How do i beat the guys at the end of kings road?

  1. Cant figure out how to beat the two bosses after the chairiot race on the kings road.

    User Info: deathride78

    deathride78 - 7 years ago


  1. The pattern to fallow is attacking the sword-boss, then evading the incoming axe-boss attack. The axe will stick in the ground, leaving the boss vulnerable. Attack the axe-boss while evading and blocking the sword-boss attacks.

    After about a quarter of the axe-boss health bar is whittled away, look for an 'instant kill' cue when the axe is stuck in the ground. Completing the two strikes will damage both boss characters. Continue the pattern of 'attack the sword-boss to get the axe-boss vulnerable' and eventually, another 'instant kill' sequence will be available. Completing it should end the battle.

    If you don't have any sands left (I didn't, because I had used them during the chariot race), then it'll be a little harder than it could be. The sword-boss is relentless and is on a mission to cut you in half, and blocking won't always negate his attacks. Evading is dangerous because it leaves you vulnerable. A good way to deal with this is to position yourself between the two bosses and strike the sword-boss periodically to give you time to damage the axe-boss without being bum-rushed. It's a little frusterating at times, but keeping the basic 'setup-damage-setup-sequence-setup-damage-setup-sequence' pattern in mind should make it more manageable.

    User Info: DJWakka

    DJWakka - 6 years ago 0 0

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