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"A good game in its own rights, but don't expect it to be an epic journey."

Star Wars: Battlefront, the game that satisfied almost every Star Wars fan. But if you played that, then you have already played this game. For a game with only new features and that's about it. But, now the question remains. Is it worth it to buy this game? The answer is up to you.

Probably one of the biggest features is the ability to play as a Jedi, and for the most part, they're just "okay" to play as. They are limited in their attacks with 3 primary slashes, a jump slash, and a sprint slash. So the Jedi get real boring when the game provides you with just 5 moves.
The Jedi can be overpowering if handled by a skilled player. The health bar is really a timer, when you kill an enemy the timer rises and your bar will gradually lower if you don't kill enemies. This is probably the most over-powered part because the player will probably never die if he continues to slaughter enemies. The game has non-Jedi heroes, like Han Solo, that have powerful weapons.

It wouldn't be a Star Wars if there wasn't a war in the stars, so there are some epic space battles. Some people have enjoyed this feature more than I have, because in my view, the space battles are just "okay" too. The controls are good and easy to control, but there seems to be too much
open space in the space battles.

If you want to kill enemies faster, you can land in their hanger and kill the people inside. You can also destroy the vulnerable points too. The way you can choose your ships is pretty clever. You spawn in a hanger and hop in a vehicle from there. The space battles can be fun at times, but it seems that the open space takes all the fun away.

The game has a campaign mode that you wouldn't expect from a team based shooter that is more like a multiplayer game. It tells the story on how the clone army became the storm troopers. I've summarized the campaign as Conquest, CTF, and Team Death Match all mixed in a mission. You'll probably play the campaign once if you'll play the single player at all.
The game is excellent in its multiplayer, supporting up to 32 players. But the game also has some flaws in its multiplayer. The multiplayer can get a little laggy, and it's pretty rare to find a server with enough players, and no AI bots. The game has a mode called Assault where you play as all the hero and villain characters, and fight the other team, and on multiplayer, and it's really cool. I can't much about the multiplayer though because the game still doesn't provide much in the multiplayer.

I bought this game without Xbox Live, and thought that it would make the game better because of the multiplayer. Once I got Xbox Live, I played this game against other people and some fun, but I was pretty disappointed with it too. It does replace the dumb AI bots, but some servers won't have enough players, so they replace the empty space with AI bots. The multiplayer is the highlight of the game. So this game should be approached with caution without Xbox Live.

The AI in this game is pretty good but they get very dumb at times. They get stuck in walls, stand still and get shot at, and when they hop into vehicles they usually ram into walls randomly. But, sometimes they'll do the right thing, like dive out of the way when a grenade comes and at times make good use of their cover. When you are selecting a difficulty setting though, switch it to Elite so the AI will have some intelligence.
The game, for the most part, is pretty fun. After I saw the games that make use of their cover, so I tried it on this game and it kind of enhances the game play a little bit. It's optional and it worked for me because its fun to grab a sniper and randomly pick people off. Of course, this is just me; you don't have to if you don't want to.

The graphics in this game are pretty good and have excellent models and designs; you'll wish that the backgrounds didn't look like wall paper. The grenades in this game actually show the stronger side in the graphics, the explosions have a real effect to the enemies and the enemies look like they have been hit with a grenade. But when there is a dead body gets hit by a grenade, it will look like a floating dead person.
The sound in this game is really good and you'll like the use of John Williams' score in this game. The voice and sound effects in this game is good too where the clone troopers sound like clone troopers and so on. The blaster sounds and space whirring by you when you speed up. It is really hard to make this game sound dull. Overall the game sounds and looks great.

If you want to buy this game, approach and say to yourself, “Now, I'm getting a Star Wars: Battlefront game with just new features", and if that sounds like your game then buy it. Approach with caution though if you don't have Xbox Live, or you're expecting it to be the new Battlefield series, because the game will disappoint you, but if you are a real Star Wars fanatic, then you should buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/30/07, Updated 05/01/07

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