Review by Legendaryscmt

Reviewed: 11/07/05

A good sequel

Now, here it finally is, Battlefront 2. New additions, new planets, mostly new everything.

Graphics: For the environments the graphics are great. Nothing is better than blasting rebels on Hoth with great graphics, better than the first. With some of the soldiers the graphics have never been better, with sharp curves, great resolution, etc. For the space battles this is where it shines. Blowing up a ship and flying through the smoke into on-coming ship fire has never looked better. From the interior of the capital ships to the smaller ships themselves the graphics never lag or give any hint below 100% perfect.

Sound: Absolutely amazing. Nothing can really be pointed out here in specific, because it's just that damn good.

Gameplay: Ah, here's where you see the biggest changes. The campaign has been changed, follow the story of the 501st regiment of clones, from the beginning of the Clone Wars to the Battle of Hoth, not to the destruction of the second Death Star. And with that some of the missions are difficult if you're just playing a Battlefront game for the first time. The HUD is a little different, now showing how many rounds you have in your weapon in the targeting area, health down at the bottom left with the new stamina bar, along with how many grenades and rounds you have left for the current weapon. Along with the new HUD, and campaign, are the new classes you can control, such as the clone commander and Jedi. Now, you must be wondering, how good are the Jedi? Well, first off the Jedi DON'T have a health bar, but more of a timer. Each time they get hit that timer goes down, and everytime you kill someone, that timer goes up. The Jedi also have one hit kills with the lightsabers, and also having special abilities, such as force pull and throw lightsaber. Now, straying from the campaign and new classes, we come to the Galatic Conquest, along with the normal single player instant action. Galatic Conquest has now changed from a single "go around and conquer" to a massive board game. Each victory awards you with points you can use to but more troops, special abilities, and such. Each side takes a turn, moving around the galaxy, and if you meet with their ship, not on the planet itself, you have a space battle. With ships the secondary fire now has infinite ammo, like the infantry with blasters. Since the first you get new ships, such as the A-Wing, Tie Interceptor, Boarding Ship, newly controled AT-TEs, Clone Bombers, CIS ships, and a few more. Now in the instant action, the two things most notable are that you only get one battle field per planet, and that your max number of troops has fallen to only 150. It may sound like less fun with the 150 troop limit, but in reality it really doesn't make a difference.

Controls: This has change, like everything else before it. The X button now is changed from reloading to target tracking, black button to reload, B button to leap from side to side and forward (draining stamina), and so on. But thankfully you can change the controls to the way they were in the first one. The ship controls are like the first BF, but the right analog stick now lets you move the camera and the ship upside down.

Overall: This is better than the first. The new HUD with need a little time to get used to, but is good. Space battlers are fun and exciting, but some of the campaign missions are hard and frustrating, but not impossible.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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