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"Forewarning, I haven't played the 360 version"


Nice, a little choppy here and there. The environment could use a little more detail, and the cars look a little weak.


Voice acting is good, the guns fire off nicely. Enemy Mexican shouting at an incomming grenade is nice to hear once in awhile.


They're alright. Sometimes you'll get confused with kneeling and the sprint button. The zoom sometimes isn't too responsive, but that's about it.


Consider this: this is my first Ghost Recon game, so I was a little hesitant. Never played the first two, and when I read the review for the XBox version from Gamespot, I was really hesitant. Then I found out that those guys sometimes get it wrong with games. Just flat out, this game isn't bad. It's not the best, but there is fun. You're part of Ghost Recon, you go and shoot some bad guys, protect some people, nothing out of the normal there. The levels are nicely spaced out, some with open areas, some with tight spaces and the such. The game's I give the order to throw a grenade, and then I see it being thrown. Mind that this was at a tanker. First throw bounced off the tanker, exploded a good way aways. Second time it was thrown no where near the tanker. Third time it hit off a wall and killed me. But enough of that, let's get to the enemy AI. A little better than your allies, but not by much. They'll just run at you at random shooting, and never seem to reload. They'll just try and rush you most of the time. The guns in the game fire nicely, reloading isn't bad. You can choose your rate of fire from single bullet, to double, to rapid fire on most guns. Sometimes if you're hiding next to a tree and try sniping, the bullet will hit off some invisible wall next to the tree, so that's kind of a pain sometimes. The missions are alright, some getting boring as the game goes on. At certain spots where the autosave pops up along with your intel there will be lag, but not much. You're team mates respond alright and won't just go guns a blazing. They'll look for enemies before moving, and can giv you suppressing fire. You can choose if you want them for aggressive actions or only to return fire. Just one word of advice though: Don't let them throw grenades. Whenever you save at the save points you and your buddy's health and ammo will be restored. I found it a little cheep cause you can do it as many times as you want.


It's not a bad game, but then again, I haven't played the 360 version yet, so I don't know how the two compare. The graphics, controls, and gameplay are all alright, and the game does have some replay value. So if you don't have a 360, pick this one up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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