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Reviewed: 12/26/08

Wage Some Intergalactic War

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 puts you in the plastic boots of a clone trooper of the 501st squad that follows the rise of the Empire. Batltlefront 2 is more than just a campaign and more than just a fun game to play online. There are many great features to Battlefront 2 that make this game an excellent multiplayer or single player game.


Battlefront is set in a third person that breaks the orthodox way of playing games. The campaign has exactly the same game play as multiplayer does with the exception of having to take objectives and the effects of the story taking place. You start off by selecting a type of character to play as ranging from a standard assault trooper to sniper, bazooka, or special characters. Each have their own different abilities and you can select where on the map you want to spawn. The game takes you through all of the different battles on the foreign planets during the Clone Wars and on through to the Rebellion. The campaign is more objective based, but new features like playing as a special character such as a Jedi or Sith character allows for a good shake up to the way a battle plays out. You can hop into vehicles and lay down the laser fire on a massive number of enemies and fly around in space battles and shoot up cruisers the old fashioned way or park it in an enemy cruiser and sabotage the vessel from the inside.

What I really enjoyed about Battlefront 2 is the Galactic Conquest single player mode. Galactic Conquest is a turn based game type where you play against the computer in multiple campaigns to conquer the galaxy. It lasts a long time, and you can use various bonus items to support your fleet as you fight your way across the galaxy.


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 spans the entire Star Wars saga as you battle your way through the Clone Wars and on to soldier in the Galactic Empire as a clone trooper of the 501st. infantry. The story is told as a journal or rather a narration of events that played out and you get a more in depth look at what was going on during the battles (featured in the Episode 3 movie) along with some descriptions of the heroes of the battles. Battlefront 2 is a great retelling of the saga from the perspective that it uses and the game play will keep your interest throughout the duration of the story mode.


The music is classic to the movies and much of the effects in the game are toned down for more mass action sequences to utilize that “being on the battlefield” perspective. The voiceovers are not that of the major stars of the movies, but the narration of the clone trooper is definitely the same voice as the guy that played Jango Fett. Mission updates are given through some kind of headset as Imperial officers bark orders and situation reports during the game. Battlefront 2 is set in a third person mode with the ability to go into a first person aiming mode and you are left with the basic feel of first person shooter. Now I replayed this game on my Xbox 360 and the biggest thing I noticed was the foggy, bleary graphics removed and the game looking much more clear. The game also runs smoothly even with all of the action going on around you. Hero characters are not as detailed and of course I mentioned that the voices are not the real deal either, but detail is replaced with large scale fighting during battles. A lot of the cut scene videos are just clips from the various movies.

Replay Value

The two different single player modes along with the multiplayer aspects of Battlefront 2 give you a splendid game length and plenty of fun replay value. You will spend a lot of time doing the single player modes and the game play of doing the battles is variable enough to not get too repetitive. The game is great for system link games, but also as an online game. There is still a small but very dedicated online community which still make finding a game online somewhat possible. You may not encounter many players online at one time but a good number can still be found on the leader boards so the community still exists. For the Xbox, about the only games that still have communities would Battlefront 2 and Halo 2 and that says a lot especially three to four years later after these games have been released and must compete with more popular titles being released. The match types online will range from capture the flag to playing an Heroes only game so you may still enjoy the small community while it still lasts.

Final Recommendation 9/10

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is one of the Xbox titles that still plays well online and is one of the greatest Star Wars games in the industry. Real time strategy fans will enjoy playing as an agent on the battlefield and shooter fans will have already been won over. The game spans through the entire Star Wars series including space and land battles with greater plot details about the battles. I would say Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still an excellent buy and as a 360 compatible game you will enjoy the sharper graphics and the game play that this game features.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Star Wars: Battlefront II (US, 11/01/05)

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