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"Great game, with lazy gamemakers"

What to say about "The Two Thrones"? Admittedly I haven't played this game to exhaustion just yet but as far as I went, it just seemed too damn short. Very, very sweet, but short.

Gameplay 7/10

The gameplay is as classic as the rest of the series has been, extremely excellent. The combat is great with the addition of the speed kill spicing lots of things up, as well as the dark prince making things even more interesting combat has definitly gone up a notch from WW. And to think some of us thought it couldn't be done... Unfortunately the combat falls apart at the end.
The puzzles and traps etc. while of the same variety are also spiced up, with new and interesting additions. Unfortunately several segments of the game, i.e. the chariot races, seemed a bit gratuitous in that there wasn't enough explanation for their existence and the developers just threw them in to give us something else to do. Which is basically the general overall feeling that I have about this game now. That it's not so much a sequel to warrior within in quality as in story. In quality of game it's more akin to an expansion pack, in that alot of things have been spiced up and there's more story, but not a completely drastic overhaul.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Also great, and definitly a step up from PoP: WW again but not stunning either. Lots of nice ambient sounds, and usually good music to go with the events of the game. Again though, at the end of the game the background music is much less well done in certain areas. Visuals are also somewhat stepped up from WW, but not too much. However, they remain quality throughout the entire game especially in the end.

Overall this game really was a lot closer to an expansion pack than a full sequel. It was awesome, and funny and great, but it just didn't seem really...done. Especially at the end the game lacks a certain amount of even general coherency. The feeling I got was that the developers put so much effort into the first 3/4 of the game that they finished it while their brains were busy being fried from being overworked so much. As to my recomendation, it really depends upon what you like. I'm sure there is more to this game than is immediately obvious and I will certainly take it for several more run throughs, but that is my style. If your style is beat the game once and to hell with all the secrets and artwork and special endings, then rent it, it's easily a 14 hour game for someone new to the series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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