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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimfish

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     ____                 __    __                             
    /\  _`\              /\ \__/\ \                            
    \ \ \L\ \  _ __   ___\ \ ,_\ \ \___      __   _ __   ____  
     \ \  _ <'/\`'__\/ __`\ \ \/\ \  _ `\  /'__`\/\`'__\/',__\ 
      \ \ \L\ \ \ \//\ \L\ \ \ \_\ \ \ \ \/\  __/\ \ \//\__, `\
       \ \____/\ \_\\ \____/\ \__\\ \_\ \_\ \____\\ \_\\/\____/
        \/___/  \/_/ \/___/  \/__/ \/_/\/_/\/____/ \/_/ \/___/ 
     ______              ______                                    ___     
    /\__  _\            /\  _  \                                 /'___`\   
    \/_/\ \/     ___    \ \ \L\ \  _ __    ___ ___     ____     /\_\ /\ \  
       \ \ \   /' _ `\   \ \  __ \/\`'__\/' __` __`\  /',__\    \/_/// /__ 
        \_\ \__/\ \/\ \   \ \ \/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \/\ \/\__, `\      // /_\ \
        /\_____\ \_\ \_\   \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \_\/\____/     /\______/
        \/_____/\/_/\/_/    \/_/\/_/\/_/  \/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/      \/_____/ 
         ___                        _   _        ___  _              _ 
        | __> ___  _ _ ._ _  ___  _| | | |._ _  | . >| | ___  ___  _| |
        | _> <_> || '_>| ' |/ ._>/ . | | || ' | | . \| |/ . \/ . \/ . |
        |___><___||_|  |_|_|\___.\___| |_||_|_| |___/|_|\___/\___/\___|
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                        | |_| | '_ \ (_-</ _ \  _|  _|
                         \___/|_.__/_/__/\___/_|  \__|
                              Developed by:
                         .__          .          
                         [ __ _  _.._.|_  _ \./  
                         [_./(/,(_][  [_)(_)/'\  
                           __.   ._ ,     
                          (__  _ |,-+-.    , _.._. _            
                          .__)(_)|  |  \/\/ (_][  (/,
    -------------------------------------------------------------DEMO GUIDE
                          *          An FAQ           * 
                          -            by             -
                          *       Steve Taylor        *
                          -  Began: 01/October/05     -
                          * Finished: 01/October/05   *
                          - E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com -
    To cut down on massive lists and TOCs, I've just made simple Ctrl +F strings
    for you. Want to visit the actual Walkthrough? Just type W-T in the search
    function. The guide's not that hard to navigate either way, but just a small
    feature to make it a little easier.
                                     Table of Contents:
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (C-C) Controls     (C-C)
                                   (W-T) Walkthrough  (W-T)
                                         1.a. Story Mode
                                         1.b. Bookends.
                                         1.c. Close Quarters.
                                         2.a. Skirmish Mode 
                                         2.b. Enemy AI
                                         2.c. Characters
                                         2.d. Offensive/Defensive
                                         2.e. Objective
                                         2.f. Defending
                                 (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)
        * New Single-Player Narrative: Experience authentic WWII combat as Sergeant
          Joe Hartsock and lead your squad beyond Carentan to liberate all of 
        * New Multiplayer Missions: Taking online tactics to new heights, Brothers 
          in Arms Earned in Blood offers more unique multiplayer missions and 
          improved online support.
        * Skirmish Mode: Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood features an all-new 
          cooperative Skirmish mode that allows one or two players to take a tour 
          of duty through a series of authentic and harrowing custom combat 
        * New Weapons and Vehicles: Arm yourself with new weapons and command new
        * More Challenging and Dynamic Combat: Featuring close quarter urban 
          environments and a new, next generation artificial intelligence system, 
          Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood promises to take authentic military 
          action to the next level.
    With its unprecedented combination of authenticity, compelling story and 
    squad-based action, Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 has established itself as 
    a benchmark for military action games.
    Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood builds upon the elements that have made 
    Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 a runaway success by adding new features and
    game modes.
    Featuring a new single-player narrative, new multiplayer missions, an all-new 
    cooperative-style game mode, and new weapons and vehicles.
    ~Play.com's synopsis on Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood.
                               (C-C)     CONTROLS      (C-C)
    Here's a brief over-look of the controls. The game does include some quick
    pop-ups explaining some moves in the Story Mode, as well as a tutorial section
    briefing you on the basis of gameplay, but here they are in black and white for
                             XBOX CONTROLLER BUTTON LAYOUT
                            ______                ______
                           /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\
                       /                                    \
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \
     Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |
         (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |
     (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(Black)
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)
         D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick
                    /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /       Controller S       \       |
                    |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
                                    THE CONTROLS
            Command       ______                ______               
              Unit ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Shoot/Fire
                       /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯ Reload/Action  
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y) <---\-------Select Weapon 
      Move/Control---|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|--------Melee Attack
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Jump         
                     |   O      _____                         |
                     /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Throw Grenade
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---Select Unit
         Select-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |         
           Unit     /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /                          \       |
                    |      /                            \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
             Left Thumbstick | Moves Character/Strafes
     Clicked Left Thumbstick | Toggle-On Crouch
            Right Thumbstick | Look
    Clicked Right Thumbstick | Scope/Zoom
                Left Trigger | Command Option
               Right Trigger | Shoot
                    D-Pad Up | Fall-In Command
                  D-Pad Down | Charge Command
                  D-Pad Left | Switch Between Teams (Defense)
                 D-Pad Right | Switch Between Teams (Offense)
                    A Button | Jump
                    B Button | Melee Attack
                    X Button | Restock/Reload, Pick Up Weapon, Use, Talk
                    Y Button | Alternative Weapon Switch
                       Black | Throw Grenade
                       White | Fall-In Command
                       Start | Pause
                        Back | Situation Awareness
                            (W-T)    WALK-THROUGH    (W-T)
    1.a. Story Mode
            _____ _______ ____  _______     __  __  __  ____  _____  ______ 
           / ____|__   __/ __ \|  __ \ \   / / |  \/  |/ __ \|  __ \|  ____|
          | (___    | | | |  | | |__) \ \_/ /  | \  / | |  | | |  | | |__   
           \___ \   | | | |  | |  _  / \   /   | |\/| | |  | | |  | |  __|  
           ____) |  | | | |__| | | \ \  | |    | |  | | |__| | |__| | |____ 
          |_____/   |_|  \____/|_|  \_\ |_|    |_|  |_|\____/|_____/|______|
    In story mode, the demo gives you a total of two levels to play and complete!
                          *     Bookends. D-Day + 15     *
                          -   -----------------------    -
                          *                              *
                          - Newly promoted Seregant      -
                          * Hartsock sits down for a cup *
                          - of coffee with Col. SLA      -
                          * Marshall to recount his trip *
                          - through Normandy.            -
                          *   Close Quarters. D-Day + 8  *
                          -   -----------------------    -
                          *                              *
                          - After a fellow soldier is    -
                          * wounded, the men of the 2nd  *
                          - and 3rd squad must work      -
                          * togeather to eliminate the   *
                          - threat hiding deep in        -
                          * Carentan.                    *
    1.b. Bookends.
    Okay, so the first level isn't playable, but they do give you a rather nice
    cutscene showing the account of what happened up in the plane on the Normandy
    And well, that's it for this chapter. CHAPTER COMPLETE!
    1.c. Close Quarters.
    This is an excellent opening to the level. Watch the begining cutscene, looking
    around your surroundings if you like to get a feel of the level before moving
    onto the brief, in-game training.
    Pay real close attention to the pop-up boxes, as they teach you the basics. 
    When you are told to move Friar into a nearby field, Pull the L-Trigger and 
    using the Right Thumbstick, aim for the white circular marker and release the
    Now it is time for the fire command. Press and hold the L-Trigger again, but
    this time aim for the scarecrow, where you crosshairs will turn red to indicate
    an enemy target. Release the trigger to start the firing.
    When you are commanded to assault the scarecrow, pull the L-Trigger once again
    and aim for the enemy target, and instead of releasing the L-Trigger, hit the
    R-Trigger. This'll order Friar to charge the enemy and engage in close-quarter
    Once the scarecrow has been knocked down, either hold the WHITE button or hit
    the Down arrow on the D-Pad to make Friar fall in on your position.
    Get both teams on you by using the Fall In command and take them up the route
    to the main street. 
    You've got plenty of Germans hiding amongst the wreckage of the buildings, so
    send up a team to hide behind the already placed debris and order them to fire
    on the targets ahead. Send another team forward to the next mound and order
    them to fire on another target. Order the team left behind to move to the next
    mound and provide loads more surpression. With all the teams support, all the
    enemy targets will be surpressed to the fullest.
    Take up aim yourself and go for the two Krauts hiding behind the automobile to
    the left of the street, and once they are down, make a fast dash into the 
    building on the right of the street. Crouch down and take aim for the gunner
    on the second floor. Shoot him and then order a team to assault the bottom 
    floor targets.
    You can flank the targets ahead by cutting through the building on the right
    and going around. Try it if you have trouble with my method above.
    When the targets have been elimated, go down the alley to the left of the 
    street where the automobile is. Set up both teams on the wall to fire upon the
    enemy targets on the other side of the field. When they are surpressed, choose
    a path to flank them with; the left side with the fence, or the right side with
    the wall. Pick one and assault them. Head around the farmhouse to see a way
    out into the street again.
    Form up with both teams and get ready to take down an MG-42.
    Send a team out fast to get to the wall of crates on the left to set up a base
    of fire, before sending out the second team to go down the street and behind 
    the car to wipe out the forces. Move the car team in and secure the MG-Nest
    and fight off the wave of forces rushing down the hill of debris on the right
    of the street. Move your crate team up as well and get into the maze of 
    buildings behind the Machine Gunners post. Set up a field of fire with both
    teams and then flank them. Get out fast and back to the Machine Gun post, since
    coming down this hill will be another swarm of ant-like Germans. Continue to
    pour on the mass-fire, throwing in grenades to prevent them from escaping.
    Oh, and by the way, don't worry about the large, evil, steel German tank which
    decides to show up. He'll keep driving on to find a better spot.
    When they are all dead, the game'll autosave.
    Run to the large field and over to the wall. Don't shoot the two soldiers,
    since after all, THEY ARE ON YOUR SIDE! The soldier is Sgt. Baker, so listen
    to what he has to say before acting.
    I can imagine your faces as you listen to Baker and look over his shoulder. 
    ...Priceless. But yeah, that's the tank from earlier and he's back again! 
                                 "Holy ****!"
    Run your ass off and get behind cover whilst the tank goes haywire and starts
    shooting the place up. Eventually, he'll shell a wall and blast it to pieces
    allowing you to get to the other side. Do so as soon as you get the chance!
    Set up cover behind the wall to avoid being slaughtered by the Germans who'll
    decide to rush you in their moment of triumph. Set up another field of fire
    for the Germans without cover before moving onto surpressing the others. When
    they are fully surpressed, and they must be, flank them from the left with one
    team, assault them from the right with the other and you can take up the centre
    of attack. Slaughter them all.
    Hell, you can even use the enemy tank as cover as it drives it way up closer
    to the enemy's cover.
    Now it's just your men and one big-ass tank to play a game of tag with. Behind
    the enemy position you just flanked is a tonne of weaponry...including one
    German Panzerfaust...a.ka....THE ROCKET LAUNCHER.
    Pick one up and fire upon the tank. Boom!
    Pick up another one! BOOM!
    Pick up another and fast! BOOM!!
    With the last and fourth hit, the tank will be placed out of action. Phew.
    That could of turned really nasty if you were without that Panserfaust. 
    Remember the building where the Sgt. and Cop. ran into? Head over there and
    talk with Baker.
    Watch the nice closing cutscene of Baker holding up his bottle of wine in a
    toast to celebrate Sockman's promotion. Congrats! You completed the level!
    2.a. Skirmish Mode.
              _____ _  _______ _____  __  __ _____  _____ _    _ 
             / ____| |/ /_   _|  __ \|  \/  |_   _|/ ____| |  | |
            | (___ | ' /  | | | |__) | \  / | | | | (___ | |__| |
             \___ \|  <   | | |  _  /| |\/| | | |  \___ \|  __  |
             ____) | . \ _| |_| | \ \| |  | |_| |_ ____) | |  | |
            |_____/|_|\_\_____|_|  \_\_|  |_|_____|_____/|_|  |_|
                        __  __  ____  _____  ______ 
                       |  \/  |/ __ \|  __ \|  ____|
                       | \  / | |  | | |  | | |__   
                       | |\/| | |  | | |  | |  __|  
                       | |  | | |__| | |__| | |____ 
                       |_|  |_|\____/|_____/|______|
    2.b. Enemy AI.
    Playing on Skirmish mode would give you the basic idea of a actual mission
    before you attempt the real thing, but the Story Mode Mission they gave us 
    features an in-game tutorial and plenty of oppertunities to try out what you've
    Skirmish allows you to set the AI of the enemy. They can be as dumb as a water
    proof towel if you want them to be, with three different options to customise:
    The accuracy level plays a big part in the game. If they have poor accuracy, 
    you can send your men across the battle field without worry due to their lousy
    shots. But if on the other hand they are HIGHLY accurate, you'd fear sending
    your men out in the open, or just telling them to pop their heads over the
    cover for a second. 
    Accuracy goes up to 10, with 1 being the lowest. Take your pick.
    Once again, a key part to gameplay. These guys know how to control themselves
    in battle, using cover effectivly and moving when they are about to be stormed.
    If they are behind cover, but are approached from the rear, they'll fire and 
    head for the next safest point. But be warned, tactics is not just for defense,
    as they have the ability to flank you as you have them.
    Tactics can all the way up to 4, with 1 being the lowest again.
    Surpressive fire is another key to the game, making up the three skills needed
    to effectivly complete the game and defeat those Nazis. Like accuracy, you can
    have it set really low and they'll only pour on a few shots at you, which is
    pretty useless and hardly surpressive. If, however, it's really high, you'll
    be pinnned down, stuck between a rock and a large open killing ground. Once you
    are stuck and pinned, it's only a matter of time before the Germans realise 
    what's happened.
    Surpression is on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest. 
    2.c. Characters.
    Skirmish mode allows you to pick from two characters to play as; Sgt. Matt
    Baker, US Paratrooper. Or as Sgt. Joe Hartsock; also from the US Paratroopers.
    There is no difference between the two men, but playing as Hartsock will make
    your team call you "Red" due to Hartsock's hair colour.
    2.d. Offensive/Defensive
    There are two types of Skirmish mode. One is Objective, with the other being
    defensive. The two do exactly what it says on the tin, but for those who are
    new to the whole genre and game, here's a breif synopsis on both:
    Objective mode is to carry out a given objective within a battle situation.
    Call it your "mission", if you will. These can range from securing a building
    controlled by Kraut forces, to blowing up bridges to prevent the Germans from
    resupplying themselves.
    It involves you and your team crossing a large map, filled with all sorts of
    enemy posts, MG-42s, encampments and the like. The Germans are fortified, and
    they aren't giving up without a fight. 
    The defense aspect of the game is to sit tight in your position and defend it
    from incoming invaders. If you've ever played the game Space Invaders (Who 
    hasn't?!), you'll know what I mean. The enemies come in, slow at first, but
    slowly increasing in skill and speed over time. Eventually, you've got 
    wave-after-wave of highly skilled, smart, strong and agile German soldiers
    trying to flank you from all sides with heavy fire.
    It's a hard test of endurance. Can YOU last?
    2.e. Objective: Blow up the Bridge.
              ____  ____       _ ______ _____ _______ _______      ________ 
             / __ \|  _ \     | |  ____/ ____|__   __|_   _\ \    / /  ____|
            | |  | | |_) |    | | |__ | |       | |    | |  \ \  / /| |__   
            | |  | |  _ < _   | |  __|| |       | |    | |   \ \/ / |  __|  
            | |__| | |_) | |__| | |___| |____   | |   _| |_   \  /  | |____ 
             \____/|____/ \____/|______\_____|  |_|  |_____|   \/   |______|
    I'm writing this guide for those who are new to the game, and would have the 
    enemy AI set to the NOVICE mode. This way, the guide features the basic tactics
    for you to use on the required setting, as well as the ability to build upon
    those tactics to complete the Skirmish on a higher difficulty.
    You have 4 men under your command, make use of them.
    Send your fire team up the little hill to your right and take cover behind
    the fence post. They'll be your eyes. Once they are up there, they'll spot all
    of the enemy German positions on the field. They'll also cause some Germans to 
    flee from their cover and head for a new one, don't let that happen. Directly
    after sending your fire team to the fence, send your assault team in to the 
    area where a fallen tree is, to the left of the field. Kill the Krauts.
    You've got an MG42 positioned mid-field with a clear killing sight. Send your
    fire team down the wall of the train bridge and under the archway. Go with them
    and leave your assault team in their position.
    Set your assault team up behind cover and order them to fire upon the Germans
    whilst you go up the hill and flank them yourself. So place your men behind
    the rock and get up the hill. Follow it around and take cover behind the fence
    post, fire when ready. Rally your men.
    Walk slightly into the second-but-last archway to see some Krauts. Put some 
    fire upon them and order your assault team to do the same and kill them. Take
    your men under the last archway and look up. Hit the X Button by the orange 
    marker to plant the bbomb. Quickly sneak up to the MG42 from the side. Either 
    toss a grenade into the post or just fire upon them. When the gunner is down,
    get behind his post and bring both teams togeather. When the bridge goes up,
    give yourself a pat on the back.
    Send your assault team up and around the fence on the right, and have Fire Team
    take cover behind some trees. Fire upon the Germans and flank them with the 
    You can send your Fire Team back under the tunnel to fire upon the enemies from
    this side of the fence (Which is what I would do) or you can approach them from
    the front. 
    If you do send them up under the tunnel, place them behind the fencing and
    order them to fire on the Germans (especially the MG42 post), then be sending 
    your assault team in directly. Set the assault team up to secure the captured 
    post and move in with your other team.
                               ALTERNATIVE METHOD
    After playing around a bit more, I discovered that using the cover from a rail
    transport, you can fire upon the enemy postion and flank them by going around
    to other side of the fence. Using your fence team, fire upon the MG42 position
    to get the gunners attention before assaulting it with the other team.
    Send them up and around the side of the tunnel, and then through it to the 
    enemy positions and kill them all, making sure to move your Assault team up the
    field to give covering fire. Be sure to take out the MG42 by yourself with a 
    well placed grenade before moving on. Send a team over to the fallen tree area
    to provide surpressive fire on the next lot of Germans before quickly moving up
    to the rock they're hiding under and assualt it. Move one team back to the MG
    post you took out with the grenade and set them behind cover whilst you move
    your other team up, but carefully, since you've got a whole bunch of Krauts 
    behind straw bales.
    Set up the teams with surpression before sending your waiting teams off and 
    around the farmhouse to flank from the rear. 
    Phew! That could of been nasty if you weren't organised. Head back to the train
    bridge and over to the grey cargo carriage. Walk over to the marker and Hit X
    to plant the explosives. Be wanred, you'll be swarmed by angry Germans at the
    last moment, just get a safe distance from the train, pouring on fire.
    When the explosives detonate, it's Objective Complete!
    2.f. Defending
    I'm not going to write a full guide on this, since it would be impossible and
    impractical. The whole idea of Defensive Skirmish is to give you a tonne of
    practise in the defensive line of the game, setting up positions of fire and
    murder zones. Instead of a guide, a list of helpful tactics and general hints
    will do you some favours...
    Don't be afraid to flank! Just because you're defending it doesn't mean you
    have to just hide behind cover and fire back. Whilst you're doing that, a bunch
    of Germans are probably flanking you. If you take down the forces fast with the
    aid of flanks, you can set yourself back up in time for the next wave.
    Once again, don't be afraid to let Germans into the area. Make a little ambush
    from both sides of the field using the "Bottleneck" tactic. The basis of the
    Bottleneck is to make the enemy go up the centre in a straight line, but jump
    out and surprise them from both sides. So hide behind some cover, wait for them
    to come close and jump out. Because they are too busy charging you, they won't
    notice they are in the open...like sitting ducks.
                                 FIRING ON ONE!
    Instead of letting two sides kill you because you were too busy trying to keep
    both sides at bay, attack one position! If you concentrate your fire on just
    one target, they'll go down quicker, allowing you to do the same with the other
    attacking force.
    Just toss a grenade to one lot of Germans and order your men to fire on the
                              SEARCH & DESTROY!
    Don't be so wound up on staying in one place, get out of the area with one team
    and search the area for hiding Krauts. Surprise them before they surprise you.
    Trap your targets in a corner by surpression and toss a grenade in. They can
    either stay with the grenade and be blown to dog chunks or risk the oncoming
    bullets. Either way, they are dead.
    Legal Information and Acknowledgements:
    Thanks to:
    -IGN: For keeping me updated on all Earned In Blood related news!
    -GameFAQs: Because.
    -Ubisoft: For brining yet another kick-ass game to the mix...and stuff.
    -Official XBox Magazine: For having the best demo disc of all time.
    -Thuyker: For the Controller ASCII...again and again. <3
    -Saturday. The day where nothing happens. Perfect writing time for this guide. 
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
    -Jesus. Not God. :P
    -Yams, Spring Rubber, SoftReset, MetalGearREXDude, Hello2ucat, Falcor, Bass X,
    iamtheprodigy, BannedAccount, KageShinobi, PSXer, RoarMonkey, Lollybomb,
    Agonized Flyer, Tomba42, monker, Red Snake, DeathStalka2, GigaRaver, 
    TwistedCrow, NeoChaosPerfect, RedLight, Spiderman23JII...Just for being...
    well, people.
    This text file, "Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Demo Guide" may not be 
    republished and reprinted for any charges and/or profits. This includes 
    being reproduced in books, magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on
    other web sites other than GameFAQs without the permission of
    the original author. Any changes to this file without the
    permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law of 
    copyright, so please don't it. And as the legal owner of this
    guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
    this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
    use this guide.
    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
    also print it if you wish. 
    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
    Copyright 2005 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM

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