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    Glitch Guide by BF2glitcher

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    written by BF2glitcher from the X-box
    Created June 28, 2008
    Contact BF2glitcher@gmail.com for questions, add ons, or comments
    Version info:
    June 11:  discovery of the new method of landing on capital ships and
    frigates; thus the creation of a new glitch guide
    June 11-17:  Searching the internet for useful info and confirmation that
    my new glitch has not yet been discovered
    June 18-25:  Testing all gathered info
    June 26-28:  Putting everything together into this guide, thus the original
    full guide is made
    I can always add more!  Send in new ideas!
    I have included an index for you to find glitches quickly.
    Glitch 1: Walking in space
    Glitch 2: walking on frigate glitch of mygeeto
    Glitch 3: poor detailed ships
    Glitch 4: repairing things that you shouldn't
    Glitch 5: rising on spot
    Glitch 6: space hopping
    Unwanted Glitch 7: no hopping on frigates
    Glitch 8: Ship Piggybacking
    Glitch 9: secondary secondary-move
    Glitch 10: holes in your ship
    Glitch 11: stuck in something you repaired
    Glitch 12: Invisible platform on a frigate
    Glitch 13: Elevator to the top of the capital ship
    Glitch 14: bring the computers with you
    Unwanted Glitch 15: Automatic damage
    Glitch 16: No boundaries
    Glitch 17: fake objects
    Glitch 18: fly inside of droid capital ships
    Unwanted Glitch 19: invisible walls
    Glitch 20: bomb the inside of the ship
    Glitch 21: Crazy bouncy ship
    Glitch 22: going through and walking on the ceiling
    Glitch 23: Disappearing background and rooms
    Glitch 24: Can't see me, can't shoot me, but I can shoot you!
    Glitch 25: Invisible?
    Glitch 26: Stop choking me!
    Glitch 27: rifle launcher?
    Glitch 28: Double move
    Glitch 29: Is this really a tree?
    Glitch 30: invisible platform in the death star
    Glitch 31: Locked doors don't matter!
    Unwanted Glitch 32: the corner of death
    Glitch 33: breaking into an ewok house
    Unwanted Glitch 34: the highest point
    Glitch 35: fly with special objects and the flag
    Glitch 36: floating snowspeeders
    Glitch 37: weird angles
    Glitch 38: free health and amo!
    Glitch 39: tree "teleporting"
    Glitch 40: out of bounds invisible platform
    Glitch 41: disapearance death
    Glitch 42: Inside houses with normal troops
    Glitch 43 and 44: Invisible platform behind a fake wall
    Glitch 45: More free amo and health!
    Glitch 46: out of bounds for jedi on mos eisley
    Glitch 47: "force" your way into a house
    Glitch/hint 48: Impossible to defeat on CTF
    Glitch 49: inside houses, yoda only
    Glitch 50: lava platforms
    Glitch 51: Red guys?
    Glitch 52: vehicles in the roof
    Unwanted Glitch 53: And vehicles only!
    Glitch 54: there is a hole in your ceiling
    Glitch 55: Out of bounds on naboo
    Glitch 56: droid rock stars
    Glitch 57: please get off my roof
    Glitch 58: there is a hole in your floor
    Glitch 59: Tanks for getting me out
    Glitch 60: a hole in the invisible walls
    Glitch 61: Out of bounds Polis Massa
    Unwanted Glitch 62: no crouching!
    Glitch 63: another hole in the roof
    Glitch 64: Flying around the perimeter of Utapau
    Glitch 65: On the other side of the wall
    Glitch 66: over the sky's limit and onto the temple
    Glitch 67: Droidicas through the wall
    Glitch 68: Walk through corners with a turret
    Glitch 69: slow run
    Glitch 70: block forever
    Glitch 71: invisible forever
    Unwanted Glitch 72: loose all your kills
    Unwanted Glitch 73: Amo cheat doesn't work?
    Glitch 74: Do the splits... and die! (I know that this one and the ones
    after it are out of order, but they were added after I finished the
    Glitch 75: fall through the floor
    Glitch 76: two ways
    Hint 1: Sabotage
    Hint 2: mined the jedi!
    Hint 3: Engineers in the library
    Hint 4: don't be afraid to jump!
    Hint 5: One hit spears
    Hint 6: up a tree
    Hint 7: log shortcut
    Hint 8: anti-ackley
    Hint 9: on top of the world
    Hint 10: extra map area
    Hint 11: Persistent wampas
    Hint 12: easy killing spree
    Hint 13: Awards + jet trooper equals Jango/Boba
    Hint 14: easy way to kill greivous
    Hint 15: Mines are the way to victory
    hint 16: easy kills
    Battle Front 2 is a game that has so many glitches in it that one could
    say that it is poorly written, but either way you can use these glitches
    for your amusement (as none of them are very functional, except perhaps
    being put in strange places where you cannot be shot), and I have even
    added a few hints to go along with it in a few places, such as a way of
    doing something in a way that was not intended.  I take no credit for
    the discovery of any of these unless otherwise noted, and the rest of
    these I have picked up off of the internet to put together a huge guide
    that has the largest collection of glitches that I know of, all of them
    done and confirmed by myself (though a few are difficult to pull off).
    Space levels
    I'll get right to the point:  I have developed a way to walk on top of
    capital ships and any frigate you like all by myself, though it may have
    been found already, but if so not found anywhere that is easy to find.
    Now, for the convenience of helping the glitches to work, type in the
    infinite health cheat (up up up left down down down left up up up left
    right on the d-pad for the xbox) and the infinite amo cheat (up down
    left down down left down down left down down down left right for the
    xbox).  You will hear a beep sound for both after you type them in
    correctly.  You will have to look up the cheats for other systems
    yourself, and I would like to let you know that all of these glitches work
    with all game systems as far as I know (though I think there are some
    glitches for PSP only).
    There are a great deal of glitches in space levels that you can find.
    I will have to explain how a few others work before you can use the
    glitch to get on top of the capital ship.  To begin with, go to options
    and set team attack off.  Then start an instant action game and select
    space mygeeto and begin the game.  Choose the republic.  For the first
    thing, get inside a fighter or bomber.  Press the takeoff button over
    and over again rapidly.  The ship will slowly move closer and closer to
    the shield in the hanger.  When the shield disappears from view, get out
    of the ship.  You will find that you are on the outside of the ship
    [Glitch 1: walking in space].  Right below the shield is a small pathway
    on the side of the ship.  Please note that only the republic and empire
    have ships that are convenient for this.  The rebellion has barely any
    room to walk at all, so it is easy to miss, and the droid ship has
    nothing for you to stand on at all.  If you fall off by accident, respawn
    since you will not die in space for a while.  Walk along the ship, going
    in towards the front of the ship.  Soon you will come upon a point where
    there is a frigate right underneath the spot you are at, but only on
    mygeeto.  If you want proof that walking on the frigates is really
    possible, jump off of the ship at this point, and you will land on top of
    it [Glitch 2: walking on frigate glitch of mygeeto].  If you run-jump,
    it's even possible to jump on top of the bridge that sticks straight up.
    You can actually walk around on the top of the frigate.  Please note that
    this craft is gargantuan, and that since it is so large and your not
    supposed to walk on it at all in the first place, it is undetailed in some
    areas [Glitch 3: poor detailed ships].  There are some places where
    you seem to be walking above the ground, or, if you go to the engines,
    you can actually walk off the back and not fall down unless you go to far.
    When I walked on this for the first time, I wondered why I never saw it
    listed on the internet, and indeed, It took a while to find it, so it does
    not seem to be widely known.  This next part I am unable to explain.
    Somehow you can use the fusion cutter to repair the spaceship that you are
    standing on in certain places [Glitch 4: repairing things that you
    shouldn't], and even the auto turrets.  There is a drawback though, and
    that is that once the turret is destroyed, it disappears entirely, so you
    can’t repair it when it is destroyed.  You can use a pistol or rocket
    launcher to hurt the enemy ships, but you wont get anywhere fast.  The
    pistol is next to worthless, even if it is upgraded, and the missile
    launcher only has the equivalent power of one bomb from a bomber, and it
    still takes to long to reload to do much that way either.  When you are
    through messing around, respawn your character (for once you leave the
    interior of the capital ship, you can not ever go back).  Only if you can
    do splitscreen can you do this glitch though.  You should quit the game and
    set the global settings to 0 ai units to make this next and best glitch
    convenient.  This one I found by myself after putting together a few simple
    facts and doing them.  The most anyone else has ever done is walk on the
    edge of the capital ships, and a few people have found how to get on top
    (and even then being limited to how far they can go), but with this new
    method you can go to anywhere you want, even on the high spots and on top of
    any frigate.  This problem is much like the problem men faced long ago about
    how to reach distant lands.  They first had the idea that they wanted to walk
     where nobody else has been before, but they had to develop a method of
    getting there, which was the ship.  This is much the same case because we are
    also trying to reach the unreachable places, and I have also developed the
    best possible transport for the job, finding the best way to get to any area,
    even on top of other frigates other then the republic one on mygeeto.  There
    is only one that works for the job well enough to be used, and that is the
    LAAT gunship (or alliance assault craft, same thing either way), which
    fortunately is available in all levels, even the empire vs. rebellion.
    I developed the idea of getting on top of capital ships when I discovered
    that a person standing on top of an arc-170 doesn’t fall off every time, but
    sometimes stays on when it takes off, but the result of this is the person
    on top getting knocked off when the ship passes through the field, which
    results in the person being thrown into the air at surprising force.  You
    can try this if you want for your amusement.  I knew I had to have the
    person get outside first before I could take off and fly over the ship I
    wanted, but this didn’t work because the arc-170 was too small and had a
    small area that was safe to stand on.  It was easy enough to get on
    because the wings were low enough to jump on, but when you fly around you
    slide around, and you cannot keep balance.  The area that was safe to stand
    on with an arc-170 was too small to make it a good option.  I decided on the
    biggest ship I could find with a good spot, but somehow the droid dropships
    don’t work well, partly because if you take off with them over and over they
    will gradually get higher and higher [Glitch 5: rising on spot] until they
    hit the ceiling (which is how the old method of getting on the capital ships
    works).  This is rather amusing to watch if there is a person standing on it
    too, but it became clear that this one was not a good choice.  I then
    decided on the apparent next best thing, the LAAT ship, and once I found the
    center of it, I got it outside and tried to board it, unsuccessfully it
    turned out.  The wings are too high to climb on.  I then had an idea.  The
    way I got on top of it when I was inside trying to find the center of
    gravity was by parking it in front of a higher point from which to jump off
    of, which was in that case the stair case.  It occurred to me to make the
    ship fall even further then just outside the shield, so I did so, and I kept
    hopping along for a very long time, and I realized that by now I would be
    very far from the ship, and I turned around and found I was right.  You can
    actually take off and land in space so long you never stop, and get as far
    as you want, like your hopping around very slowly in space [Glitch 6: space
    hopping].  I then realized that I was still falling straight down, so I took
    off (while in space) and went back to the hanger.  I later found out that it
    is impossible to use this to land on frigates because for some reason the
    game prevents you from flying over it in this way [Unwanted glitch 7: no
    hopping on frigates].  This time I waited for this ship to touch down on the
    ground again before taking off again, and it worked.  I got the ship to
    where the top was below the opening in the side.  You then take another
    player and get outside of the opening.  At this point you have to be careful
    not to fall off the opening altogether when trying to and hit the bottom
    instead.  When you do get on the other side of the opening you might have to
    destroy your ship that you came in to get to the LAAT ship.  You must walk
    off of the opening and onto the LAAT ship next.  You will have to stand on
    top of the large square with a shape like a + to keep from falling off.
    There is a small line on the lower part of the + which seems to be the most
    stable place to me.  Once you have positioned yourself here you can have
    your friend take off for you and drive over which ever ship you want to walk
    on [Glitch 8: Ship Piggybacking].  The force of taking off will throw the
    person back a bit, and you will have to return to that point.  The takeoff
    is where you get the most problems and failures, but once your in the air
    and the guy falls off, it's generally one person or the other's fault.  The
    character will also slide around on the top, so you will have to constantly
    move him back to where he belongs.  Also, the person driving must not ever
    change speed, and they must make gradual turns so as to not slide the
    character off the top.  You can go up or down about 30 degrees without the
    guy falling off, but it becomes less safe the further you go.  Even if you
    are used to doing this you will still fall off about half the time, after
    which the ship will flop over too and you will have to readjust its course
    and have to go back to do it over again.  Remember that if you are playing
    with the rebellion that you have to take the LAAT ship to the empire
    capital ship to do this glitch because it actually has a place to land when
    you fall off the opening.  If the guy is a marine then he can use his
    rockets to target other ships while piggybacking on the LAAT and shoot them
    with the rocket launcher as a kind of extra secondary weapon [Glitch 9:
    secondary secondary-move] for the ship, and it even works the same way.
    The rocket launcher follows the ship, the person in the ship receives a
    message that they are being followed by a missile, and it has about the
    power of a single bomb from a bomber.  You can also position your guy
    outside the enemy hanger and do this to ships coming out to sort of
    sabotage them.  Once you are flying above the desired position (high places
    are best as they are otherwise imposable to reach if you fall down lower),
    you can either turn the ship upsidedown and dump the person off, or the
    person can walk or jump off.  After walking around for a bit, you will
    notice that the ships have very inaccurate detail.  It will appear as
    though you are walking too high, or even dip down into the hull itself and
    not fall, even submerging yourself entirely.  You might occasionally find
    a spot that is not solid at all, which you can fall through [Glitch 10:
    holes in your ship].  These are impossible to avoid as they look exactly
    like everywhere else.  I know for sure that the republic capital ship has
    one over its hanger (which if you fall in you will find yourself not in
    the hanger but over the ceiling where you can see everything below you,
    although they can’t see you), and the droid capital ship has a humongous
    gap in the bridge once you have destroyed it (which is also a part of
    another glitch i will show you later).  Another thing to notice is that the
    ship is about three times as big as you thought it was, which you will
    realize after walking on the ship for a few minutes going at the apparent
    pace of a snail.  The turrets are also much larger then you would think.
    You can destroy the turrets quite easily, but you can not damage the shield
    enough to take it down because it can repair itself just about as fast as
    you destroy it.  You can repair the turrets on the capital ships too, but
    unlike the frigates they will stay there even after they are destroyed.  An
    interesting thing is that you can repair the systems from the top as well,
    such as the communications array (which is the size of a ten story tower),
    but like the turrets on the frigates, you can not repair them when they are
    fully damaged.  If you can make it to the heavy turrets (easy to do with
    the empire capital ship), then you can repair them too, and if they are
    destroyed you can actually walk around inside of them while repairing them,
    the result is being inside the turret when it is in full repair[Glitch 11:
    stuck in something you repaired], and nothing can penetrate the exterior to
    hurt you.  You can do something similar with the shield generator if you
    have splitscreen.  Simply destroy it, have one person jump inside, and the
    other one repair it (you can’t repair it when you are inside of it),
    although it will take a rather long time.  It is also worth mentioning that
    if you climb aboard the rebellion frigates (not the big grey transports,
    the ones that have 11 thrusters) that you can go anywhere you like except 
    for on top of the thrusters (which you should land on when you first arrive
    if you want to see the whole ship).  There is a large cylinder thing in the
    middle which you can not jump over, but there is actually an invisible
    platform all the way around it [Glitch 12: Invisible platform on a frigate]
    that you can walk on to easily reach the front.  The next method is an
    alternant way to get on top, one which is more widely known.  Get an
    empire dropship (the empire works best, but most ships will do) and land
    and take off repeatedly and get outside the shield, but don’t stop landing
    and taking off.  When you get past the ceiling sticking off the side of the
    ship (the empire has a particularly large one) you can take off over and
    over and you will start to slowly rise up in the air, just like what happened
    with my droid ship experiment.  Once you are high enough that you are above 
    the capital ship, turn a bit so you are facing the capital ship and keep
    going until you are above it.  On some capital ships you will flip over at an
    angle, so just keep going until you are perfectly straight before you land
    (your ship will land at an angle equivalent to the floor below it, so you
    have to land on a flat place). Once you are in position, you can land on top
    of the ship and walk around on top of it [Glitch 13: Elevator to the top of
    the capital ship] This method is less complicated and easier and has many
    advantages, like the fact that you can do it with single player and when you
    land the dropship it will spawn other (useless) troops [Glitch 14: bring the
    computers with you], although the dropship for some reason looses health very
    slowly in some situations [Unwanted glitch 15: Automatic damage].  Using this
    method this way will take forever if you are trying to get to high locations
    though, and you are unable to use it to get on top of the frigates.  For a
    small hint, in normal games you can go to the enemy hanger and wait for
    someone to get in a ship.  When someone does, drop a time bomb and watch the
    ship fly out and blow up in space [Hint 1: Sabotage].  Now fly a bomber out
    of the hanger.  When you get out, look for some capital ships that appear to
    be in the background and fly to them.  After a while when you get to the
    edge, it will tell you that you are leaving the battlefield, but the
    invincibility prevents you from dying [Glitch 16: No boundaries].  You can
    actually get right up against those ships in the background, which are really
    3d shapes, but nothing more, as you can fly through them like they don’t even
    exist Glitch 17: fake objects].  Another thing to notice is that they are
    about 10 times as small as they ought to be.  Go ahead and fly to the droid
    capital ship and take down the shields if they are not down already.  When
    that is done, destroy the bridge as well.  When you do so, go to the front of
    the ship and fly towards the bridge.  When you are over it, fly down into it,
    since the crash cant kill you.  Keep flying down and in a second you will
    find yourself inside the ship [Glitch 18: fly inside of droid capital ships].
    It looks rather odd, as it isn’t programmed to show what it is supposed to
    look like on the inside [Unwanted glitch 19: invisible walls], but try to
    stay inside.  You can fly out of the ship as if the walls didn’t even exist.
    You can use your bombs to blow up the internal systems [Glitch 20: bomb the
    inside of the ship] really easily (which seem to be as though they were built
    by ants, making them herd to find), but if you fly into the shield generator
    room or the auto turret room, you will find yourself stuck in there forever,
    bouncing off the walls so fast that it is impossible to see what you are
    doing [Glitch 21: Crazy bouncy ship].  This is particularly amusing if you
    are playing splitscreen and have the other player come and look at you,
    especially if they don’t know what you did.  [Glitch 74: Do the splits... and
    die!]  I also found that if you go to the back of the LAAT ship and roll into
    the side in between where the back and where the door that closes, you will
    get halfway jammed in the ground and your legs will stick straight up in the
    air.  You will fall out the bottom of the capital ship if you are invincible,
    but if you have it off then sometimes you will just simply die like that.
    This is probabily the funniest glitch in the game.  And that is all the
    glitches for space that I can think of, but space is not the only place to
    find such glitches.  In the next section I will cover the on-foot worlds in
    order as they appear on the instant action selection, also including useful
    tips and shortcut ways to beat objectives in the campaign.
    You must be republic and get the jet trooper, so you will need to have other
    enemies.  Once you have the jet trooper, go to the library from the main room
    and there is a staircase to the left.  Climb it (so that there is still one
    more staircase to climb) and get in the corner of the room.  Use your jetpack
    to go straight up, and you will go through the ceiling [Glitch 22: going
    through and walking on the ceiling].  You have three options. Go straight on
    to come out of the wall and find yourself on a walkway (I explain an
    invisibility method for here at the end of the glitches of this level), and
    you can go backwards instead of out of the wall to find yourself up on top of
    the library ceiling (which you can see through).  Your legs will actually
    stick out of the bottom, so people can see that, but will be unable to
    damage you unless they get up there themselves.  You won’t be able to pass
    any further then the first row of pillars unless you walk off of the edge
    and jetpack around it.  You can also do the last method over again, only go
    back to the glitched corner, only just a bit to the left of it, and stand as
    close to the edge as you can.  Look up and down at this point, and the main
    room will keep on disappearing and leaving nothing but trees, and then appear
    again [Glitch 23: Disappearing background and rooms].  If you turn around and
    go to the opposite end, about half way there some of the buildings will
    vanish.  If you keep going you can walk off the edge and then you die unless
    your quick with the jetpack.  All along the way you will see rooms appear and
    then disappear.  You can also use jedi to do this.  There are many ways to do
    this sort of thing, but you only need just one to go where you want, and this
    is the easiest one to use.  If you are good with a jetpack you can find many
    places where you can hide behind walls and shoot out and things like that
    [Glitch 24: Can't see me, can't shoot me, but I can shoot you!].  Also, there
    is a command post that is outside and has a walkway to its left.  Go all the
    way over to the end of this walkway until you get to a wall blocking you from
    going forward.  Look straight at it and walk into it and you will appear to
    be invisible [Glitch 25: Invisible?].  You may have to jump into the wall.
    This invisibility thing can not be used to hide, even from other people
    because you are only invisible from a certain point of view.  To prove
    this, when you get invisible rotate the camera around your person and you will
    appear and disappear on spot.  For tips on beating the campaign on this level
    is to start out with the heavy trooper because they have mines [Hint 2: mined
    the jedi!].  When you get close to the other end and the jedi start popping
    out, lay one down and step back.  He jedi have to get close to you to kill
    you, so they always blow up.  When you have the cp, switch to an engineer and
    head to the library [Hint 3: Engineers in the library].  The find one bookcase
    to protect, and lay a detonation pack next to it, and then stand by it and
    destroy anyone who comes close with it, and don’t forget to replace it.  The
    second wave of jedi come at exactly one minute left, so be prepared.  Don’t
    forget to repair the bookcase as best you can when there is nobody close by.
    When you get Anakin and go after the jedi master, you can use a glitch to
    kill him very easily.  You simply start to choke him and then switch your
    move to throw lightsaber without letting go of the left trigger.  You can now
    choke him forever without ever running out of energy [Glitch 26: Stop choking
    me!].  You can do something similar in space levels by using a trooper and
    start by using a rocket launcher once and switch weapons before you can reload
    it.  Use the rifle and then switch to the rocket launcher and it keeps on
    shooting rifle shots until you reload your rocket launcher [Glitch 27: rifle
    launcher?].  If you turn your amo cheat off and use up all your rockets and
    switch on the last one then you can make the rifle shots last much longer.
    Also similar is using force choke with dooku or the emperor and then switching
    to lightning.  You will choke forever like before and also use lighting at the
    same time, using only energy for lightning [Glitch 28: Double move].  Also,
    go outside behind the starting Rebel/CIS CP. Go look for the golden statue
    that Is closest to the wall, and use your jump jets to get up between it and
    the wall. You may have to do this many times before you get on the ground.
    Now, go either in the statue where you can't get shot, or go into the wall so
    you're under the floor of the next room.  [Glitch 76:  two ways]
    Near the south most command post there is a large tree that you can
    walk inside [Glitch 29: Is this really a tree?].
    Death Star
    I found for myself that in the room where there is a big hole in the ground
    with a ring of path going around it there is a small area to walk on where the
    path ends to the LEFT only [Glitch 30: invisible platform in the death star].
    I also found that ordinary troops can jump across gaps in the room with paths
    over a huge trench [Hint 4: don't be afraid to jump!].  In CTF you can use the
    turret glitch to force your way between cp 1 and cp 6, which are sealed off 
    from one another in this mode [Glitch 31: Locked doors don't matter!].
    There is one glitch on here that many find by accident (me being one of them).
    Be empire (only for the short walk there, anyone can do it really) and walk 
    into the bunker.  Walk into the right corner in the back of the room near the
    power generator.  It will kill you [Unwanted Glitch 32: the corner of death].
    Apparently the energy is not being contained correctly.  Also, be empire’s
    sniper and crouch down in front of the ewok huts and you can force your way
    in[Glitch 33: breaking into an ewok house].  Going to hunt mode, I found that
    Ewoks are best affected by the legendary war hero bonus, because if you can
    get it then your spears can kill the empire units in one shot [Hint 5: One hit
    spears].  There is also a tree near the empire base is a tree that has a
    branch that connects to the ground.  With effort, you can catch hold of an
    even smaller branch sticking out of the top of this branch, which you can
    stand on for a hiding spot [Hint 6: up a tree].
    No glitches here that you can’t do on most levels, but it is useful to point
    out that there is a log that will lead up to the cliff where there is a cp
    [Hint 7: log shortcut].  Going up here at the start of a normal game will lead
    you to a lot of enemies.  If you are playing the campaign you should use a
    heavy trooper at the start and switch to mines and use a pistol.  Go find one
    ackley and shoot it once with a pistol to get its attention and then lay a
    mine and step back.  Like the jedi on Coruscant, then have to walk to you, so
    they will be blown up in only one blast [Hint 8: anti-ackley].
    This isn’t really a glitch, but still, you can use jets to land on top of the
    spikes on this level, but one spike that is part of the droid cp is to tall
    and impossible to get up to even if you have any jet power when you reach the
    max point.  It is actually easier to do with a geonosian in hunt mode [Hint 9:
    on top of the world], but I found that some of these spikes go incredibly
    high, and even if you do find a way to the highest point, there is an
    invisible ceiling which you cannot move through [Unwantd glitch 34]: the
    highest point].  In the campaign when it asks you to go get the holocron, you
    can use this glitch to fly while you still have it.  Simply carefully fly
    over the holocron instead of stopping on the ground and you can fly with it
    [Glitch 35: fly with special objects and the flag] (you normally can't use a
    jetpack while holding a special item).  This is particularly useful with
    capture the flag levels because they work the same way.
    Be rebels and get in a snowspeeder.  Out of curiosity, I flew over a AT-AT
    and landed.  Get out, and look at the speeder.  When the AT-AT walks away the
    snowspeeder will still be in the air [Glitch 36: floating snowspeeders], even
    though it will blow up soon by itself.  Also, if you use invincibility you
    can use the speeder and fly to the other side of the map and you will find
    the area that you can only access in hoth hunt for the wampas of CTF [hint
    10: extra map area].   Also, go to the destroyed shield generator and wait
    for it to blow up.  Then go behind it and jump into the gashes in the shield
     generator and repair it.  Get a friend to help you if you can, it is hard to
    repair.  Once it is done you will be stuck inside, but I'm not sure its worth
    your time.  Also, take one of those animals in the rebel hanger and run into
    the snowspeeders, they will get knocked over in a weird way and annoy everyone
    when they try to take off [Glitch 37: weird angles].  And when you are playing
    as rebels with hunt on this level, be prepared for a lot of aggravation if you
    have invincibility on because once you are attacked by a wampa they never
    stop, and you can barely stand for a second before he knocks you over again
    [Hint 11: Persistent wampas], although if you are lucky the will very rarely
    knock you onto an otherwise imposable to get to place with a jump attack.  I
    myself have an amusing story about when I was in their base and I landed
    against all odds on one of those yellow metal pillar things inside, and the
    wampas will just walk up under you and do nothing, which was very convenient
    for me because i just dropped a mine on them every time they came to me.
    Jabba’s Palace
    Get youself eaten by the rancor, or else wait for someone else to drop in and
    be grabbed.  If you are the one being eaten respawn before he can eat you (I
    did this myself because I didn't want to waste time getting eaten).  If it is
    someone else kill them.  Either way a bunch of health and amo will drop down
    from the body for the convenience of whoever wants it [Glitch 38: free health
    and amo!].  I'm not sure that this is a glitch, as I see no reason health and
    amo would fall from a dead body, and that does seem like something the
    producers would put in as a joke, but maybe not because you can do something
    similar on mos eisley with chewy.
    Nothing here that I am aware of, but when you do this level in galactic
    conquest or conquest with hero’s set for 1 second best person as republic you
    can use the jedi bonus and just when the game starts use obi-wan and run to
    the other side, and when you see the droids they are all marching in a pretty
    straight line which is convenient for his running slash move, it will give
    you about 16 killing spree at least [Hint 12: easy killing spree].  Also,
    Jango isn’t a very good character, you can do just as good if not better with
    a heavy trooper or a jet trooper with the award bonuses [Hint 13: Awards +
    jet trooper equals Jango/Boba].
    Perhaps not exactly a glitch, but if you use the STAP from the droid’s side
    you can fly up the large trees.  After going up one for a couple of second
    use your boosters.  You will fly very high up in the air high enough that
    you can’t see a thing for a second, and you will also go rather incredible
    distances too [Glitch 39: tree "teleporting"].  Also note that you can walk
    out of bounds easily by running off the side (it wont kill you if you are
    invincible).  You will float in the air [Glitch 40: out of bounds invisible
    platform], but if you go too far (same direction for about 5 minutes while
    in a vehicle) you will just vanish and die [Glitch 41: disappearance death].
    If you go around the world to the point of the mountains to the left of the
    wookie base, and if you get up against where the mountain would be there is
    also the rest of the mountain on the invisible ground, which you will slip
    on a lot.
    Mos Eisley
    Go to the house behind the cantina in Mos Eisley (it has a ammo droid behind
    it and on the front is a stair case). Go up the stairs and walk to your
    right so that you are standing above the door going into the house that is
    facing the cantina. When you are facing the main house and on the door arch,
    crouch and start walking into the house. If done correctly, you will fall
    through the wall and be inside the house [Glitch 42: Inside houses with
    normal troops]. You will be able to shoot the people outside, but they will
    not be able to shoot you. You cannot jump through the ceiling. If your walk
    too far towards the wall you will get outside the house again.  Also, in the
    giant ring with the ships, you can jump through a wall that you can reach by
    going up the ramp that leads to the giant ship and jump at a corner in the
    wall.  You will land on an invisible platform [Glitch 43 and 44: Invisible
    platform behind a fake wall], and if you are vader, the emperor, or one of
    the fetts, you can fly to other parts of the base through the ring.  Also,
    you can use chewbacka to get free amo and health by going up to the front of
    the ship and run jumping into the nose.  If you do it right (it may take a
    while) he will get stuck in the nose.  Once you do respawn, and when you
    come back the original chewy will still be there, flipping around like a
    farris wheel.  He will periodically drop amo and health, and you can make more
    if you want [Glitch 45: More free amo and health!].  Also, be any jedi and
    go over to the southwest corner.  Get on top of the houses there, and look
    for a spot where two of the houses intersect each other.  Walk in front of
    this and you will sort of be floating.  Do jump attacks over and over again
    on that spot until you force yourself out of the world [Glitch 46: out of
    bounds for jedi on mos eisley].  There are a lot of invisible walls, but
    there are ways around them.  You might occasionally get stuck in between the
    buildings rather then pass them.  I discovered that if you do splitscreen
    then you should get a person with force push outside first and then try and
    get anyone else stuck.  The person outside can use force push on the other
    and they will get stuck in one of the houses [Glitch 47: "force" your way
    into a house].  Also, this level is the perfect place to do the droidica
    glitch on the doors of some houses and one of the gates on the east side,
    putting you on the outside of the level.  Also, during capture the flag, the
    jawas like to take your flag and try to deliver it, despite the fact they are
    on your team.  They are really on both teams, so nobody will bother them.
    Tell the jawa who grabs you flag to follow you.  They will, and nobody will
    try to kill them [Glitch/hint 48: Impossible to defeat on CTF], and they will
    only leave you if you die, which you can’t if you still have the
    invincibility, but don’t do it if you are hero, and don’t become hero either
    because the jawa will leave you.  Be sure not to go to the enemy to get the
    flag either because the jawa will deliver yours along the way (this system
    works best with more then one person, one guarding the flag while the others
    get the enemy’s).  Also, use yoda on assault and find a building with a
    purple cloth stretched on one side.  Have yoda double jump against the
    building under these and you will be inside of the building [Glitch 49:
    inside houses, yoda only].  You can not throw your lightsaber with yoda, and
    you can’t pull people inside, so the only way this is possible useful is as
    a safehouse where you can’t do any good.
    I found that invincible people can walk on the lava under the bridge that
    you can deactivate and on the lava fall over at the edge of the map in some
    places [Glitch 50: lava platforms].  All other places you will fall for a
    long time and turn red after a few seconds [Glitch 51: Red guys?].  Also,
    [hint 16: easy kills], use an engineer and go to the bridges that you can
    deactivate.  When there are ONLY enemies on the bridge, shoot the controls
    and they will fall in.  You then repair the controls, and then repeat.
    Really amusing for the person doing it, though it is thought of as cheap.
    You can use any vehicle and drive it to the north command post and charge
    into the big tower building in the middle of the map, where you will get
    jammed into the ceiling [Glitch 52: vehicles in the roof], but I found that
    for some reason if you jump out you will find yourself on the normal area
    with the tank where it was [Unwanted glitch 53: And vehicles only!].  The
    only way around this it to ride it near an edge where you will fall down,
    but still be inside, and then you can jump out and shoot through the walls.
    Also, you will be able to fly into the ceiling near the doorway of cp 4
    [Glitch 54: there is a hole in your ceiling].
    After playing around with droidica and looking for places to do their
    glitch, I finally found that droidica can get through the gate in the north
    part of the map, followed by invisible fields, which they can force their
    way into as well [Glitch 55:Out of bounds on naboo].
    Polis Massa
    Be the droids and get four people to follow you outside.  They will start
    to make some strange noises (the noises that they make when they fall off
    of something or get shot) for about 7 seconds, and it sounds like a bad
    singer on a microphone [Glitch 56: droid rock stars].  Also use republic
    and use jet troopers outside and go outside with invincibility to the place
    where the large circular place meets with the hall and jump jet at the
    corner and over it to walk around on top of buildings [Glitch 57:please get
    off my roof], but you might fall though them [Unwanted glitch 58: there is
    a hole in your floor].  Also, I discovered that if you get inside of a AAT
    tank and find a particular force field outside that has a point to the left
    where you are not able to pass a certain point, charge at this point in
    your AAT, then when it stops, quickly turn it around and get out.  If you
    do it right, the character you used will be outside the field and can walk
    around where they like [Glitch 59: Tanks for getting me out].  This is an
    easier replacement for the old method of running up the cliff until you
    find a hole [Glitch 60: a hole in the invisible walls] in the field (which
    does really exist, but it is hard to find and hard to walk to because you
    slide off the cliffs a lot).  You can use droidica to charge up the hills
    and then force their way through the field to get them through.  When you
    get beyond the normal area, you can either go to the edge (after going
    across many large hills and finally a humongous cliff that is impossible to
    climb back up), and walk off the edge [Glitch 61: Out of bounds Polis
    Massa] (where you can see what the rest of space looks like underneath the
    map), or you can go to the area behind the bases.  There are some more
    invisible walls blocking you from getting to the base, but if you go far
    enough to the side you can go around.  The back of the base is very strange.
    There are no walls behind it, so you can walk inside of it, and under it,
    and half you body will be sticking out of the floor in some other places.
    Please note that if you do have yourself sticking out that it is impossible
    to crouch [Unwanted glitch 62: no crouching!] and to leave the room (but
    this only happens in some places), but you can simply press jump and you
    will suddenly find yourself on normal ground again.  If you are a droidica
    you can enter wherever you like by rolling, and you are able to roll up
    again into a ball even when you are sticking out, and in the area where
    you get stuck with troops the droidica is small enough to roll underneath
    one of the walls.
    Tantive IV
    Go to the south command post as jet trooper and go through the hallway on
    the right.  At the end find the amo droid (or whatever is left of it by the
    time you can earn the trooper) and  jump jet straight up and you will find
    yourself leaving the area and land on the invisible ceiling [Glitch 63:
    another hole in the roof].  You might fall in some places (the corridors
    have no proper roof, which you can also shoot through), so watch your step.
    I believe that there is more then one way to leave the area, but only one
    is necessary as they all lead to the same place.
    This level has many things that you can land on, including objects hanging
    off the cliff and a large fan thing sticking out of the rock near the west
    most command post.  Once you are on this you can walk off of the place
    where it starts and you will start to fall, but you can jet to areas that
    you are not supposed to go from here [Glitch 64: Flying around the
    perimeter of Utapau].  Also, in the campaign for this, when it gives you
    Obi-Wan to go get the command post, just as soon as you get it rush as fast
    as you can to the edge, where general grievous will land (if you have
    splitscreen then instead have obi-wan there already when the other one
    takes the command post, which might save you the time that he uses to run
    away from the edge).  As soon as he lands use the force push move on him
    and you will force him into the ravine without a fight [Hint 14: easy way
    to kill greivous], although it will not give you credit for it, but at
    least you can skip this point.  If you don’t make it in time then the will
    start to block.  Make him put down his block by run attacking or pushing
    him and then throw your lightsaber a lot to kill him from a distance, as
    he likes to knock you around a lot.  If you don’t use invincibility these
    two ways are about the only ways to beat him without getting killed.
    Yavin 4
    Get a speeder and align yourself against a particular wall on the left and
    get off.  You will be on the other side [Glitch 65: On the other side of
    the wall].  Also, behind the temple that you blow open in the campaign,
    jump jet as far up as you can go, get on the highest platform that you can
    go to, get to the back of the temple (not exactly the back, if you look at
    the map while facing north it is the top right corner of the octagon shape),
    stand back at the edge of that platform, and jump jet again straight up
    until you are above the level of the temple, and then fly over the temple,
    which you can now drop down on top of and snipe with an award pistol from
    this position [Glitch 66: over the sky's limit and onto the temple], but
    know that there is nothing to stop anyone from sniping YOU.
    General glitches can be used on more then one level.  
    [Glitch 67: Droidicas through the wall]For instance, droidica can go
    through some walls and invisible barriers by folding into a ball, rolling
    right up against the wall or barrier, and unfolding again.  Part of them
    will be unfolded on the other side, and you can walk the rest of the way.
    Please note that only a few walls do this.
    [Glitch 68: Walk through corners with a turret]Another one is that you
    can use sniper units to lay auto turrets in corners so that there is just
    not enough room to walk behind, and then try to walk behind it anyway.
    You will get pushed through and end up somewhere else, but you may have
    to try to lay the turret many times before it will work.  This does not
    work in some places.
    [Glitch 69: slow run]If you use a jedi or sith and run while alternately
    pressing black white (or the two weapon switch buttons for those without
    xbox), you will run very slowly, at walking speed.  I think there is more
    then one way to do this one.
    [Glitch 70: block forever]Jedi can block forever by using block, and just
    when you run out of energy use block again, but it can be broken with a
    run attack or force push, pull, or choke.
    [Glitch 71: invisible forever] Bothan spies can use stealth forever if you
    have the endurance medal on legendary, just so long you don’t run, roll,
    or jump a lot.
    [Unwanted glitch 72: loose all your kills] When you get more then 255
    kills in a game, your kill counter will reset to 0, which is unwanted but
    unavoidable unless you stop fighting on purpose.  This really made me mad
    when I was doing the training mission for extra kills.
    Almost all space glitches can be done anywhere, except for ones that
    require a specific era or if it is getting on the mygeeto frigate.
    Almost all levels have a way to leave boundaries, and if you are on an
    open area (outside, not in levels where you are closed up like in jabba’s
    palace or in tantive IV) you can walk over the edge and walk on air, but if
    you go to far (a matter of 10 minutes or so on foot) then you will suddenly
    just vanish and die, no explosions or falling over, just WHAP and dead, no
    You can fly with the flag if you are flying before you pick it up and not
    touch the ground before or after you do.
    [Hint 15: Mines are the way to victory] Using both invincibility and
    infinite amo along with team attack off, you can beat nearly the whole
    Campaign section as a heavy trooper and use nothing but mines for the whole
    thing.  This is really useful for killing vehicles in one hit (except for
    AT-TEs and AT-ATs, which require more then one but still mines being the
    fastest method), for taking out large groups of enemy’s (such as on tantive
    IV in the beginning), for killing tough people in one hit (wampas, jedi,
    droidicas with shields, etc.), for protecting things (such as the oil
    refinery on kashyyyk or polis massa’s command post, and even the bookshelves
    on corescant if you prefer to use them rather then det packs, although you
    loose the ability to repair, and those bookshelves are weak) and destroying
    enemy objectives (such as in the death star near the end, just jump on top
    of the enemy transport and mine it once to destroy it), but note that
    engineers can walk over these safely, although they will still die if
    someone nearby triggers one.  Also note that throughout the campaign you
    will come across things that you have to destroy that are on nobody’s team
    (such as the core on mygeeto or the pillar on utapau) which cannot trigger
    mine explosions, although if you can cause the mine to detonate near them
    by making another enemy walk over it, it will get the job done that way.
    [Unwanted Glitch 73: Amo cheat doesn't work?]  If you have the unlimited amo
    cheat on, if you have an item with only one shot (like anger or recon droid)
    and use it, you will not get it back again unless you go to an amo resupply
    droid to get it back, and then you somehow end up with two, and then you can
    use it as much as you want, but note that a few weapons that are like this
    you have to go back and get another round no matter what.  Also note that
    the amo cheat does not work like most games, where you would loose no amo
    at all when shooting, but on this game you will loose amo when you shoot,
    and you will still have to reload, but once you do your amo will be fully
    charged again.
    [Glitch 75: fall through the floor]  Get into rolling mode with a droidica
    and switch to anther character with the cp.  If the cp is built on a floor
    higher then the actual ground then you will fall through it.  You can only
    do this in some areas, I did it on Polis Massa.
    Player reported glitches:
    None so far, please submit.
    These are all the glitches that I have ever found on either the internet or
    found myself.  I realize that many of the glitches I found had been
    discovered already, and maybe even my own personal method of getting on
    capital ships, but know that I do believe that I was the first person to
    actually share that particular one on an easy to find website.  Please
    contact me if you know of more glitches or hints that I might have missed,
    but do try and test them to be sure that they are real, as I will be
    checking all of them.  Also note that none of these glitches are useful
    enough to give you a winning edge in the battle that you could have gotten
    in another way, and that some of the more useless ones (like graphical ones)
    can be skipped without missing much.  I would also like to hear from you
    about whether this guide was useful to you, but please do not mention
    anything like, "this one doesn't work.  Either the glitch you attempted
    is an X-box only one (none that I know of), or that it is difficult to pull
    off and you should try again.  I do not want to see spelling corrections in
    my letters, things like that happen and they don't make a difference as far
    as usefulness goes.  I also will only present things from the standard set
    of levels.  Also give me credit if you present one or more of these
    to another site or guide (you don't have to ask me if you can, the answer
    is yes), especially the ones that I found myself, though the piggybacking
    on the LAATs might be all over the place before long.

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