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    Medals/Awards FAQ by Rubberduckee

    Version: v1.25 | Updated: 11/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Star Wars Battlefront II Medals and Awards Guide v1.25 
    Written by Jim Price
    Last Updated 11-25-05
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Info on medals and awards
    3. Understanding this FAQ
    4. Earning each medal
          4.4.....Endurance, Guardian, War Hero
    5. Other important notes
    6. Cheat Codes
    7. FAQ
    8. Contacting me
    9. Copyright stuff
    10. Credits
    11. Version History
    12. End
    Section 1: Introduction
    A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....
    Welcome! The highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II has finally
    been released. But, just like every game, many people can't for the life
    of them figure out how to do certain things in it. 
    One of Battlefront II's newest features is a medal and award system. 
    Naturally, many questions have arisen about this new system. What do the
    Medals do? How do I get them? Why should I bother getting them?
    Just as all hope seems lost, a new FAQ has mysteriously appeared, and seems
    to hold all of the answers. With this FAQ, many questions will be answered,
    and will attempt to restore peace and justice in the galaxy....
    Section 2: Info on medals and awards
    Throughout BF2 (Battlefront II), you will earn many different kinds of 
    medals during gameplay. This happens when you accomplish special tasks, such
    as slicing yourself into a vehicle, or getting 6 headshots with a sniper in
    one life. 
    When you start the game, you will have no medals at all, and each
    medal rank will be green. The different ranks of the medals are Green, 
    Veteran, Elite, and Legendary. Once you earn a medal 4 times, the award for
    that medal will become available. Once you earn a medal 32 times, the 
    requirements for that medal will lower. For example, at the start of the game,
    in order to earn the Frenzy medal you need to get 12 kills with a blaster
    rifle in one life. But, once you obtain Elite status for the Frenzy medal,
    the requirement for earning it will be lowered to only 9 kills with a blaster
    rifle per life. Then once you earn a medal 64 times, you permanently have
    that award unlocked, and will start off each match with it on. You will not
    have to earn it again to use the award. 
    The Hero class cannot earn medals, unless playing on assault mode on the 
    level Mos Eisley. Even then, they can only earn the Endurance, Guardian, and
    War Hero Medals. Also, medals cannot be earned online unless the server
    allows for them.
    Whenever you earn a medal, you will be given a 30 period where you will 
    keep the award you just earned, even if you die. But, if you die after that
    30 second period is up, you will lose the award, and to earn it again. So say 
    you have just earned the Technician medal. Then you die like half a second 
    after you earn it. You will still have the award. But, if you try to earn it 
    again, it will not work. This is because the bonus is already activated. You 
    have to wait until that 30 second period is gone, because then you will lose
    the bonus. Now you can earn that medal again. 
    The different kinds of medals are:
    War Hero
    Section 3: Understanding this FAQ
    Medal name: xxx
    requirements: xxx
    Elite requirements: xxx
    Suggested class: xxx
    Strategy: xxx
    The award: xxx
    ^^^^And that's it. Simple, isn't it?
    Section 4: Earning each medal
    Medal name: Gunslinger
    requirements: Get six kills with a pistol in one life
    Elite requirements: Get four kills with a pistol in one life
    Suggested Class: Pilot (space), Regular Soldier
    The easiest way to earn the gunslinger medal is to select space level,
    and select the pilot. Now, grab a transport ship, and land it in the enemy
    hanger. After that, head into the engine room and destroy the first turret 
    you encounter. Now, run up underneath it with your fusion cutter. Quickly 
    repair the broken turret. Now that it is repaired, quickly switch to your 
    pistol and get an easy kill. Keep doing that until you earn the Gunslinger 
    award. If you die, just respawn at the gunship you landed, and do it again.
    The next simplest way to get this medal is to select the level Tanitive IV.
    This level makes it easy because of the small spaces. Just kill 6 enemies 
    with your pistol, and you will earn the award.
    Award: The Precision Pistol. This upgraded pistol is almost identical to the 
    pistols Jango and Boba Fett use. It has a one level zoom, and can kill just 
    about any infantry unit with 2-3 shots. It fires many shots at a time, but 
    this pistol has ammo, so you will need to reload it from time to time.
    Medal name: Demolition
    requirements: Hit 4 critical hit points on a vehicle with a rocket launcher
    in one life
    Elite requirements: Hit 3 critical hit points on a vehicle with a rocket 
    launcher in one life
    Suggested Class: Heavy Weapons
    Select the level Hoth, be the Rebels, and select the Heavy Weapons class. Now,
    grab a snow speeder and fly close to one of the AT-AT's. Get a good distance 
    away from it, and face it's side. Now, you need hit the neck area between 
    it's head and it's body. If it is moving, make life easier, and aim towards 
    the middle of it's head. That way, it should hit it's neck while it's moving. 
    Do that 4 times without dying, and you will earn the Demolition award.
    Guided Rockets. You will need to switch to these in order to use them, 
    because you will still have you regular rocket launcher. When you fire this,you
    take complete control of the rocket, and it controls exactly the same as a 
    star fighter (even the tricks). To gain more power with it, boost with it so
    that it will do more damage.
    Medal name: Regulator
    requirements: Get eight kills with a shotgun in one life
    Elite requirements: Get six kills with a shotgun in one life
    Suggested class: Engineer
    Select the level Tanitive IV, or Kamino. Select the Engineer, and change to
    the shotgun. Simply get six kills with the shotgun in one life. After you do
    that, you will have earned the Regulator medal.
    Award: The Flechette Shotgun. This thing is awesome. It works the exact same
    as the regular shotgun, but is like 5 tims more powerful. Works great when
    trying to defend command posts, unless you get hit by a pesky sniper. 
    Medal name: Endurance ,Guardian, War Hero
    requirements: Earn 12, 24, 36 points in one life
    Elite requirements: Earn 9, 18, 27 points in one life
    Suggested class: Pilot (space)
    This one is extremely easy. Select Space Mygeeto, and grab a V-Wing with the
    pilot. Now, destroy one of the enemies frigates. You should have earned the
    Endurance and or Guardian award. Now, go after the another frigate. Destroy
    it. Now you should have earned the Guardian and or War Hero award. If you 
    didn't earn War Hero, kill 2-3 fighters and you should earn it. If you have
    Elite status on all of these, there is an even better strategy.Select a V-Wing
    and destroy one of the frigates. You should have both the Endurance and
    Guardian awards. Now, destroy 2-3 fighters. You should have earned War Hero.
    You should be able to earn 3-5 of each of these awards in a match.
    Endurance - You gain a slight stamina regeneration bonus
    Guardian - You gain a slight damage reduction bonus. You will be surrounded by
    a blue aura
    War Hero - You gain a slight damage increase. You will be surrounded by red
    Medal name: Frenzy
    requirements: Get 12 kills with a blaster rifle in one life
    Elite requirements: Get 9 kills with a blaster rifle in one life
    Suggested class: Regular Soldier, Marine (space)
    Select the level Tanitive IV, Kamino, or any space level. Now select the normal
    soldier. Simply get 12 kills with the blaster rifle to earn the Frenzy medal.
    If your on Kamino, take advantage of the enemies turrets to get easy kills 
    from a distance.
    If you in space, select the marine, and grab a transport class ship. Land it in
    the enemies hanger. Now the fun part. Guard the doors in the hanger and blast 
    away any enemy that you see. But, this strategy isn't always effective, because
    sometimes the enemy spawns in the hanger, and will make short work of you. 
    Award: Elite Rifle. This rifle fires in 3 super quick bursts. This is DEADLY.
    Sometimes, it can be as good a sniper rifle.
    Medal name: Technician
    requirements: Slice your way into an enemy vehicle using the fusion cutter.
    Elite requirements: Same as above^^^
    Suggested Class: Engineer
    Select the level Kashyyyk. Now, select the engineer. Switch to your fusion 
    cutter, and wait for and enemy vehicle to come up to you (or you can go to it, 
    you choose). Now, use you fusion cutter on the vehicle. In the middle of the
    screen, the word "Slicing 00%" will come up. The number will go up by 5% every 
    half a second or so. Once it reaches 100%, the enemy will fall out of the 
    vehicle, and you will have earned the technician award.
    Award: Vehicle Regen. Simple enough. The vehicle you are in will slowly recover
    Medal name: Marksman
    requirements: Get 6 head shots with a sniper rifle in one life
    Elite requirements: Get 4 kills with a sniper rifle in one life
    Suggested class: Sniper
    Select the level Kamino. Now, select the sniper and spawn at a point where you
    have a view of the entire battlefield. Now pick off any enemies you see by 
    shooting them in the head. Don't forget to take advantage of enemies sitting
    in turrets. They make for very easy head shots. Get six head shots and you will
    earn the Marksman award. If you want to aim easier, turn on the "Sticky 
    Reticule" option on. When on, the crosshair moves a tad slower when you are
    targeting enemy. Whats that you say? You want more easy aiming tips.No problem.
    If you shoot while crouching, you will have and easier time aiming.
    Award: Beam Rifle. This is sniper rifle that shoots so fast, that it is just
    a purple blur that flashes for half a second. I like to describe it as "Getting 
    a head shot by shooting them in the body." That's how powerful it is. Although
    there is one downside. It only has one level of zoom. Although you really won't
    notice it to much. 
    Section 5: Other important notes
    Don't forget, every time you earn an award, you have to wait 30 seconds
    to get that award again. After that 30 seconds, respawn, and your good to go.
    Although, it is possible to earn different kinds of awards without having 
    to wait that 30 seconds.
    Also, I obtained all of these awards WITHOUT using the cheat codes. I imagine
    that you could earn more in a match if you turn them on. I also played each map
    with 150 reinforcements.Making the reinforcement count lower may make it easier
    to obtain certain awards.
    Section 3: Cheat Codes
    When in gameplay, pause the game and enter these codes using the D-pad
    Infinite Ammo - U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R
    Invincibility - U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
    Lo-Res soldiers - D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
    No HUD - U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R
    Party time hit effects - U, D, L, D, L, R 
    Slo-mo sound effects - U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R
    Section 7: FAQ
    Q: I did the requirements to earn the medal, but I didn't get it. What am I 
    doing wrong?
    A: Make sure that you wait 30 seconds before you attempt to get the medal
    again. After 30 seconds, respawn, and get the medal again. Also make sure you
    are meeting the correct requirements. If are on the rank "green", and your only
    doing the "elite" status requirements, it will not work. 
    Q: Can I earn medals while playing online?
    A: Yes and no. If the hosts turns on the option to have medals, then yes, you
    can earn medals online. But if the host doesn't turn on that option, then
    you cannot earn medals online. Also, medals earned online DO NOT count towards
    your single player medals. You also will not start off an online game with
    medals you have earned in single player.
    Q: I have legendary status on a medal, but I can't use the award weapon. What
    is wrong? 
    A: You have to switch from your default weapon to the award weapon. After that,
    you will no longer be able to use the default weapon for that life. This 
    applies to all classes except for the Heavy Weapons class. With the Heavy
    Weapons class, you can still use the default rocket launcher, and the guided
    Q: Can you turn medals off in single player?
    A: Nope.
    Section 8: Contacting me
    My E-mail address is: Rubberduckee1990@aol.com, or through the 
    GameFAQs.com message boards. I usually post on the Star Wars Battlefront II
    (Xbox), and Star Wars boards.
    If you guys spot any mistakes, or improvement suggestions, please do the best
    you can to contact me:)
    Section 9: Copyright Stuff
    Copyright 2005 Jim Price
    This is MY, not yours, MY original work. This may not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site except for www.GameFAQs.com, and can not be otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Section 10: Credits
    *** Creators of Star Wars Battlefront II ***
    Lucas Arts
    Pandemic Studios
    *** Basic Medal/Award Information ***
    *** Cheat Codes ***
    *** Special Thanks To... ***
    GameFAQs Communtiy
    Lucas Arts
    Pandemic Studios
    *** Very Special Thanks To... ***
    George Lucas
    Section 11: Version History
    v1.00 - Yay! I finished it!
    v1.25 - Not to much added this time. Corrected the Endurance award. 
    fixed some grammer errors. Re-arranged other small stuff in sections 8 and 10. 
    Lastly, I added Section 11: Version History. I know, I should have put that in
    to begin with :)
    Next update will include:
    More strategies (Hopefully including some Hunt Mode strategies)
    More details about award weapons
    More Q and A in section 7
    (Hopefully) More details on points and earning them
    I'll do my best to get the next update done as soon as possible, but you guys
    have been sending me so many awesome ideas. Sadly, I won't be able to include
    everyones ideas. This update may take quite a bit of time (possibly 2-3 weeks),
    because I still have to manage 10th grade, and a part time job. Wish me luck! 
    Well, hope my very 1st FAQ ever helped you guys! I am always open to
    suggestions, so contact me with your ideas! And don't worry, you will be given
    credit if I use your ideas. 

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