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"Great game for fans and non-fans of SW"

Lets start by saying this is a great game. I love Star Wars, so I bought upon release, and this just adds to the experience so much. If you are new to the series, Battlefront takes a different path to most other Star Wars games. Instead of being an invincible Jedi, you are a single grunt in the greater fight. Saying that, one of the additions to this is that of Heroes, earnt in battle by meeting a set requirement. Lets continue:

For a game on the old Xbox, this is very good. Character models aren't too clunky, animations are fairly free-flowing, and it has the murky feel of a real battlefield. Admittedly, some of the maps aren't too impressive, but then you play Mustufar or Naboo again and forget all about it. Gunfire looks like it should in Star Wars, and the lightsabres are great. This makes the game very easy on the eyes.
Graphics: 8/10

How can this game have a story you might ask. Well, it has campaign mode and galactic conquest modes to enjoy. The campaign takes you through the hardships of the 501st battalion, from the desert hellhole of Geonosis, the massacre of the Jedi at their temple, Right up to the definitive battle of Hoth. The levels work with you having limited reinforcements, gained by completing objectives. It flows nicely, and the story does some emotional parts in it, but nothing tear inducing, so a good game if you wish to retain your manliness. Galactic Conquest gives you a map of the galaxy, and controlling one faction, you must conquer, much like the board game Risk. I enjoyed both structured parts of the game, and continue to go over them every now and then.
Story: 9/10

Very smooth for a third person shooter, still good if changed to first. Wide variety of troopers to use, each with unique abilities. Wide range of maps, each with different things to do, and tons of vehicles to use and abuse.
Gameplay: 9/10

Look, we all know this is going to get shining praise, just because it is Star Wars, but hear me out. Yes, the music is great, but the gun effects are also awesome. Every shot sounds appropriate, each have a distinctive sound, so you know when you are near enemies, and I just plain like the saber effects. Unfortunately, every up has a down, and the down in this case is the absolutely horrible award sounds. When you get an aura via award, you get an annoying humming, whirring, buzzing, whatever you want to call it, sound. No, not a glitch, but designed to be there. Glitch in the mind of the designer? Sorry to say that I cannot knowingly give this a 10, so...
Sound: 9/10

Well, its kept me going this long, and most games don't last with me for more than a month before I get bored. (Ok, maybe half a year before I get bored.) Full ten
Replayability: 10/10
Overall score: 9/10

Rent or Buy?
Up to you, but I reccomend buy. It can be beaten in a day or two, but you miss out on a lot if you only rent, not to mention it could keep you coming back for more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/07

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