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Reviewed: 12/02/05

With everything at stake once again will the Prince prevail? Or Will he succumb to the darkness that still surrounds him?

After the climatic events of the previous game prevailed the Prince sails back to Babylon, back to his beloved kingdom and his dear Father. Thinking that the nightmares of the Sands of Time is finally at it’s end. All that has caused the Prince to sail across the masculine seas would seize it’s nightmarish hold on the Prince’s dear life; no more will he have to run; no more will he have to defy death upon every corridor; no more will he fight all that is unholy; and no more will the Sands of Time suffocate his every living breath. But all that is good are often times brief as the brisk sea breezes upon our vessel of life. All that has been done and undone, time and time again and again, will rewind upon it’s last breath, and breath life to the never ending consequences of the Prince’s own doing. Once, twice, and perhaps thrice will the Prince of Persia run along paths that no man have ever set foot upon! The Prince must muster his every drop of sweat to grip on to all that is dear to him!

And perhaps, this time, our Prince will be wiser as to accept all the consequences of his own doing. After all, one can not count every grain of sand on this world.

The Prince returns home greeted with fire and arrows raining from his kingdom. No hero’s welcome that’s for sure. Boulders of brimstones thunderously hailed across the skies bombards our Prince’s vessel. Once again our Prince is greeted with violence and death and once again our Prince is without a weapon. A predicament even the Prince finds frustrating.

The colossal beauty of Babylon could still be seen among the rubbles and the debris of the falling structures. The harbor was once busied with merchants, citizens, foreigners, and beggars alike. But sadly all that is no more. Only fallen walls, crumbled buildings, and deserted corners lie lifelessly on the burnt grounds of Babylon. But forth he must go and go forth he will! No obstacles of ANY kind will stop our Prince; not walls that seem to touch the very tops of the sky nor walls that hide deadly traps among every corner; no building is impossible to scale nor any tower is unreachable; no jump is too far, no fall is too deep, and no corridors too narrow; no traps too deadly nor puzzles impossible! Progress is hindered at every turn, every step, and every grain of sand the Prince treads upon.

But the Prince is only human and human only because of the Dagger of Time; that same Dagger that unleashed death upon us all; the same Dagger that took away his everything. The Dagger now darkens the already death filled streets of Babylon, and darker yet to tell, the Dagger brings forth the wrath of the wretched Sands. Once again the Prince must wield this instrument of death for salvation and repentance…or perhaps bring forth more death?

The streets of Babylon, once filled with children running, merchants making their sales, and housewives nagging their husbands, are now patrolled by demons of the Sand. Sounds of busy chatter are now echoed by cries of death. The Prince will bring death to all those who has taken his beloved kingdom! Bring forth all the wrath, the power, the blood thirst, and give no mercy! Every blade can be an instrument of death upon your hands; every combination brings forth a severed head for every one of you citizens; every blade that connects disconnects any foe for every broken family in Babylon; every swift dodge brings a new opportunity for blood and pain.

But still, with all the hate and anger, the Prince can be merciful and if not merciful then the Prince is but another demon. Enemies they are but mercy they still deserve for the Prince still has his conscience. Make every kill swift, be silent, no need to shed more blood than necessarily, for these demons were once human. Approach from every angel; drop down from between two walls; hang from every railing; swiftly sail across the walls; attack where they least expect it; attack from where they can not see! Observe as if a hunter waits for his prey, good things come to those who wait but not to those who wait too late. Be decisive and cut down your foes with pin point accuracy, no need to bring more pain than necessary, no need for a commotion, no need for more blood shed. Swift, silent, unseen, and deadly!

With everything at stake once again will the Prince prevail? Or Will he succumb to the darkness that still surrounds him? Perhaps the Prince will finally stop running as if a whiny child? Perhaps he will learn that some things can not be changed and accept the consequences as they are? What does it mean to be noble? What does it mean to be THE prince of Persia? Perhaps he will learn that not every grain of sand can be counted upon this world.

All the old moves are back along some new moves. All the wall runs, the impossible jumps and death defying lunges are all back. Accompanied with even bigger areas for the Prince’s acrobatics. From big open rooftops to narrow corridors it’s hella fun. I’d say there are twice the amount of platforming than the previous games. Which is what PoP is all about.

Combat is greatly improved with the speed kill system. They’re pretty strategic and need a bit of planning before you can successfully clear the area. Though the speed kill sequences can get a bit tedious at times since the speed kill sequence is the same based on the enemy type. And if you screw up during the kill just rewind and do that over. Or you can always take them head on. This isn’t a button masher anymore, combos actually deal a lot more damage. All the head chopping and dismemberment are back.

This time there are boss fights. And I haven’t had this much fun during boss battles since Soul Reaver (Psone). It’s not just about hacking them apart, the Prince’s acrobatic skills and the environment will come into play. But wait there’s more! There are two chariot races in the game, while fun and exciting, it can get very frustrating since the racing sequences can be quite long. And if you die half way, prepare to start from the beginning. I did feel like Ben Hur - well, somewhat.

The meat grinding tunnels from Warrior Within are back as well, get to to the end of the tunnel in one piece and you’re rewarded with extra health. They are not as long as the ones in WW though. While they’re not hidden too secretively you can easily miss them. As a matter of fact it can be right around the corner, just a few platforms away, or behind that shroud.

Lots of ambient sounds, no more rock from WW, more like SoT really. All the sound effects are great, enemies groan and moan, the clashing of the weapons, the background noises, they’re all very apt. The voice acting is above average as with the previous two installments.

It’s better but not by a lot, definitely more details on the prince and the other characters. Just look at the Prince’s infected arm and his tattoos. It’s pretty crisp. All the environments have more detail and better texture as well. There are a total of about 5 cut scenes in CGI, the rest is told with in game sequences. The CGI scenes are pretty awesome, short but awesome.

If you liked the previous two games in the series then you’ll definitely love this. The trilogy comes full circle. While not as epic as advertised it’s a great conclusion. Though I doubt this is the last time we’ll be seeing the Prince of Persia.

Thank You for Reading.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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