCP-ing the overhead light, can also work.
     Through the next lockpickable door, "blind" another camera to find another
     catwalk, similar to the last except for light radiating through a distant
     window. This makes direct assault (slightly) less appealing, but the guard
     is easy enough to subdue -- the split jump works here again, if needed. The
     next corridor has more lasergrids, a simple task for the OCP...although if
     y'wanna be a badass, the overhead pipe is right there. =)
     Soon, Fisher will encounter the generator room. There's two mechanics and an
     armed guard here; two appear near the entrance. Ain't much to tell about the
     chamber, except the noise threshold is lower than what you'd think it'd be,
     and the spaces behind the fuel tanks provide clear avenues to get through the
     room. With the idiots indisposed, use the upper catwalk switch to unlock the
     lower door.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Plant explosive charges 2/4: regulator's on said catwalk.
     The ground-floor path leads past a bathroom (medkit here; there often is!)
     to the exit ladder. One long descent later, Sam'll be near the heart of the
     munitions factory. Follow the path through the pipes to reach a mechanic near
     a runoff pool -- easy drowning kill situation right there. After, avoid the
     next camera to find...
     ...a dead end!? No...there's a crawlspace! It leads to a storeroom containing
     two guards, one seated at a desk and the other taking inventory. It's possible
     to fiddle with the fence lock and do some distractions, but the quicker way is
     to scale the far end and just hop over. It matters little who, if any, to get
     rid of first, but the desk guy makes it easy -- he has no variables to account
     for. [It's also possible to climb a shelf and shimmy along the fence to the
     upper landing, if needed. There's some pistol ammo up there.]
     Most people will use the stairs, though, and that path leads to a locked
     door. Hop over the railing to land in the lower, perpendicular walkway. Get
     past the small lasergrid and Sam enters the foundry proper. Up the ladder,
     the game gives a note about waiting for the moving bridge to come back -- it's
     the only way across.
     On the other side, the small stair leads above the foundry control booth. The
     funny instinct in a player is probably to try and pull an enemy into the
     molten metal, right? Don't bother -- without some kind of distraction, one or
     both of the gunmen will spot Sam and he'll have a "hot bath" instead. [Try
     using a sticky camera's clapper to attract their attention first.] Fisher's
     alternative is hopping off one of the ends and luring both guys outdoors; I
     suggest the spacious NE corner.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Plant explosive charges 3/4: control booth interior.
     Descend the south-side ladder and continue into the adjacent hall (watch the
     camera), leading to a changing room. One guard here has his back to the
     entrance and can be easy pickings...or y'can ignore him. [It's hard to do
     that when his route enables an easy door bash!] Zap the camera up the stair
     to enter...
     ...a garage workshop! Two grease monkeys will be here pounding out metal, no
     doubt for some neferious purpose! This room will be revisited soon, so take
     'em out now. Also, it's worth mentioning that the keypad here cannot be
     hacked or even accessed, thanks to storyline purposes.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Plant explosive charges 4/4: corner of garage
     Up the ladder, take the southern passages (watch the far camera!) to locate a
     control booth, giving a nice overlook of the Icelandic wastes. But that ain't
     what we're here for. Inspect the computer and observe any of the two emails
     to finish this section.
    PART 3: Extract Through Loading Bay
     AKA ---: Quitting on the Dock of a Bay
     Alarms?: Allowed
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Return to the garage and use the door code (7931) found on the computer --
     this lifts the barrier door. Climb over the construction junk and miscellanea
     to reach the final garage. There's two enemies here, but it's possible to
     ignore them both and reach the south wall's exit by weaving through the
     pallet stacks.
    02) ELLSWORTH PRISON                                     [KANSAS, USA]   [WK02]
     OVERVIEW: With the bad new given, Sam embarks on the most dangerous job of
     his career -- infiltrating a dangerous terrorist organization led by Emile
     Dufraisne. But before that, Sam's gotta rub elbows with scum of the earth...
     [JBA] - Get walkie-talkie from security office
     [JBA] - Find an adrenaline surge
     [JBA] - Regroup with Jamie Washington
     [JBA] - Release lock to gas chamber
     [ECH] - Escape Ellsworth Prison with Jamie Washington
     [ECH] Do not let Barnham die
     [JBA] Help Jamie kill Barnham
     [ECH] Find hidden information disk
     [JBA] Alter death records
     Remember: killing/saving innocents matters, but only affects the Trust Gauge
     at mission's end. Plan for that when making decisions...
    PART 1: Get Walkie-Talkie from Security Office
     AKA ---: Hard Time
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Fisher is posing as a convict, so naturally he won't have any of his fancy
     Third Echelon gadgets to tinker with. Or weapons in general. Yup, Sam ain't
     got nothin' but a lockpick. Get used to roughing it the old-fashioned way.
     So, Jamie -- that is, Fisher's next-door cellmate and overall mark -- is
     hatching a plan with him. Use the crawlspace 'neath the bed, hoist through
     the opening and meet Mr. Washington face to face. The task is to retrieve a
     second walkie-talkie from the guard station, a useful tool for when the two
     bust out of this dump.
     Do a boost technique to get access to a ladder. Sam will go it alone from
     here! Climb up and bypass the broken metal lattice via the yellow pipe. The
     path is straightforward from here -- nudge through the tight space and drop
     down to the pickable trap above the guard station. SAVE HERE because there's
     no guarantee the guard won't see or hear our intruding guest...ahh, the
     miracles of camerawork. [There's an overhead pipe in case Sam needs a good
     hiding spot.] Once the lower guard is incapacitated, snatch the prize.
     The warden will announce he's about to do a head count, and sure 'nough, a
     little ways into the backtracking, a 1:45 timer appears -- if Sam ain't back
     by then, the breakout plan goes bust! The only new obstacle will be a nosy
     guard, walking the path near where Sam first met Jamie. You can get the jump
     on him through whistling (he can't use ladder) or simply jump on him (fall
     from overhang onto his noggin).
     Back in the cell, Sam will be alerted a visitor wishes to see him...Lambert!
     He'll give a PDA to our incarcerated protag (allows Select menu to finally be
     used) and lay out some ground rules for the night's jailbreak: no casualties,
     don't kill Barnham, and the morgue contains additional intel on Washington.
     The Trust meter can now be viewed -- what side it's skewed on determines a
     few things, namely the equipment Sam receives later on and how his teammates
     treat him. There will always be JBA or Echelon primary objectives to follow;
     completing these gives trust to the respective sides. Opportunity objectives
     are optional and can be tactfully used to skew in one direction or another.
     NOTE: The overarching primary objective from this point on is "Escape with
     Jamie". Unlike other missions which have objectives one after another, the
     other primaries appear only after certain events. In the walkthrough, to
     avoid any hassle, I'll just list 'em that way.
     Inmates have their recess...err, recreational time now, so Sam can leisurely
     walk back to his cell block. That is, until it's announced the local bully
     and federal witness is hassling Jamie in the courtyard. 
     • [OPPOSING OBJECTIVE] Kill/save Barnham: Sam will mosey into the weight room
       and grab the harasser, having the option to snap his neck like a stale
       breadstick, or wuss out in front of Jamie.
    PART 2: Find an Adrenaline Surge
     AKA ---: Shot in the Heart
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: Smoke Grenade, Flash Grenade
     After the rec room brawl, Sam and Jamie will wake up in isolation, groggy
     from the knockout gas. Seems Lambert's "distraction" team has started a riot,
     and after a short encounter with a guard who strays too close, Sam can get
     some weaponry. He'll always be able to reclaim the lockpick, and can take the
     9MM Handgun too, but only if he put Barnham on a slab. [Jamie gets it if not.]
     Pick the lock and grab the adrenaline surge from the countertop medkit. This
     item is used to revive teammates who "perish" in the line of duty. Whether or
     not he's battle ready depends on if he has the gun.
     Okay, time to do some damage. Pick up the smoke grenade near the slain guard,
     and dynamic hoist to bypass the burning security checkpoint. Save up here
     and gently drop down to take the guard unawares. (REMEMBER: killing civilian
     guards makes Sam's hardened criminal backstory more believable but negatively
     impacts Third Eschelon trust. If you plan on taking a high body count, try
     to offset it via other objectives.) There's another guard, too, but if Sam
     has a gun, it ain't no thang.
     Near some debris, do another hoist, this time letting Jamie do the legwork to
     open stairway access. The balcony walkway has a drop-down point where the
     railing has been...uh, strategically renovated. Save at the prompt if needed,
     and continue to adjacent hallway -- here, a guard is cornering a wannabe
     escapee. If Sam refuses to intervene, the officer's trigger finger gets
     itchy, so why not help a brotha out? Officer Barbrady over there isn't going
     to be winning Employee of the Month anytime soon...
     Down the hall, the overrun cafeteria can be seen through bulletproof glass.
     To reach it, do a co-op boost to turn on the sprinklers. I suggest ordering
     Jamie to wait for the next part since he can be deadweight. It's possible to
     just gun down the two guards here, but the muzzleflashes will give away Sam's
     position immediately. Those who want to neutralize the guards silently should
     use the shadows that weave toward the flashlight-brandishing guy's barricade.
     There's also a few cans to throw as distraction maneuvers. When all's said
     and done, pick up the flashbang near the dead guard and head up top.
     Jamie will wait downstairs in the locked hallway while Sam infiltrates the
     security office by crawlspace. The computer gives up a door code (3190) and
     unlocks the door for our pal in the hall. He'll recklessly run ahead toward
     the old cell block, the next destination.
    PART 3: Regroup with Jamie Washington
     AKA ---: Take My Breath Away
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: Pistol Ammo (x10)
     The new area starts with bad news: Jamie was caught by hoodlums and confined
     to a gas chamber. This burning cell block is patrolled by guards in riot
     gear, but that doesn't make 'em any less susceptible to headshots, whistle
     lures or door-bashing techniques. They are armed with flashlights, however,
     so it's slightly more difficult. Another officer patrols the 3F walkway, so
     silent running below makes more sense (especially since the smoky atmosphere
     up there gives him an advantage if Sam runs around below). Try using the
     2F railing gap to climb to 3F or jump 'cross the pit to reach the opposite
     balcony. Destination is the crawlspace near the yellow pipe. [And, yes, you
     can do the hilarious "rail toss" ability here!]
     The vents shoot Sam out into the workshop, patrolled by two flashlighters.
     Neutralize them without much ado, and visit the nearby office containing some
     pistol ammo. A computer talks about the annoying metal detector at the shop's
     opposite end; luckily, Sam can climb the pipe here for bypass purposes. [This
     is only necessary if you pick up the carving knife as it won't trigger for
     Following the corridor, Sam should get an urgent plea from Jamie signalling
     his close proximity.
    PART 4: Release the Magnetic Lock
     AKA ---: Opposites Attract
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Approaching the far door leads to the execution chamber's viewing room, and
     two loose-lipped guards talk about how the magnetic lock here is the only way
     to get Jamie out. [In fact, if you go downstairs now and try to speak to the
     inmate, he'll comment on this.] The easiest way to infiltrate this place is
     using the crawlspace accessible from the next-door lounge, which drops Sam
     right into the operating booth. Wait until both guards go patrol, then swoop
     in and hit the switch.
     This leaves two paths to descend:
     1) VIEWING ROOM: One of the guards always patrols here, so he'll have to be
        neutralized first, preferably in one of the dark corners in front of the
        operating room. [He can be flashlit by guards entering from the other side
        if not hidden properly.] Feel free to break the lock on the side stairway
        since the lower guard -- who will hear it! -- doesn't go investigate.
     2) CORRIDOR STAIRWAY: The errant guard often goes to the breakroom following
        his gas chamber chat, meaning he can be ignored, if y'wanna risk it. The
        lower stairway. The lowest exit leads to the tier where Washington's
        container is. It's less convenient but does pass by a computer talking
        about recordkeeping relocating to the chapel...interesting...
     There's always a guard watching over Jamie here, and of the two entrances
     available, the darker viewing room one works best. When Jamie's free, the
     regrouping objective is completed.
    PART 5: Escape Ellsworth Prison with Jamie Washington
     AKA ---: Steeple Chase
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: 
     The goal now is locating the chapel.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Find hidden information disk: Lambert said this was hidden in
       the morgue, which is conveniently located on the same floor as Jamie's
       chamber. Only one guard patrols here, so have Jamie hide while sam nixes
       his presence -- it IS possible for him to see Sam opening the door nearest
       the gas chamber computer. Other than that, it should be a cinch. The disc
       is on one of the retractable slabs. Even if y'don't wanna the Echelon trust
       points, there's a medkit here, appropriately.
     Visit the staircase accessed from the main corridor and ascend; with Jamie
     in attendance, the chapel passage is free and clear. Boost our buddy over to
     unlock the door and enter the final stretch of this hellhole. Save before
     entering the chapel proper.
     This place is patrolled by two flashlighters, and is rather well-lit thanks
     to the overhead glass and some candles -- this means Jamie tagging along is
     a big no-no. Have him stay put while Sam disposes of the vigilant officers,
     preferably in funny, fall-from-second-story-balcony kinds of ways. Killing
     is fine as long as you ask forgiveness later. =)
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Alter death records: No point escaping if the fuzz is going
       to be on Sam's trail, right? Use the desktop in the church office to get
       the job done.
     The computer mentions an auto-locking door leading to the garage -- this is
     accessed from 2F. This means Sam will have to use the gallery's overhanging
     pipe to reach the opposite balcony. Detach the rope and hop down (fall onto
     a pew to land softly) -- the only way from here is up.
     While Jamie waits patiently below, Sam has the enjoyable task of dealing with
     rooftop riffraff, particularly the guard. He'll mention the watchtower has
     been killing potential escapees and that ground-level access would be the way
     to exit. Thank him (I do this by throwing him to his death) and break the
     nearby lock, which leads down to 2F where our pal waits.
     Rejoin, descend, and enter the parking area. There's a fence preventing an
     upward escape, but Lambert's splinter cells left a present: a bomb-sized hole
     in the concrete wall. Scale through and navigate the lower trench to complete
     the level.
    03) JBA HEADQUARTERS, PT. 1                         [NEW ORLEANS, USA]   [WK03]
     [ECH] Adjust four fuseboxes
     [ECH] Access JBA's server
     [ECH] Return to public area
     [JBA] Send info to Emile about Cole Yeagher
     [ECH] Send info to Lambert about Cole Yeagher
     [ECH] Scan Enrica's fingerprints
     [JBA] Plant false information on Moss' computer
     KIT (JBA-slanted)
     SC-303 Compact Launcher
     Rubber Ammunition (x10)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Tranquilizer Ammunition (x1)
     Fingerprint Scanner
    PART 1: Adjust Four Fuseboxes
     AKA ---: Crossing Wires
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: n/a
     Now that Sam has been welcomed into JBA's flock, he's "betraying" that new
     trust by secretly exploring the compound's restricted area. Third Echelon has
     provided his kit, although unless Sam's trust with the group is strong, he'll
     have a bunch of non-lethal gear this time. [Williams doesn't like it when his
     witnesses are killed, I guess. ;_;] There's plenty of ways to navigate the
     stronghold, but I'll pick a more natural route to avoid backtracking.
     As the HQ Tip video prompts show, this mission is for reconnaisance, not for
     killing. Sam's lethal R1 maneuver now defaults to the sleeper hold, and if
     he's caught snooping by guards (which are armed with nonlethal rounds), he'll
     be "arrested". In these situations, Sam can input a button sequence to knock
     that guy out. Other than that, triggering alarms only activates the dormant
     security grids around this place; this can be done twice. There isn't any
     mission-ending consequences like in previous SC games. Armed with that
     knowledge, let's continue!
     Enter the ground-level door nearby and flip [FUSEBOX 1/4]. Don't go in any
     further though; instead, take the rooftop access ladder outside. The guard
     won't say much of use, though, so tweak [FUSEBOX 2/4] while y'ponder his
     inadequacies. Avoid the wall-mounted camera and slip into the nearby door.
     This hallway junction leads to Emile's room and the company's secure server.
     Another bald guard (who looks suspiciously like Billy Corgan) patrols these
     waters, and it's possible he bumps right into Sam, so be careful! There's a
     camera near the server but shooting the overhead light makes it a non-issue.
     Dufraisne's laptop contains some emails, but Sam can also use his fingerprint
     scanner on it, which unlocks his boss' profile in the PDA menu. [The alarm
     clock is an adequate substitute for the prints, too.]
     In the server room, OCP the beams to snoop on the computer after hacking. It
     can be done wirelessly, too, if y'don't wanna bother with anything.
     • [OPPOSING] Send Yeagher's info to Emile or Lambert: confirming Cole's evil
       intentions lets Sam pick which employer to email on the subject, earning
       trust of the assisted organization. Note that, no matter what decision is
       made, Yeagher is out of the picture anyway -- it's just that KOs and the
       bevy of trust-improving Echelon objectives tend to make the JBA suspicious.
       This is the biggest trust boost in the mission, so pick carefully.
     Further down the hall is Enrica's room, currently vacant. [Y'may have heard a
     loudspeaker request from her lab, asking for assistance...well, we know where
     she is, then.]
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Scan Enrica's fingerprints: her laptop is a treasure trove,
       and like Emile's, unlocks her profile in the PDA menu. Another option is
       scanning her alarm clock. If you scan the prints near Enrica's electronics,
       Sam can also pick up Sykes' profile.
     Exit the hall and descend happily, knowing there's no cameras or enemies in
     this area. The ensuing workshop contains a medkit and branching path: one leg
     goes toward the 1st fusebox, the other to a garage. It's the latter one we'll
     need to visit. [You can get Yeagher's prints off the workbench here; it's the
     only chance to do so!]
     First things first, pay attention to the camera above the door. Getting around
     this place can be a little difficult thanks to the enemy presence, but there's
     a shortcut: climb the tall locker near the camera entrance, and hoist to the
     2F storage area. When the guards' conversation ends, one starts patrolling the
     upper catwalk region; the other goes toward Sam's lower entrance. Both can be
     nabbed without the locker boost-up, but it does make things considerably
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Plant false information on Carson Moss' computer: the man
       himself hangs out in this garage, and his laptop can be remotely hacked
       from the shadows. There's a funny interrogation if y'catch him off-guard,
       but it's not necessary. [No complete FP scans here either...]
     When the coast is clear, avoid the other double door's cameras and exit to
     the hallway, which branches again (after ANOTHER camera). The right-hand path
     leads to the loading docks, the next target. Avoid the security measures --
     the stacked crates obscures another "spy" -- to exit outdoors again. There's
     two guards here, including BJ Sykes, who can be interrogated to little avail.
     The reward for this dead-end area? Why it's [FUSEBOX 3/4]! Climb the shipping
     containers to avoid the cameras.
     Backtrack to the previous bifurcation and take the left-hand path now, which
     ends up at a lonely warehouse. There's a shadowy ring around the interior
     periphery, making it easy to avoid the 2 cameras and neutralize the hapless
     guard on watch. Climb the west wall's shelf/stack combo to find [FUSEBOX 4/4].
     The easily-missed laptop in this warehouse can be scanned for Jamie's prints,
     A quick exit to this place is using the other high shelf. Hop over the boxes
     and enter the obsolete ventilation duct, which leads to a crawlspace back on
     the JBA rooftop.
    PART 2: Access JBA's Server
     AKA ---: Fisher Expedition
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: n/a
     Unless the player does the above walkthrough backwards (roof -> warehouse
     -> docks -> garage vicinity), there'll probably be a little backtracking. In
     any case, Sam will have already visited the JBA servers earlier, and must do
     so again now. Hack or log-in to automatically finish this objective. And, yes,
     logging in must be done TWICE if you visited earlier -- this part wasn't
    PART 3: Return to Public Area
     AKA ---: Public Decency
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: n/a
     With all objectives complete, it's time to return to the doorway near the
     level's starting point. There's no rush, however, so feel free to flit around
     doing the side objectives or optional fingerprint scans.
    04) NEW YORK UNDERGROUND                          [NEW YORK CITY, USA]   [WK04]
     [JBA] Get the vault's code
     [JBA] Get to front of train
     [JBA] Disconnect communications system
     [ECH] Leave station chief alive
     [JBA] Kill station chief
     [ECH] Isolate rear train cars
     KIT (JBA suspicious)
     SC-20K (x30)
     Sticky Shocker (x6)
     Ring Airfoil (x8)
     SC Pistol (x20)
     KIT (JBA confident)
     SC-20K Launcher (x90)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     SC-20 Pistol (x60)
    PART 1: Get the Vault's Code
     AKA ---: My Lips Are Sealed
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam's equipment will differ a lot here -- if the JBA is suspicious, Sam'll
     have a lot of non-lethal rounds; in the reverse, Dufraisne provides fewer
     gadgets and a lot more ammo. More ammo ain't a bad idea, considering boss'
     orders are to kill first, ask questions later. Leaving witnesses flies in the
     face of that directive, and will provide Echelon trust. Use this knowledge to
     offset the hefty amount of JBA trust objectives in this place.
     Enrica is Sam's partner for this heist. Use her talents to hoist over the
     defunct subway tunnel's barrier and infiltrate the bank's lower reaches. Help
     our gal over the next impediment and she'll deactivate the ventilation fan,
     allowing Sam to slide on through.
     At the crawlspace's end, Sam will encounter the first of the civilian guards.
     This dirty "storage" room is quite dark, which should help in hiding the
     body from the patrolman down the hall. Careful where y'take that guy out as
     the adjacent room -- where the renovation materials are -- can hear pretty
     well, and will come running, pistol drawn. There's an overhead pipe in case
     Fisher wants to get fancy, too.
     • [FUN TIP] If you're taking pity on these poor saps but finding it hard to
       get through, climb onto the broken 2F ledge in the "junk room" -- this'll
       connect to the renovations room down the hall. This can be done in the
       reverse, too, not that it matters much.
     West leads to a save prompt and a stairway, which leads down to two guards
     talking conversing. They'll split up, but if they catch sight of Sam, they
     will probably take out emergency flares and sweep the area -- not good! This
     is a semi-new tactic: the flares heavily brighten the chamber and, when the
     guy's done with 'em, he'll toss it away, keeping an area lit for as long as
     the device lasts (often 30+ seconds). To combat this annoyance, use the pipe
     atop the stair -- this allows Sam to bypass the ground floor completely,
     dropping him in a maintenance room beyond a fenced-in area. Both guards'll
     visit this place at one time or another, so stay to the shadows.
     Down the eastern hall, Sam will come to the railway repair center, where the
     trains are fixed. The guard who patrolled earlier stops here outside of door-
     -swinging range, letting him be nabbed easily -- unless he opens first, which
     often leaves Sam exposed. [The split jump can be done here to alleviate this,
     if y'catch it in time.] Another guard can be found here, too, and will come
     running if he hears a tussle, often with flare in hand...yikes. The mechanic
     trench 'neath the lead car provides a safe avenue, if needed.
     Break the next lock to find a shaft rusted with years of disrepair. There's a
     spot to rappel down, so don't pull a Spider-Man and fly into the pit! Getting
     to the bottom concludes the first stretch of the level, and starts the second:
     the bank's personal station.
     Enrica radios in to say the bank chief is two rooms north, talking with one
     of the guards. Since she's hacked the cameras to provide a loop, there should
     be no problem! The crawlspace leads to some drainage tunnels; the only way
     forward is the vertical pipe. Above, look for a fissure in the wall, leading
     to yet another crawlspace -- this one a backdoor passage to the security room.
     When one of the two guards exits for his beat, exit yourself and neutralize
     the buddy, before his watchful eyes prove to be Sam's undoing. The buddy is
     looking around money storage, the adjacent chamber; without the camera eyes'
     help, his demise is assured.
     Through the next L-shaped corridor, Enrica suggests Sam find cover quickly
     to avoid a guard. Her warning is very premature -- if Sam split-jumps ASAP,
     nothing'll happen. Instead, inch down the hall until the guard's figure is
     spotted (he'll only head to the door then), then backtrack to the money room
     and wait. Pickpocket his keycard, or take it off his lifeless body -- whatever
     works! Use this to break into the main control room where the chief is.
     • [OPPOSING] Kill/spare the station chief: after interrogating the poor guy
       for the vault keycode (1773), Sam can pick which faction to assist. Like
       before, this will give the biggest faction JBA/Echelon boost, so consider
       the other objectives and your own (lack of a) body trail before acting.
     If Sam kills/KOs the chief before getting the code, the objective can be
     gleaned from the computer. This is the same computer that tells the nearby
     door code: 2833. Additionally, the chief's life is spared if y'exit through
     the vault door instead of confronting him. The door closes after a moment,
     permanently blocking the objective (this counts as Echelon trust).
    PART 2: Get to Front of Train
     AKA ---: Flirtin' with Disaster
     Alarms?: Yes
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: 
     With the code passed on, Sam's destination is locating the train. Through the
     next hall, slip into the holding cell by the security checkpoint -- there's a
     crawlspace cleverly hidden that enters the stairwell next door. Upstairs is
     the street-entry landing, patrolled by one guard. There's plenty of shadows
     here, and Sam can even hop onto the gigantic wooden structure for stealthier
     maneuvers, so not much to mention. East is the loading platform, two guards
     here. Luckily, Sam needs only find the caboose to cue the cutscene, so these
     scrubs aren't important at all.
     Finally, Sam's on the train. The goal is to hijack it at the front, but to
     do so, we've gotta get there. [Why didn't Sam just board at the front? It
     would've been so simple...] Using cat-like stealth to avoid passing girters,
     continue forward via the roof. After jumping down to hear Enrica's message,
     save here. She'll mention there's 8:00 to disable the train's communications,
     immediately starting the clock. Plenty of time, but ooh boy...
     The first car contains two guards -- they'll either walk around a bit or
     lounge near one of the overturned tables. Sniping/sticky shocking them will
     work best, but do be careful about the interior camera partially obscured by
     the shelf -- these ones DO function properly! Not to mention excess alarms'll
     put everyone on edge, and that's never good for Sam... The next car over is
     just lasergrids, which can be bypassed by OCP or sliding through gaps that
     conveniently avoid them. Not much to say here -- business as usual.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Isolate rear train cars: Since this train is going to crash
       harder than the 1983 video game market, Lambert wants Fisher to detach the
       rear cars, which'll minimize the impact somewhat and save some civilians in
       the process. This gives a miniature boost to Third Echelon trust, but won't
       impact much if one's deeply entrenched in the JBA.
     For some reason, while climbing on the roof of the next car, some ignoramus
     will start "patrolling" up there. Surely this is too dangerous for their pay
     grade!? In any case, Sam can avoid them by hanging on the extreme of the car
     and shimmying to his destination. He'll have to pull up at the end, but that
     guy won't watch his six or anything, so don't worry much.
     The next car can be opened at either end, but the south (and closest) door's
     blocked by junk. Climb the length of the car and enter the north side, then.
     Stealth-minded individuals will want to save here if the timer provides a
     nice cushion (4:00+ is always good). The key to KOing the guards stealthily
     relies on eliminating the overhead lights. OCP works but is temporary, and
     leaves Sam hanging when the far duo patrols the length. Use airfoil rounds
     to eliminate lights without muzzleflashes; other guns will notify the goons
     immediately. With both lights gone, Sam can eliminate the nearest guard via
     a crawlspace insertion, then trick the other two via whistle lures, or just
     by sticky shocker-ing 'em.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communications system: this must be done manually, by
       fiddling with the box near the southern barricade.
     To cue a scene with Jamie, exit the car via the north. Note that, if Sam's
     JBA antics have Williams too suspicious, the laptop near the shelf can be
     used to contact him and allay his fears. [Any laptop works, technically, but
     Sam won't have access to others.]
     North again, the engineer's car. Two guards patrol here and can be lured to
     the shadows, where a stealth kill or KO setup is easy. Approach the engineer
     (ERECTIN' A SENTRY...err, wrong game) to end the mission.
    05) THE GEORGIA LEE                                  [COZUMEL, MEXICO]   [WK05]
     [JBA] Help Enrica install comm relay
     [JBA] Help Enrica reach the comm relay
     [JBA] Recover the bomb
     [JBA] Deliver the bomb and help Enrica reach fuel tank
     [JBA] Extract via service boat
     [ECH] Disable Enrica's cell phone
     [JBA] Protect Enrica's cell phone
     [ECH] Obtain passenger manifest
     [ECH] Disable ship's engines
     [ECH] Delete camera records
     KIT (JBA confident)
     SC-20K Launcher (x90)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     SC-20K Pistol (x60)
     Frag Grenade (x2)
     KIT (neutral)
     SC-20K (x60)
     Sticky Camera (x4)
     Sticky Shocker (x4)
     Airfoil Round (x4)
     EMP Ammunition (x2)
     Gas Grenade
     Smoke Grenade
     Frag Grenade
     SC Pistol (x40)
    PART 1: Help Enrica Install Comm Relay
     AKA ---: Relay Race
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Welcome to the Georgia Lee, a honeymoon cruiseliner outside Cozumel, Mexico.
     Ordinarily there'd be cocktail-sipping lovebirds all around, but thanks to
     some interference, armed guards are now prowling in search of terrorists.
     Great... The PDA map shows the next destination is all the way west, at the
     ship's stern.
     The empty suite Sam starts in will soon get a shakedown by a roving guard --
     his coming is prefaced by a loud corridor conversation. There's another guy
     waiting in the hall, but can be distracted with whistles or throwables. Or,
     y'can bypass him by slipping behind the dresser he leans on. Either way, it's
     up the connecting hall. Two guards occupy the east/south path, and there's an
     overhead camera above the (locked) dining room doors.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Obtain passenger manifest: the laptop nearby contains all the
       information, and can be remotely hacked before dealing with the patrolman.
     Deal with the fuzz in your preferred way (sticky camera suffices) before
     trekking west, past an empty lounge, to the magnificent ballroom. Only instead
     of flamenco dancers and festivities, it's darkness and flashlighters. There's
     no real difficulty in nabbing these 3 guys; it's finding a good hiding spot
     for a clean mission record. [If you care...] Try using the SW corner behind
     the speakers.
     From there on, the last impediment is bypassing the 2 guards (and camera!)
     up the twin spiral staircases -- they block deck access. If y'can lure them
     to one side of that platform, they can be gassed or picked off one by one.
     Shooting the overhead light is good 'nough for the camera.
     Outside, rejoin Enrica on the mast's deck and help her install the relay.
     • [PRIMARY] Help Enrica reach the comm room: follow Enrica to the westernmost
       passage and boost her over.
    PART 2: Recover the Bomb
     AKA ---: Catch of the Day
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With Enrica's portion out of the way, she'll unlock the service elevator in
     the lounge east of the ballroom. [If Sam went there earlier, he wouldn't be
     able to descend.] It's the same way backwards as it was forwards, only some
     reinforcements have arrived: 3 guards on the western deck and 3 more coppers
     in the ballroom. It's dark enough to bypass them all without firing a shot,
     but if y'left bodies strewn all over, they may be detected, hence the earlier
     Taking the service elevator leads to the second section: the lower hold. This
     first corridor system has no noise threshold, meaning both Sam and patrolmen
     will be quite audible. One guy will eventually walk right toward Fisher's
     insertion point, and if Sam goes east instead of west, he can find a sleepy
     guard holding a keycard. Watch out for the camera near the western stairway
     and things'll be hunky dory.
     That mechanical hum is a sign the engine room is near; Lambert radios in at
     this point to kill the engines, so if the bomb does go off, the coastal city
     won't be affected. First, navigate the two-tier system of catwalks. A guard
     patrols each tier, but Sam can hang off one side as a shortcut (and maybe
     even drop on a fella).
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Disable ship's engines: the console that gives this option
       is in the engine room's ground-floor tier, NW corner. Doing this naturally
       gives Echelon trust, so if you're planning on letting the bomb plan proceed
       unhindered, this can offset the damage a bit. [The engine room noise won't
       dim one decibel, though...]
     The lit-up path along the southern wall is the correct path to go, and since
     Sam'll have to come back this way at the end, try to eliminate the current
     opposition. [You'll probably want to do this anyway since overhead guards can
     spot Sam as he runs through the light.]
     'Round the first corner, a guarded laptop confirms that Sam's boat is being
     kept in the interior dock to the south -- that's the destination! Once there,
     open/hack the keycard door; whistle-luring guards won't work for this one.
     Once inside, there's two ground-floor guards and another atop a high catwalk.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Delete camera records: up the catwalk, there's a door that
       leads to the sleepy guard's position, just on the unlockable fence's other
       side. Hacking the computer allows one to earn a little Echelon trust, a
       useful thing if Sam's sending this hunkajunk to the bottom. Of course, if
       Fisher left the sleepy guard alive earlier, he may still be around, so
       be careful on the approach.
     When all's ready, break into the craft's trapdoor and claim the explosive
    PART 3: Deliver the Bomb and Help Enrica Reach Fuel Tank
     AKA ---: Short Fuse
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Return to the engine room -- how easy this goes depends on enemies left
     standing on the last trip through -- and visit the tiny ground-floor trench
     used for pipe maintenance. Enrica will be here and needs a boost over to set
     the bomb. Save at this point.
     • [OPPOSING] Disable/protect Enrica's cellphone: Sam gets one chance to curb
       the inevitable bloodshed by uploading a virus to the detonation phone. The
       option he picks gives heavy trust to the organization it favors. [Should
       Sam need to prove his loyalty to Echelon via computer, there's that laptop
       en route to stern, remember.]
    PART 4: Extract Via Service Boat
     AKA ---: Honeyboomers
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Sam has laid the tracks and there's no going back -- all that's left is to
     exfiltrate from the scene. Returning to the boat shouldn't be altogether too
     difficult, but 2 foes now patrol the engine room and 3 the interior dock,
     making it annoying if y'didn't hide bodies properly. This is where the
     pre-delivery save can come in handy, perfect stealth-wise. [In the engine
     room, the dark corner nearest the maintenance trench can work; in the dock,
     tossing bodies in the water suffices.]
     The mission ends once Sam boards the getaway craft.
    06) SEA OF OKHOTSK                                            [RUSSIA]   [WK06]
     [JBA] Neutralize all mercenaries
     [JBA] Disable all 5 communications relays
     [JBA] Board tanker and neutralize captain
     [JBA] Defuse the bombs
     [JBA] Secure the bridge
     [JBA] Disable bombs placed around machine room
     [JBA] Locate encryption key
     [JBA] Identify ship's cargo
     [JBA] Install tracker in communications room
     KIT (JBA favored)
     SC-20K Launcher (x90)
     Shotgun Attachment (x21)
     Sniper Attachment (x18)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     KIT (Echelon favored)
     SC-20K Shotgun (x30/x7)
     Sniper Attachment (x6)
     Sticky Shocker (x6)
     Gas Grenade (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x6)
     EMP Ammunition (x2)
     SC Pistol (x20)
     Flash Grenade (x2)
    PART 1: Neutralize All Mercenaries
     AKA ---: Siberian Slayer
     Alarms?: n/a
     Items -: SC-20K Ammo (x30)
     From one ship to another...Sam can't catch a break! Dufraisne wants Sam to
     liberate an ice-encrusted vessel from its original owners, but before that,
     he has to approach the ship. There's a band of mercenaries working to free
     the tanker, and naturally they can't be left as witnesses. Like normal, Emile
     wants 'em bleeding, Lambert wants 'em kayoed. They MUST be dealt with -- Sam
     can't simply bypass 'em.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communicators 1/5: the laptop near the insertion point
     Once the first merc's dealt with, head south through the glacial passage to
     find a flare lighting the path. One flashlighter patrols here, and there's
     another not too far beyond. Sam can use the icy ledges to get a bird's-eye
     view of the place (and from the shadows!) before striking. The hill area is
     cleared once the first 3 foes are dealt with.
     The frigid crawlspace meanders south again, depositing Sam on a cozy cliff
     overlook -- there's a mercenary camp below. The unlucky guard on overwatch
     will mention the band has a cave for storing items, and one may be able to
     break the ice to infiltrate...interesting. Ignore the urge to test this
     noob's flight time and descend, either by the hanging rope of rappel spot.
     Two guards hang out near the cozy fire, and depart in different directions
     before returning. Try to snag the guy nearest the glacial wall first for an
     easier time. Note that the tent nearby is quite thin, so thermal vision can
     setup a nice interrogation grab while you're inside it.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communicators 2/5: the laptop in the camouflaged tent.
       The main entrance is at the back, so I wouldn't doubt if inattentive people
       somehow missed this. There's also a medkit here.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Locate encryption key: this is also in that same tent, on a
       the small table. With the computer being the main focus, it's possible to
       miss this easily also!
     With all 3 of Camp A's mercs sleeping (perhaps eternally), it's time to trek
     west. There's a wall mine blocking the route here, but a tutorial will show
     Sam how to disable it, thereby letting him use it at will. Beyond the save
     prompt is a laser-trapped tunnel, leading up to a turret that's thankfully
     deactivated. A guard moves around this area, so it's possible to snag him
     while he idles. [Like usual, the lasers deactivate in his proximity.] Around
     the corner is a laptop and a final mercenary. Dealing with him clears the
     ice trenches section.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communicators 3/5: the outdoor table past the flare-lit
       cliff face.
     If you haven't checked the map, it's possible to forget this area contains a
     northern route! OCP the ensuing lasergrid to reach the bridge-laden area. It
     isn't too hard to get through stealthily, because different areas are wired
     to different generators -- you can kill the power source or zap the bulbs to
     provide extra shadow. There's also a crawlspace 'neath the first bridge for
     another route. [Personally, I like this area for a different reason -- I get
     to kill enemies and throw them in water! One of my fave activities, heh heh.]
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communicators 4/5: laptop near the western pond
     From here, Sam can either backtrack (returns to the rappel wall in Camp A)
     or backtrack to the southern ice trenches -- the latter is the way to go,
     but the other route has 2 extra wall mines to claim. Anywho, the SE path'll
     have two more mines before the tunnel ends, spitting Sam out at the tanker's
     exterior. The three-man merc crew on the northern flank will stand near some
     construction equipment, acting as a nice muffler if Sam gets his hands dirty.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Disable bombs around perimeter 1/2: this is on the eastern
       side of the equipment. Bypassing the circuit is a cinch, and this can even
       be done without neutralizing any of the foes, thanks to the shadowy locale.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable communicators 5/5: behind the crates near the bulldozer.
       This can be hacked from afar, but I dunno why you'd want to...
     Shouldn't be too hard to cleanse the area of opposition; doing so completes
     the objective. Through the craggy snow-topped rocks west of there, the
     crawlspace leads to the tanker's lower stern. There's three foes here, two
     up near the higher mound and one on an east-west patrol. They're all
     flashlighters, so be careful, especially if killing them loudly near one
     another (the generator only provides so much muffling).
     Eliminating the three mercs here rounds off the objective entirely, although
     it provides a lot of JBA trust -- Sam may need to backtrack a bit to the last
     computer to assure Lambert he hasn't gone loco! Additionally, dealing with
     the merc brigade allows Sam to use the rope hanging near the crates, which
     enters the next part of the level.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Disable bombs around perimeter 2/2: the detonator near the
       ship access rope. 
    PART 2: Board Tanker and Neutralize Captain
     AKA ---: Captain Crunched
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: SC-20K Ammo (x30)
     After Emile confirms the orders, Lambert radios in with the two opportunity
     objectives. If y'check the map, you'll see that the ship is comprised of 3
     tiers -- Sam begins on the middle deck, and has access to the lower holds as
     well. The outer walkway he begins on has three guards, all of which patrol a
     different section, making it easy to eliminate 'em outside of earshot. Any of
     them can be forced to talk about their captain, revealing him as a drunkard.
     • [REMINDER] The enemies here are armed with nonlethal rounds, and if Sam
       misses his killing shot, he'll be hit with a sticky shocker -- this leads
       to an interrogation scene on the lowest deck. He'll have to pick the cuffs
       and grab his confiscated equipment from a nearby crate, then figure out how
       to avoid the two captors outside.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Identify ship's cargo: this can be done in two ways: (1) if
       Sam gets caught and interrogated, after breaking out, there's a crate he can
       inspect to learn the lading. This room is NEVER available outside of getting
       caught this way. (2) interrogate the lower of the two guards in the engine
       room to learn the information. Naturally if Sam progresses too far and/or
       kills said guard, he won't be able to complete this objective!
     With the outer guards finished, take either of the eastern doors inside. The
     goal is to locate the captain's quarters, which turns out to be a rather easy
     task: just approach the SWmost of the interior rooms. To do this, get rid of
     the guard in the entryway, and slink to the destination. [The opposite hall
     contains a patrolling guard and one in his quarters; there's also ammo at the
     locker room, and a cryptic email on the otherwise worthless laptop.]
    PART 3: Disable Bombs Placed Around Ship
     AKA ---: Scuttlebuttin'
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     The scene with the captain reveals Queeg-like insanity: he rigged the machine
     room to blow in 10:00! Sam will have to locate said chamber and defuse all
     traps before Dufraisne's tanker ends up in Davy Jones' locker. There's three
     ways to get to there:
     1) CRAWLSPACE: On the middle deck's interior hallway, eastern side, there's a
        small vent that's a straight shot to the location. If y'can't find it, use
        the minimap for help. Sam will end up on one of the upper catwalks.
     2) OUTER STAIRWAY: The stairway near the starting point leads down a ways,
        and without any major branches, leads to a door at the NE tip of a hall:
        this enters onto the other catwalk.
     3) LOWER HOLD: In doing #2 above, there'll be another small crawlspace half-
        -hidden by a door (close it to find). This leads to the western engine
        room containing two guards -- one on the upper balcony, one below. Take
        'em out and use the lower door to reach the target.
     Now, 3 things other things about this event:
     1) Bombs only appear once the captain's been talked to
     2) Foes respawn in the machine room only if killed earlier
     3) There's a heavy camera presence, so spot 'em with your EMF
     For the respawning portion, note that bodies of the first watch remain too,
     so hopefully y'didn't leave 'em under a spotlight or something. Defusing is
     probably the easy part -- since they're attached to the piping hot boilers,
     they show up in thermal vision as blackish-blue on bright red. When one of
     the bombs is defused, the captain cuts the overall timer to 3:00.
     I suggest saving when the objective's complete.
    PART 4: Secure the Bridge
     AKA ---: Bridge Over Troubled Water
     Alarms?: Allowed (2 Max)
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     NOTE: guards from this point on use lethal rounds!
     Sam has saved the ship from certain doom...now what? Time to ascend to the
     tanker's upper deck and commandeer this rustbucket. If Sam uses the main
     stairway, he'll be greeted by a hit squad waiting for his head to pop up.
     The safest way is, of course, the crawlspace method. The only route leads by
     that stairway, so entering from the darkened interior lets Sam lure the guard
     nearby in, then he can just snipe the other one further along. This sequence
     is way easier if the mid deck's overhead light is popped; the stairway itself
     has unbreakable fixtures. [It's possible to do the stairway route, don't get
     me wrong...it's just needlessly harder.]
     With those two nixed, there's only one left, and he peeks around the corner.
     That tactic is helpful but thermal betrays his position. The reward for good
     stealth is a trip up the new staircase, at the top of which is an active
     turret hungry for Sam's blood! This can be avoided by jumping to and climbing
     up the ledge right near it. The exit to the outer deck is right behind the
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Install tracker in communications room: The other path near
       that gun leads directly to the destination by way of an adjacent corridor
       (containing one guard). Destroying the light sources here is a smart way to
       create extra cover, since the comm center is monitor-lit and has few easy
       hiding spots. The laptop here just repeats the previous email; to install
       the tracker, use the prompt on the room's west side.
     Ahh, the fresh outdoors. The guards here have a conversation about a "ninja,"
     a fun reference to Sam's sneaky skills in "Chaos Theory". After that, the two
     split up, making the lower one a sitting duck. Loud noises will attract the
     other off his ledge, a move which can be done deliberately if needed. There's
     one other guard patrolling up near "ninja man", and he can be the wild card.
     Thankfully all light sources in the vicinity can be broken, ensuring safer
     The ladder near the outer entrance leads up to the next deck; climbing the
     opposite one puts Sam right in the path of an angry turret! Flank and bypass
     it, and switch its IFF (after hacking) if you want to kill ninja guy...even
     though he's such an amazing guard... Naw, let's let him live! There's another
     turret around the corner, and it's guarded by two wall mines. OCP the turret
     and disable one of the nuisances.
     To finish the mission, enter the adjacent passage and take control!
    07) KINSHASA                                                   [CONGO]   [WK07]
     [JBA] Confirm intentions of other 2
     [JBA] Meet Emile in Room 901
     [JBA] Find your equipment in main elevator
     [JBA] Clear extraction area
     [JBA] Extract from hotel
     [JBA] Kill Hisham
     [ECH] Save Hisham
     [ECH] Find additional information about Takfir's group
     [ECH] Find additional information about Massoud's group
     [JBA] Dispose of Hisham's body
     KIT (JBA-favored)
     SC-20K (x90)
     Sniper Attachment (x18)
     Shotgun Attachment (x21)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     Frag Grenade (x2)
     KIT (neutral)
     SC-20K (x90)
     Sniper Attachment (x18)
     Shotgun Attachment (x21)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     Frag Grenade (x2)
     (NO PISTOL)
    PART 1: Confirm Intentions of 2 Other Groups
     AKA ---: Room Disservice
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed (technically)
     Items -: n/a
     The ultimate mission for stealth lovers: Sam begins "naked," completely
     without equipment or firearms. Dufraisne says he won't need it to investigate
     his trading partners, whose tentative alliance he requires -- this means no
     killing anyone! [Killing people only gives Third Echelon trust, it doesn't
     give game overs.] Lambert also wants info on Massoud & Takfir, and with that,
     the mission brief is over.
     Sam starts in the hotel's maintenance area, a few floors below the quarters.
     Two guards inhabit this area, although only one patrols through both rooms
     (he's the first one seen). If a player wants to avoid the divide-and-conquer
     strategy, it's possible to ignore them both and slip into the hallway
     undetected. There's a third guard here, but he's sleeping on the job -- this
     lets Sam slip through a crack in the barricade to reach the elevator.
     In mid-ascent, a wild card appears -- intermittent bombing that temporarily
     knocks out the hotel generators. During these brief sequences, all areas'll
     grow darker, making it a helpful ally for Fisher's sneaking. Since the lift
     stops halfway up, climb onto its cage and enter the laundry room, preferably
     by the vent, not the entrance the nosy guard peers down.
     When the coast is clear, slip into the adjacent hallway. Sam's presence'll
     start one of the guard's AI, and he'll exit Room 905 (which has nothing of
     interest inside) to do his patrol. The corridor's longest stretch, past the
     save prompt down the hall, contains a guard and a camera -- not a great combo
     for our weaponless protag. The gunman can't be lured out of this stretch due
     to some AI limiter, and the camera overlooks a bright area of the corridor.
     Time your strike with the shelling to get by both.
     The next bend has another patrolling guard and a generator-fed floodlight
     that is unaffected by the rebels' mortarfire. Should Sam sneak up on this guy,
     he'll divulge the operation's planning docs are inside a safe, behind one of
     the paintings. Past Emile's room (we'll return here later) is a room with a
     hackable card reader. Do the deed and open the door -- DO NOT pick the stealth
     open command! Sam will just walk right into the bright chamber and get gunned
     When the next bomb falls, slink along the nearest interior wall toward the
     kitchen. Should Sam flip the light switch to 'off' while the generator isn't
     working, the normally overt action won't spook anyone. Speaking of which,
     there's two guards present -- one near the fireplace who'll certainly see any
     intruders, and on the balcony overlook above him, who sees nothing (but can
     still hear!).
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Find additional info on Takfir's group: the small kitchen has
       a laptop that, when hacked, sheds some light on the subject. The screen
       faces away from the entrance though, so even in pitch darkness, it's hard
       to see it at certain angles. :p
     Ascend the staircase to deal with the remaining guard -- this usually requires
     watching his movements, either by minimap or visual ID. That said, should Sam
     take him unawares, he can enter Takfir's suite and make him use the retinal
     scanner. If not, just hack it. Either way, this confirms half of the objective
     Dufraisne wants.
     At the other end of the balcony is the next path, a brightly lit hallway in
     the same shape as the ninth floor Sam was just on. Bypass the camera at the
     start and slink down to the first bend -- another guard walks this area. Nab
     him and infiltrate the first suite. Breaking its lock will attract the guard
     in the adjacent suite; picking it allows Sam to catch him nappin'. The reward
     for bothering with these rooms is a keycard in Room 1003, the guard's room.
     Back in the hall, nix the remaining gunman, preferably with the dark shroud
     brought on by the target practice. Get into Room xxxx at this point and enter
     the bedroom to do a cabinet search, which ends this part of the mission.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Find additional info on Massoud's group: like his partner in
       crime, the kitchen laptop reveals some extra info on this guy, and its
       location is great in case Third Echelon requires Sam to check in.
     Be forewarned: searching the cabinet or doing the opportunity objective here
     spawns 2 guards at the room's entrance. It can be helpful to shut off the
     light sources before doing this, since any odd behavior will attract the
     guards attention...and without night vision, that's going to be annoying.
     Return to Emile's room at this point, either by backtracking or taking the
     side staircase near Takfir's suite. This is considered its own objective, but
     it's so short, we'll just leave it as a footnote. After the rendezvous, Sam
     has to get to 9F main elevator, where all his luggage is waiting. Again, a
     very small objective, so it's relegated to a few sentences.
     Leaving this area starts the second portion of this delicious mission.
    PART 2: Save/Kill Hisham Hamza
     AKA ---: Friends in Need
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     Although technically a secondary objective, this will be the only overarching
     line of thought for awhile, so we'll go with it. The elevator lobby leads
     round to the foyer, demolished thanks to rebel efforts. Two security personnel
     patrol the bombed-out reception, and they're assisted by a turret. Like usual,
     if Sam flips the friendly fire off, it will do all his dirty work. [Try
     hacking it from the stairway railing for an easier time.]
     The back corridor leads to the kitchen, with only one patroller in-between.
     Inside the preparation room are two guards, although only one stays there the
     whole time. Interrogating him reveals there's a parking lot hit squad waiting
     for Hamza. Oh dear! With both guards neutralized, proceed down the enemyless
     hall to a save prompt. The door nearest that leads to a reunion with Hisham,
     who joins up as Sam's partner for awhile.
     Sam can gun down Hamza now if he really wants the next objective (detailed
     in Part 3), but for fun's sake, we'll wait to later. From the locker room
     vantage point, Sam can do a co-op action to peer into the adjacent pool -- it
     only has a single guard to speak of, but he'll have to be taken care of one
     way or another. Beyond, the corridor provides two exits; for now, take the
     With Hamza limping in tow, sneak into the botanical gardens, amazingly intact
     after all the damage the main building's taken. The downside: light sources
     here never flicker off. Shouldn't matter though -- plenty of shadows large
     enough to hide bodies in (*cue evil laughter*). This is the last major road
     bump en route to the parking lot.
     Once at the parking lot, go along the east wall to get a good shot at both
     assassins -- sticky shockers do the job fine. [If they're spooked, one will
     start toting a flare, making everything more annoying.] Although the game may
     suggest otherwise, there isn't a way to fake Hamza's death, probably due to
     a glitch. Either boost Hamza over the gate or kill him on the spot.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Dispose of Hamza's body: if your friendly fire weren't enough,
       you can put your buddy's body in the SUV's back end, then place a charge.
       Detonate it a ways away to get even more JBA trust at the expense of Hamza!
       And, no, putting someone else's body in and exploding it does nothing. If
       you manage to put a guard in the SUV while the other guard's alive, the
       explosion WILL kill him. It won't kill Hamza though, even if he's two feet
    PART 3: Clear Extraction Area
     AKA ---: Clean Sweep
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: n/a
     With the Hamza situation taken care of, it's time to clear the extraction
     zone. Return to the previous path branch and use the other door, which leads
     to the southern botanical gardens. Perhaps it's a sight to see in daytime,
     but at night, it's creepy and daunting, thanks to the armed guards. There's
     two nearby, patrolling 'neath a lamplight. Muzzle flashes are a bit no-no
     here, so use airfoil rounds to snuff the lights safely. [The laptop here
     is worthless in general, but y'won't think that if Lambert requires Fisher
     to check in.]
     Around the corner is the middle section, patrolled by one guard. He can be
     safely shot/KO'd in general, thanks to the isolation. The third and final
     portion contains not just two patrollers, but an AA gun (no danger to Sam)
     and its protective turret (yikes!). The second and third gardens are joined
     by a large, doorless arch, and that's the place to lure and nab the guards.
     With them out of the way, use the southern wall to get a good sightline on
     the turret and hit it with an EMP round, permanently disabling it. [This can
     be done while the guards are about, too.]
     From there, simply place a charge under the oblivious AA gun and detonate it
     a safe distance away. This allows Sam to call for extraction. Note that he'll
     have to check in with Third Echelon first, if it comes to that -- use the
     previous computer for the deed. Also, if Sam ignored the Hamza situation and
     tried to extract, he won't be able to. ALSO, Sam does NOT have to neutralize
     all guards; he can bypass some of them at leisure.
    08) JBA HEADQUARTERS, PT. 2                         [NEW ORLEANS, USA]   [WK08]
     [ECH] Steal Emile's contact list
     [ECH] Sample red mercury
     [ECH] Access the underground bunker
     [JBA] Report to Emile
     [ECH] Return to Public Area
     [JBA] Reveal Lambert's true identity
     [ECH] Strengthen Lambert's false identity
     [ECH] Disable Nashville bomb
     [ECH] Disable LA bomb
     [JBA] Prevent the bombs' defusal
     KIT (JBA-favored)
     SC-303 Compact Launcher
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     Tranquilizer Ammunition (x1)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Rubber Ammunition (x10)
    PART 1: Access the Underground Bunker
     AKA ---: Down the Rabbit Hole
     Alarms?: Allowed (4 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: n/a
     Ready for round two? The compound's layout is exactly the same, although the
     security's been beefed up a bit to include extra lasergrids. Somehow, the
     enemy personnel staffing this place are in shorter supply, making proceeding
     a lot easier...at least to start with. Also, Lambert stuck his neck out for
     the JBA mission and has been put on the chopping block, so Williams will be
     Sam's handler for awhile.
     As said, the facility environs are identical, so there's little else to do
     here to start with. The bunker in question can be entered in two ways: (1)
     the warehouse accessible by the rooftop shack or the ground-floor passageways
     (2) the door behind where Sam starts. Note that using #2 works against the
     proper flow of the mission, so we'll be using #1 for the guide's purposes.
     So, Sam can head right to the warehouse and hop through the floor vent -- it
     was covered by crates last time but the coast's clear now. If a player wants
     to eliminate some of the dock or roof gunmen now, that's not a bad idea, as
     we'll be returning here later.
    PART 2: Steal Emile's Contact List
     AKA ---: False Flag
     Alarms?: Allowed (4 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: n/a
     Using the old drainage system, Sam can sneak into the bunker area by ladder,
     coming up into the sleeping quarters. There's two guards nearby, plus an
     ever-watchful infrared camera on the north wall. Waiting on the overhead pipe
     (easily missable) for the duo to split up is a great tactic, as one leaves to
     check the storeroom down the west hall. Don't use the upside-down sleeper
     maneuver near the camera...the only reward is a free alarm upgrade.
     With both guards eliminated, the NE passage (which features another camera)
     bifurcates -- go north to the laboratory. It'll be quite empty except for
     the occasional patroller who goes up to Emile's office nearby. There's no
     security here besides him, though.
     • [PRIMARY] Sample Red Mercury: Hack the card reader to gain access to the
       quarantine chamber. The emails on the nearby computers notify Fisher about
       the danger the chemical poses, as well as the door locking mechanism that
       triggers when it's aerated. Sample with the prompt, then use the pipe to
       climb onto the shelf, where the open vent allows Sam to escape the toxic
       fumes. Use the medkit nearby if needed, too.
     Use the northern stairway to visit Emile's sanctum, strangely security-free.
     The computer gives nothing, but the cabinet is a treasure trove -- the list
     is obtained immediately.
     There's technically no primary objective to do at this point, so Sam's got
     no choice but to enter further into the place. Back at the path branch, go
     east up to the secondary laboratory. There WILL be a camera here, but nothing
     else of use. Find a dark corner to hide from the patrolling guard, then tail
     him north for the kill (proverbial only, of course). Be mindful of these
     ridiculously loud floor tiles, too.
     Sam will now be in the security wing. Avoid the overhead detection device
     (identical to the one in the garage) and disabled turret, then sneak toward
     the NW door. This opens up into a small garage near the security station,
     currently occupied by one idiot. There should be no other active devices here
     if y'managed to avoid alarms.
     • [OPPOSING] Confirm/deny Lambert's identity: Hack the security station comp
       to be faced with this key choice. Sam can post fraudulent info that shows
       Lambert's backstory, but this will leave Emile still suspicious. Or, he
       can sell his superior up the river to appease Dufraisne's paranoia. The
       latter option gives JBA trust, naturally.
     When this step is complete, if Sam also finished the Red Mercury sample and
     contact list objectives, the next step begins. This means, if Sam wants to
     put off the identity bit to clear the way ahead, that can be fine.
    PART 3: Disable Nashville & LA Bombs
     AKA ---: Agent Provocateur
     Alarms?: Allowed (4 Max)
     Deaths?: No (impossible)
     Items -: EMP Ammunition (x1)
     If Sam let the Cozumel bomb detonate, the timer here will be 12:00; if he
     saved it, the JBA will be extra frantic, resulting in a shorter timer. Hack
     the northern door and ascend the ramp up to another camera and laser array.
     This place can result in a lot of wasted time, so I suggest using that EMP
     ammo on the camera and bypassing the grid via the overhead pipe. The lasers
     will deactivate in a guard's proximity too, so tailing the guy or carrying
     his unconscious body works, too.
     Williams said earlier the JBA's bombs are on the dock and rooftop.
     1) ROOF BOMB: Its sitting near the eastern wall. If Sam knocked out Moss and
        his cohort earlier, they'll still be snoozing, making defusal fast and
     2) DOCK BOMB: Use the rooftop-warehouse shortcut to save extra time. The bomb
        will be near the bay's middle freighter, and to defuse it, Sam must stand
        in the light. Neutralize Sykes and his 2 buddies, zap the camera, and race
        against the clock to turn this sucker into a dud. [One of the guards drops
        EMP Ammo for some reason.]
     Naturally, if Sam doesn't want to defuse any bomb, he can just let the timer
     aiming for the best one, disable both.
     Anyway, the timer ends if the bombs are defused or it simply expires. Note
     that the bombs are only sent toward their destinations while Sam's not there,
     meaning if the timer expires while he's near a bomb, he can still defuse it.
     This is merely a gameplay mechanism. Letting bombs leave gives MAJOR JBA
     trust, enough that letting both should make Third Echelon suspicious. Oddly
     enough, in that case, there's no "check in via laptop" commitment to fulfill.
     The final step to this mission is always "Return to Public Area," where Emile
     requests Sam's presence back at the bunker. Return to the starting alleyway
     to finish up.
    09) NEW YORK CITY                                      [NEW YORK, USA]   [WK09]
     [ECH] Defuse first bomb
     [ECH] Kill BJ Sykes and Jamie
     [ECH] Make your way to side of tower
     [ECH] Defuse second bomb
     [ECH] Kill Moss
     [ECH] Make your way to roof
     [ECH] Neutralize Sykes' men
     [ECH] Neutralize Moss' men
     [ECH] Neutralize Emile's men
     KIT (JBA-favored)
     SC-20K Launcher (x90)
     SC-20K Shotgun (x21)
     SC-20K Sniper (x18)
     SC Pistol (x60)
     Sticky Camera (x2)
     Sticky Shocker (x2)
     Airfoil Round (x2)
     EMP Ammunition (x1)
     Frag Grenade (x2)
     KIT (Echelon-favored)
     SC-20K Launcher Attachment (x30)
     SC-20K Shotgun Attachment (x7)
     SC-20K Sniper Attachment (x6)
     EMP Ammunition (x3)
     Airfoil Round (x6)
     Gas Grenade (x2)
     Sticky Shocker (x6)
     Sticky Camera (x6)
    PART 1: Kill BJ Sykes & Jamie
     AKA ---: Impunity
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: Sniper Ammo (x6), Frag Grenade
     Ahh, the final mission! No matter what allegiances Sam's forged, Fisher's
     cover gets perforated -- this mission always plays out the same way. [However
     this storyline occurance doesn't affect the trust meter, which determines the
     starting equipment!] Having parachuted onto a snowy rooftop, Sam'll have to
     work hard to eliminate the remaining three bombs, guarded by members of the
     JBA syndicate. No more need to pull punches with these civie-killing psychos. 
     To start, be careful about walking in snow, since it's deep and makes loud
     crunching noises. This'll easily attract attention 'cause it's mostly silent
     here. Two other guards parachuted near Sam, and after a brief convo, trudge
     eastward. Past the sniper ammo satchel and C4 laser trap, Williams radios in
     to give his own kill-on-sight order, which resets the trust meter all the way
     to Echelon's ranks.
     Eliminating the first two guards won't be too hard, which leaves one trooper
     remaining outdoors. He can be spotted a mile away with thermal, due to the
     iceberg-like temperatures. [There's a frag grenade sitting in a lonely drift
     around here, too.] Bypass the second laser boobytrap to get indoors.
     Around the corner is a dilapidated dovecote, a fact that spooks the patroller
     inside there. Sam's mission is to kill his two "old friends," but the path'll
     split here, giving a choice on how to approach them.
     1) SHORTEST PATH: Break the eastern door's lock, steal the wall mine and
        use the anteroom's crawlspace to reach an isolated portion of the north
        section. That is, isolated except for the two guards and a turret. Sneak
        along the west wall and mantle the railing when able -- this sets up the
        position to nab or whistle-lure all 3 guards. When they're eliminated,
        descend the northern staircase to reach the bottom.
     2) LONGEST PATH: The dovecote's west passage leads to another boobytrap, and
        from there, an old elevator-accessed, two-floor warehouse. There's a pair
        of foes here, one on the lowest floor and the other above. Regardless of
        how Sam deals with these clowns, the exit's in the NE corner. Descend the
        next staircase to get back outside, but beware the guard right around the
        corner. He'll patrol a bit, but the eastern alley is blocked by a turret's
        gaze, so that's a no-go. Instead, rappel down the northern ledge to reach
        the target ledge and its wall mine security. [There'll be an extra convo
        here if Hamza's alive.]
     Either way, Sam will insert onto the snowy balcony where the bomb, Jamie and
     Sykes wait -- the only difference is, on the shortest path, Sam will have to
     first disable a wall mine near the lockpickable door. [Oddly enough, neither
     enemy's AI permits them to enter the staircase.] When their argument ends,
     Sykes will patrol the billboard catwalk while Jamie stays near the explosive.
     Going their separate ways tends to be their undoing, making both easy to sneak
     up on -- both have special interrogation convos, too. If y'wanna have fun with
     this, do the ledge kill ability on the billboard railing...very satisfying!
     • [PRIMARY] Disable 1st Bomb: self-explanitory. The only difference is these
       bombs have a very short 12-second fuse, so Sam'll have to bring his 'A'
       game if he wants to survive the experience.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Neutralize Sykes' Men: this is finished when Sam's knocked
       out or killed all enemies in this section.
     To finish this stretch, use the billboard's zipline.
    PART 2: Kill Moss
     AKA ---: Muted City
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: SC-20K Ammo (x90), Frag Grenade
     This second portion is the most challenging in the entire game, namely 'cause
     Moss' crew is equipped with night vision goggles. That's right, Sam can be
     tracked by his own kind! Their enemy AI hasn't changed, though, so the same
     tactics will still work. I highly suggest saving sticky shockers and EMP
     ammo for later in the mission, too, if y'can.
     Fisher's zipline shoots him onto an outer sill, which he can take up to the
     outdoor ventilation unit, and then the elevator. After the meetup with Rica,
     Sam learns Moss is on 68F and Emile's on the roof -- that means two floors
     in-between him and the nearest target. Moss' team killed the circuit breakers
     as well, meaning most of the place is in pitch darkness. [I suggest saving
     after every cleared room, if y'do it efficiently. Also, the enemies beyond
     always creep silently, meaning they don't set off wall mines.]
     The north passage's side door leads to the first encounter with Moss' night
     vision squad -- they patrol the empty gallery after a conversation on the
     ornamental waterfall. One guy will eventually walk up to the tiny stair near
     the entrance before turning around, making him the easiest target. To snatch
     the other guy, Sam can hop through the water display to reach an isolated
     back room, which sets up door-bashin' opportunities. When the coast's clear,
     grab the frag grenade in the back room and the SC-20K ammo on the outer sill.
     Sneaking west, use the patented "use camera to look around corner" technique
     to spot the patroller -- no need to stumble into firing range. This passage
     leads to the 2nd major encounter in an office block. There's two enemies
     here: one patrols near the door (can be seen w/ optic cable), one around the
     far corner. If there's a third guard here: that's the guy y'just killed in
     the hall. He'll patrol into the western reception area if left to his own
     When the nearest guard walks back out of sight (use optic cable), Sam has a
     window where he can sneak kittie-corner to the cubicle setup, giving him some
     cover and a better view of the area. Snatch that nearest guard when his back
     is open, and stash his body somewhere, preferably out of the other gunmen's
     eyeshot. Once y'see if the "wild card" merc is present, use his absence to
     dispose of the 2nd guard, just like the first. [There's some soda cans that
     can be thrown as distractions here, too.] One of the satchels nearby has even
     more SC-20K ammo!
     Through the remaining north door, disable the wall mine to reach a lengthy
     receptionist desk -- nothing here except for the medkit in the storeroom and
     extra SC-20K ammo on the countertop. Get past the next alarm laser and watch
     the guards as they patrol the tiny serving area. One goes to and from the
     door, but never into Sam's hallway; the other walks the interior perimeter.
     The easiest way to do this is, when Sam can spot both guys in his sights,
     sneak up on the nearest merc as he walks, then headshot the other guy from
     the interrogation stance. [I suppose a well-timed frag grenade could also
     work here, if you've a love of kabooms. :p]
     Cleansing the sitting area gives access to the 68F staircase, where two
     men will be making their way up as well (ahead of Sam, thankfully). Once
     they get into their routine, watch their movements on the minimap -- one'll
     circle the piano lounge and the other the eastern corridor. Strike the former
     when he passes by the stair access door, then eliminate the other when his
     pattern gives clearance. Their paths do cross slightly, so the minimap will
     be a helpful tool. Remote-hacking the nearby computer tells the keypad code
     (4869) for the locked door, which gives easy access to the third enemy here,
     the one that doesn't move once his patrol is finished.
     This lower corridor leads to the Marcoux Engineering Firm's final area. [It
     is possible to jump and catch the thin tier above the passage while near a
     tiny staircase, but this doesn't lead to many advantages actually.] Take the
     wall mine and look for a turret to hit with EMP ammo -- it's a major obstacle
     in approaching the final chamber where Moss is located.
     Okay, the setup: Moss and a cohort are in an upper office, but can see down
     to the stairway's floor thanks to night vision and the glass window. There's
     also two more foes near the turret, doing a light patrol. The goal here is to
     split the groups into manageable chunks; otherwise, their combined fields of
     vision are too tight, and will spot Sam without a doubt.
     The first step, after eliminating the turret, is getting rid of the lower two.
     Try whistling about halfway down the turret's hallway to make them search.
     Then, they'll start patrolling, going toward the stairway lobby where Sam just
     was. The beautiful thing is, if Sam hides in the T-intersection's northern
     dead end, they'll skip him completely, letting him do the fun "snatch one and
     headshot the other" method. If you find the other guy catches on too quickly,
     nab the straggler and maneuver into the turret's hallway; then when the other
     guy goes to investigate, there's a moment where Sam can headshot him before
     he uncovers what happened. SAVE when the duo is eliminated successfully.
     Now for Moss and his buddy. With the lower stairway free of watchful eyes,
     Sam should move toward the southern stairway running adjacent to the bomb's
     office. The success of this approach depends on the patrolling guard usually,
     so if it's getting too annoying, use the above-corridor walkway to insert
     better. [Use a long-range sticky camera to distract if needed.] My proposed
     takedown strategy:
     1) Make it onto the stairway alongside Moss' office position
     2) Fire a sticky shocker at the west wall, near the office's makeshift walkway
     3) Quickly snatch Moss while his back is turned
     4) From the interrogation stance, headshot the other preoccupied guy
     I find this the most cathartic maneuver -- not only do you act like a badass
     splinter cell, but you get to hear Moss' interrogation. It's pulled off best
     when the patrolling guard has to walk farther, and doesn't start nearer to
     the stairway than Moss, so keep that in mind. Don't want to proceed like this?
     Just lob a grenade or something.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable 2nd Bomb: same fuse length (12s) as before.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Neutralize Moss's Men: Pretty hard to miss this one, since
       Sam encounters every enemy on this floor. I guess it's possible if Sam
       intentionally skipped one or something...
     Deep-sixing Moss and his plans for a mushroom cloud allows Sam to exfiltrate
     via the boiler room, immediately below. Place the charge and we'll put this
     section in the history books!
    PART 3: Kill Emile
     AKA ---: The Iceman Cometh
     Alarms?: n/a
     Deaths?: Allowed
     Items -: SC-20K Ammo (x30)
     The final section! Sam will begin in the maintenance area's pipework, making
     nice little bridges above a huge abyss. Climb a vertical pipe to insert onto
     the catwalk, and bypass the northern fusebox -- this cues an enemy's advance
     into this region. He starts in the far south though, and like all remaining
     enemies, does NOT have night vision! Try to set up a ledge throw maneuver, as
     there won't be many opportunities remaining to do that!
     Down the eastern corridor, snatch the wall mine near the exit -- it's hidden
     behind a wall obstruction, so it's easy to die in it, or trigger it to notify
     the two guards in the firm's massive lobby. Neutralizing them isn't so hard,
     but there's a shadow-hidden turret across the way, meaning if Sam draws too
     close to the middle, he'll get turned into Swiss cheese. A proper distraction
     can allow Sam to slip behind the ornate fountain and screw with the turret's
     IFF; this way also allows an easy way to bypass it.
     Save and exit the eastern door, leading onto a snowy series of walkways that
     lead to the final building. There's two guards here and if Sam's loud during
     the approach, they may spook and investigate. This exit's brightly lit and
     there's no optic cable prompt, so just opening it's a gamble. Once out, head
     north quickly to hide. These two jokers can be nixed since they patrol very
     different areas, but the lamplit catwalks don't help matters.
     Inside the east building's first passage, there'll be a guard laying wall
     mines -- don't startle/grab him there, 'less y'wanna turn Sam into a Jackson
     Pollack painting. The path bifurcates here, leading to two symmetrical paths
     that reconnect down the way. The wall mine guard goes to patrol the north if
     Sam doesn't do him in (shooting mine = fun!) and either path's easy to do.
     Just two flashlights exploring opposite ends...simple stuff.
     • [OPPORTUNITY] Eliminate Emile's men: you'll have to do clear both walkways
       in this last building to do this, in addition to previous foes. Fisher must
       KILL them to get this objective, so y'can't take pity on any saps along the
       way, like the "helpful" guard near the fountain turret. KO'd guards don't
       show up on the minimap as arrows, though, so use your memory, eh?
     Once the final lock is broken/picked, use the medkit and save before entering
     the final area. Here, a boss fight with Emile will begin. The situation: Sam
     has had his pistol shot out of his hands, and had to throw down his SC-20K as
     well. He won't have any firearms, basically. The place is also boobytrapped
     with laser-trigger C4 charges, so that part will be familiar, at least.
     A player's first instinct may be "why don't I hit him with a frag grenade?"
     That WOULD certainly kill Emile, but does nothing about the C4 charges, so
     we'll have to play Dufraisne's game... [Grenades don't set the laser traps
     off, but it CAN set off the Red Mercury bomb.] Emile will run around firing
     his infinite ammo machine gun; like most guards, the lasers will deactivate
     in his proximity. This is Fisher's ticket to move! 
     Wait for the boss man to empty his clip, then leapfrog from bench to bench.
     When Emile can't get a good shot off, he'll move, cuing Fisher to do the same.
     There's a very linear path to do this in, so don't worry about that part. The
     goal is to reach the black SE pillar, which Emile can't shoot through (unlike
     those grey obelisks). From here, remote hack the computer to deactivate all
     laser grids -- and opening up a path to the pistol. From here, time your
     advances and grab the pistol while Emile reloads. Then, it's just a matter of
     shooting Emile. [If you have a smoke grenade, Sam can make Emile disoriented;
     it's possible to get a unique interrogation sequence here. Sam must have
     Third Echelon favor to start with smoke grenades, though.] Dufraisne can take
     quite a few hits, and the pistol's got 20 rounds, so try for headshots.
     • [PRIMARY] Disable 3rd bomb: There's still a 12-second timer, but a 2:30
       timer starts when the lasers are removed. This is plenty of time, even
       allowing leeway for said interrogation sequence.
     That ends the game! There'll be a unique news story at the end, depicting
     the victorious mission or how badly it failed when various cities get nuked
     due to Sam's misplaced allegiances... Enjoy!
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]
     [Q] - Mission 2: what's that booth down the hall from the observation room?
     [A] - You must be talking about the office near the chapel/morgue access
           stairway. There's apparently a functioning computer here, but there's
           no way to access it -- guards won't even inspect it, and it doesn't
           show up as a proper entrance on the PDA map. I'm thinking it's just
           for show or it was dummied out.
     [Q] - Why are there so many computers that contain near-worthless info?
     [A] - Sometimes these provide emails one may have missed, but the major part
           is, if Sam gets in with the JBA too heavily, his Echelon superiors may
           get antsy, and require him to check in -- this is done by locating the
           computers in the level. There's only a set amount of time to find one
           before the plug's pulled, so their seemingly stupid placement can wind
           up being carefully selected (such as on Mission 4's final stretch).
     [Q] - How do I unlock Elite mode?
     [A] - Finish the campaign once. This unlocks the mode -- which is just OCP
           and a knife, no firearms -- for both campaign and bonus missions.
     [Q] - Are the bonus levels fun?
     [A] - The cargo ship is a fun rescue mission, and provides some old-fashioned
           search-and-destroy tactics. The close quarters make it quite enjoyable.
           Bunker is enjoyable for a different reason: Sam hallucinates through
           portions, tinging it with some groovy sections, especially during one
           of the interrogations where he can't understand anything the guy says.
     [Q] - Is this different from the Xbox 360 version?
     [A] - To my understanding, yes -- the more capable console has different
           missions, map layouts and the plot changes somewhat.
     [Q] - Any online still?
     [A] - Nope, it's been dead for ages, even at the time I write this (2012).
    VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
      5-23-12 ----------------------------+ Started walkthrough
      6-16-12 ----------------------------+ Finished walkthrough
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my stuff
     • Fisher, for excellence in the field of badassery
     • Mission 3: where's Moss and Jamie's fingerprints?
     • Add missing trust-based starting equipment
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