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"One of the best games ever made"

"One of the best game ever made"

I say the above statement without hesitation, or stutter. This is because this game has every aspect that a great game should have and more.

Do you like 1st person shooters? this game has it
Do you like 3rd person shooters? this game has it
Do you like flight sims? this game has it
Do you like strategy? this game has it

So what exactly makes this game so great?

Graphics: 9.5/10

The environements are massive and have have hundreds of troops on the screen and it does not even skip a frame or slow down. It has 480P high definition and all the characters are faithfuly represented. There are no cheap add-ons or anything like that. The only thing keeping it from a perfect score are the face renderings of some of the Jedi, which you rarely see up close anyways. You can see clearly across huge levels. There arent any cheap lighting or fog effects used to cover up the fact that the game engine cant produce certain environements. The character animation is smooth, and there are great ragdoll physics to give the game more action. There are rarely any graphic glitches or problems. The vehicles are perfectly rendered and destructible.

Sound : 10/10:

All the john williams music from all 6 movies. Weapon sounds are reproduced exactly from the movies.

Environments: 10/10

Incredibly faithful to the movies and huge. You can visit all the famous places from the movies in massive maps. And the coolest thing is that in each level there are little areas that are taken straight from the movies such as the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Death Star Trash Compactor, Jedi temple library, yavin temple control room, geonosis, etc

Gameplay: 10/10 This is where the game shines. You can switch to whatever kind of view you like to play shooters in. Either 3rd person or 1st person. The space battles are epic and very easy to pick up and play right away.

The ground battles are incredible with an entire battle going on around you as you fight hundreds of troops with a choice of 5 different classes of soldiers, each one with their own unique abilities and weapons. If you kill enough enemies you can be a Jedi. There are many jedi to choose from. Nearly every Jedi from the movie is here except for Quigon jinn. Each jedi has their own unique force powers style of wielding a lightlaber. There 2 different time periods you can play. Either the Clone Wars time period or the Empire time period.

There many different teams to choose from. You can be the empire, rebels, CIS trade federation, or the Republic Clone troops. In single player you can conquer the galaxy one planet at a time, or play through the story mode which chronicles the story of how the republic became the empire.

The multiplayer is incredibly good on xbox live as you engage in massive online battles with up to 32 different people in space or in one of the many famous star wars locations from the movies. The multiplayer alone justifies getting this game if you have xbox live.

Rent or buy?

Buy this game. It is pretty cheap now, and if you have xbox live then you must have this game.

Final score :10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/14/07

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