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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TimmyVermicelli

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/16/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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               / ____/________  ____ ___     / __ \__  ____________(_)___ _
              / /_  / ___/ __ \/ __ `__ \   / /_/ / / / / ___/ ___/ / __ `/
             / __/ / /  / /_/ / / / / / /  / _, _/ /_/ (__  |__  ) / /_/ / 
            /_/   /_/   \____/_/ /_/ /_/  /_/ |_|\__,_/____/____/_/\__,_/  
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                     | | /| / / / __/ __ \   / /   / __ \ | / / _ \
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                     |__/|__/_/\__/_/ /_/  /_____/\____/|___/\___/
                      F R O M   R U S S I A   W I T H   L O V E
                                FULL FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
                           FOR THE PLAYSTATION 2 CONSOLE
                                     VERSION 1.30
    +==(_   _)====================================================================+
    +    | |                                                                      +
    +    | |   A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                    +
    +    | |                                                                      +
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Controls
    III.   Items
    IV.    General Hints and Tips
    V.     Walkthrough
        Mission 1   -  London
        Mission 2   -  Hedgemaze
        Mission 3   -  Istanbul Part 1
        Mission 4   -  Station T
        Mission 5   -  Istanbul Part 2
        Mission 6   -  Underground
        Mission 7   -  Gypsy Camp
        Mission 8   -  Sniper Alley
        Mission 9   -  Consulate
        Mission 10  -  Istanbul Part 3
        Mission 11  -  Train
        Mission 12  -  Factory
        Mission 13  -  Border
        Mission 14  -  Octopus Base
        Bonus Mission 1  -  Tunnels
        Bonus Mission 2  -  Ruins
        Bonus Mission 3  -  Plaza
        Bonus Mission 4  -  Airport
    VI.    Frequently Asked Questions
    VII.   Upgrade Guide
    VIII.  Version History
    IX.    Legal Information 
    X.     Credits and Closing
    +==( )========================================================================+
    +  | |                                                                        +
    +  | |  N T R O D U C T I O N                                                 +
    +  | |                                                                        +
    Hello and welcome to my guide on 'From Russia With Love', a James Bond game
    that warps players back to the heyday of the superspy and back to the film 
    famous for its two forever classic scenes - the jetpack scene and the Aston 
    Martin chase. This game relives those old memories sweetly.
    Released for PS2, GameCube and Xbox, this guide is written via the PS2 version
    but may be used for any of the console versions as, to my knowledge (please
    correct me if I'm wrong), the game is identical.
    Enjoy the guide, and if you have anything you want to submit to the guide or
    if you have any general queries or anything to bring to my attention, contact
    me using the e-mail address you can find in the 'Credits and Closing' section.
    +==(  _`\=====================================================================+ 
    +  | ( (_)                                                                    +
    +  | |  _  O N T R O L S                                                      +
    +  | (_( )                                                                    +
    Basic Controls (On-Foot)
    Left Analog Stick    -   Move James
    Right Analog Stick   -   Aim (Bond Focus)
    L1 Button            -   Lock On
    L2 Button            -   Cycle Weapons
    R1 Button            -   Shoot
    R2 Button            -   Crouch / Stealth Mode
    R3 Button            -   Re-Center Camera
    D-Pad                -   Cycle Weapons
    X Button             -   Reload / Action
    Square Button        -   Enter / Exit Bond Focus Mode
    Triangle Button      -   Wall Cover
    Circle Button        -   Roll
    Start Button         -   Pause / Unpause Game
    Select Button        -   Change Ammo Type / Enter Full Inventory
    Driving Controls
    Left Analog Stick    -   Direction 
    L1 Button            -   Lock On (Missiles)
    L2 Button            -   Cycle Weapons
    R1 Button            -   Shoot
    D-Pad                -   Cycle Weapons
    X Button             -   Accelerate 
    Square Button        -   Brake / Reverse (when stopped)
    Triangle Button      -   Spike Strips
    Circle Button        -   Handbrake
    Start Button         -   Pause / Unpause Game
    Jetpack Controls
    Left Analog Stick    -   Direction
    L1 Button            -   Lock On
    L2 Button            -   Cycle Weapons
    R1 Button            -   Shoot
    R3 Button            -   Re-Center Camera
    D-Pad                -   Cycle Weapons
    X Button             -   Ascend
    Square Button        -   Descend
    Circle Button        -   Quick Dodge
    Start Button         -   Pause / Unpause
    Q-Copter Controls 
    Left Analog Stick    -   Direction
    Right Analog Stick   -   Spin Left / Right
    R1 Button            -   Self Destruct
    X Button             -   Ascend
    Square Button        -   Descend
    Start Button         -   Pause / Unpause
    +==( )========================================================================+
    +  | |                                                                        +
    +  | |  T E M S                                                               +
    +  | |                                                                        +
    Firefights are more than plentiful in From Russia With Love, so you'll want to
    stay healthy unless you want frequent visits to the mortuary. Thus, you'll need
    Body Armor. Many enemies drop it in the earlier levels, particularly when 
    playing on the easier difficulty modes, but as you reach the later stages of
    the game you'll find yourself in very tricky situations with no armor. As a
    result, you'll need to keep your supplies topped up at all times.
    You will find Schematics hidden throughout the game. You'll find them in 
    cupboards, filing cabinets, in locked rooms, behind blast doors etc. and they
    are your main ticket to upgrading your weapons. There are two types of 
    Schematics - Simple and Complex. Collecting Simple Schematics awards you with
    5 Upgrading Points, Complex 10.
    These items are in almost every mission in the game, allocated one per mission.
    They will stay in your inventory until you open them. When you do, you'll be
    barraged with controller symbols. Hit these in the corresponding order they
    appear on screen within the time limit to open them. Inside you'll find a
    big sum of Upgrading Points.
    +==(  _`\=====================================================================+
    +  | ( (_)                                                                    +
    +  | |___  E N E R A L   H I N T S   A N D   T I P S                          +
    +  | (_, )                                                                    +
    - Take cover! There will be many firefights in which you can hide behind 
      objects. Anything solid, like pillars, walls, doors etc. are all perfectly 
      useable. You'll realise that, as the game progresses, it'll be impossible to
      advance without taking advantage of the ample cover that's available.
    - Your upgrade points are vital. Don't waste them on pistols, it's unlikely
      that you'll even use them past the first level. Initially, spend them on
      your Body Armor, then the SMG's and assault rifles.
    - When you are about to run dry on ammo, enter Bond Focus mode and go for 
      headshots. Conveniently there seems to be more ammo packs around when your
      ammo is low, and it frequently is.
    - When driving, do not waste your missiles on destroying smaller targets like
      enemy cars and trucks and instead use your machine guns to dispose of them.
      It's highly likely you'll need them later on in the level for helicopters
      or other sturdy and highly damaging targets.
    - As stressed before, ammo is scarce in this game so pick up as much of it as
      you can to ensure you'll see the end of the level. You may have to resort to
      your trusty old PP7, so don't be afraid to whip that out when your shotgun 
      or machine gun ammo runs out.
    - Keep moving! When you are taking on any amount of opponents, you'll find 
      that you'll suffer severe damage if you don't move around often. A moving
      target is harder to hit than a still one.
    - The Sonic Cufflinks is an unusual weapon that you won't use many times.
      It is never necessary to complete any section, but can be useful to stall
      big enemies like giant commandos, especially when low on health.
    - James' Aston Martin is an awe-inspiring machine. So don't crash it! It's
      worth replaying earier missions to make sure you have complete control of
      the control system for driving, as it ain't worth gifting your opponents
      a beaten-up car for them to destroy.
        _       _ 
    +==( )  _  ( )================================================================+
    +  | | ( ) | |                                                                +
    +  | | | | | | A L K T H R O U G H                                            +
    +  | (_/ \_) |                                                                +
    MISSION 1: London
    OBJECTIVES:    - Rescue the Prime Minister's daughter
    SCHEMATICS:    - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - None
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Destroy the helicopter quickly)
                   - 25 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 7:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    The game commences on the terrace at Westminster. You'll immediately find 
    yourself under fire from some terrorists directly ahead, so take cover behind
    something (the bar will do nicely), and return fire until all three of the
    initial enemies are down. Run over to their bodies and pick up a Kronen SMG
    and ammo. Scout around for armor as well - one of the enemies may drop some.
    Run forward and vault over the wreckage (with X). The door to your left will
    blow open and two enemies will run out. Dispatch them quickly and head 
    through the door they came from into a courtyard. A cut-scene will ensue. 
    Immediately afterwards three enemies will appear, so quickly take cover 
    behind a tree planter and take them out. Take anything they drop and enter
    the doorway on the right.
    There's a guard here - leave him, there's no point in wasting ammo on him. 
    Follow the passageway round until you reach a room with a terrorist looking 
    through books in a bookcase. He won't be aware of your presence, so you can
    do as you please. Take aim at his grenade pack located at his waistline and
    fire to toast him. Sweet.
    Run on into a ballroom. There are a few enemies here who are pinning down the
    guards, so help them out with a couple of SMG bursts and continue upstairs.
    Go around the first-floor balcony and shoot the enemies who are waiting for
    you. Press X to vault over more wreckage and continue on.
    You'll be given a few small pointers about taking cover here, so read 
    carefully as taking cover is vitally important. A couple of terrorists will
    rappel down, so use the pillar as cover and pump a few rounds into them.
    The floor here has collapsed, and the only way to get to the next door is by
    jumping the chandeliers. Don't look down! When you reach the other side, go
    through the unlocked door and take down the enemies as you make your way to
    the attic. The door will be locked electronically, so there's no way ahead. 
    Speak to the woman here to get the Passkey to the roof, collect some
    Complex Schematics from the table next to the noticeboard, then go back the 
    way you came.
    Run back to the locked door, shooting the enemies who appear along the way.
    Be wary when you reach the ballroom however, as there are rappelling enemies
    waiting to ambush you. Shoot their ropes as they do so to score a quick kill.
    Enter the locked room and a cut-scene will ensue. Afterwards you're in 
    control of the jetpack. Get used to controls, make sure you learn the 
    Quick-Dodge manoeuvre (Circle then Direction). Ascend to the clockface and
    dispatch the six enemies (four rappelling, two on jetpacks) and prepare to 
    face your first end-of-level boss...
      BOSS: Helicopter
    Your first boss takes the form of a mad, bad terrorist wielding a huge, 
    well-equipped helicopter. It should be hell in a handbasket. In reality, its 
    a piece of cake. The helicopter really only uses two attacks - firing its
    missiles and physically attempting to ram you.
    The helicopter's main form of offensive is firing missiles at you. Luckily 
    enough they are not heat-seeking, and move like treacle. You can dodge them
    easily enough, without even using Quick-Dodge. Don't worry even if you get
    caught off-guard and one hits you - they aren't half as painful as they look.
    You can tell when the helicopter is going to ram you as it appears to tilt
    forward for a moment, before shooting towards you. Be ready to Quick-Dodge as
    soon as possible, as the helicopter moves faster than you might think. This
    is the heli's only potentially dangerous attack, and when it hits, it can
    take off anything up to half your armor or health bar, so be careful.
    It's nothing to worry about though. Just keep your finger trained on the 
    Shoot button and dodge well and you have absolutely nothing to be worried 
    about. Terribly easy. 
    Note: To gain the 007 Event Bonus, simply hold shoot from the start of the
    boss battle to the end.
    MISSION 2: Hedgemaze
    OBJECTIVES:    - Find the South Gate Key
                   - Infiltrate the mansion
    SCHEMATICS:    - 4 Simple
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Inside the training room with the explosive barrel
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Shoot the explosive barrel by the car near
                     the mansion)
                   - 35 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 12:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin dropped in a massive Hedge Maze on the outskirts of a mansion's
    grounds. It's really easy to get lost, but don't lose it and start running 
    full pelt around the maze or you'll get seen and you'll face the wrath of 
    hordes of goons, which is not a good idea. Take it easy, peek around corners
    first, be quiet wherever possible and you'll be fine.
    Read the small tutorial on stealth-kills and practise on the guard up ahead.
    Scour the area for any ammo or armor and continue on through the gate. A
    brief cut-scene will start, so watch this and, when its over, sneak forward.
    A guard will be present over a low hedge ahead, and he'll be alerted if you
    try a stealth-kill on him (he has a radio, and will call reinforcements) so 
    just shoot him with your silenced PP7 pistol.
    Search for ammo lying around and then climb the wall with the relief to gain
    some Simple Schematics. Run through the gate ahead. You'll find another radio
    guard here, so dispatch him with either a stealth kill or a barrage of pistol
    Make your way through the next gate to be faced with three guards. If you 
    have an SMG, now's the time to whoop it out. Kill them all quickly and run to
    the gazebo to find  afull suit of armor. Simply run all the way to the source
    of the blip on the radar to find the South Gate Key, and be attacked by four
    guards. Take them out before they can do any serious damage and go through
    the South Gate.
    You will be awarded with another scene. Watch this and a new objective 
    appears - Find the North Gate Key. You'll find a guard standing at a fountain
    up ahead, so shoot him in the head quietly. Again, pick up any ammo you find,
    you'll need it later. There are another three guards in this opened area, so
    dispatch them without them retaliating to stay healthy and inconspicuous.
    From the gate ahead you can shoot at the soldiers without raising the alarm,
    so do so and head around the corner to pick up some Simple Schematics. Run
    along this passageway and you'll emerge outside a house. Dispatch the guard
    on the ground floor through the window, go inside and, if you need to, 
    head upstairs to find armor. There's also Special PP7 Ammo here if you want 
    Now go downstairs and pick up the North Gate Key. Surprise! Well, not really,
    but a huge bunch of goons ambush you, so run to the stairs and pick them off
    or, if you are getting a bit bored of sneaking around, face them and melee
    attack all of them. That'll show 'em. Watch out though! One of the guards has
    a radio, so you'll want to take him out first. Head through the North Gate
    when you have disposed of them and ransacked their bodies.
    As soon as you make your way out into the way, you'll appear in sniper 
    sights, so move quickly! There's not time for stealth here, so stay out of
    the sniper's view and dispatch the guards here. Grab all the dropped ammo
    and armor and head towards the mansion. There's a car up ahead, surrounded
    by guards. Handily, there's an explosive barrel next the car. Shoot the 
    barrel and it'll destroy the guards and the car, giving you a feeling of
    enormous pride and a 007 Event Bonus.
    More guards will attack from the mansion, so take cover and pick them off,
    then head up and enter the mansion. The level isn't officially complete,
    but you'll retake control in M's office.
    Search the bookcase in M's office for some Simple Schematics. Head next door
    to Moneypenny's office and search the filing cabinet for a Dinner Jacket.
    Go into the lift and you'll reappear in Q's lab. Listen to the rather jovial
    Q reveal all about his latest gadgets, then look around for some PP7 ammo.
    Enter the training area and go through the first door. In the next room 
    you'll need to use your Laser Watch to open the next room. The robot needs
    to be dispatched with the Laser Watch, so do so and continue.
    There are some robots that pop out ahead, and they can do some serious hurt
    if not killed quickly, so do so with any SMG. Continue forwards, then left,
    then right, and you'll emerge in a room with a glass panel to your left and
    four robots on the other side. First look around and you'll find some SMG
    ammo and Simple Schematics. Then, using the Laser Watch, destroy the lock
    through the bulletproof glass.
    Use the doorway as cover and shoot the robots until they're all down. You'll
    find an attache case here, so open it and continue into the next room. All
    you need to do here is press and hold X beside the bomb to disarm it, and
    the level is complete.
    MISSION 3: Istanbul Part 1
    OBJECTIVES:    - Get to Station T
                   - Destroy Russian Petrol Station
                   - Visit repair shop
                   - Destroy tank with turret
    SCHEMATICS:    - 1 Simple
                   - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Look behind the bar just before the end of the level
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Rappel across to smash through the window)
                   - 35 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 12:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin the mission in control on a beautiful Aston Martin. Get used to
    the controls of the vehicle as you make your way down the road. 
    Eventually you'll come under attack from Russian cars who will tear your
    pride and joy up if you're not careful and quick, so pick them off quickly
    with your machine guns or rockets. Keep driving down the road fending off
    any attackers until you reach a Russian petrol station.
    You'll have to blow the garage up, so fire a few rockets at the door to blow
    it to kingdom come. Do it quickly, as you'll be under attack from a few
    Russian cars and some foot soldiers wielding bazookas which can destroy your
    car quicker than you might expect.
    As soon as the garage is destroyed, bolt out of there towards the next 
    objective, which is along the road a bit. When you arrive at the repair
    shop, your car will be repaired and re-armed. Head towards the last blip
    on the radar.
    When you reach the vicinity of the Station a tank will have blocked your
    path. How handy... You'll have to continue the mission on foot.
    Run through the alleyway to the right. The blue spot here indicates you can
    perform an action, in this case, that's rappelling. Head to the balcony and
    follow it around, being wary of the tank, which has the annoying ability to
    shoot incredibly sore shells at you. When you reach the end you'll meet
    three enemies, one with a grenade pack. If you're quick, you can take them
    all out by firing at it. If not, just dispatch them normally.
    At the end of the balcony you can rappel back down. Go into the room directly
    opposite and you'll be rewarded with some Complex Schematics. Run back outside
    and to the end of the alley, where you can rappel back up.
    Kill the Russians up here quickly with your most powerful weapon as there are
    quite a few about. Grab the Special PP7 Ammo in the alcove in this room,
    then rappel over to the other balcony. There's a bunch of enemies here, so
    be ready to deal with them when they attack. Remember, the tank has a clear
    shot at you here, so be hasty!
    Pick up a Bosch Shotgun here - it's a very well-rounded shotgun you'll be
    using against many of the more brute enemies, so save it for them. Talking
    about brute enemies, you'll face some of your first here as you are ambushed,
    so unload a few shells in them and they'll drop. Be warned, though: they
    also wield shotguns and boy, do they know how to use them.
    Move along the balcony again, then kill the three ambushing soldiers
    quickly. Three soldiers will attack the other side of the square, as well as
    the tank. Drop down a level and grab the ammo, then go up to the second to
    have a chance of shooting them. Don't bother shooting the tank though,
    your bullets are harmless to it.
    When you are finished, rappel across to smash through the window and knock
    out the Russians here. This earns you the level's 007 Event Bonus. Kill the
    Russians that come from the doorway ahead. Destroy them and run into the
    room they came from. An attache case can be found behind the bar, and Simple
    Schematics can be found behind the sofa. Head outside and man the turret.
    BOSS: Tank
    The tank itself isn't that hard to take out, and it shouldn't take any more
    than five or so rounds. The main problem here is the constant volley of
    tank shells and the seemingly endless supply of bazooka-wielding Russians.
    A good tactic is to fire on any bazooka soldiers you see as soon as possible.
    If you don't, you might find yourself overrun and blown to bits. Keep firing
    and it's in the bag.
    MISSION 4: Station T
    OBJECTIVES:    - Rescue three hostages
                   - Disarm five bombs
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Upon the crates near the last hostage
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Find the secret armory)
                   - 40 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 16:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin this level under attack, so take out the two Russians and four 
    blips will appear on your in-game radar indicating the hostages' locations,
    while the red dots show the locations of the bombs you need to disarm.
    Go around to the right of the building, jump over the low wall and select
    the Q-Copter for the first time (you can find it as an alternative to the
    Laser Watch). Refer back to the controls and carefully navigate it into
    the vent until you emerge in a room. Fly over to the control panel and
    self-destruct to open the door.
    Go inside to find the first hostage. Strangely enough, there is no 
    resistance here. Free the hostage, and scour the room for lots of ammo,
    armor and Simple Schematics in the filing cabinet in the furthest away 
    corner of the room.
    Run into the hallway ahead. Three enemies will attempt to kill you, so beat
    them to it. One of them has a radio - it's usually the one on the left, but
    sometimes it randomly changes - so take him out first, then cut through the
    other two. Run into the door on the opposite wall, then through the door 
    to reach the first bomb. Disarm it.
    Backtrack to the first hallway and exit through the entrance gate. Traverse
    the stairs to the left for some armor if necessary, then go through the
    door and search the filing cabinet for a second set of Simple Schematics. Go
    into the next room.
    Whip out your (make sure it is!) silenced PP7 and shoot the Russian in the 
    head to avoid him alerting the whole building. Disarm the bomb here and get
    back to the hallway. A multitude of Russians will rappel in, so shoot their
    ropes if you can. If not, just plug away at them until they go down. Run up
    the set of stairs to the right.
    This room has another hostage for you to save. Do so, then continue into the
    next room, which is actually a balcony of sorts. The room ahead appears to
    have hosted the Russian family reunion, and you'll find a massive amount
    of enemies who hate you ahead. Take cover behind a pillar (or die) and pick
    them off one by one until there's only a few left. Charge into the room and
    kill them, then take the ammo and health they drop. 
    On the opposite side of this room is a keypad. Shoot it to open the dormitory.
    Run in and investigate to find a Covert Operations Uniform. Go to the
    entrance to the large room and rappel downwards. When you hit solid ground
    you'll see that's there is a bomb close by. It's behind the scaffolding
    next to you. Disarm it and get out your weapon - you'll be attacked by 
    multiple Russians. Take them out (the desks, inexplicably, give good cover).
    The giant screen ahead conceals the location of the next bomb. Those Russians
    really don't know when to give up and will ambush you again in droves. 
    Crouch and pick them off with an SMG and continue. The Q Copter is vital
    again, so select it and fly it into the vent. Blow up the chair blocking the
    next door and enter it.
    The last hostage is here (thank god) so free them and search the room for
    armor as it's highly likely you'll be low on it. There's PP7 ammo here as
    well as SMG ammo so pick everything up. The crates in the center of the room
    contain the game's third attache case, so pick that up and open it.
    If you don't get the 007 Event Bonus before you defuse the last bomb then
    you won't be able to get it at all, so get it now. Get back to the
    scaffolding and to the right there is a hidden door. Open it and the goodies
    and Event Bonus are yours. Pick up the assault rifle if anything - you'll 
    need it.
    The last bomb is in a room opposite where you rappelled from - enter it 
    and you'll find the bomb at the end of the room. Disarm it and a scene will
    ensue, in which another bomb is planted. You are given three minutes to
    find and disarm it.
    Go back outside and you'll be attacked by a lot of rappelling Russians.
    Dispose of them quickly and head back upstairs to the large room. You'll find
    the bomb in the dormitory, so disarm it there.
    You've not half narked off the Russians now, and they're just a little bit
    annoyed at you now. So, they send in a helicopter. How fun.
    BOSS: Another Helicopter
    The battle starts when you head back into the large room, as the Helicopter
    destroys the roof and blows a great big hole in the wall opposite. Run 
    straight past the Helicopter and into the new room to pick up a Bazooka and
    The Helicopter will constantly bombard you with machine gun fire and rockets,
    so take cover behind the pillars and occasionally come out to fire a 
    rocket back at the Heli. If you are lucky, the Bazooka will have just
    enough ammunition to blow the Helicopter up without resorting to other
    If you aren't so lucky (like me), you'll have to resort to some other weapons.
    Remember the assault rifle you got in the armory? Take it out and bombard
    the Heli until it eventually goes down. 
    If you are struggling, you can find some armor and SMG ammo back in the
    MISSION 5: Istanbul Part 2
    OBJECTIVES:    - Get to the safehouse
                   - Get to the Russian Checkpoint
                   - Steal the boat
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 2 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Inside the hidden armory (yes, there's another one)
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Enter the hidden armory)
                   - 25 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 9:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    Welcome back to Istanbul, and welcome back to James Bond's lurvely Aston.
    Drive as best you can to the safehouse - you'll be under attack from 
    basically the moment you start moving until you stop. 
    There are two kinds of enemies ready to destroy you quickly - bog standard
    (but still dangerous) Russian cars equipped with the same machine guns as
    you and others that are equipped with "tyre-shredders" (Grease, anyone?).
    Be careful, if you get caught by these your car will be shreds in literally
    Dispatch your adversaries with sustained bursts from your car's machine
    guns. You may be tempted to use rockets, especially against the tougher
    tyre-shredder foes, but you will need them later, so save them. Eventually
    you will reach the safehouse and lose your pursuers. Get out of the car and
    pick up the ammo outside, then enter the safehouse.
    There is Simple Schematics by the doorway, so pick these up from the filing
    cabinet and pick up the Disguise and put it on. Turn around and leave the
    safehouse to be attacked by three Russian guards and you'll see an adversary
    escaping in another car. If you want to gain the award for defeating enemies
    in this level you'll need to kill these three guys who attack.
    They are a little stronger than what you will probably be used to, and they
    use grenades expertly. Shoot them down as quickly as you can before you
    take too much damage. When you have, jump in the Aston and chase down the 
    It won't take long to catch up with the car - you should run into it circling
    the blocks in a small area. Wait for it to drive past and ambush it, using
    rockets and machine gun fire to bring it down. If it manages to get behind
    you watch out for its weaponry - its fairly damaging.
    Once it's destroyed, pay a visit to the repair shop if you're car is badly
    damaged. If not, just head for the next objective - the Russian Checkpoint.
    Enter the outpost and pick up the Assault Rifle by the door. You can also
    find some ammo in the filing cabinet here as well. Next, head through to the
    room with a projector inside. In here, pick up the Simple Schematics, Armory
    Key and ammo from the filing cabinets lining the walls.
    Go back to the entrance, and follow the corridor around. Go straight past
    the door marked on your map for now and go round the bend at the end and
    enter this (previously locked) room - the Armory. You'll get a 007 Event 
    Bonus and a huge stash of weaponry. Stock yourself up, remembering to search
    for the Complex Schematics and Attache Case and head back to the door marked 
    on the map. A scene will take over.
    You cover has been blown from now on, so the disguise is useless. Shoot the
    lone guard as he attempts to subdue you and pick up all the ammo and 
    armor lying around if you need it. Head to the water and two more guards will
    come from the left, so unleash lead into them until they fall. Go right and
    shoot another two guards here. Run up the stairs here.
    You need to rappel down and through the window here, so do so and quickly
    regain your composure as a couple of guards storm the room. Kill them. Go out
    onto the dock.
    Search the closet for your last set of schematics, some Complex Schematics,
    in a closet. Interact with the control panel here to lower the boat into the
    water (this is the boat you'll make your escape with). While your are 
    lowering the boat, you'll be attacked by two guards and a huge commando. 
    Deal with the guards before turning your attention to the commando. You need
    to shoot both harnesses to destroy his armor, then plug him with loads of
    rounds until he eventually falls.
    As you lower the boat further, another group of enemies appear. Kill them
    quickly before another group arrive. When the boat is finally in the water,
    the Russians will try a last-ditch attempt to exterminate you. Sneer at
    this and blow them to ribbons. Jump in the boat to complete the mission.
    MISSION 6: Underground
    OBJECTIVES:    - Reach the observation room
                   - Reach the communications room
                   - Steal the Blueprints
                   - Escape the sewers
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Inside the locked room
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Get inside the locked room)
                   - 90 enemies defeated (!)
                   - Complete the level in 16:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin on the boat you "commandeered" at the end of the last mission. 
    You are not driving the boat, rather you are shooting at the back. You'll 
    face many Russian troops armed with guns, then bazookas, which can do some
    serious damage to your boat. You also face a few enemy boats.
    Keep the Fire button held down at all times, and keep your sights locked
    on the shores. Raining bullets is always a good way to cause death very
    Bazooka Russians are a different bag completely. You only need three or 
    four rockets to hit the boat and you're fish food, so keep alert and keep
    firing at all times. It appears really hard at first but gets much easier
    when you learn by heart exactly when and where each soldier materializes,
    so you gain a bit of an unfair advantage.
    Soon after boats will join the chase, but only fire at them when you are 
    absolutely certain there are no bazooka soldiers for a while. Eventually
    you'll reach scenery which you'll have to blow out to get past. Firstly,
    you'll have to destroy a lock, so zoom in (L1) and pick it off to blast
    the gate open.
    The next two things to destroy are gate gears. You'll need to be quick and
    even more accurate to hit these, so be aware when they are approaching, 
    and either spray bullets at them or zoom in and pick them off with single
    shots. Soon you'll arrive at the destination. A cut-scene ensues.
    You are now on-foot. Run back to the observation room. There's some PP7 ammo
    here so pick that up and continue across and up the stairs. With only
    your pistol to hand just now you'll have to be a good shot, as there is a 
    whole bunch of Russians in the room here. Take cover behind a crate and take
    potshots at the enemies until they've fallen. Pick up their weapons. Head
    out of the door here.
    Run straight up to the cupboard near the flag to get a true heavy-duty
    weapon - the legendary Wright Magnum. Continue into a huge room with two
    guards patrolling. You can pick them off with the PP7 if you want to stay 
    silent, or just lay into them with a powerful SMG. Watch out for the
    grenade-hurling madman above!
    Run up the steps to the balcony and kill the adversaries here. Equip and
    fly your Q Copter into the vent on the wall here, and descend down past the
    fans as carefully as possible. Self-destruct next to the door panel to open
    the locked room. Head back to the room for your 007 Event Bonus.
    The locked room plays host to a bunch of weaponry and some Complex 
    Schematics, so clear out the room and head back to the balcony. This time
    run right to the other side and open the cupboard to find some armor. Enter
    the door here.
    Sneak up to and stealth-kill the guard with his back to you here. Go 
    through the entranceways until you reach a room packed with baddies. Take
    out an assault rifle and get to work on them, wisely using cover etc. to 
    the best of your (by now should be well-honed) abilities. Head into the
    room at the end of the walkway and pick up the attache case and some more
    Simple Schematics. Head downstairs into the second huge room and a huge
    commando will appear. He is incredibly powerful so quickly equip an 
    accurate, powerful gun (best bets are your PP7 or Magnum) to shoot off his
    armor and then switch to an assault rifle and volley shots at him till he
    goes down. Whew!
    Run to the other side of the room and rappel up onto the balcony, then
    enter the communications room. Shoot the Russian in there with a powerful
    weapon like the Shotgun and take his Blueprints. A jetpack appears. How 
    handy! Jump on and escape the way you came in...
    The first garage door opens as you shoot out the window, but the place is
    now heaving with angry enemies. Take them all out if you want the award. 
    Head through the next garage door and kill everything that moves, but
    you have to keep moving. When you reach the first fresh jetpack, enter
    the door on its left for some Simple Schematics. Keep fighting and firing
    your way to the surface.
    MISSION 7: Gypsy Camp
    OBJECTIVES:    - Defeat the gunner
                   - Rescue the four hostages
                   - Acquire the Sniper Rifle
                   - Protect Kerim Bay
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 2 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - In the kitchen area
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Enter the kitchen area)
                   - 30 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 9:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin the level under fire (how original), so crocuh immediately to
    prevent too much damage being suffered. Your target is the gunner on the
    back of the van - you'll also come under attack from various nefarious
    Russians that are dropped by the van.
    Edge out a little and target the gunner, then unload for as long as
    possible without him firing back. Use a powerful gun to drop him quickly -
    the assault rifle or a good SMG, or even the Magnum. Keep using the table
    as cover when he shoots at you - eventually he'll start firing elsewhere,
    and that's your signal to start unleashing death upon him. 
    Every once in a while there will also be enemies that jump from the van
    and attempt to flank your position and will chuck grenades. While the 
    gunner will cause a lot more damage than the soldiers, the soldiers will
    overcome you if you let them, so target them as soon as they appear.
    When the gunner has finally fallen, you will have to rescue the hostages. 
    Grab ammunition and armor strewn around the area, then head to the gypsy
    caravan and grab the Gas Mask around the side of it. The first hostage is 
    here, but is guarded by three enemies. The first two are outside, so deal
    with them, then take out the last enemy and free the hostage. Three are left.
    Equip the gas mask now, it saves any fiddling about later. Now go over to 
    the barn that is located near the caravan and rappel up the doors. There
    is armor here, so pick it up before heading downstairs.
    There are some enemy soldiers here, so kill them off and free the next 
    hostage. There are some Simple Schematics here on top of some hay, so grab
    them before leaving the same way you entered.
    The next hostage you should free is in the house ahead. Enter it (make sure
    you have your gas mask equipped here) and you'll be buffetted by gas. There
    are two soldiers here, so dispatch them and head towards a doorway to find
    some Complex Schematics.
    Run up the stairs to the kitchen. Unfortunately it's locked (see how the
    007 Event Bonus fits in now?), so unleash your trusty Q Copter and fly it 
    into the vent, navigate the vent, and you'll emerge in the kitchen. Detonate
    next to the chair and you'll open the room. Enter and you'll recieve the 
    level's 007 Event Bonus.
    There is a soldier here, so kill him and search around for the attache case.
    Open it and head back to the entrance room. Go up the stairs here and into
    the door. Kill the enemies here and set the next hostage free. Pick up the
    Black Tuxedo in the room before leaving. Go out the other door in the room.
    Follow the balcony to the end and drop down in order to avoid the gas. Head
    to the door in the rock beside the caravan and the house. Before you go in
    pick up another Gas Mask. Don it and enter the door. Kill the guards and
    release the final hostage. A scene will ensue.
    You end up back at your beginning location. Go back to where the last hostage
    was located and grab the Simple Schematics, then head to the double doors 
    near the large arch. Add the Complex Schematics to your collection here
    and rappel up the wall indicated by the typical blue glow. 
    Take the sniper rounds here and follow the path here. Jump over the gap and
    pick up the Sniper Rifle.
    BOSS: Protect Kerim Bay
    You'll now have to protect Kerim Bay. It's not hard to use the Sniper Rifle,
    so quickly learn before the first wave of enemies attack. Pick them off
    as quickly as possible. Go for headshots, as they guarantee instant death.
    Two of the waves contain giant commandos. These giant brutes can rip Kerim
    Bay to shreds almost instantly, so you'll need some sharpshooting. Make sure
    you use headshots as shooting off the armor just takes too much time with
    the slow Sniper Rifle.
    Watch you don't get too over-ambitious with the Sniper though, as you will
    run out of ammo faster than you would think. If that happens, you'll have
    to run back to where you got ammunition for the Sniper the first time, 
    which takes up valuable time when Kerim Bay is under attack. Just keep 
    dropping the guards and eventually you'll complete the mission.
    MISSION 8: Sniper Alley
    OBJECTIVES:    - Reach the sniper cover point
                   - Give cover to Kerim Bay
    SCHEMATICS:    - 1 Simple
                   - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - In the room where you face the giant commando
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Shoot the soldier's radio to break it)
                   - 25 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 9:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    From the start, go to the right and follow the path to Kerim Bay's location
    to find some Magnum rounds. Head back to the beginning and climb the wall.
    DON'T DROP OFF! Instead, from here, use Bond Focus to shoot the soldier's
    radio. You'll get the 007 Event Bonus for the level and you won't face the
    wrath of five or six Russians early on.
    Drop on and he'll try (and fail) to call reinforcements. Laugh and fill
    him with lead. Kill the other guard here too and continue on until you
    reach a locked gate. A Russian is shooting at you here, so dispatch him 
    through the fence and shoot the gate's lock.
    Two enemies will attack with powerful rifles, so pull out your Magnum and
    see them off before they hurt too badly. Follow the alley to its end and
    pick the armor and the Simple Schematics up. Head back to the glowing spot
    and rappel up to the window. Climb in.
    Go down the stairs quietly and jump the soldier in the kitchen. Pick up
    the Apartment Key and the shotgun shells here and head back up to the 
    landing you rappelled to. Open the door here and head into the apartment.
    There's a guard walking about in here, so kill him and grab the Complex
    There's an open window here, so go outside and jump the gap. The next room
    is swarming with powerful enemies, so go guerilla and take out a powerful
    Shotgun or Magnum. Run into the room and shoot a guard. It should kill him.
    Quickly run back outside. Lather, rinse, repeat until every guard is dead.
    Mop up the ammo and armor and head to the room on the left.
    There are three Russians in this room, so blow them away and take cover
    quickly! A giant commando appears so take potshots at his armor latches
    and kill him before he does you serious damage. When he is dead, search
    for an attache case in the left-hand corner of this room and head up the
    On the roof, you should pick up the rockets, as you'll need them later,
    and grab the Sniper Rifle ammo. Head to the white light to trigger a 
    You'll now have to protect Kerim Bay as he makes his way up the building, by
    raining sniper fire from here. Kerim cautiously takes a few steps forward
    and is promptly bombarded by Russians. Take them out with quick and accurate
    headshots from your sniper. Remember, don't get to cocky and start firing
    at everything - you only have a little ammo and you'll need to stop and
    get some more from the area you found the first set if you run out.
    Kerim Bay will then advance to the next floor when the Russians are 
    decimated and will be preyed upon by a giant commando. As accurately and
    swiftly as you can shoot off his armor and quickly take out an assault
    rifle and plug him full of lead. When Kerim reaches the end of the floor, 
    you'll be attacked by...
    BOSS: Another bloody Helicopter
    Yes, another one... After you recover from your momentary daze of being 
    attacked by a heli (joke), take cover and fire away with your Bazooka, being
    wary of the heli's machine guns and rockets.
    If that isn't enough to kill the stupid piece of Russian aviation, take out
    a Magnum or similar powerful weapon and plug away at it until it blows up
    into a fiery mess. You should know how to dispatch the heli's by now.
    Turn your attention back to Kerim, who will probably be on the second floor
    and be under attack. You will be getting shot at by Russians on the first,
    so it can seem a bit overwhelming. Take out your assault rifle and blow away
    the Russians on the first floor, then turn your attention to the rotten 
    soldiers and shoot them before they cause Kerim too much hurt.
    Kerim now gets taken hostage. Your thoughts are confirmed: Kerim is really
    absolutely useless in every way. Take out your Sniper again and take aim
    at the hostile maniac. 
    Kerim wrestles him forward a couple of times - this is your chance to get a
    clear shot at his captor. He'll only do this a couple of times before the
    Russian kills him, so pull the trigger as soon as he does it. What follows
    is the end of this highly irritating mission.
    MISSION 9: Consulate
    OBJECTIVES:    - Talk to consulate clerk
                   - Find Tatiana
                   - Get to the vault
                   - Destroy elevator override with the Q Copter
    SCHEMATICS:    - 3 Simple
                   - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Near the switch that opens the cells
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Enter the locked room)
                   - 50 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 17:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    This is a long one... To start, search the bookcase for some Simple Schematics
    and the filing cabinet for some shotgun shells. When you've got everything,
    talk to the clerk at the desk. When the conversation is interrupted, the
    mission really begins. Head through the newly-created hole in the wall.
    Your weapons are available now (obviously) so take out your SMG and continue.
    Note that your new weapon, the Serum Gun, is now in your inventory. There
    are some enemies around the corner, so dispatch them and keep going.
    You'll come across a room ahead, which is full of gas. Not a good idea. 
    Go left and head to the end of the corridor. You'll find a vent, so send a
    Q Copter down and blow up the panel locking the door. This opens the door
    at the beginning of the mission, so head back to the reception and head
    through the door. Kill the guards in here and pull the lever. This rids
    the room up ahead of gas, so head back there after you get the Serum Darts
    from the bookcase.
    Head into the gas room, then into the room opposite. Waiting here is
    Tatiana. Search for Magnum rounds here in the storeroom and take her to the
    elevator. Take the elevator to the basement level. When the door opens have
    a gun ready to dispatch the guards that investigate. When they are down,
    run to the end of the corridor and pick up the Gas Mask.
    There's a gas room up ahead, so put on the mask and enter the room. Kill
    the enemies here and go through the arch-type construction. There are
    some Simple Schematics in a filing cabinet, so ensure you pick them up and
    use the lever which will get rid of the gas. You'll need a Q Copter again.
    Send the Copter through the vent and go left towards the elevator. You 
    face a new hazard here for the Copter - steam bursts. Dodge these unless you
    want rid of your Copter. Also note the vent is remarkably narrower than
    those you might be used to. Anyway, navigate the vent to the end until you
    come out into a generator room.
    Here, you'll need to dodge the flames, so time your flying and you'll emerge
    out in a huge shaft. Ascend until you see another vent. Fly through this
    until you come out into the final room. Self-destruct beside the control
    panel to override the elevator controls. 
    Kill all the guards that appear when the elevator opens and take their ammo,
    then head back into the elevator. Pick up the ammo and armor when you
    reach the designated floor and head to the lovely big button next to the
    door and interact with it to open the door.
    There are a few guards here, but they should be easy pickings. Round up the
    ammo here and be sure to check the cabinets here before picking up the 
    Gas Mask and equipping it. Head into the next room and you'll see it's full
    of gas. How surprising.
    There are a set of stairs to your left as you enter the room, so traverse
    these and kill the guards at the top. Pull the lever to rid the room of gas.
    There's a blue cabinet type thing here, so climb onto it and shoot out the
    locks with a pistol or your Laser Watch on the door at the top of the stairs.
    Enter this room for the level's 007 Event Bonus.
    Pick up the Simple Schematics and ammo in this room. If you need another
    Gas Mask, you'll have to back up and find one. If not, quickly run up the
    steps to the right and kill the Russians, then pull the lever to get rid of
    the damn gas. Run into the small room and push the button to open the cells.
    In one of these cells is the attache case so pick it up and open it.
    There are loads of enemies ahead, so you'll need armor. The only place you
    can get it is in the second room, which holds a giant commando, so if you
    are hurting you'll have to run and gun very well. Run into the first room
    and take cover if necessary, then gun them all down quickly. 
    Recooperate and take out a powerful weapon (the Magnum is ideal, if you have
    enough ammo) then charge the next room. Shoot the commando's armor off as
    quickly as you can then play tippy-tappy skills with him by hiding, peeping
    out and plugging away and hiding again before he begins to let rip. He'll
    eventually go down and you shouldn't have too much damage to your name. 
    Dispatch the other guards and pick up the armor and ammo. Relief.
    Run down the stairs and kill everyone in the room. Approach the vault and
    shoot out (or Laser Watch) the locks to gain entry. The way forward is
    by picking up the Lektor, but you'll be forced into a scene if you pick
    it up first, so pick up the Complex Schematics and various types of ammo
    before doing so.
    Now you have the thing you came for, you have to escape without dying.
    Obviously. You have to get back to the elevator, so run outside and kill the
    Russians and pick up the armor from one of the vaults that are now open.
    Run up the steps, taking out the many guards you meet along the way.
    You'll also come face to face with another commando, but providing you 
    aren't a poor shooter you should have enough armor to take him out without
    resorting to the tactics we used earlier.
    When you reach the elevator, enter it and a cut-scene will ensue, marking
    the end of this long-winded mission.
    MISSION 10: Istanbul Part 3
    OBJECTIVES:    - Subdue 30 enemy vehicles before time runs out
                   - Reach the train station before time runs out
    SCHEMATICS:    - None
    ATTACHE CASE:  - None
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Shoot down the (another one!) helicopter)
                   - 40 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 12:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    This is your third time in Istanbul, and this time it's a mission completely
    oriented around driving. Your objectives seem vague but they are completely
    accurate - you have to drive around the city looking for vehicles to
    destroy. A personal vendetta, per se. You have 10:00 minutes to disable
    30 vehicles, which seems at first to be quite steep - until you realise
    that enemy cars are ten-a-penny on the streets of the city.
    The tyre-shredders are gone, replaced with highly damaging and incredibly
    irritating vehicles with enemies riding shotgun. These tend to rip into
    your car's health surprisingly quickly, and if you don't dispatch them with
    rockets you'll find yourself making frequent trips to the repair shop in a
    As a general rule you shouldn't get too far away from the repair shop for
    obvious reasons - you don't want to be caught cold in the middle of the city,
    a huge drive away from the repair shop, with three or four "shooting" cars
    Once 30 cars are down you will have to get to the train station, and you
    have a new time limit (5:00 minutes) in which to do that in. Of course
    you'll be pursued and attacked over the entire journey. Watch - you don't
    have enough time to backtrack to the repair if you take too much damage.
    If you find yourself overwhelmed by Russian cars, you can stop dead and they
    will keep travelling - use this time to fire hot lead into their cars till
    they are destroyed. 
    Soon after, a Russian truck will invade the chase by driving in front of
    you unloading its seemingly endless supply of highly explosive barrels right
    in your path. Charming. Use the machine guns to destroy the barrels as they
    come at you and to slowly chp away at the truck until it is destroyed.
    Once the threat is eliminated, you'll face a new threat:
    BOSS: Guess! Right in one! A Heli!
    There's more helis here in this game than there is in any air base... 
    Enough moaning. You should find this one the easiest of the choppers you'll
    have to destroy in the game simply because of the supply of rockets you
    The helicopter fires missiles almost constantly, however these are slow
    enough for you to dodge without too much hassle. Keep your target locked on
    the helicopter and blow it to kingdom come with your own rockets. If you
    run out of rockets, simply switch to the machine gun, which is also 
    surprisingly effective against the helicopter. This also earns you the 
    missions 007 Event Bonus.
    Eventually it'll go down, and you have to get the train station. Simply 
    coast into the marker and stop to end this short but sweet mission.
    MISSION 11: Train
    OBJECTIVES:    - Defeat Red Grant's henchmen
                   - Catch Red Grant
                   - Protect Tatiana
                   - Destroy the train turrets
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 2 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Just off of the platform
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Get onto the Gift Shop roof and drop in)
                   - 50 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the mission in 12:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the mission on 00 Agent difficulty
    You start on a train, holding a suitcase. This "suitcase" is actually a
    Briefcase Turret, an immensely powerful Rotary Cannon-like machine gun.
    You'l also find yourself under attack by a giant commando.
    Quickly take cover behind anything with substance (the bar is a good bet)
    and kill the giant commando with an accurate handgun like the Magnum.
    When he's down, head to the glass doors up ahead. When you reach them,
    a squadron of enemies pour out and you have to kill every one. Use the
    Briefcase Turret to dispatch if you want. Cut-scene.
    On the station platform, kill the enemies that attack. You'll meet the
    shielded enemies here, which have the annoying ability to block everything
    you throw at them. There are two ways in which they are vulnerable. Firstly,
    they lower their shields to move around, do plug them quickly. If that
    fails, you can use Bond Focus to aim at their head while they shield
    themselves. Either way, they should immediately become priority if present.
    Pick up the Simple Schematics from the bench here and head to the big
    station building and the doors on your right. The hall you come out in
    is full of enemies - dispatch them with a machine gun or shotgun and 
    continue up the stairs. 
    The guards here need death, so give it to them and head back downstairs
    to kill the ones attacking Tatiana before she gets too badly hurt. Back
    upstairs, check all the searchable objects for ammo and pull the switch.
    More guards arrive to kill you and your lady-friend, so kill them quickly.
    Get back to the balcony and climb onto the fan-like thing thats draped
    in advertisements. This is where you should be able to rappel onto the roof
    of the shop and drop into it. This earns you the 007 Event Bonus for the
    mission. You also gain some Complex Schematics.
    Before continuing get back to the next office and search the filing cabinet
    for Simple Schematics. Pick up the Station Key from the desk here, and kill
    the ambushing enemies. Pick up their ammo and open the door in the adjoining
    office before going downstairs and pulling the switch.
    Head outside and kill the guards that are blasting away at you and Tatiana.
    Now you have to destroy the train turrets. There are three ways to go about
    fulfilling this objective.
    Your first option is to go in all guns blazing with a powerful automatic
    weapon to destroy a turret, hiding, taking out the guards which attack,
    peering back out and destroying another, taking out the guards etc. etc. 
    This method is quick but leaves you and Tatiana highly exposed and very easy
    targets for the guards.
    Another mode of operation is to use your powerful weaponry like your Shotgun
    to fire away, hide, and repeat without bothering the attacking guards 
    (unless you take too much damage). The plus and negative points are almost
    identical to before.
    Your third option is by the mode tedious but by far the safest. Use a Q
    Copter. That's it. It slow and boring, but gets you out unscathed. You do
    have three waves to deal with at one time now, though.
    The choice is yours. When everything is down, grab any ammo in the area and
    head round the platform corner and pick up the attache case. Open it and
    head onto the train. Run down the train until you reach the other end, leave 
    the train and head through the gate. 
    BOSS: Red Grant
    As soon as the battle begins, run to the end of the train and pick up the
    Complex Schematics. You be buffetted by constant fire, but don't worry,
    you should be fine. 
    The battle itself is simple. Take cover and peer out and rain fire upon
    him until he reels. When he does, quickly enter Bond Focus and fire at the
    targets on his body. Keep doing this until his life bar empties, and that's
    it. The only thing to watch out for is the grenades he throws everywhere.
    It only takes two or three to destroy the piece of cover you are 
    appropriating which means you'll be changing cover often.
    MISSION 12: Factory
    OBJECTIVES:    - Plant three bombs
                   - Fly through the factory
                   - Infiltrate complex
                   - Escape via the warehouse
                   - Escape!
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 2 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Close to the reception desk
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Eradicate the guard tower)
                   - 45 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 17:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin the mission on a jetpack. Shoot out the windows opposite and
    fly onwards into the next room. There are two broken generators here - 
    they'll send you to an early grave if you try to fly through, so ascend
    until you reach the upper balcony type thing, and get off your jetpack 
    inside the marker.
    Now on foot, run into the next room and head into a main control room 
    adjacent to this room. Inside the room, look around for a vent on one of the
    walls in the room, and equip a Q Copter. Fly into the vent and keep on going 
    until you reach a new room. Self-destruct next to the control panel.
    There's a lever handily placed in this room. Pull it and it'll slow the
    broken generators enough for you to fly through. Take the hint and get back
    to the jetpack, but don't fly through the generators just yet. Instead,
    head over to the opposite balcony and get off the jetpack, run into the
    room and pick up the Complex Schematics from the filing cabinet.
    Get back on the jetpack and descend until you are level with the generators.
    It stops every so often, so when you see it doing so you only have a 
    limited amount of time to thunder through, so don't hang about. 
    Your first enemies are in the next room, so either land and take them out,
    or just stay on the jetpack and pump rounds into them. When they are down,
    get to the gantry and place a bomb. Head around the passageway and open the
    door here.
    Run down the path leading to the complex ahead. There are loads of guards
    at the entrance (naturally) so you'll have two choices - if you have 
    upgraded the assault rifle to a standard that it can take out a legion of
    enemies quickly (i.e to the max), then try that. Otherwise, you going to
    have to play unfair with a Sniper Rifle.
    Aim for explosive objects to take out everyone quicker. The guards will be
    alerted faster, but of course by then they'll be dead. There is a couple of
    guards in the guard tower which is easy to overlook. Aim so that their 
    grenades will explode in the tower - this destroys it and earns you your
    007 Event Bonus.
    If you want it, you can pick up an Armour Piercing Rifle from the outside
    edge of the complex before entering. Jump up and over the boxes to enter the
    Run across the compound, to the crane. Use the crane to move the tank to
    the balcony sticking from the side of the complex, your only point of entry
    at the moment. Drop the tank, leave the crane, jump onto the crate, then the
    tank, and finally onto the balcony. Head through the door and you'll emerge
    inside the factory. Head down the steps onto the main area.
    Some guards will attack, so dispatch them and move on up to the windows
    at the far side of the factory and you'll find a barrel. Use your Laser 
    Watch to blow the barrel up, giving you access. Search the filing cabinets
    for armor (finally!) and Simple Schematics, then pick up the Factory Key.
    Place the bomb here but not before climbing over the crates ahead and adding
    more Complex Schematics to your repertoire. Head back outside the factory
    and approach the glass-panelled building directly ahead. Kill the guards
    that attack when you enter and pick up the attache case next to the 
    reception desk and continue.
    Run to the elevator and press the button. In the office you arrive at,
    you should search everything for ammo, armor and a set of Simple 
    Schematics. Pull the switch on the wall to open the door. Run in and kill 
    the guards, then pick up the Bazooka ammo in the closet. Get onto the lift
    here and you'll arrive one floor up.
    Run along the gantry here and enter the room. Pull the switch here and
    head back down. When you reach the bottom, you'll be attacked by a...
    BOSS: Giant Robot Tank
    Ooooohh, scary. But really quite easy. You have enough Bazooka ammo to
    take this out, but you'll find it's hard to find a gap in the Tank 
    relentless attacks (even when you're behind cover). 
    When he stops it won't be for long, so as quickly as possible peer out
    and fire off a rocket or two, then take cover again. It shouldn't take more
    than five rockets to bring him down. Watch when he is nearly down as he
    starts to fire grenades behind your cover, which hurt. Just moving and
    he'll go down without to much trouble.
    Head to the shutters that are now open and place the last bomb. The level
    isn't over yet. 
    Open the warehouse doors and get in the car. You'll be attacked from here
    to the exit by angry Russians, so don't let up and keep on going. If you
    stop, they'll take great pleasure in boxing you in / ripping chunks out of
    you / all of the above. Keep taking the right forks in the tunnel and 
    eventually you'll escape. Job well done.
    MISSION 13: Border
    OBJECTIVES:    - Find the Dock Key
                   - Reach the docks
                   - Commandeer a patrol boat
                   - Get to the border
                   - Destroy the assault boat
    SCHEMATICS:    - 1 Simple
                   - 1 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - In the guardhouse at the docks
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Enter the guardhouse)
                   - 80 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 18:00 minutes or less
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    You begin driving your sleek Aston, so head down the door as quickly as
    you can. Soon you will be attacked by enemy cars. By this stage in the 
    game you should be able to subdue any vehicular attacks, so use every trick
    in the book, clean or otherwise, to get them off your tail.
    You'll also be attacked by a helicopter along the way, but a few well-placed
    missiles should see off the threat without too much trouble. The heli 
    certainly doesn't seem to be as strong as previous encounters.
    There are several locations along the way in which the road is blocked and
    you'll need to jump the gap by using rubble as a makeshift ramp. It is
    important to make good speed for jumping these gaps otherwise you won't
    make it.
    When you reach the large fence / gate type thing, get out of the car and
    head for the lighthouse. There's a soldier wielding a bazooka in the
    guard tower ahead, so sniper him before he blows you into next week. Run
    down the path leading to the lighthouse, mowing down the enemies that 
    appear. You'll face several tough enemies and a few giant commandos, so
    you'll have to be sharpshooting to the best of your ability.
    Go into the small hut when the area is devoid of enemies and pick up the
    Dock Key, satisfying the first objective. There are Simple Schematics 
    around the back of the hut, so make sure you grab them. Make your way 
    back to the car and get in.
    You now need to drive back to the beginning of the mission, so drive back 
    fending off the cars and yet another helicopter. Keep driving, shooting and
    killing until you reach the docks. Get out of the car and go through the
    There's a guardhouse here, with a guard in it (surprise, surprise), so kill
    him and fly your Q Copter inside. Blow up the door control panel and go 
    inside to gain the mission's 007 Event Bonus. Pick up the attache case and
    open it after using the gun here to kill the guards in the area. Tatiana
    should join you around this point.
    Run down the docks, taking out any enemies you missed with your initial
    sweep from the gun. Pick up the Complex Schematics on top of a box on the
    way down. When you reach the next guardhouse you'll find its quite heavily
    guarded. Take out everyone inside and use the level to lower the boat.
    After you lower it a third of the way, you'll be interrupted by an ambush
    by a legion of guards. They are many and you are few, so you'll need good
    shooting skills to dispatch them. You should have adequate skills by this 
    stage in the game, however. Lowering it two more times results in two more
    attacks of equal caliber. Kill them and get into the boat.
    You are shooting from the boat again, rather than driving. You'll be
    bombarded constantly from just about everywhere imaginable. Your enemies
    include enemy boats, men on the docklines and helicopters (gosh!). Just
    keep a steady rate of fire trained on the enemy boats to destroy, aim for
    the barrels to kill the men on the docklines, and just shoot the helis.
    There are also mines for you to contend with. These need to be shot, and
    can catch you by surprise. They cause a fair amount of damage to your boat,
    so make sure they are destroyed or you'll face a sticky end. Keep firing
    until you reach the border. In a last ditch attempt to kill you, Octopus 
    send out their...
    BOSS: Assault Boat
    ...Octopus Assault Boat. Looks rather intimidating, doesn't it? You shouldn't
    worry though, as it isn't too hard to bring down, luckily.
    Keep firing at it and don't let up. Fortunately the weapons it has are 
    ridiculously small and useless especially when you consider its size and
    the fact it's supposedly an "assualt boat". It is also hugely inaccurate -
    you'll hardly even take a hit. A pathetic boss battle.
    MISSION 14: Octopus Base
    OBJECTIVES:    - Infiltrate the base
                   - Disable the warhead
                   - Plant bomb on the fuel intake
                   - Escape
    SCHEMATICS:    - 2 Simple
                   - 2 Complex
    ATTACHE CASE:  - Inside the locked room
    AWARDS:        - 007 Event Bonus (Enter the locked room)
                   - 70 enemies defeated
                   - Complete the level in 18:00 minutes
                   - Complete the level on 00 Agent difficulty
    This is it - the final mission. You've done well to make it this far. To 
    start, run onto the walkway and run along until you reach a vent. Fly your
    Q Copter into the vent and out into room. Guards in the room will shoot
    at the little gadget, so quickly manoeuvre to the control panel and detonate,
    opening the door.
    The guards in the room will rush out, so take them by surprise and shoot 
    them down. Run into the room and use the level to call the elevator. 
    A few guards will filter out, so dispatch them and enter the elevator, 
    which you should take down to the actual base. 
    Guards will relentlessly pummel the elevator with fire until you go down,
    so return fire until they die or they'll hand your heart to you on a platter.
    When the elevator reaches its destination, run off and through the door.
    Get to the end of the ledge and rappel downwards. When you reach the large
    area below, traverse the stairs to your left and enter the little room to
    find some Simple Schematics. Get back to the main room and head through
    the lower door.
    The next room has a lava pool with a bridge, on which you need to run along
    to reach the other side. There are a few guards here, as well a jetpack
    guard, so shoot them down before they cause you too much hurt, and run to
    the center of the bridge and press the switch, which shifts the bridge.
    Run along the bridge and into the newly-accessible doorway.
    Two guards drop in the room, so kill them and rappel up the wall on your
    immediate left. On the walkway run towards the missile and disable the
    bomb on the warhead. Send a Q Copter into the room beside you, and destroy
    the control panel to open the door. Run in and shoot the guard. You are
    rewarded with the 007 Event Bonus, the attache case for the mission, and a
    set of Complex Schematics. Score!
    Head back to the room where you started. Upon reaching the room, you should
    see a set of stairs you have not traversed. Run up these and go into the
    room. Follow the passageway, over the bridge and the next corridor. You
    can find another set of Simple Schematics here, so grab them and continue on.
    Keep running through the open doors and corridors until you reach a jetpack.
    Jumping on triggers a cut-scene.
    BOSS: Octopus Fighter Jet
    This is really your first testing boss. You are (naturally) terribly exposed
    on the jetpack, so you'll need to keep moving. Ascend and descending at the
    right moments are paramount to victory.
    Keep diving up and down and take a few potshots with your rockets at the
    jet until the army of Russians appear on the ground. Combined, they can 
    actually cause you a lot more damage than the jet, so they become your primary
    Use your machine guns to cut though swathes of them. They are quite mobile,
    so fire away everywhere and they should fall like flies. Beware though,
    many of the soldiers wield rifles similar to the Assault Rifle, but far more
    damaging. They are reasonably deadly, so if you can identify the idiots
    with these weapons, kill them first.
    When the ground troops are all down, concentrate on the jet. Dodge (the many)
    rockets it fires and counter it with some of your own. You will take some
    damage in this fight unless you are very, very good, so don't get 
    disheartened if you appear to be getting mauled.
    Finally, after an epic firefight, the jet will go down. Good work.
    There is another way to combat this boss which I recently discovered
    while replaying this mission. Instead of ascending and descending constantly
    (which is very risky), as soon as the battle starts, fly over to where you 
    will be hopping off the jetpack soon.
    Here, in the wall, you will see a dark niche. Fly in here and to the end, and
    blast away at the jet without him harming you. He'll go down quickly, and you
    won't even be the slightest bit dinged up. Great!
    Hop off the jetpack in the blue landing circle and head into the door here.
    Follow the passageway and go through the room until you reach an office-like
    computer room. Pick up the Complex Schematics and shoot the enemies
    through the windows.
    Rappel down to the surface and the base of warhead. Plant your bomb here.
    The door behind you will open, so head through here and follow the long
    passage back to your jetpack. Fly across the room to the other side and
    dismount from it. 
    BOSS: Red Grant's Spider
    A huge spider type robot thing, with Red Grant (shock!) at the controls will
    attack. The entrance walls to the room are, for some reason, completely 
    immune to the Spider's battering of it. There are a few entrance walls you
    can run back and forth from, so use this wisely.
    The Spider has a lot of highly irritating attacks - a laser, which shocks
    and takes off a fair bit of health off you, grenades, which negate any
    cover you are using, and a chaingun, which hurts. He normally fires them
    in mirror the order above, then rests for a few second, then starts again.
    A few things to remember - the grenades can be thrown past any cover, which
    means they will still blow you away. When he throws one into the room, run.
    Also, don't forget his sequence infrequently but randomly changes, so don't
    take it for granted that he is completed an assualt when he fires a laser -
    I made that mistake and got ripped to shreds by his chaingun. Be patient.
    Use any weaponry you want, but burst or automatic firing weapons are very
    handy. The Magnum is just acceptable, and the shotgun and pistol pretty
    much worthless. I used the Armor Piercing Rifle until I ran out of ammo, then
    switched to the SMG, which was only marginally less effective.
    This can be a long scrap, but keep on plugging away and Red Grant will 
    finally die. Congratulations on beating the Main Game!
    Once you have completed the main game (or before it if you have enough
    awards), you can tackle the Bonus Missions, a set of four extra missions
    which test your skills further than the main game. All the usual awards
    are present, but are not marked.
    Schematics are available in a few bonus missions, but not all. Attache cases
    are not present in the Bonus Missions. There are no bosses in these missions
    either, usually there is varying difficulty levels or waves of enemies to
    There is one vague objective to be fulfilled in every mission, and not many
    pointers as to the way forward. You will be using gadgets and more obscure
    weapons far more often than in the main game. Have Fun!
    BONUS MISSION 1: Tunnels
    OBJECTIVE:    - Disarm all bombs within the time limit
    SCHEMATICS:   - 1 Complex
    TO UNLOCK:    - 10 Awards
    Your first Bonus Mission puts you under pressure from the off, with a 
    time limit of 10 minutes to disable all the bombs. 10 minutes is quite
    reasonable, but to claim the time award you need to complete the mission in
    8, which is tight.
    Stealth-kill the guard directly in front of you. Move around to the right
    of the platform. Kill the guards waiting at the bottom of the tunnel for you
    then destroy the train car that's in the way with a grenade or bazooka rocket.
    The green car is your objective. When you have found it, defuse the bomb
    on the back of it. Run onto the flatbed car from here for extra grenades and
    An Assault Rifle has spawned back in the tunnel, so run back and retrieve
    it, then keep going until you reach a wooden gate / barrier, and chuck a
    grenade at it to destroy it. There are three guards just past this point who
    are itching to kill you with highly explosive weaponry, so use your
    newly-acquired Assault Rifle to pick them off before you become Cannon
    On the wall to your left is another bomb, so disarm it and continue. Raid
    the corpses for a very handy Bazooka, and fire off one of the rounds into
    the large group waiting for you to kill them quickly and effectively. Mop up
    any survivors and continue until you come across a set of crates. The next
    bomb is just behind these boxes, so defuse it and continue.
    As you make you way to the end of the tunnel you will be assaulted by three
    more guards, this time with shields. Throw a grenade to see of this attack
    swiftly, then pick up the Sniper Rifle that is dropped. Get rid of the 
    wooden barrier ahead and continue.
    You'll be attacked from all sides after continuing, so ready yourself and
    kill everyone that approaches you. Run on, picking up ammo along the way,
    until you reach a fork. Take the right hand fork, as there is a machine gun
    turret lying in wait for you along the left path. A giant commando will
    greet you as you waltz down this passageway, so dispatch him before turning
    your attention to his weaker colleagues.
    Keep running and gunning until you come across a machine gun. Jump on it and
    unleash fiery death or all the guard below, or just chuck a few grenades 
    (make sure you keep at least one, though). Head to the bomb here and disable
    it. Just the one to go, and you are close.
    Go back the way you came, taking out another commando (earning you the 007
    Event Bonus) and another group of strong enemies, until you reach a flatbed
    truck. Enemies will attack from above, but if you need the Time Bonus
    just ignore them. Grab the Complex Schematics from the rear of the truck,
    and disable the last bomb.
    BONUS MISSION 2: Ruins
    OBJECTIVE:     - Escape!
    SCHEMATICS:    - 1 Complex
    TO UNLOCK:     - 18 Awards
    Be prepared for some pretty ridiculous firefights in this mission. There 
    are tons of enemies including plenty of the upgraded, much more damaging
    type. Ammo is also reasonably scarce in this level, so always go for head
    shots. Good luck.
    Run out of the first room and into the boiling pan. There is swathes of
    angry enemies here, so immediately dive behind cover and use blind shots to
    take a few out before peeping out and targeting, entering Bond Focus, aiming
    for the head, firing, and diving behind cover again. 
    There is also the added problem of the bazooka soldiers way up the back of
    the room from the beginning, constantly raining rockets at you. They should
    become your target after cutting through some of the initial soldiers.
    When you begin to cross the room after taking the guards out, you'll be 
    pinned down again before you can reach the other side, this time by a giant
    commando and yet more guards. Take them out as quickly as possible and rake
    the area for ammo and armor - you'll most certainly need it.
    See the huge door? That's your exit. Run out and you'll be bombarded by more
    enemies. Shoot them down and take their provisions before continuing. 
    Running down the corridor will result in a couple more idiots attacking,
    so take cover behind a column and return fire till they're down. Keep 
    pushing forward, and you'll see another huge door.
    Run through it and target the guard on the other side of the window before
    blasting him to bits. Hop over the now clear opening. You'll need to do this
    three or four times before you reach the exit to this section. Simply
    blast away and pick up anything dropped. Continue through the next door.
    You are attacked from both flanks immediately. Blow the guards on the right
    away with a powerful or fast-firing weapon like an upgraded Assault Rifle
    until they go down. When that's done, dispatch the lone guard on the left.
    Make you way down the corridor until a brace of soldiers attack. Take cover
    and pop out; this is an invaluable way to get rid of these soldiers 
    quickly. Pick up anything you want and keep on going until you reach a lever.
    Pull it and run down the stairs to the huge room.
    See what I mean? This place is chock-full of enemies vying for a place in
    which to shoot you from. Utter madness is guaranteed. Take cover somewhere 
    (the pillars, columns or anything big and inanimate will do the trick well)
    and use the "guerilla" style you should be accustomed to by now to pick off
    the majority of the attackers. Only now you can head into the open to kill
    the next giant commando and his entourage. Raid the room for armor and ammo,
    then continue by climbing onto the ledge to the right of the doorway.
    Follow the passageway round behind the tower to earn your 007 Event Bonus,
    some Complex Schematics and some very tasty weaponry. Exit through the next
    door when you have everything you want. 
    Woo! Another commando! Take cover and kill the minions first and advance
    forward. The commando will appear from the corridor ahead, so shoot off his
    ammo and lay into him with a powerful Magnum or Shotgun. Run down the
    corridor the commando emerged from, taking out the small groups of Russians
    that constantly appear. 
    This room contains another bucketload of enemies, so shoot as many as you
    can see from your advantageous position before rappelling down to floor
    level. A few guards are hidden until you reach ground level, so be ready for
    another attack and use the multiple objects for cover to pick them off.
    Head to the next door and kill the enemy lying in wait. Open the door
    and head through this corridor, shooting the guards that attack as you go.
    Eventually you will re-emerge outside the large moving room. Use the lever 
    to lower it again, and go down into it. 
    You will face heavy resistance from shielded enemies, so chuck a grenade
    or two to eliminate the threa quickly. Mop up any survivors and head over
    to the bridge. As you start to cross you will be confronted by another
    giant commando. Waste him as with a flurry of machine gun bullets and 
    move on. 
    Jump onto the jetpack to make your escape. Ascend up to ground level and
    take out the enemies that attack with your SMG. Land inside the circle to
    complete the mission.
    BONUS MISSION 3: Plaza
    OBJECTIVE:     - Kill all enemies
    SCHEMATICS:    - None
    TO UNLOCK:     - 42 Awards
    After the hell of the last mission, this one is a lot easier on the trigger
    finger (and the nerves!). Using the Sniper Rifle, you must kill 25 targets
    as quickly as possible from the starting balcony.
    Before beginning, take note of the Sniper ammo (which re-spawns) and the
    only piece of armor you'll get access to in this mission (which doesn't).
    You will lose health far quicker than you expect, so take cover behind
    the mirage of chairs and tables here. They provide flimsy, though solid,
    Aim through the sights and you'll see an enemy pop up every so often. One
    shots kills, but the Sniper is a lot less accurate than you'd expect (hey,
    it's the '60s!) so don't get frustrated if you miss the first time.
    The enemies in this mission leave something to be desired - they take cover
    behind objects that you can shoot through like bushes and, when they do
    find something solid, they don't even hide behind it properly! Use this
    to your advantage and plug them full of lead.
    Another strategy is to hide behind the railings. The enemies don't shoot
    you when you are hiding behind them (yet you can shoot out of them...?) so
    use this tactic when you are hurting.
    Your 007 Event Bonus can be gained by destroying the sleek black sedan that
    circles block a few times in the mission. Simply shoot at it as rapidly as
    the Rifle allows to destroy it. Keep hitting the enemies to score 25 and 
    complete this simple mission.
    BONUS MISSION 4: Airport
    OBJECTIVE:    - Kill all enemies
    SCHEMATICS:   - 1 Complex
    TO UNLOCK:    - 60 Awards
    Another easier mission, this pits you in the airport car parking lot and
    throws in 75 enemies in gradually more difficult waves. Providing you have
    become a good shot with your automatics you should steamroller this level
    first time with next to no problems.
    To gain your 00 Agent in this mission, kill 40 of the 75 enemies without
    picking up any armor. You will be surprised as you may not even need armor
    at all in the mission, if your aim is sharp enough.
    You start the mission with the relatively poor PP7 and the only so-so 
    (unless you've upgraded it) Assault Rifle. You can pick up other weapons
    throughout the mission though, like the Magnum, Bazooka, Shotgun and SMG.
    Grenades will also spawn eventually.
    The waves of enemies increase in threat and health as more enemies are
    defeated. To start, they carry only grenades and are vulnerable and not
    very strong. This rises up through bazooka soldiers, commandos and 
    eventually to shotgun-toting soldiers who will kill you in seconds if you
    don't take cover.
    When you have killed 50 enemies, Complex Schematics will appear in the 
    lot, so keep an eye out for them as you mow the minions down.
    Keep at the shooting and don't forget to pick up the armor after killing
    40 enemies, and you should be all well and dandy. The Bonus Missions, and
    the full game, is now complete. Congratulations!
    +==(  _`\=====================================================================+
    +  | (_(_)                                                                    +
    +  |  _)   R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S                  +
    +  | |                                                                        +
    This section is comprised of answers to questions put to me about this game
    and e-mails recieved. Check the "Credits and Closing section" for info about
    sending in alternate strategies, putting questions to me, and correcting my
    I am having real problems gaining the 007 Event Bonus on the level "Sniper
    Alley". Can you help me, please?
    - Rhuari McLellan, Friend
    Yes. You need to enter Bond Focus mode and target the first guard. Use
    a more precise weapon (a pistol is ideal) and shoot his radio. You have to
    be precise about it though, otherwise he'll be all over you and call 
    I realli want a shotgun, but i havent found one yet. Where can i find
    the shotgun? Thanks.
    - WeReWoLvE666, via e-mail
    You can find the Bosch Shotgun on the level "Istanbul Part 1" (mission
    3). It is located in the alley where you swing across from the window
    with the tank firing at you. It is not an essential weapon, though, and
    essentially gets replaced by the Wright Magnum (mission 6).
    I cant find the attache case on the twelfth mission. Where is it?
    - VreblskTUL, via e-mail
    When you enter the glass-panelled room, you can find it near the reception
    desk, on the opposite side of the door you should be going through.
    Can someone tell me how to get more awards? Right now I have 29 awards.
    - Saint_Tracks, GameCube FRWL Board
    In each mission, there are four awards to be gained. Completing the mission
    in a set time, completing the mission on 00 Agent, killing a set number of
    enemies during each mission, and gaining the 007 Event Bonus on each mission.
    Does anyone know where the third and ninth attache cases are located?
    - scuffy, GameCube FRWL Board
    Case three is located on the mission "Station T", in the room with the
    final hostage (the one with the object blocking the door). Climb the boxes
    and the case is there. On Mission 11, "Train", you can find attache case
    nine. It is along the platform when you dispatch the gun enplacement.
    Are there any bots to play against in multiplayer?
    - VentureGamer, PS2 FRWL Board
    I've received this question from a lot of readers - there is no way to play
    multiplayer modes with bots. Sorry about that.
        _   _ 
    +==( ) ( )====================================================================+
    +  | | | |                                                                    +
    +  | | | |  P G R A D E   G U I D E                                           +
    +  | (_) |                                                                    +
    This section of the FAQ details the best gimmicks to invest your hard-earned
    Upgrading Points in, which are duffers, and what you recieve by splashing
    out on them.
    James Bond's trademark sidearm pistol, the PP7 is quite useless compared
    to most other weapons in the game, but you may need to fall back on it 
    regularly due to ammunition constraints, especially in the later section of
    the game. 
    Due to this, you should at least consider upgrading the Rate of Fire to
    hold out in firefights.
    You will use the weapon very frequently, and its the most powerful and 
    accurate weapon you have available at the beginning of the game. If you 
    like the SMG, you should upgrade its clip size or ammunition to give you
    more time to fire at enemies.
    Essentially replaced by the Magnum in Mission 6, but increasing its
    ammo could help you out of a few tight spots.
    A mainstay of Bond's arsenal, the Assault Rifle dishes out death swiftly. 
    Upgrading this weapon is almost vital - most bosses and every enemy will
    go down with a clip from an upgraded clip with special ammo. I bought 
    every upgrade for the Assault Rifle, and I recommend you do the same.
    You'll use the Bazooka quite often throughout the game to take down helis
    and the like, so you might find it handy upgrading the ammo. Remember ammo
    is scarce even if you upgrade it, so think carefully.
    The Magnum is a superlative weapon that you'll be using from the moment
    you pick it up. The Speed Upgrade is one of the most essential purchases
    in the game to go with one of the best weapons.
    An infinitely useful weapon that fits into almost any strategy, the Sniper
    has the advantage or killing targets before they even know you're there.
    Upgrading the Rate of Fire and ammunition will be vital, especially in
    some missions.
    Probably the most useless weapon ever conceived. Fires apparently "lethal"
    needles, but in a firefight this is totally worthless. Upgrading it is
    most probably the biggest waste of upgrading points there is.
    A handy variation on the Assault Rifle which adds the extra element of
    shield-busting. With the Rate of Fire upgrade, this rifle is great for killing
    a whole host of shielded enemies in quick succession, but not much else.
    If you have a problem with grenade-tossing (or just like this rifle), buy
    the Rate of Fire upgrade.
    Probably the most used of your gadgets (besides the Q Copter), this watch
    blows locks off doors and through bulletproof glass. Buying upgrades for
    the Laser Watch may be a waste of time, and I wouldn't recommend it.
    INCREASE DAMAGE BY 50%             - 10 UPGRADE POINTS
    A nifty little gadget that you use frequently throughout the main game to
    access otherwise locked rooms, shafts or vehicles. If you struggle to stay
    alive when guards begin shooting at the helicopter (from mission nine 
    onwards), then the Health upgrade may be a wise investment.
    INCREASE DAMAGE BY 50%             - 12 UPGRADE POINTS
    Far and away the most important thing to spend your points on. This increases
    your armor count each upgrade, and makes very difficult levels a lot easier.
    Spend every point here until you have bought at least three. Max it out
    before Mission 9.
    INCREASE ARMOR BY 25%               - 25 UPGRADE POINTS
    INCREASE ARMOR BY 25%               - 25 UPGRADE POINTS
    INCREASE ARMOR BY 25%               - 25 UPGRADE POINTS
    INCREASE ARMOR BY 25%               - 25 UPGRADE POINTS
    A rarely used weapon (you can complete the game without using it once), the
    Sonic Cufflinks disable your enemy for a short time. They are an acquired
    taste, but are quite handy, especially on commandos.
    INCREASE TIME BY 25%                - 12 UPGRADE POINTS
    INCREASE RADIUS BY 25%              - 8 UPGRADE POINTS
    You only get to use this weapon from Mission 11 ("Train") onwards, and it
    is fairly impractical. An upgraded assault rifle does the same job in half
    the time. I wouldn't bother upgrading it.
    INCREASE DAMAGE BY 50%              - 10 UPGRADE POINTS
    INCREASE HEALTH BY 50%              - 10 UPGRADE POINTS
        _   _ 
    +==( ) ( )====================================================================+
    +  | | | |                                                                    +
    +  | | | |  E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                       +
    +  | \_/ |                                                                    +
    Version 0.4 - 14th Jul 2006 - Completed all introductory and basics sections.
    Version 0.6 - 15th Jul 2006 - Completed missions to Mission 1 - "London".
    Version 0.9 - 16th Jul 2006 - Completed all story and side missions.
    Version 1.0 - 17th Jul 2006 - First full version of guide, all features 
                                  completed. First Publication. Touched up the
                                  Controls and Upgrading section.
    Version 1.1 - 18th Jul 2006 - Added a new question to the "Frequently Asked
                                  Questions" section. Revamped control section.
    Version 1.2 - 24th Jul 2006 - Changed Copyright Notice and Credits section.
                                  Added an alternate strategy to the "Octopus
                                  Fighter Jet" boss on the final mission.
    Version 1.3 - 16th Jan 2007 - Looks like possibly the last update. A new 
                                  question added to the "Frequently Asked 
                                  Questions" section. A few grammatical mistakes
    +==( )========================================================================+
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    +  | |_( )                                                                    +
    This entire document is Copyright 2006 John Stubbs. All trademarks contained
    within this document are property of their respective owners. No section of
    this guide may be used without my permission. This includes, but is not
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    All websites below have the permission to do the above. Please e-mail me 
    at stubbs306 (at) hotmail (dot) com to enquire about gaining permission to
    use this document. I reserve the right to pull this guide from any websites
    GameFAQ's    (www.gamefaqs.com)
    SuperCheats  (www.supercheats.com)
    *Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright Notice*
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    +  | ( (_)                                                                    +
    +  | |  _  R E D I T S   A N D   C L O S I N G                                +
    +  | (_( )                                                                    +
    This guide has been milestone for me as a writer. I felt as if I have poured
    all of my writing talent and soul into this piece of literature and I hope it
    reaches you in an informative and factual way, but I also hope you enjoyed
    the small "excerpts" of humor and text that I added to set this guide apart
    from the norm.
    I also think this guide was one of the first marks that I have begun to
    mature in my writing style, volume and organisation. 
    I have enjoyed writing this guide to the best of my ability, and I hope it
    helps you, the reader and gamer, out in what is a fine Bond game.
    A big thank you to the following sources and people for their contributions
    to my guide:
    - ASCII Art Generator (www.network-science.de/ascii)
    - Crazyreyn for the superb FAQ'er Profile Website (www.homepages.tesco.net./
    - Michael Sarich for the brilliant Copyright Notice
    - All of the FAQ community, for support, advice, strategies and even
      consoling exactly when I needed it.
    - SuperCheats, for hosting my guide on their site.
    - And finally GameFAQ's, for posting this guide on their site.
    Thanks for reading.
                                                               (C) 2006 John Stubbs 

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