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"This games puts the best parts of the first two Princes and creates a true masterpiece."

The Prince of Persia series as of late has been dominating the market. The first two were both incredible, yet still marred by little bugs and bad rock music (ahem...Warrior Within). Now, we're up the third and last installment of the latest Prince of Persia series, and this game is great.

This is everything you'd expect after playing the last two. The environments are all greatly detailed and seem like ancient Babylon, if anyone knew what that looked like. The animations of the Prince are all incredibly realistic and fluid, even if there aren't very many of them. The cut-scenes are movie-like in quality, and show that Ubisoft went all out with this last series. Admittedly, some of the environments, while great, seem used from the last two. Other than the few nitpicks, this game looks great and compliments the gameplay well.

SOUND: 9/10
GOODBYE UGLY BUTT ROCK! They got rid of the rock music from Warrior Within and went back to the orchestral music for this game, and this game's score is very well done, but I still think that they could have made it a little more different from Sands of Time and still had something here. The voice-overs are great, with the actor who did the Prince's voice from the Sands of Time returning for another great performance. The person who does the Dark Prince's voice is also well done. He can get into character really well. The sound effects, while realistic, are definitely overused from the last games. All in all, they still don't have something that is perfect, but still great.

STORY: 10/10
This is the best story I think the series has had. It starts with the Prince returning to his kingdom with Kaileena, his new lover. Now don't get confused, I suggest you see the alternate ending of Warrior Within before you ask questions. Anyway, when they get back, they find that the evil vizier from Sands of Time is back and has enslaved his kingdom while he was gone. He captures and kills Kaileena (Kaileena just can't live can she?), and now the Prince has to fight to get his kingdom back. However, all the while, part of the Sands of Time have infected him, and now he turns into the Dark Prince occassionally. This story is well developed, well thought out, and well told throughout the game. Kudos Ubisoft.

This game has brought back a lot of the good elements from both Warrior Within and Sands of Time to make a great game here. The basic environmental puzzles and time powers are back from Sands of Time, and the ability to wield multiple weapons is back from Warrior Within. Both of these things are still fun to play, and really help with one of the new elements this game brings: stealth kills. Now when you sneak up on someone, you have to press the right buttons at the right time to kill him without him noticing, or else, just fight him like normal. The other new element is how the Dark Prince plays himself. He has a new weapon and is extremely powerful, but his health goes down constantly. Thankfully, you can absorb sands from the killed enemies to regain health. Everything here balances out and makes the most enjoyable experience of the three Prince of Persia games. This is a very fun, challenging, and rewarding game.

This game, while still not perfect, is still a true masterpiece of gaming. You owe it to yourself to get this game, even if you have any of the other Prince of Persia games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/16/05

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